Experience top 7 best homestays in Dalat for your next vacation in 2023

  • August 14,2023

Many visitors to Dalat always wish to enjoy the top best homestays in Dalat. Because homestay is currently a popular option for many travelers due to its lovely and romantic setting, blended with nostalgia. Besides, homestay is less expensive than other types of accommodation. Let's find out with Vietnam-Evisagov.com through the currently hot Dalat homestays in the article below!



Most Dalat homestays are created in a modest, friendly, and comfortable way so guests feel at ease when they return. Furthermore, this type of lodging is frequently connected with a green garden and a lovely modest kitchen. Therefore, the appearance of homestays was met with enthusiastic enthusiasm from both domestic and international tourists.

Tourists from far away to Dalat often feel restless and uneasy when they are away from home. In order to alleviate guests' homesickness, homestays constantly strive to provide an environment that is both full of local colors and as dear as your second home.

A smaller homestay format is ideal for modern, active young people who enjoy exploring alone or with a small group. Each homestay is a unique modest house with its own individuality, unlike a hotel or resort, which is both confusing and lovely.


There are many homestays in Dalat, which are people's homes. As a result, you will be involved in the host's activities, such as shopping, conversing, and cooking. You will fit in with the people's superficial and close-knit style. In fact, this is the type of homestay preferred by the majority of travelers.

best homestay in dalat - why choose

A chance to learn about food and culture from locals

Staying in a homestay allows you to interact with locals and learn about their food and culture. Many social stories and cultural practices of that country will be told to you. So, what are you waiting for? Come and try out the top best homestays in Dalat!


Homestays, unlike hotels, are frequently more spontaneous and artistically decorated. Each room at the homestay is usually given a unique name. Therefore, the layouts and colors will be consistent with that name.

Vietnam-Evisagov.com believes every time you enter the homestay room, you are filled with anticipation. If you want to experience an exciting type of homestay accommodation, don't wait any longer and visit the top 7 best homestays in Dalat right away!


Don't worry about the cost when experiencing the best homestay in Dalat. Because there are many Dalat homestays that have a variety of pricing according to their size, layout, and view. Prices range from "super soft" to "luxury" to satisfy all of your needs.

best homestay in dalat - why choose

There are a variety of choices for you to stay in one of the best homestays in Dalat

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La Nha Homestay

  • Address: 77 Hoang Dieu, Ward 5, Da Lat City.
  • Reference price: 300,000 VND (13.04 USD) – 650,000 VND (28.26 USD)/ night.

La Nha Homestay is one of the top 7 best homestays in Dalat that is now causing a storm. This homestay is one of the trendiest virtual living locations in Da Lat right now. Therefore, many travelers are familiar with the name of this homestay.

La Nha Dalat Homestay is built in a distinctive and original nostalgic style. Because their location hopes to provide visitors with the most delightful and comfortable experience possible when they come here to unwind. This is the prettiest and most distinctive architectural place in Dalat. This homestay is precisely and creatively designed in every detail.

best homestay in dalat - la nha homestay

Romantic time with your beloved at La Nha Homestay

The design area here will let you relax and immerse yourself in nature. La Nha Homestay also prepares a variety of different leisure spaces for you to enjoy, such as a BBQ area, listening to music, reading books, and singing. It is also because of this careful and one-of-a-kind preparation that La Nha Homestay is consistently ranked among the top best homestays in Dalat.

However, due to its popularity with tourists, La Nha is always in a state of being out of the room. Because the quantity of rooms is limited, Vietnam-Evisagov.com recommends booking at least 10 days or half a month in advance. Besides, you can also experience a more comfortable homestay in the top 7 best homestays in Dalat!

The KUPID – Dalat no single

  • Address: 47 Dang Thai Than, Ward 3, Dalat City.

Try the Kupid Homestay if you want to enjoy a stay in one of the top 7 best homestays in Dalat. The homestay is centrally positioned with a stunning view of pine hill, which allows you to observe the hill throughout the seasons in Dalat. Furthermore, this homestay has a view of the valley and terrain that is typical of Da Lat.

The Kupid Homestay has numerous magnificent view rooms with views of pine hills and a garden for groups of 2 to 10 people. The majority of homestay types include baths and complete amenities, and the harmonized decoration will not disappoint you. Vietnam-Evisagov.com believes The Kupid will be one of the best homestays in Dalat for you and your family's vacation.

best homestay in dalat - the kupid
Check-in at The Kupid Homestay

The kitchen area at the homestay is fully equipped with all the necessary culinary equipment. Utility services and meals are also available directly at the homestay at a very affordable fee. If you don't have the time to cook a meal, you can have a meal here is also an ideal choice.

