A professional guide to the best homestays in Vietnam

  • August 29,2023

Vietnam, with its millennia-old history, not only boasts awe-inspiring natural wonders but also offers exceptional homestays that provide a unique glimpse into local life. Discover the charm of the country through our curated guide to the best homestays in Vietnam. Join us on a journey to explore where you can bask in the warmth and authenticity of Vietnamese culture to create memories that will last a lifetime.


Homestay is a unique form of tourism where travelers lodge in the homes of local residents during their visit. This provides a wonderful opportunity for visitors to delve into and understand the traditions and cultural nuances of each region they explore.

In its essence, homestay epitomizes community-based tourism, involving accommodation in the homes or localities of the residents. By doing so, it contributes to showcasing the genuine culture, people, and allure of a place in the most authentic manner.

best homestays in vietnam - homestay

Homestays in Vietnam offer an immersive cultural experience, allowing visitors to indulge in traditional Vietnamese hospitality

Vietnam, being a multicultural country, finds homestay tourism exceptionally fitting. It thrives primarily in provinces and cities across all three regions: North, Central, and South. this allows tourists to intimately connect with the local way of life and contribute to the growth of tourism in these areas. 

Let's explore the best homestays in Vietnam across its diverse regions for a truly immersive travel experience.


Hotels and homestays are both accommodation options for travelers, but they differ in various aspects, offering distinct experiences for guests. Here are some key differences between a hotel and a homestay:

  • Ownership and setting:

    • Hotel: Typically, hotels are commercial establishments owned by a company or individual. They are designed to accommodate a large number of guests and are often part of a chain or franchise.

    • Homestay: Homestays are accommodations in private homes, where guests stay with local residents. The setting is more personal and reflects the lifestyle of the host family.

  • Size and scale:

    • Hotel: Hotels come in various sizes, ranging from small boutique hotels to large luxury resorts. They can accommodate a significant number of guests with numerous rooms and facilities.

    • Homestay: Homestays are usually smaller in scale, offering a more intimate environment with fewer rooms. This contributes to a cozy and personalized experience.

best homestays in vietnam - homestay vs hotel

While hotels provide a more formal and structured accommodation experience, homestays emphasize a warm, familial atmosphere

  • Ambiance and atmosphere:

    • Hotel: Hotels often have a formal and professional ambiance. The atmosphere is structured, and services are standardized to meet the needs of a diverse range of guests.

    • Homestay: Homestays provide a more relaxed and homey atmosphere. Guests can experience the local lifestyle, interact with hosts, and enjoy a more personalized level of service.

  • Amenities and services:

    • Hotel: Hotels typically offer a wide range of amenities and services, such as restaurants, bars, gyms, and conference facilities. Services are professionally managed and cater to a broad audience.

    • Homestay: Amenities in homestays may be more modest, reflecting the everyday life of the host family. Guests can share meals and activities with the hosts.

  • Cultural experience:

    • Hotel: While hotels provide comfort and convenience, they may need a more authentic cultural experience that travelers often seek.

    • Homestay: Homestays offer a deeper cultural immersion, allowing guests to engage with local customs, traditions, and daily life.


Are you planning a journey through Vietnam? Discover the allure of cultural immersion and authentic experiences by choosing one of the best homestays in Vietnam. These unique accommodations not only offer a comfortable retreat but also provide an opportunity to connect with the heart and soul of this mesmerizing country.

Pay a reasonable price

Are you wondering about the cost of a homestay in Vietnam? It's a common question for visitors. The good news is that many of the best homestays in Vietnam are quite affordable, catering to various budgets.

For dorm rooms, prices typically range from 100,000 VND (4.38 USD) to 150,000 VND (6.52 USD) per person per night. If you prefer a double room, you can find options ranging from 400,000 VND (17.39 USD) to 700,000 VND (30.43 USD) per night.

best homestays in vietnam - price

With the basic price you initially paid, staying at a homestay will make you get more

Despite the budget-friendly rates, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the comfort and service levels, akin to those in hotels. Vietnamese hosts, known for their generosity, often go above and beyond to ensure you get more value than you paid for.

Moreover, the sense of security and ease in your surroundings adds to the overall experience. Therefore, when choosing one of the best homestays in Vietnam, pricing becomes a key consideration for many travelers that offers a delightful balance of affordability and quality.

Have a chance to enjoy unique stays

Vietnam boasts a plethora of captivating homestays, each uniquely crafted in creative and distinctive styles. The sheer diversity of options available is bound to surprise and delight every traveler seeking an authentic experience. 

