Experience top 7 best homestays in Dalat for your next vacation in 2023

  • August 14,2023

Dalat, the charming city nestled in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and mild climate. In this article, we will explore the top 7 best homestays in Dalat, each with its own distinct charm and character. For travelers seeking an authentic and immersive experience, homestays in Dalat offer a unique glimpse into the local way of life. Check out everything you need to know now!


Embarking on a journey to Dalat beckons a choice that transcends mere accommodation, it's about immersing yourself in the heart of nature and fresh air. Discover the compelling reasons behind why the best homestays in Dalat are not just places to stay but gateways to an enriched and immersive travel experience.

Peaceful and free space

In the tranquil landscapes of Dalat, homestays distinguish themselves from the conventional options of hotels and condotels. 

Homestays, unlike hotels and condotels limited to busy resorts, are versatile in their locations. 

They can take the form of a rustic wooden abode nestled along the hills, a secluded retreat with a view of the tranquil forest, or a dwelling harmoniously positioned against the mountainside. Even a basic attic, creatively repurposed by locals for rental in a specific region, can become a unique homestay. 

The essence of homestays is inherently "spontaneous," lacking systematic investments from large-scale investors. Consequently, commercial activities are minimal, rendering homestays remarkably peaceful and liberating compared to hotels. 

For those yearning to escape the urban clamor and seek a serene retreat, choosing a homestay in Dalat becomes an exceptionally wise and tranquil choice.

The cost is low compared to what you get

In the context of Dalat, where hotels are typically situated in designated "resort" areas with relatively high price tags, finding affordable and high-quality accommodation becomes essential. Lower-priced hotel options often compromise on cleanliness and service quality, deterring many discerning travelers. 

During peak seasons, the soaring hotel room rates, sometimes reaching three to four times the standard rates, pose a significant challenge for budget-conscious tourists. Enter the best homestays in Dalat – a compelling alternative offering not only affordability but also a unique, personalized experience. 

best homestays in Dalat - cost

Compared to the homestay price you pay in Dalat, you will get much more in return

Homestays in Dalat are notably more budget-friendly, often priced at half the rate of hotels. Importantly, these homestays pride themselves on transparency, with no hidden costs or numerous additional taxes burdening guests.

At these best homestays in Dalat, meals are a delightful experience, either provided by the host or enjoyed at nearby budget-friendly restaurants. What sets homestays apart is that, with the same budget, visitors can access a broader range of services and even explore various other attractions in the area. 

This affordability and flexibility make homestays particularly appealing to tourists, especially the younger demographic with limited financial resources.

A comfortable haven away from home

Dalat's homestays offer a harmonious blend of modesty, friendliness, and comfort. They create a welcoming haven for returning guests. 

These accommodations often boast lush green gardens and charming, well-equipped kitchens, fostering a connection with nature and a homey atmosphere. The advent of these best homestays in Dalat has sparked enthusiastic interest from both domestic and international tourists, drawn to the unique charm they offer.

Travelers arriving from distant places to Dalat often grapple with a sense of restlessness and unease when away from the familiar comforts of home. Recognizing this, homestays diligently strive to assuage guests' homesickness by cultivating an environment rich in local colors and imbued with the familiarity of a second home.

The intimate size of homestays makes them ideal for modern, active young people who relish solo exploration or prefer small-group adventures. Each homestay stands as a distinct and modest house, showcasing its individuality. 

This departs from the sometimes bewildering yet delightful uniformity in hotels or resorts. Choosing the best homestays in Dalat promises not just accommodation but a personalized and unique experience. It also caters to the preferences of those seeking a homely touch amidst the captivating landscapes of Dalat.

Make friends with friendly hosts

The hosts at homestays in Dalat are a diverse and welcoming bunch. From humble farmers and former hunters to novelists and even politicians, they represent a rich tapestry of backgrounds and interests. 

