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Why You Should Travel To Vietnam Once In Your Lifetime

With numerous advantages for tourist development, Vietnam is solidifying its place on the global tourism map. You may be wondering why Vietnam is on so many people's travel bucket lists. What makes it such an intriguing destination? Let's explore 13 reasons why visitors should come to Vietnam at least once in their lives.


It is indicated that when you settle on a holiday place, the first thing you should consider is its safety. You can have complete peace of mind if you are thinking of visiting Vietnam. Many world-renowned travel magazines, like the Telegraph, Daily Star, and Rough Guides, consistently rank Vietnam among the safest places. This leads to a rise in the number of expats visiting Vietnam, which shows no signs of slowing the next time.

Why you should visit Vietnam once in your lifetime - the safest destination

Vietnam is one of the safest destinations for visitors to enjoy their trips

There are many elements that lay the foundation for a peaceful Vietnam, especially stable politics. Several reasons that put this country at the top of the list as one of the safest to visit worldwide are shared specifically, as follows:

  • Vietnam has only one ruling party: the Communist Party of Vietnam. Therefore, visitors can travel to Vietnam without fear of political upheaval because the country has a stable political foundation.

  • Vietnam has many policies to control all the unexpected political situations occurring in this country, so no terrorist attack may take place in Vietnam in thousands of years. When big political events occur, such as visits by foreign presidents, Vietnam's security apparatus is always in place. As a result, travelers can travel freely without concern for security issues.

  • Then, in reality, the rate of theft and violence is relatively low, according to many truthful statistics from the Vietnamese government. Foreigners are safe to stroll alone at night, so Vietnam is an excellent destination for female travelers.



Rough Guides, the UK's premier travel website, just released its list of nations with the most appealing cuisine on earth. Vietnam is pleased to be ranked fifth for the title of "culinary paradise of the century."

With a rice civilization extending back thousands of years, Vietnam has the perfect conditions to add variety to Vietnamese dishes made from this ingredient. Cakes, vermicelli, pho, rice, rice paper, and rice buns with a variety of vegetarian and savory fillings. If foreigners enjoy rice or light foods, Vietnam is a must-visit destination.

It is worth noting that Vietnamese cuisine has some fascinating processing techniques. In a little more detail, Vietnamese food places considerable emphasis on the yin-yang balance inside each dish. In reality, there are recipes and ingredients to refresh in the summer, as well as hot dishes to keep warm on winter days. Many foreigners give positive feedback on Vietnamese cuisine, which helps this country be acknowledged as one of the must-try food nations in the world.

Why you should visit Vietnam once in your lifetime - delicious foods

Vietnam is a food paradise to explore with foreigners’s eyes

Then, the use of a variety of vegetables, spices, and traditional sauces provides diners with distinct sensations that cannot be found elsewhere. Another unique element is that there is no set hour for eating in Vietnam. The restaurant is constantly welcoming foreigners to visit and enjoy excellent meals within walking distance of the hotel.


Vietnam's natural scenery is unique and diversified, with mountains and plateaus covering three-quarters of the country. The majestic landscapes created by a combination of mountains, rivers, lakes, and the sea at Halong Bay, Ba Be, and Ha Giang make Vietnam more breathtaking. From the terraced fields created by the hand of man at Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, to the primeval forests, melaleuca forests, mangrove forests, and endless sand dunes, visitors will be taken on a thrilling adventure.

Why you should visit Vietnam once in your lifetime - breathtaking landscapes

Breathtaking landscapes in Vietnam will make visitors feel amazing and interesting

Furthermore, with a lengthy beach, visitors can soak in the serene moments of sunrise or sunset. The beautiful vistas of a system of bays, islands, and archipelagos will not disappoint.

If visitors enjoy natural scenery, Vietnam is the place for them. Take note of certain UNESCO natural heritage sites in Vietnam right away. Phong Nha National Park, Ke Bang Dong Van Stone Plateau Geopark, Trang An Complex, and Halong Bay are several must-try travel spots. 


What do you expect from a vacation other than natural beauty? History is a strong motivation to explore a new culture. Vietnam has experienced countless ups and downs, including Chinese domination and intervention from diverse civilizations such as Japan, India, Thailand, and the Khmer.

These changes have resulted in Vietnam becoming a country with an open culture where visitors can easily detect similarities in Vietnamese people's beliefs, ways of thinking, and practices to those of other cultures. However, these are quite indigenous and very localized.

Why you should visit Vietnam once in your lifetime - cultural diversity

UNESCO has designated dozens of cultural characteristics in Vietnam as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity


Vietnam is a multi-ethnic country with 54 ethnic groups, with the Kinh (Viet) ethnic group accounting for around 85% of the population and the remaining 53 ethnic groups accounting for 15%. 

When visiting Vietnam, particularly the northern mountains of Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, Ha Giang, Cao Bang, and Ba Be, visitors can visit typical villages of minor ethnic groups, learning about their impressive cultures and ways of life. In addition, traditional ethnic foods with distinct flavors will pique your interest.