The charm of homestays in Vietnam unfolds like a series of pleasant surprises, shaped by the distinct locales you choose to explore. Imagine that you are immersing yourself in the tranquility of bamboo cottages nestled beneath ancient limestone mountains in the picturesque beauty of Ninh Binh. 

best homestays in vietnam - unique stays

Embarking on a homestay adventure in Vietnam guarantees distinctive and unparalleled moments

Besides, the journey to the bustling marketplaces of Sapa and Mai Chau, where traditional wooden homestays offer a cozy retreat. Alternatively, delve into the Mekong Delta, where brick houses surrounded by canals, lush foliage, and fruit plantations create a serene escape.

Even in major cities, the charm of the best homestays in Vietnam persists, seamlessly blending modernity with cultural richness. We recognize these homestays as not just accommodations but as exceptional opportunities to delve into the heart of Vietnamese culture and diverse landscapes. 

The journey through these homestays promises tourists a tapestry of experiences and connects them intimately with the country's traditions and places.

Feel like home

Choosing homestays in Vietnam not only provides a place to stay but also fosters a remarkable sense of comfort and familiarity for visitors. The distinctive feature of the best homestays in Vietnam lies in their ability to create a warm ambiance that evokes feelings of connection and nostalgia.

These homestays often come equipped with comprehensive facilities, including a kitchenette and a welcoming living room. These spaces are thoughtfully designed to emulate a family environment. As well as encouraging the idea of cooking together or simply relaxing in shared spaces.

best homestays in vietnam - feel like home

Staying at a homestay in Vietnam feels like a home away from home, with the genuine care of your hosts, and a welcoming environment

Upon your arrival, hosts extend a heartfelt welcome, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a long-lost family reunion. Vietnamese hospitality shines through with hearty meals and genuine smiles, going above and beyond to make you feel not just like a guest but like a cherished member of the household. 

This commitment to warmth and hospitality is diligently upheld by both the hosts and the other residents of the homestay to contribute to an atmosphere that truly feels like a home away from home.

Learn about the local culture

The best homestays in Vietnam stand out as an ideal haven for countless foreign tourists. Beyond merely staying and dining with locals, visitors can also listen to spiritual and cultural facets, as well as the breathtaking landscapes of the country.

Several cultural programs enriching during homestays in mountainous regions or among ethnic minorities. These accommodations organize an array of cultural activities, ranging from mesmerizing dance performances and musical showcases to therapeutic herbal baths. Moreover, the interiors of homestays have splendid traditional textiles and costumes, immersing guests in the rich heritage of Vietnam.

best homestays in vietnam - learn culture

Staying at a homestay in Vietnam not only provides comfortable lodgings but also serves as a cultural gateway for visitors to explore and appreciate the rich heritage of the country

We think that choosing to stay at the best homestays in Vietnam promises a multi-dimensional perspective of local culture, achieved through engaging interactions and immersive activities. If you choose to discover the vibrant tapestry of Vietnam's traditions and customs firsthand, this makes Vietnam your next destination.

Have an opportunity to try home-cook Vietnamese dishes

In contrast to hotels, homestays in Vietnam offer a distinctive dining experience without the confines of a traditional menu. Embracing the essence of home, these accommodations bring forth an array of home-cooked meals. While not crafted by professional chefs, the best homestays in Vietnam prioritize nutritional quality and delicious flavors in every dish.

One of the standout features of homestays is the commitment to providing excellent, locally-inspired food. Your hosts will present a culinary journey through unique regional cuisines, utilizing fresh, local ingredients that capture the authentic taste of Vietnam.

best homestays in vietnam - vietnamese food

You will have a chance to try a variety of Vietnamese food while you are staying in homestays

Picture you waking up to a breakfast of flavorful vermicelli in a rich broth or indulging in crispy toast accompanied by eggs and steaming hot coffee. For lunch, savor simple yet delightful rolls filled with shrimp, tofu, herbs, and salad, all wrapped in rice paper and served with fish sauce. As evening falls, dinner becomes a hearty affair, featuring an array of vegetables, seafood, and meat dishes.

All are presented in the warm, communal style typical of Vietnamese homes. These culinary offerings not only nourish the body but also provide a unique opportunity to savor the authentic flavors of Vietnamese home cooking.


Vietnam's diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry provide the perfect backdrop for a unique travel experience, and these handpicked homestays stand out as exceptional havens. Join us in the essence of all recommended best homestays in Vietnam into the warmth, authenticity, and unparalleled charm.