One striking feature of these hosts is their sociable nature, they love to engage in conversations. Whether it's a casual chat over a cup of tea or a more profound discussion, these interactions lay the foundation for an "unlikely" friendship to blossom.

best homestays in Dalat - make friends

You will make friends or expand relationships with the lovely hosts at the best homestays in Dalat

In the welcoming ambiance of the best homestays in Dalat, hosts become more than just proprietors; they transform into the friendliest companions. These hospitable individuals never shy away from sharing their life stories and valuable experiences with you. 

Through entertaining conversations, a unique bond forms, bridging the gap between traveler and host. It's in these moments that you realize homestays in Dalat are not just places to stay. They are gateways to building genuine connections and cultivating friendships that go beyond the typical host-guest dynamic.


Begin a journey through the city of enchanting landscapes and warm hospitality with our exclusive guide to the top 7 best homestays in Dalat. Where the perfect blend of comfort and scenic beauty awaits to elevate your travel experience.

La Nha Homestay

  • Address: 77 Hoang Dieu, Ward 5, Dalat City.

  • Reference price

    • Regular room: 300.000 VND (13.04 USD) – 650,000 VND (28.26 USD)/ per night.

    • The dorm room type costs about 170,000 VND (7.39 USD)/ person.

The Homestay House is renowned as one of the best homestays in Dalat. It is distinguished by its unique and innovatively nostalgic architectural style. 

This design aims to provide visitors with an unparalleled sense of enjoyment and comfort during their stay. Every nook and cranny within this homestay is adorned with meticulous and creative decorations.

The intentionally crafted environment allows visitors to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings fully. This also brings them closer to the serene beauty of Dalat. The garden is surrounded by lush green grass and flourishing vegetable beds, with numerous charming flower pots, each boasting vibrant colors.

best homestays in Dalat - La Nha homestay

La Nha Homestay appears poetic and charming because of its rustic design style, creating a feeling of familiarity and closeness

Upon exploring the outdoor spaces, visitors can transition into the interior of the homestay. La Nha not only features a visually appealing setting but also offers diverse recreational areas, including a BBQ space, a music lounge, a cozy reading nook, and an inviting singing area.

The homestay proudly presents a variety of room designs with distinct styles to ensure that visitors encounter a fresh and comfortable ambiance. Each corner within the homestay showcases unique beauty and personality. It helps to highlight the unwavering commitment to architectural excellence that has made it one of the best homestays in Dalat.

The KUPID – Dalat no single

  • Address: 45 Dang Thai Than, Ward 3, Dalat City.

  • Reference price

    • Room for 2 people with garden view: 550,000 VND (23,9 USD)/ per night.

    • Room for 2 people with mountain view: 1,400.000 VND (60,8 USD)/ per night.

    • Room for 4 people: 850,000 VND (36,9 USD)/ per night.

    • Dormitory room: 150,000 VND (6,5 USD)/person/ per night.

The Kupid Homestay is conveniently located around 3km from Dalat's city center at the end of Dang Thai Than Street. It is a standout choice for those seeking the best homestays in Dalat. Within a 3km radius, you can discover renowned attractions like the La Phong tourist area, Dalat Cable Car tourist area, Palace 2 Bao Dai, and Lam Vien Square.

best homestays in Dalat - The Kupid homestay

At The Kupid Homestay, there are many types of rooms with views facing the pine forest that make visitors excited

Nestled amid expansive pine forests, The Kupid Hill homestay in Dalat boasts refreshing, cool air and rooms that offer enchanting views of the pine forest. The homestay's surroundings are meticulously adorned, featuring a private garden that showcases varying flower colors with each passing season.

The interior of The Kupid homestay embraces an open design, fostering a connection with nature during the night. This allows visitors to feel unencumbered. The pervasive aroma of wood permeates the rooms to create a soothing atmosphere.

To ensure a delightful stay, The Kupid prioritizes amenities like complimentary wifi, parking, a private smoking room, and a spacious garden for leisure and events such as BBQ parties. Additionally, the homestay offers on-site café services, breakfast, and event hosting for a comprehensive experience.

Berry Valley Homestay

  • Address: 6 Thanh Mau Street, Ward 7, Dalat City.

  • Reference price

    • Single room with lake view: 500.000 VND (21,7 USD)/ per night.

    • Double room: 600.000 VND (26,08 USD)/ per night.