The Kupid's room quality, in addition to the stunning view, is an added bonus. The room is nicely and cutely created and decorated. There are few homestays with magnificent views, decent rooms with complete amenities, and very reasonable pricing, such as The Kupid. So, what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to visit one of the top 7 best homestays in Dalat.

Reference price:

  • Room with a view of pine hill: 1,500,000 VND (65.22 USD) – 2,100,000 VND (91.3 USD)/ night.
  • Hill view room with 2 beds: 1,200,000 VND (52.17 USD)/ night.
  • Room with a view of pine hill view and wooden bathtub: 1,200,000 VND (52.17 USD) – 1,500,000 VND (65.22 USD)/ night.
  • Room with a view of the coffee hill: 500,000 VND (21.74 USD)/ night.
  • Pine forest view room (ground floor/ attic/ pine forest view): 600,000 VND (26.08 USD) – 1,000,000 VND (43.48 USD)/ night.
  • BBQ garden view room (attic/ 2 beds): 800,000 VND (34.78 USD) – 1,000,000 VND (43.48 USD)/ night.
  • Garden bungalow room: 600,000 VND (26.08 USD)/ night. Dormitory (2 or 3 beds): 550,000 VND (29.91 USD) – 800,000 VND (18.4 USD)/ night.
  • Dorm room with bunk beds (room with 8 beds and 8 people): 150,000 (6.52 USD) / night.

Berry Valley Homestay

  • Address: 6 Thanh Mau, Ward 7, Da Lat City.
  • Reference price: 500,000 VND (21.74 USD)/ night.

Berry Valley Homestay Dalat is situated in the heart of a wide valley, with wooden bungalows located along the slopes. The homestay has a spacious space that is ideal for tourists' activities. Each space at Homestay is excellent for playing and relaxing together, especially for young travelers.

Berry Valley, despite being referred to as a homestay, is more similar to a tiny resort, with an extraordinarily vast space, entertainment area, and high-tech strawberry garden. Berry Valley also runs its own restaurant and cafe chain. You will be served with all of your rest and relaxation needs here.

best homestays in dalat - berry valley

Experience new kind of accommodation for your outstanding holiday

Berry Valley's room system is similar to that of a hotel, with a separate restroom for each room. Coming to Berry Valley Homestay is unlike any other homestay experience. Isn't it exciting and new? Try visiting here and experiencing one of the top 7 best homestays in Dalat.

The homestay has a lovely view of the valley and pine hill, as well as three separate spaces for families and groups of friends to unwind. Berry Valley has a high-quality strawberry and cherry tomato garden, as well as handcrafted strawberry goods that are exceptionally delectable.

There also has a large garden area with many trees and an additional BBQ area. Therefore, on the Da Lat plateau, you can also have a simple yet memorable party.

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Cu Tren Cay – Owl On Trees Homestay

  • Address: 37 Dang Thai Than, Ward 3, Da Lat City.
  • Reference price: 500,000 VND (21.74 USD) – 1.550.000 VND (67.22 USD)/ night.

Many visitors, particularly young people who are enthusiastic about traveling, are drawn to forest homestays. Cu Tren Cay Homestay is a well-known name in the woodland perspective and is consistently ranked in the top 7 best homestays in Dalat. Not only will the magnificent space entice you to leave, but so will the captivating virtual living nooks and crannies.

Cu Tren Cay Homestay is located behind the valley belt in Da Lat's most costly neighborhood. Therefore, while living here, you may appreciate all of this wonderful city's weather and scenery characteristics. You can enjoy early sunlight, blue sky, fog, wind, birdsong, and so on. What you must do when visiting the Cu Tren Cay Homestay is to enjoy everything truly.

best homestay in dalat - cu tren cay

Owl on Trees Homestay – an ideal stopping point with a stunning hillside view

Visitors will enjoy their own peace of mind when staying in this location. The Cu Tren Cay Homestay appears to be apart from the busy world outside. Furthermore, this location offers a panoramic view of Dalat that makes your visit even more enjoyable.

The homestay area contains wooden bungalows. Homestay, when viewed from afar, will be like a miniature village in the heart of a dreamy Dalat City. Cu Tren Cay's distinct chambers are fashioned in the style of a pine cone, with each nest named after a cute bird. Cu Tren Cay's location, architecture, and facilities are all quite spectacular.

LengKeng Da Lat Homestay

  • Address: 57/4 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 10, Da Lat City.
  • Reference price: 150,000 VND (6.52 USD) – 350.000 VND (15.22 USD)/ night.