Homestays in the North

Northern Vietnam is where the rich tapestry of culture, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality converge to create a truly immersive travel experience. Come with us to the list of homestays nestled in the picturesque landscapes of the North that promise a journey filled with cultural discovery and unforgettable moments.

1. Phori's House Homestay – Sapa

  • Address: Ta Van Village, Hau Thao, Sapa , Lao Cai.

  • Reference price:

    • Room for 2 people: 670,000 VND (29,13 USD) /night.

    • Registering a third person will incur an additional fee of 220,000 VND (9,5 USD) /person.

    • Rent a whole house: 2,700,000 VND (113,4 USD) /day.

    • Children under 10 years old: No fee.

Phori's House Homestay Sapa stands out as one of the best homestays in Vietnam. Nestled beside a charming creek in the heart of Sapa's picturesque countryside, this homestay offers a delightful experience for visitors.

In Phori's House Homestay visitors can experience many amenities as well as immerse themselves in the fresh, cool atmosphere. The location of the homestay is also quite nice in Ta Van village, where you can easily move to Sapa town center as well as famous tourist destinations.

best homestays in vietnam - Phori's House Homestay

Phori's House is one of the homestays in Sapa with beautiful views and affordable prices that are most loved by domestic and foreign tourists

This place is designed with open space and familiar architecture reminiscent of old times. From there it brings a feeling of something very familiar, warm, and close. Coming here, visitors will have peaceful and memorable moments and vacations.

The homestay is designed with 3 bedrooms, with 2 ground rooms and an attic room. The rooms are furnished with double beds along with basic amenities and conveniences along with a gentle and delicate arrangement.

At Homestay Phori's House Sapa, visitors will be immersed in nature, with bedrooms with glass doors. Therefore, visitors can look out to see the mountains, clouds, scenery, and beautiful nature along with the sky and earth of Sapa.

Moreover, what sets Phori's House apart is its affordable pricing coupled with exceptional customer care. This winning combination has endeared the homestay to many, making it a top choice among the best homestays in Vietnam.

2. Nha Ta Homestay – Moc Chau

  • Address: 53 Tran Huy Lieu, Moc Chau Town, Son La Province.

  • Reference price:

    • Double room: 250,000 VND (10,87 USD)/ room/ night. A surcharge of 50,000 VND (2.17 USD) for a third person. Note that the room can accommodate up to 3 people.

    • Dorm: 75,000 VND (3,26 USD)/ person/ bed.

Nha Ta Homestay is recognized as one of Vietnam's top homestays for travelers. Located in the center of Moc Chau town, this place will make you overwhelmed by the immense green scenery of countless types of flowers, trees, mountains, and forests.

Nha Ta Homestay is designed to create an open space with pyramid-shaped wooden tents symbolizing the majestic high mountains in the Northwest. Between the fresh, poetic natural scenery and the green of the plants and trees of the Northwest mountains and forests, everything blends to create harmony in both color and shape.

best homestays in vietnam - Nha Ta Homestay

Nha Ta Homestay provides a home-like haven for young people who are travel-loving individuals a comfortable and close-knit space to rest and recharge

Although each room has an area of about 8 square meters, it does not feel cramped. Because the front door view is towards the mountain and the back door is towards the stream, the house always receives cool forest breezes.

Despite its simple design, you will see that it is not minimalist at all. The blanket and mattress are mixed with extremely modern and eye-catching colors to maximize the visual stimulation of the viewer.

Waking up in the morning, you can imagine sitting in your room and catching the early rays of sunlight. As you do so, you will be able to listen to the sounds of the mountains and forests and inhale the delightful scent of the morning, creating an extremely enjoyable experience.

3. Do Gu Homestay – Mu Cang Chai

  • Address: La Pan Tan Village, Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai.

  • Reference price: 

    • Dorm: 200,000 VND (8.69 USD)/ room/ night.

    • Room with single bed: 550,000 VND (23,91 USD)/ room/ night.

    • Room with double bed: 1,000,000 VND (43,48 USD)/ room/ night.

For those seeking a tranquil and serene retreat, we recommend one of the best homestays in Vietnam – Do Gu Homestay. Positioned at an elevated location, Do Gu Homestay is an ideal destination to experience the tranquility and behold the beauty of terraced fields.