    • 1-Bedroom Chalet: 800.00 VND (34,7 USD)/ per night.

    • Chalet 2 Bedrooms: 1,500.000 VND (65,2 USD)/ per night.

Berry Valley Homestay Dalat, nestled in the heart of an expansive valley, features wooden bungalows scattered along the slopes. The homestay offers a spacious environment perfect for various tourist activities that cater especially to young travelers.

This location boasts stunning views of the valley and pine-covered hills. Berry Valley Homestay Dalat provides resort services, including rooms, restaurants, expansive gardens, and advanced strawberry gardens under its own brand.

best homestays in Dalat - Berry Valley homestay

Berry Valley Homestay is nestled in a valley with wooden bungalows along the foot of a gentle hill

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a retreat to Berry Valley Homestay Dalat offers visitors a serene, fresh, and cool living space surrounded by nature. Guests can choose between cozy wooden bungalows or rooms with contemporary designs, depending on their preferences. The modern touch is evident in the design of double rooms, while the remaining rooms feature a charming Bungalow house style.

The restaurant at Berry Valley Homestay Dalat is designed with large space and large capacity in both indoor and outdoor areas, suitable for the dining needs of groups of tourists. Dalat's climate is mainly cold, so the restaurant focuses on hot dishes such as grilled and hot pot.

Primarily catering to travel enthusiasts seeking ample space for socializing, Berry Valley Homestay Dalat, with its youthful design, attracts individuals aged 18 to 35. The homestay provides suitable spaces for fun activities and personalized check-ins according to individual preferences. It stands as one of the best homestays in Dalat for those seeking a refreshing and vibrant retreat.

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Cu Tren Cay Homestay (Owl On Trees)

  • Address: 17C Dang Thai Than, Ward 3, Dalat City.

  • Reference price

    • Whole cluster of 2 tents (6 – 8 people) – 1,000.000 VND – 1,200.000 VND (43,7 – 52,1 USD)/ per night.

    • Incubation tent for 4 people – 650.000 VND (28,2 USD)/ per night.

    • Egg incubation tent for 2 people: 400.000 VNND (17,3 USD)/ per night.

    • Big Owl's Nest: 550.000 VND (23,91 USD)/ per night/3 people.

    • Sparrow's Nest for 2 people with a private bathroom – 650,000 VND (28,2 USD)/ per night

    • Eagle's Nest for 6 to 8 people – 1.350.000 VND (58,6 USD)/ each night.

    • Little Owl's Nest for 2 people – 450.000 VND (19,5 USD)/ each night.

Cu Tren Cay Homestay, a prominent name in forest getaways, consistently secures its spot among the top 7 best homestays in Dalat. This place particularly appealing to travel enthusiasts, especially the younger crowd. The allure extends beyond the enchanting woodland setting to the captivating virtual nooks and crannies.

Cu Tren Cay, a haven resembling a miniature Dalat, provides a tranquil retreat with a panoramic view of the green valley shrouded in clouds on rainy days. Perched right on the hillside, the bungalows, resemble charming owl nests. They are all crafted entirely from wood, adorned with vibrant colors, and topped with palm leaves.

best homestays in Dalat - Cu Tren Cay homestay

Cu Tren Cay Homestay is like a miniature village with bungalows like wooden "owl's nests" that lie on the slopes of the coffee hill

Inside these cozy abodes, a play of white and gray creates a modern-vintage ambiance, perfect for photography enthusiasts. Surrounding the rooms is a delightful small garden featuring fruit trees, vegetables, and a flock of chickens. 

The garden showcases crisp persimmon trees – a specialty of Dalat, along with orange trees, tangerines, and neatly grown vegetables. All the scenes are composed of a picturesque and rustic view.

Cu Tren Cay stands out as one of the best homestays in Dalat, offering not just a stay, but a captivating experience immersed in nature's beauty and creative design.

LengKeng Dalat Homestay

  • Address: 57 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 10, Dalat City.

  • Reference price:

    • Earth room (single room): 450.000 VND (19,5 USD)/ night.

    • Wind room (double room): 500.000 VND (21,7 USD)/ night.

