A Guide To Obtaining A Vietnam E-Visa For Azerbaijan Citizens

  • February 16,2024

Vietnam is one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia because of its fascinating natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. However, obtaining a Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens is a must-do to get permission to enter this beautiful nation. Therefore, we posted this article with the aim of providing Azerbaijan citizens with a thorough guide to getting the Vietnam E-Visa. 


A type of travel document that authorizes Azerbaijan citizens to enter and depart from Vietnam is regarded as a Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens. In fact, this type of visa is issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Department to Azerbaijan nationals through an electronic system. 

Azerbaijan nationals residing outside of Vietnam who wish to enter the country can apply directly for an E-Visa on the official website of the Vietnamese Government or through the requesting agencies and organizations. Besides, an electronic payment gateway provided by the Immigration Department is used to pay the E-Visa fee.

Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens - The general understanding

The Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens is issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Department


With the aim of giving Azerbaijan citizens useful insights into the Vietnam E-Visa, some other information is mentioned below:

Is it necessary for Azerbaijan citizens to apply for a Vietnam E-Visa?

Yes, it is necessary for Azerbaijan citizens to apply for a Vietnam E-Visa. In fact, all nations and territories worldwide can obtain a Vietnam E-Visa as of August 15, 2023. Therefore, Azerbaijan nationals can apply for the E-Visa if they want to travel to Vietnam.

Additionally, for Azerbaijan nationals, they do not include the list of nations that are exempt from the Vietnam visa-free policy. This means that they need to implement all the steps of the process of applying for a Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens to get permission to enter Vietnam. 

Which types of Vietnam E-Visas can Azerbaijan citizens apply for?

There are many reasons why Azerbaijan citizens visit Vietnam. Normally, they travel to Vietnam for tourism, business, learning, family visits, etc. However, to visit Vietnam, a Vietnam E-Visa is an important document that Azerbaijan citizens need to prepare in advance. 

To simplify the visa application process, the Vietnamese Immigration Department grants Vietnam E-Visas to international nationals (including Azerbaijan citizens) via an electronic system. The Vietnam E-Visa can be obtained for up to ninety days and used for one or more entries.

Depending on the quantity of entries and the E-Visa validity, the following types of Vietnam E-Visas are listed:

Type of visa


Validity The quantity of entries

30 days (1 month)

Single entry

It allows one entry and a 30-day stay.

Multiple entries

It allows you to enter Vietnam several times in a 30-day validity period following the date of entry into Vietnam. 

90 days (3 months)

Single entry

It allows for one entry and a 90-day stay.

Multiple entries

It allows you to enter Vietnam several times in a 90-day validity period following the date of entry into Vietnam. 

Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens - The types of E-Visas

Vietnam offers many types of E-Visas for Azerbaijan citizens based on the number of entries and their validity 

When can I enter Vietnam with a Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens?

Any date between the arrival and departure dates mentioned on your Vietnam E-Visa is acceptable for you to enter the country. However, you are not permitted to enter Vietnam before the date of arrival.


If you are an Azerbaijan passport holder and have the intention of obtaining a Vietnam E-Visa, you must consider the following steps of the E-Visa application process:

Fill out the online E-Visa application form

First of all, you must complete the online E-Visa application by filling out all of your personal details. This application form is available on the Vietnamese Immigration Department's official website. You need to select "Azerbaijan" as your current nationality on the website.

In addition to inputting your personal information, you need to upload your portrait photo and the passport data page photo.

You will receive a registration code after completing the form. This code is very significant because you need to use it to verify your identity when you check the status of your E-Visa application.


  • Any unidentified or erroneous information can cause the rejection of your E-Visa application. Therefore, all the sections of the application form must be filled out completely and accurately. Additionally, it is suggested that you review the form again to make sure your information is correct.
  • The information that you need to input on the form includes your full name, passport data, contact information, current nationality, religion, etc.
  • You cannot change the port of entry that you choose in the E-Visa application form either after submitting your E-Visa application or after your E-Visa is issued. If you want to change it, you need to apply for a new Vietnam E-Visa.
  • You cannot request a Vietnam E-Visa in groups. Each registration for an E-Visa applies to only one applicant.
  • It is highly recommended that you review the details and restrictions that you must follow or avoid before completing your application for an E-Visa to Vietnam. You can increase your possibility of getting an approved E-Visa by implementing this recommendation.