This homestay is located on a hill of terraced fields. If you stand from the balcony, you can fully admire the beautiful terraced fields. Especially in the early morning, when the sun begins to rise, the scene becomes extremely peaceful and majestic.

best homestays in vietnam - Do Gu Homestay

Do Gu Homestay is one of the places to stay with cheap prices, good quality, and the most beautiful view in Mu Cang Chai

In Do Gu there are two types of rooms for you to choose from: dormitory rooms and private rooms for couples and families. In general, the rooms are very clean and have wifi, warm blankets, and mattresses. In particular, every room has a view overlooking the beautiful terraced fields.

Surrounding the petite dwelling is an array of vibrant flowers that create an eye-catching scene. Additionally, the homestay features incredibly cute and gentle dogs. Another distinctive aspect is that upon notifying the owner, they will arrange delectable dinners, lunches, and breakfasts for you as well as showcase delightful dishes with authentic local flavors.

4. 1941M Homestay – Son La

  • Address: Dinosaur Spine – Ta Xua, Bac Yen, Son La.

  • Reference price: About 300,000 VND – 2,500,000 VND (13.04 USD – 108.6 USD) /night depending on room type.

If you're planning a trip to Ta Xua and unsure where to stay, consider 1941M Homestay Ta Xua, situated near the dinosaur's spine. It's renowned as one of the best homestays in Vietnam

This homestay provides a fantastic opportunity to experience cloud hunting and unwind in a romantic setting. Additionally, it allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Northwest culture, which is reflected in its design and decor.

best homestays in vietnam - 1941M Homestay

1941M Homestay is a great place to hunt clouds, relax in a romantic space, and enjoy the beauty of Northwest culture

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the charming and straightforward aesthetics of wooden rooms, featuring pillows and cushions adorned with typical highland patterns. The rooms are tastefully arranged with a cozy touch, complemented by large glass windows allowing you to enjoy the scenery and cloud-watching right from your bed.

Anyone who returning to 1941M feels like coming home, evoking the most peaceful and simple emotions. Moreover, the homestay provides a guitar and various musical instruments for guests to express their artistic spirit. 

Besides, hosts offer dishes crafted from vegetables, meat, and fish seasoned with traditional recipes that show the rich flavors of Northwest cuisine. It's a delightful homestay experience that captures the essence of comfort and cultural immersion.

5. Chez Beo Homestay – Ninh Binh

  • Address: Kha Luong, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh.

  • Reference price:

    • Double room next to the Lotus Lake: 212.000 VND (9,21 USD).

    • Bungalow with mountain view: 548.000 VND (23,8 USD).

    • Chalet 1 bedroom 594.000 VND (25.8 USD).

    • Bungalow in the forest for 2 people: 560.000 (24,34 USD), 3 people: 633.000 VND (27,5 USD) and for 4 people: 666.000 (28,9 USD).

Nestled in a 5-hectare valley surrounded by limestone mountains, Chezbeo Homestay Ninh Binh offers a serene escape and boasts stunning scenery. Positioned away from the bustling world, it provides visitors with a tranquil and private space to unwind while immersing themselves in the captivating natural surroundings.

Initially featuring 8 bungalow rooms, Chezbeo Homestay expanded in 2018 to accommodate the growing demand from both domestic and international tourists, adding more tube-shaped rooms. These well-equipped rooms include blankets, curtains, fans, and lights to ensure guests experience maximum comfort and relaxation.

best homestays in vietnam - Chez Beo Homestay

Chezbeo Homestay is built in a large valley of peaceful countryside that gives visitors a feeling of peace

Upon entering Chezbeo Homestay, guests are greeted by a bamboo bridge. This is also the main material used in constructing the homestay. Alongside charming houses topped with straw or bamboo roofs, the homestay captivates visitors with its exceptionally beautiful natural views of Lotus Lake and the mountains.

Chez Beo Homestay goes the extra mile by providing bamboo rafts for guests to enjoy fishing and boating activities. This allows them to explore the scenic Lotus Lake. 

Floating on the fragrant lotus lake, guests can marvel at the clear blue sky and breathe in the fresh air for a truly rejuvenating experience. This unique combination of natural beauty and thoughtful amenities solidifies Chezbeo Homestay Ninh Binh as one of the best homestays in Vietnam.

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Homestays in the Central

Let's embark on a captivating journey through the heart of Vietnam with homestays in the Central region. From the historic charm of Hoi An to the cultural tapestry of Hue, Central Vietnam's homestays promise an unforgettable blend of warmth, authenticity, and exploration. 

1. Le Bleu Homestay Hoi An – Le Annam

  • Address: Nguyen Trai, Cam Chau Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.