The top 7 best homestays in Dalat introduce you to a homestay where you may really appreciate Dalat's beauty, poetry, and calm. LengKeng Homestay Da Lat is regarded as a wonderful "place" for daydreamers.

LengKeng Homestay is located down a tiny slope, away from the main road. Therefore, the air will be exceedingly quiet and pleasant. Every morning when you wake up, the first rays of the sun will have crept into the chamber. You can hear birds chirping and roosters crowing in the mountains every morning and afternoon.

best homestay in dalat - lengkeng

The LengKeng Homestay Dalat is as lovely as a dream

At first glance, LengKeng Homestay has charming and appealing decoration corners. LengKeng's space is relatively large, featuring a flower garden and tables for guests to rest and enjoy the view. When you are here, you will be freed into nature. You can also record high-quality moments here.

The room system is carefully and comfortably constructed to provide visitors with the perfect experience with 5-star service. There are 4 different accommodation types available: valley view room, standard room, savings room, and group room. LengKeng always makes sure that all of these rooms are adequate for the demands of tourists.

So what are you waiting for to pack your bags and experience this outstanding homestay right away?

The Wilder-nest Homestay

  • Address: Tuyen Lam, Ward 3, Da Lat City.

The Wilder Nest is a romantic cottage in the heart of the beautiful Dalat pine forest. This area offers accommodation and relaxation services to travelers and is considered a very tranquil place in the center of Da Lat. Therefore, many travelers think this location is among the top 7 best homestays in Dalat.

Wilder Nest features unique, classically crafted wooden houses for young people. This homestay offers visitors a comfortable living area with simple and comfortable furniture, which is extremely useful and necessary. Homestay is designed to be eye-catching and professional. Therefore, The Wilder Nest, besides being a place to stay, is also a popular check-in destination.

best homestay in dalat - the wider-nest

Homestay The Wilder-nest is the ideal check-in place for many travelers

You don't have to worry about service quality or price at The Wilder-nest Homestay because the service prices are pretty reasonable. The accommodation rate includes a great breakfast, which you may make yourself or ask the staff to assist you with.

More specifically, the homestay is combined with a cafe so that you can sample a variety of dishes. It's highly convenient for you not to travel far to have a delicious cup of coffee while admiring the poetic nature.

Because the homestay is situated alone on a hill, all rooms have a view of the surrounding pine forest. The rooms, which range from dorm rooms to double rooms to dormitory rooms, are rustic and simple in design. Therefore, it always makes guests feel warm and familiar.

Reference price:

  • Dorm: 300,000 VND (13.04 USD)/ night.
  • Rustic Green Room: 1,000,000 VND (43.48 USD)/ night.
  • Rustic Milimalusm room: 1,000,000 VND (43.48 USD)/ night.
  • Private Valley View Room: 1,500,000 VND (65.22 USD)/ night.

In The Pines Homestay

  • Address: 86 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward 8, Dalat City.
  • Reference price: 200,000 VND (8.69 USD) – 400,000 VND (17.39 USD)/ night.

Among the names on the list of the top 7 best homestays in Dalat, In The Pines homestay stands out with several remarkable benefits. It is no coincidence that the inhabitants of Dalat and tourists from many places enjoy this location. The space at the homestay is painfully gorgeous, with a unique design that is undoubtedly difficult to experience in other modern cities.

These houses, like those in fairy tales, are situated in the midst of green areas. A clear lake next to it enriches the scene more eloquently. You can stroll along the beautiful path along the lake with your partner here. This is also one of the reasons why many people consider In The Pines to be one of the top best homestays in Dalat.

best homestay in dalat - in the pines homestay

The magical wooden bungalows of In The Pines Homestay

In The Pines Homestay in Dalat also provides a flower greenhouse that brings you to another place. Hydrangeas, orchids, wild sunflowers, pink velvet, mimosa, and other flowers are grown in the greenhouse using cutting-edge technology. Remember to come here and experience it whether you enjoy nature and flowers or want to find a new spot to check-in.

In The Pines offers many bungalows created in various designs and positioned in various areas. And each apartment has its own cozy and gorgeous "personal name," as well as a unique interior design and layout. All of those designs, however, will be centered on 2 room kinds based on capacity: rooms for 2 people and dorm rooms.

Coming to the dream city of Da Lat, many tourists now choose homestays instead of hotels. This can be seen as one of the new trends of many domestic and foreign tourists coming here. Vietnam-Evisagov.com hopes your holiday will become more unforgettable when experiencing one of the best homestays in Dalat, which are recommended above!

Please make sure that your visa is still valid before you spend your amazing vacation in one of the best homestays in Dalat. Remember to visit How To Apply For A Visa To Vietnam to get the quickest entry into this dreamy city.

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