Application Vietnam Visa Online

Pay your Vietnam E-Visa fee

After filling out the application form, you must make a payment for your E-Visa fee. This cost is regarded as one of the prerequisites for the approval of the Vietnam E-Visa application. 

It is not hard for you to pay the Vietnam E-Visa fee. You can use a credit or debit card to pay the required E-Visa fee. The electronic payment gateway recommended by the Vietnamese Immigration Department is used to pay the E-Visa fee. 

The cost of the Vietnam E-Visa for citizens of Azerbaijan varies depending on the types of E-Visas. For a single-entry E-Visa, you must pay $25. However, if you want to enter Vietnam several times, you should consider a multiple-entry E-Visa with a charge of $50. 

Nevertheless, the Vietnam E-Visa fee is not fixed. It may vary based on the specific rules of the Vietnamese Immigration Department, the requesting agencies, or other organizations. Therefore, you need to check out the fee requirements of the diplomatic missions or agencies to which you submit your E-Visa application.

Besides, in the event that your application is rejected or you delay your trip to Vietnam, the E-Visa fee is not refundable. Therefore, a quick double-check of your E-Visa application form is needed to ensure that all of the information is correct.

Wait for the result of your E-Visa application

You need to wait for the decision on your E-Visa application after paying the E-Visa fee. The processing time typically takes three working days. However, E-Visa processing time may vary depending on the number of applicants and holidays. Therefore, you should submit your application two weeks before arriving in Vietnam.

After three working days, you can check the status of your application by visiting the website of the Vietnamese Immigration Department. 

To check the status, you need to input your date of birth, registration code, and registration email in the E-Visa search menu. 

Receive the Vietnam E-Visa

If your application is granted, you will receive your E-Visa in digital format. You must print your E-Visa and present it at the immigration ports together with any other required documentation in order to receive entry permission to Vietnam.

Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens - The process

The process of applying for a Vietnam E-Visa is not complicated


Your portrait photo and the passport data page photo need to meet the following requirements:

Portrait photo




Your portrait photo is 4cm by 6cm (the standard size of a Vietnamese photo), or 2 inches by 2 inches in size.


The photo can be a JPG, JPEG, or GIF file. However, PNG and PDF files cannot be accepted.


It is required to have a bright and plain background.


It needs to be in color. A black-and-white photo is not allowed.


There should be no glare in the portrait photo because the glare can cause the image to become indistinct, such as the glare produced by a flash. 

To prevent shadows, lighting should be maintained evenly.

Position and facial expression

You need to look straight and face the camera. Your face should be visible without any glasses.

It is noticeable that you should not smile. Keeping a neutral expression with a closed mouth is necessary. 


The only items permitted are headgear and scarves worn for medical or religious purposes.


If you have long hair, you are permitted to keep it down as long as it does not obscure their faces.


If you typically wear a beard, it should be kept when you take the portrait photo.


It must be taken within six months before the date of submission of your visa application.

Passport data page photo

You must provide a clear and high-quality photo for your passport data page. The file can be in JPG, JPEG, or GIF format, with a maximum file size of 2048 KB.

Your photo must contain all your personal information, such as your full name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, date of issue, place of issue, ID card, date of expiration, etc. Your photo must have ICAO lines.

Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens - The passport data page photo

You must provide a clear and high-quality photo for your passport data page

How to upload the portrait photo and the passport data page photo

Digital photos are easily uploaded for online visa applications to Vietnam. You can use a digital camera or smartphone to take the photo and upload your photos to the application form.

In fact, obtaining a Vietnam E-Visa is entirely done online. Unlike applications for visas at the Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates, you are not required to submit a printed copy of your photos.

Should I bring the printed copies of my portrait photo and the passport data page photo if I have a Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens?