  • Reference price: 700,000 VND (30.43 USD) – 1,000,000 VND (43.48 USD)/ room/ night.

Le Bleu Homestay Hoi An, a part of a homestay chain known for its calm and pleasant environment, offers a serene pace of life that every visitor appreciates. Named Le Annam, this homestay combines elegance with simplicity to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Despite its rustic Vietnamese countryside design, Le Bleu Homestay Hoi An ensures a homely feel with full furnishings. Despite its rustic charm, this homestay has earned a spot on many tourists' lists of the best homestays in Vietnam due to its exquisite design.

best homestays in vietnam - Le Bleu Homestay

Le Bleu Homestay Hoi An makes many travel enthusiasts' hearts flutter with its nostalgic, poetic and enchanting beauty

Le Annam currently boasts two kinds of sophisticated and modern self-contained bedrooms while preserving the unique features of Le Bleu, such as brocade-patterned rugs and upcycled vintage objects. One notable feature at Le Bleu Annam is a spacious area to catch the sun, complete with a sofa for relaxing near the balcony. 

For those desiring an idyllic and relaxing experience in this artistic mansion, we recommend booking early. The rental options are diverse, ranging from renting the entire flat for family or group stays to individual room rentals.

While Le Bleu Homestay Hoi An is not the only tiled house hidden in Hoi An, its unique charm promises to be a memorable highlight of your journey back in time in this historic city. We wish you not only a pleasant journey but also lasting memories and emotions.

2. Loongboong Homestay Hoi An

  • Address: Tra Que Village, Cam An, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

  • Reference price: Affordable price, from 300,000 VND – 600,000 VND (13.04 USD – 26.08 USD)/ room.

Loongboong Homestay Hoi An is situated in a small alley approximately 1.5km from the city center. It offers an advantageous location for exploring renowned tourist destinations in Quang Nam and Da Nang. Nestled in the heart of the old town, Loongboong Hoi An stands out with its unique vintage and classic style making it one of the best homestays in Vietnam.

Impressing visitors with its distinctive design, Loongboong Homestay Hoi An blends the ancient colors of the old town with a cool and tranquil ambiance reminiscent of a tropical haven adorned with lush vegetation. The homestay provides a sense of being lost in a serene village, an ideal escape from the rigors of reality and urban chaos.

best homestays in vietnam - Loongboong Homestay

Loongboong Homestay does not have flashiness, but with its simple architecture, it gives visitors a very familiar feeling

Adding to the charm, the homestay features a diverse array of rooms named after various trees, fruits, and vegetables. Inside the homestay, tourists are captivated by the wooden, bamboo, and cane decorations, creating an intimate and familiar atmosphere. 

Moreover, the homestay boasts a centrally located swimming pool that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also offers respite from the summer heat. Guests are treated to daily meals featuring nutritious, authentic dishes made from ingredients sourced from the renowned Tra Que vegetable village.

3. Mosaic Garden Homestay Hue

  • Address: No. 11, Van Duong Village, Thuy Van Commune, Huong Thuy Town, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue.

  • Reference price: from 200.000 VND – 500.000 VND (8,69 USD – 21,73 USD)/ person.

Mosaic Garden Hue is consistently recognized as one of the best homestays in Vietnam that brings the charm of a traditional Vietnamese house. This homestay provides a haven for those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life to create a home-like atmosphere.

Featuring a perfect blend of classic and modern design, Mosaic Garden Homestay Hue boasts an open floor plan that enhances its light and airy ambiance. The decor is unpretentious, with harmonious colors that evoke a comfortable and intimate sensation, ensuring guests feel relaxed and at ease during their stay.

best homestays in vietnam - Mosaic Garden Homestay

Mosaic Garden Homestay is a beautiful small house in Hue, providing a cozy and quiet space, in harmony with nature

A unique touch by the owner is the "Vuon cua Oi" (Guava’s garden), named after the owner's daughter. This well-maintained garden yields various vegetables like spinach, cabbage, and squash to provide ingredients for hearty home-cooked meals.

For added convenience, guests can rent a motorcycle at Mosaic Garden Homestay for 150,000 VND (6.52 USD) per day. Those in need of a small car can contact the homestay owner in advance to make arrangements.

If you seek to connect with nature, Mosaic Garden Homestay is the ideal destination. We believe that you will depart with cherished memories, encouraging you to include this among the best homestays in Vietnam in your travel plans!

4. Moc House Homestay – Da Nang

  • Address: H02/06 K39 Vo Van Kiet, Son Tra, Da Nang.