    • Jupiter room (double room): 700.000 VND (30,4 USD)/ night.

    • Saturn room (double room): 500.000 VND (21,7 USD)/ night.

    • Vega room (room for 4 people): 900.000 VND (39,1 USD)/ night.

    • Sparkling room dorm (dormitory room for 8 people): 2.000.000 VND (86,9 USD)/ night.

    • Hanh Phuc attic room (Haria house, double room): 1.000.000 VND (43,47 USD)/ night.

    • Ground room of Haria house (double room): 900.000 VND (39,1 USD)/ night.

Nestled approximately 4km from the city center, LengKeng Homestay Dalat stands out among the homestays with its breathtaking valley views. Its unique, simple, and cozy designs promise to give you an unforgettable stay, leaving a lasting impression.

Each room at LengKeng Homestay Dalat is thoughtfully crafted around a distinct theme and reflects its own characteristics. The rooms boast simple yet distinctive designs, avoiding excessive decorations or lavish comforts, while still highlighting the unique features of each space.

best homestays in Dalat - Lengkeng homestay

Lengkeng Homestay with unique, simple, and cozy designs helps leave many impressions on visitors

Windows in every room frame either a view of the flower garden or the picturesque valley and pine forest. The overall comfort of the rooms is notable, featuring warm blankets and soft mattresses. Each room is equipped with its own bathroom, guest towels, a wardrobe, and an open, uncluttered ambiance.

Beyond the homestay lies a sizable backyard at LengKeng, providing an ideal space for fireside gatherings, cultural exchanges, and BBQ parties to warm up the chilly Dalat nights. For sunrise and sunset enthusiasts, LengKeng Homestay Dalat is a perfect choice. It's perfect to wake up each morning, stretch, and breathe in the fresh forest air while witnessing the first rays of sunlight.

LengKeng Homestay Dalat, with its distinct charm and thoughtful amenities, unquestionably earns its place among the best homestays in Dalat. It offers a tranquil retreat with a touch of nature's beauty.

The Lake House Homestay

  • Address: Ho Tuyen Lam, Ward 3, Dalat City. 

  • Reference price: Prices range from 150.000 VND to 600.000 VND (6,52 – 26,08 USD)/ per night depending on room type.

Nestled amidst a serene pine forest veiled in mist, The Lake House Dalat casts its enchanting reflection on the tranquil Tuyen Lam Lake. Recognized as one of the best homestays in Dalat, this retreat has become a favored haven for the younger generation. It captivates visitors with its magical allure and unassuming, naturalistic design that seamlessly blends with the surroundings.

The Lake House Dalat stands out among the crowd due to its refreshing, verdant environment that encapsulates the quintessential charm of Dalat. Situated on a protruding promontory in the heart of Tuyen Lam Lake, this homestay creates an illusion of floating on the breezy lake surface, surrounded by crystal-clear waters.

best homestays in Dalat - The Lake House homestay

The Lake House Homestay is located on a lake so the atmosphere is very airy and peaceful, bringing peace to the souls of visitors

Diverging from the opulence of ancient French villas, The Lake House Dalat embraces a humble and eco-friendly aesthetic. It features quaint wooden cottages that are a rarity in the region.

The homestay's rustic design goes beyond material choices. It incorporates delightful details such as potted plants, charming miniature chairs, soft pillows, and an adventurous rope-climbing escalator.

The Lake House Homestay Dalat not only captivates with its aesthetic but also offers the warmth of an exceedingly dedicated and amiable staff. The homestay provides essential amenities, including a lush garden, convenient parking, and complimentary wifi. 

Each of these facilities comes with its distinct advantages, catering to diverse needs and enhancing the overall guest experience.

In The Pines Homestay

  • Address: 86 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward 8, Dalat City.

  • Reference price

    • Private room: 400.000 VND – 1.200.000 VND (17,39 – 52,17 USD) /room/ night.

    • Dormitory room: 1.600.000 VND – 3.600.000 VND (69,56 – 156,52 USD) /room/ night.