No, if you already have a Vietnam E-Visa, you don't need to bring any photos because they are uploaded when you apply for the Vietnam E-Visa. You just need to show your approved Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens and other paperwork (if required) at one of the pre-registered ports in Vietnam. 


Besides the portrait photo and the passport data page photo, you also need to provide an email address and a credit or debit card.

Email address

To get notifications or updates on your application, your email must be active. Furthermore, it is used to verify your outcome after your E-Visa application is submitted. Therefore, it can be considered one of the mandatory pieces of information you must include in your E-Visa application form. 

Debit or credit card

The fee payment is one of the requirements for acquiring a Vietnam E-Visa. This is a crucial element that will help you get an E-Visa for Vietnam. Therefore, it is recommended that you own a credit or debit card to pay the fee successfully.

Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens - The debit or credit cards

You should own a credit or debit card to pay the Vietnam E-Visa fee


E-Visa holders from Azerbaijan can enter Vietnam through three kinds of ports, including international airports, landports, and seaports. For relevant information, you can check out the following ports:

International airports

There are 13 international airports throughout Vietnam that Azerbaijan citizens can choose if they travel by air:


Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi)

Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City)

Da Nang International Airport (Da Nang)

Can Tho International Airport

Phu Bai International Airport (Hue)

Cat Bi International Airport (Hai Phong)

Dong Hoi International Airport (Quang Binh)

Van Don International Airport (Quang Ninh)

Tho Xuan International Airport (Thanh Hoa)

Phu Cat International Airport (Binh Dinh)

Lien Khuong International Airport (Lam Dong)

Cam Ranh International Airport (Khanh Hoa)

Phu Quoc International Airport (Kien Giang)



Vietnam has the majority of landports that allow Azerbaijan citizens to enter Vietnam with an E-Visa, such as:


Tay Trang Landport (Dien Bien)

Mong Cai Landport (Quang Ninh)

Na Meo Landport (Thanh Hoa)

Cau Treo Landport (Ha Tinh)

Huu Nghi Landport (Lang Son)

Lao Cai Landport (Lao Cai)

Cha Lo Landport (Quang Binh)

Bo Y Landport (Kon Tum)

La Lay Landport (Quang Tri)

Lao Bao Landport (Quang Tri)

Ha Tien Landport (Kien Giang)

Vinh Xuong Seaport (An Giang)

Xa Mat Landport (Tay Ninh)

Moc Bai Landport (Tay Ninh)

Nam Can Landport (Nghe An)

Tinh Bien Landport (An Giang)


When it comes to the Vietnamese seaports that permit entry to Vietnam with a Vietnam E-Visa, we need to mention 13 seaports below:


Hon Gai Seaport (Quang Ninh)

Hai Phong Seaport (Hai Phong)

Vung Ang Seaport (Ha Tinh)

Cam Pha Seaport (Quang Ninh)

Nghi Son Seaport (Thanh Hoa)

Chan May Seaport (Thua Thien Hue)

Quy Nhon Seaport (Binh Dinh)

Vung Tau Seaport (Ba Ria-Vung Tau)

Ho Chi Minh City Seaport (Ho Chi Minh City)

Da Nang Seaport (Da Nang)

Nha Trang Seaport (Khanh Hoa)

Duong Dong Seaport (Kien Giang)

Dung Quat Seaport (Quang Ngai)


Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens - Da Nang International Airport

Da Nang International Airport gives permission for Azerbaijan citizens to enter Vietnam with an E-Visa


When you intend to take a trip to a foreign country for the first time, you should learn about its etiquette. For Vietnam, which is famous for friendliness and cultural diversity, the following tips will help you engage with the locals of this wonderful nation:

  • Practice the art of saving face: In Vietnam, saving face has always played a significant role in daily affairs. The majority of Vietnamese people steer clear of actions in public that can damage their reputation. Therefore, it is advised that you maintain your composure and refrain from yelling at others, stirring up trouble, criticizing others for their mistakes, or bringing attention to anything that can embarrass the locals. 

  • Avoid touching in public: Men and women in Vietnam typically avoid touching in public because they detest showing affection to others. Therefore, you should try to avoid making a lot of public shows of affection in order to respect the local sentiment.