  • Reference price: 

    • Superior Room with Queen Bed: 640.000 VND (27,82 USD)/ night.

    • Deluxe Room with Queen Bed: 730.000 VND (31,7 USD)/ night.

Moc House Homestay, strategically situated just a 4-minute stroll from My Khe beach in Da Nang, stands out as one of the best homestays in Vietnam. What sets this homestay apart is its distinctive design, seamlessly integrated into a house that provides tourists with a comfortable and serene resting space. 

The well-thought-out room system at Moc House Homestay comprises a superior room and a deluxe room. This caters to the needs of groups of friends or families seeking relaxation and enjoyment in a modern environment.

best homestays in vietnam - Moc House Homestay

Moc House Homestay chooses minimalist style in design with neutral colors as the main theme

The interior design of Moc House Homestay showcases a thoughtful selection of materials, predominantly featuring glass, wood, concrete, and more. These materials, crafted using modern technology, harmonize seamlessly with the overall style of the homestay, contributing to a luxurious, health-conscious, and high-class atmosphere.

Adding to the homestay's appeal is its choice of furniture, emphasizing simplicity in design. Following a modern design style, neutral colors like beige, brown, black, and white take precedence. 

These hues not only lend an air of simplicity but also offer versatility, making it easy to coordinate and accentuate other interior colors, such as blue and yellow. This attention to design details and commitment to creating a welcoming environment contribute to Moc House Homestay's well-deserved reputation among the best homestays in Vietnam.

5. Cesar Homestay – Phan Thiet

  • Address: 124 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan.

  • Reference price: 

    • Twin room: 1.100.000 VND (47,82 USD)/ per night.

    • Studio room: 690.000 VND (30 USD)/ per night.

    • Sea view room: 1.100.000 VND (47,82 USD)/ per night.

When you venture to Mui Ne to bask in the sunshine and savor the sea breeze, an absolute must on your list is Cesar Homestay. This is a gem among the best homestays in Vietnam

Positioned conveniently in the heart of Mui Ne, this homestay not only offers a practical and central location. But it also boasts numerous enticing corners that provide excellent value for your money.

What distinguishes Cesar Homestay is its expansive premises adorned with vibrant, modern color tones and an abundance of virtual living spaces. Beyond serving as a convenient accommodation option with excellent regional connectivity, Cesar Homestay serves as an inviting sanctuary for all visitors seeking a remarkable and relaxing experience.

The rooms at Cesar Homestay exude simplicity with their main white tone complemented by dark brown accents. There are two enticing views: the serene garden view and the captivating sea view. Besides, the rooms are equipped with comprehensive amenities, ensuring comfort and convenience. 

best homestays in vietnam - Cesar Homestay

Every corner of Cesar Homestay has excellent backgrounds for visitors to take outstanding check-in photos

Every detail in the room mimics the familiarity of the home, allowing guests to use the space with utmost comfort. Moreover, the bedrooms feature virtual living corners, providing visitors with creative spaces to indulge their passions.

A standout feature at Cesar Homestay is its outdoor swimming pool strategically positioned close to the sea. It also creates a mesmerizing infinity effect that enhances the overall experience.

Furthermore, Cesar Homestay houses a spacious kitchen complete with all the necessary appliances. Guests at Cesar Homestay can choose to explore Mui Ne market to acquire fresh seafood and prepare their meals. Alternatively, they have the convenience of ordering delicious dishes directly from Cesar Homestay, which provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner services.

Homestays in the South

Let's discover the warmth of local hospitality, the unique cultural tapestry, and the picturesque landscapes that make Southern Vietnam's homestays. From there, making it an exceptional choice for an enriching travel experience.

1. Chill’n House Homestay – Vung Tau

  • Address: 149 Vo Thi Sau, Ward 2, Vung Tau City.

  • Reference price: from 200,000 VND to 500,000 VND (8,69 USD – 21,7 USD)/ each person/ night.

Chill'n House is recognized as one of the best homestays in Vietnam. It features a series of small Korean-style apartments strategically positioned on the elevated floors of the Melody apartment building.

It also offers breathtaking views of the sea and clouds in Vung Tau. This homestay promises an ideal and incredibly relaxing stopover for your vacation.