In the lineup of the top 7 best homestays in Dalat, In The Pines Homestay distinguishes itself with numerous notable advantages. Situated approximately 5km from the city center, In The Pines Homestay Dalat boasts a highly convenient location for easy access to renowned tourist spots and dining destinations. 

A special feature of In The Pines Homestay Dalat's design style as well as the decision to use materials is the use of light-colored pine wood in the rooms. The use of popular plants from Da Lat as the main material shows the homestay's respectful attitude, always opening its welcoming arms to all visitors.

best homestays in Dalat - In the Pines homestay

With a warm wooden house style in harmony with nature, In The Pines Homestay is the top choice of tourists whenever they come to Dalat

At In The Pines Homestay, charming rooms adorned with flowers and plants provide a serene setting for tea enjoyment amid the soothing green surroundings. Guests can choose from a variety of room types, including family rooms, double rooms, or dorm rooms, catering to diverse preferences.

Adding to the charm of In The Pines Homestay Dalat is an on-site cafe designed with wood and glass, reflecting the resort's theme. The cafe, surrounded by a variety of trees, exudes a nostalgic beauty. Additionally, In The Pines Homestay offers a range of BBQ combo packages to cater to customers' culinary preferences.

A unique feature of In The Pines Homestay Dalat is its warm welcome to pet enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy the company of adorable pets such as huskies, corgis, and poodles, making the stay even more delightful.


When immersing yourself in the experience of the top 7 best homestays in Dalat, it's crucial to delve into various aspects to ensure a memorable stay.

  • Staff hospitality: Take note of the hospitality and friendliness of the homestay staff. A warm and helpful staff can greatly enhance your overall experience, providing assistance and recommendations for a more enjoyable stay.

  • Guest reviews and ratings: Prioritize homestays with positive reviews and high ratings from previous guests. Feedback from others can offer valuable insights into the quality of service, amenities, and overall satisfaction.

  • Local cultural integration: Seek homestays that integrate local culture into their ambiance and offerings. This could include traditional decor, cultural events, or activities that provide a deeper understanding of the unique charm of Dalat.

  • Booking Policies: Before finalizing your reservation, familiarize yourself with the homestay's booking policies. Understanding cancellation terms, check-in/ check-out times, and any additional fees ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience.

best homestays in Dalat - notes

Remember to book in advance at the best homestays in Dalat to avoid running out of rooms during peak travel times

  • Room options: Evaluate the homestay's range of accommodations, including family rooms, double rooms, and dorm rooms, ensuring they cater to your specific needs.

  • Ambiance: Seek homestays that offer a serene and pleasant atmosphere, with rooms adorned with flowers and plants to create a tranquil environment.

  • On-site facilities: Explore additional amenities within the homestay, such as cafes or recreational areas, and assess whether they align with your preferences for relaxation or social interaction.

  • Culinary offerings: Prioritize your culinary preferences by inquiring about the homestay's food options, including any BBQ combo packages or special offerings for a delightful dining experience.

  • Pet-friendly options: If you're a pet enthusiast, check whether the homestay welcomes pets and provides an enjoyable experience for both guests and their furry companions, such as huskies, corgis, or poodles.

  • Environmental sustainability: For environmentally conscious travelers, consider homestays that prioritize sustainability. This may involve eco-friendly practices, waste reduction initiatives, or the use of renewable resources in their operations.

  • Safety measures: In uncertain times, prioritize homestays that prioritize guest safety. Check for adherence to health and safety guidelines, as well as any additional measures implemented by the homestay to ensure a secure environment for guests.

Exploring the top 7 best homestays in Dalat promises travelers an enriching and tailored experience. Whether you prioritize diverse room options to meet specific needs, a serene ambiance with floral accents, or on-site facilities, Dalat's best homestays above offer a range of choices. 

Why delay any longer? Seize the opportunity to embark on a transformative journey by promptly preparing your belongings and setting forth to the enchanting destination of Dalat. The time is now, pack your bag, and let the adventure unfold immediately.

In case you require further assistance during your travels, feel free to contact us either by phone at +84 28 7303 6167 or via email at [email protected] at any time. We always stand ready to provide the support you need.