  • Get permission from the locals before taking photos: The majority of people in Vietnam will agree to you taking some pictures. However, you still need to respect their privacy by asking for their permission before taking a picture. 

  • Do what the Vietnamese usually do: The most useful tip to help you engage with life in Vietnam is to observe and do the behaviors or statements that the locals use in certain cases. For example, using the Vietnamese salutation "Xin chao" when you meet the locals or saying cheers like a Vietnamese person when toasting with your Vietnamese friends will be a plus. 


Vietnam is famous for its beautiful heritage, beaches, old towns, museums, etc., all of which attract millions of travelers around the world. If you enter Vietnam by using your authorized E-Visa, you should visit the following wonderful destinations in this stunning S-shaped country:




Northern Vietnam


The Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, 36 streets of Hanoi Old Quarter, etc.

Ha Long Bay

Thien Canh Son Cave, Tuan Chau Island, Vung Vieng Village, Ban Chan Island, Cap La Island, Bai Tu Long Bay, etc.

Lao Cai

Ham Rong Mountain, Sapa, Ancient Stone Field, Cat Cat Village, Mount Fansipan, etc.

Bac Kan Province

Ba Be National Park, Ba Be Lake, Dau Dang Waterfall, Puong Cave, etc.

Cao Bang

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum House, Pac Bo Cave, Lenin Stream, etc.

Central Vietnam


The Imperial Citadel, Perfume River, the Tombs of the Emperors, Truong Tien Bridge, Lang Co Bay, etc.

Da Nang

Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge, Han River Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, My Khe Beach, Xuan Thieu Beach, Non Nuoc Beach, Marble Mountains, Son Tra Peninsula, etc. 

Hoi An

An Bang Beach, Tan Ky Ancient House, My Son Sanctuary, Tra Que Vegetable Village, etc.

Nha Trang

Hon Tre Island, Hon Mun Island, Doc Let Beach, Van Phong Bay, Diep Son Island, Yang Bay Waterfall, Po Nagar Cham Towers, Nha Trang Cathedral, National Oceanographic Museum, Long Son Pagoda, etc.

Quang Binh

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Nhat Le Beach, Bang Spa, Ho Chi Minh Trail, etc. 

Southern Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon Central Post Office, Bitexco Financial Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Landmark 81, Ho Chi Minh City Opera House, Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street, Bui Vien Street, Ben Thanh Market, Saigon Bridge, etc. 

Vung Tau

Pineapple Beach, Thich Ca Phat Dai Pagoda, the White Palace, Pearl Island, Nghinh Phong Cape, Go Gang Island, the Christ of Vung Tau statue, etc.

Kien Giang

Phu Quoc Island, Starfish Beach, Ong Lang Beach, Long Beach, VinWonders Phu Quoc, Hai Tac Island, Phu Dung Temple, Ha Tien night market, Mui Nai Ha Tien Beach, Thach Dong Cave, etc.

Can Tho

Cai Rang floating market, Phong Dien floating market, Ninh Kieu Wharf, Binh Thuy Ancient House, Bang Lang Stork Garden, etc. 

Tay Ninh

Dau Tieng Lake, Ba Den Mountain, Tay Ninh Holy See, Lo Go Xa Mat National Park, Ma Thien Lanh Valley, etc.

An Giang

Tra Su Cajuput Forest, Co To Mountain, Cam Mountain, Latina Lake, Masjid Al-Ehsan Mosque, Giong Thanh Pagoda, Ong Thoai Lake, Sap Mountain, etc. 

Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens - Landmark 81

Landmark 81 is one of the most famous attractions in Ho Chi Minh City

To sum up, the process of obtaining a Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens is so easy that you can do it anywhere you want as long as you can access the website of the Vietnamese Government. However, you should not skip the E-Visa requirements mentioned in this post to raise your chances of receiving E-Visa approval. Besides, you must make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and fulfill all the requirements beforehand. 

In the process of applying for a Vietnam E-Visa, problems cannot be avoided if you take the wrong step. Therefore, if you wish to consult us about the Vietnam E-Visa or ask for our help, please contact us right away at +84 28 7303 6167 or [email protected].