The fully furnished apartments at Chill'n House ensure complete privacy for visitors. Each features 1 to 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. The bedrooms are adorned with airy windows, and a spacious balcony offers a panoramic view of the sea.

best homestays in vietnam - Chill’n House Homestay

Chill'n House Homestay impresses with its youthful decor, using trendy colors to create a unique and attractive resting space

Equipped with essential amenities such as a TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, and washing machine, these apartments are designed to cater to your every need. Moreover, Chill'n House provides a parking lot with affordable underground parking rates and round-the-clock security guards, ensuring visitors feel entirely secure throughout their stay.

Maintained to the highest standards, each Chill'n House is meticulously cleaned, ensuring a pristine and welcoming environment for guests. Here, you have the freedom to indulge in any activities you desire and unwind according to your preferences.

Conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from the beach and a mere 7 minutes from Vung Tau market, Chill'n House offers accessibility to various amenities. Supermarkets, cafes, and convenience stores are conveniently situated at the building's foot, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

2. Rustical Homestay Bui Vien – Ho Chi Minh City

  • Address: 183/ 47A Bui Vien, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Reference price: 

    • Studio: 617,000 VND (26.83 USD)/ room/ night.

    • Dorm (includes 6 beds): 195,000 VND (8.48 USD)/ room/ night.

Situated in the heart of the city, Rustial Homestay Bui Vien proudly holds its place among the best homestays in Vietnam. It brings an optimal location for you and your family to explore. 

The rooms boast a brand-new, elegant, and unique design. Seems like it provides a tranquil haven despite being nestled right in the bustling city center.

What truly sets Rustial Homestay apart and earns it the accolade is its expansive and inviting area. This Saigon homestay features an open architecture, highlighted by a spacious balcony adorned with trees, basking in sunlight and refreshing breezes. This serves as an ideal space for socializing with friends and family or simply taking in the Saigon night sky.

best homestays in vietnam - Rustical Homestay

The rooms at Rustical Homestay are brand new and uniquely designed, creating a quiet and peaceful atmosphere despite its central location

The bedrooms at Rustial Homestay offer exceptional comfort, adorned with intricately textured brocade murals and featuring cozy mattresses. Each bedroom boasts a wide window to ensure a constant flow of cool air, providing a serene atmosphere. 

The convenience of private toilets in each room eliminates any morning rush. Additionally, Rustial Homestay provides a small yet fully furnished kitchen corner, perfect for hosting intimate gatherings with family and friends. 

It's an added touch that contributes to the homestay's fantastic appeal. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the welcoming ambiance and thoughtful amenities here!

3. Tu Ca Linh Homestay – Dong Thap

  • Address: Thong Nhat Hamlet, Phu Tho Commune, Tam Nong District, Dong Thap Province.

  • Reference price: 150.000 VND – 250.000 VND (6,52 USD – 10.86 USD)/ each night.

Tu Ca Linh Homestay is a renowned accommodation choice in Dong Thap province that earns its reputation among the best homestays in Vietnam. What makes this homestay unique is its picturesque location amidst a vast lotus pond, accompanied by a sprawling 3,000-square-meter area filled with lush greenery.

With a total of 11 rooms, Tu Ca Linh Homestay offers a variety of accommodations, each with differing prices. The stay includes a complimentary breakfast featuring a diverse array of dishes, ranging from noodles and vermicelli to broken rice, thoughtfully prepared by the owner right at the homestay.

best homestays in vietnam - Tu Ca Linh Homestay

The space of Tu Ca Linh Homestay is typical of the Western region with immense lotus fields and immense rice fields

Beyond accommodation, Tu Ca Linh Homestay offers engaging activities for guests. During the lotus blooming season, visitors can embark on dugout canoes to navigate the lotus garden's heart, capturing scenic views and creating lasting memories. 

Additionally, guests can partake in lotus-related activities such as picking, drying, and making tea, providing a unique and peaceful experience. For those eager to delve into the Western lifestyle, Tu Ca Linh homestay facilitates activities like fishing, crab hunting, and fish-catching.

Moreover, complimentary bicycles are provided to encourage guests to explore the surrounding countryside at their leisure. The tranquil natural scenery guarantees a soothing and gentle retreat, offering moments of relaxation and connection with nature.

4. Cocoland Homestay – Ben Tre

  • Address: Group 3, Phuoc Hoa hamlet, Thanh Trieu commune, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province.

  • Reference price: ranges from 600.000 VND – 1.200.000 VND (26,08 USD – 52,17 USD)/ room/ night.

Cocoland Homestay Ben Tre stands out as an ideal retreat for those seeking a break from the urban hustle and bustle. Nestled in an open-space resort with Western garden-themed houses, this homestay offers a perfect escape for travelers exploring Ben Tre.

The overall design of Cocoland Homestay strikes a harmonious balance between traditional and modern styles. However, it still retains its rustic charm with flower and fruit gardens. It's an excellent option for families and friends to immerse themselves in the cultural richness of Western gardens and rivers.

Adhering to the concept of a peaceful childhood home, the rooms at Cocoland Homestay are constructed using natural materials like bricks, leaves, bamboo, and rattan. Amidst the tranquil rural beauty, the resort creates a refreshing green space adorned with fruit orchards, vegetable gardens, and beautifully arranged flowers.

best homestays in vietnam - Cocoland Homestay

Cocoland Homestay is designed with a peaceful house style, with key materials of the rustic nature of the Western region

Besides, the protective fence, crafted from ornamental plants, adds to the beauty while ensuring a sense of closeness to nature that maintains privacy and tranquility within. Beyond the serene ambiance, Cocoland offers various amenities, including family swimming pools and recreational spaces for indulging in folk games and entertainment with family and friends.

The resort's river-like surroundings provide exciting experiences such as rowing boats along canals, harvesting fruits and vegetables, and cooking with freshly picked ingredients. Additionally, guests can explore the nearby villages and surroundings by renting bicycles.

In essence, Cocoland Homestay Ben Tre encapsulates the essence of the best homestays in Vietnam. It offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and recreational opportunities.

5. Ut Trinh Homestay – Vinh Long

  • Address: Hoa Quy Hamlet, Hoa Ninh Commune, Long Ho District, Vinh Long Province.

  • Reference price: From 500.000 VND – 800.000 VND (21.73 USD – 34.78 USD)/ night.

In recent years, Ut Trinh Homestay has gained widespread acclaim, emerging as a preferred resort for many tourists exploring Vinh Long. Situated on the enchanting An Binh island, this homestay boasts traditional Southern-style architecture with a rustic and unpretentious charm.

The homestay comprises a traditional three-room house nestled amidst coconut trees that features a brick floor and a vibrant red tile roof. Within the homestay grounds, numerous hammocks are strategically arranged, providing a perfect spot for guests to unwind and relax after their journey.

best homestays in vietnam - Ut Trinh Homestay

Ut Trinh Homestay is a traditional three-room house nestled in the shade of coconut trees with a brick floor and a bright red tiled roof

Positioned by the river and surrounded by lush greenery, Ut Trinh Homestay offers guests a tranquil and refreshingly cool accommodation space. The rooms are meticulously maintained, emanating cleanliness and a pleasant fragrance, and come fully equipped for a comfortable stay.

In the evenings, Ut Trinh hosts an amateur Don Ca Tai Tu music program – a unique and authentic Southern genre. Seated in the cool, tree-filled ambiance, guests can immerse themselves in the delightful melodies of Southern folk music.

Additionally, Ut Trinh Homestay offers a delightful array of garden fruit trees for guests to savor. Visitors can engage in various activities to explore the local life such as strolls or bike rides to relish the fresh, cool air enveloping the island. 

Ut Trinh Homestay epitomizes the essence of the best homestays in Vietnam. It offers not just accommodation but a genuine and memorable cultural experience amidst nature's beauty.


When choosing to stay in one of the best homestays in Vietnam, consider these essential notes to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience:

  • Reservation: Secure your stay by booking in advance, especially during peak seasons.

  • Cultural etiquette: Familiarize yourself with local customs and norms for respectful interactions. As well as embrace cultural diversity to enhance your homestay experience.

  • Communication: Learn basic Vietnamese phrases to facilitate communication with hosts and don't forget to engage with locals.

  • Accommodation details: Confirm room types, shared spaces, and available facilities.

  • Local activities: Inquire about cultural programs, cooking classes, and guided tours. Try to participate in activities to deepen your connection to local traditions.

  • Weather considerations: Check regional weather conditions and pack accordingly.

  • Transportation: Clarify transportation options to and from the homestay, especially if it's located in a remote area. 

  • Feedback and reviews: Read reviews from previous guests to gain insights into their experiences. This can provide valuable information about the homestay's hospitality, cleanliness, and overall ambiance.

In conclusion, the diverse array of the best homestays in Vietnam presents travelers with an enriching and immersive experience. They allow visitors to connect with the country's rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty.

The warmth of hospitality, coupled with the authenticity of experiences, sets these homestays apart as some of the best in Vietnam. Pack your things and embark on a trip to Vietnam immediately! Wish you all the best!

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