Why you should visit Vietnam once in your lifetime - Vietnam ethnic groups

Foreign visitors have a chance to admire Vietnam's 54 ethnic groups' colorful traditional clothes

There are numerous ways to learn about Vietnam's ethnic diversity, like visiting the Vietnam Museum of Ethnography in Hanoi, visiting tribal settlements firsthand, or simply visiting ethnic markets. Discover itineraries in North Vietnam where you can meet ethnic minorities: Sapa, Mu Cang Chai, Cao Bang, Ba Be, Ha Giang, etc.


Vietnam, as an agricultural country, places a high value on maintaining positive relationships with community members. In truth, the objective is not just for economic purposes but also as a show of affection and gratitude, which has the impact of tightening connections.

The Vietnamese have a kind attitude toward tourists. Not only do merchants appear to be pleased to offer their wares, but passersby and children who meet foreign tourists frequently have a bright smile. Visitors to Vietnam are made to feel at ease by the country's hospitality.

Why you should visit Vietnam once in your lifetime - friendly Vietnamese citizens

81% of expats commented that Vietnam is unquestionably a warm and welcoming country with highly valued hospitality

If tourists become lost along the road, they will receive enthusiastic directions from Vietnamese people. Even if Vietnamese are not fluent in English, they will find a means to convey themselves or directly accompany tourists to their destination.


Vietnam has a rich cultural heritage, a long history, and brilliant ethnic colors. As a result, there are several festivals in which visitors can engage. Along with their ancestors, Vietnamese citizens have a tradition of worshiping not only the Buddha and saints but also national heroes and persons who have made contributions to the lives of locals. Visitors could immerse themselves in the celebratory mood from the north to the south of Vietnam. 

Why you should visit Vietnam once in your lifetime - numorous festivals in Vietnam

It is also an interesting experience to attend some of Vietnam's festivals to gain a deeper knowledge of this peaceful country


"A tight budget can't stop foreigners from visiting faraway countries.". This comment from the Canadian magazine "The Travel" is reassuring for those planning a trip to Vietnam. With only about 2 USD, you may get a nice bowl of pho, a Vietnam delicacy, or egg coffee, a must-try Hanoi street snack. 

This means visitors can securely travel to Vietnam on a budget or obtain high-end services at a low cost. Actually, many people have picked Vietnam for their honeymoon to enjoy all of the gorgeous, romantic moments as well as gain new work experiences. Vietnam is an excellent budget-friendly location!

Why you should visit Vietnam once in your lifetime - an affordable destination

Visitors with limited budgets also enjoy a meaningful vacation in Vietnam 


Vietnam's cultural variety provides numerous opportunities for travelers to immerse themselves in local life. The most popular and well-liked method is to go to traditional marketplaces. Weekend markets, consumer markets, flea markets, seafood markets, flower markets, and even floating markets on waterways in the Mekong Delta region can be found from metropolitan towns to distant rural locations. 

Above are several suggestions for visitors to go sight-seeing on their trip to beautiful Vietnam. Tourists are attracted to the distinct and one-of-a-kind attractiveness of traditional markets in Vietnam.

Why you should visit Vietnam once in your lifetime - traditional markets

Traditional markets have played a prominent role in daily life in Vietnam


It is not an exaggeration to indicate that the shoreline of Vietnam is a gift from Mother Nature to this S-shaped country. Vietnam boasts several lovely and romantic beaches along its 3400-kilometer coastline. Here is a list of Vietnam's best beaches! However, it should be noted that there are still numerous undiscovered, untouched beaches along the country's coastline that make expats feel curious to explore. They are truly hidden treasures!

Why you should visit Vietnam once in your lifetime - white-land shores

Vietnam boasts many gorgeous beaches and coves with pure white sand

In addition to the beaches, the islands in Vietnam are very enticing, with limpid water and magnificent beaches.

Beautiful bays are a source of pride for the Vietnamese people because several of them have been recognized as among the world's most awesome. It is worth noting that UNESCO has designated Halong Bay as a world heritage site twice.

Interesting facts that visitors need to be knowledgeable about before traveling to Vietnam:

  • The three haven bays in Vietnam that are mentioned on the list of the world's most beautiful bays are Halong Bay, Nha Trang Bay, and Lang Co Bay.

  • Dam Trau Beach in the Con Dao Sea, Ba Ria Province, Vung Tau, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

  • The 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia, according to the Travelers' Choice Awards 2021, include An Bang (Hoi An) and My Khe (Da Nang).

  • The NZ Herald News (New Zealand's largest newspaper) recently issued a list of the world's seven best beaches, which included Da Nang Beach.


Vietnam is a country with extremely typical architecture that has gone through historical changes and military destruction. If travelers enjoy architecture, there are many intriguing things to visit in Vietnam for them to explore.

These are old architectural masterpieces that strictly adhere to the laws of the Five Elements and the Yin-Yang Theory. It is the same as the majority of Vietnam's ancient structures, such as the One Pillar Pagoda, the Temple of Literature, and Minh Mang's Tomb. There are also buildings that combine French design with an exceptionally appealing Indochinese style to optimize weather conditions.

In addition, modern architectural works such as the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills, the Bridge of Kisses in Phu Quoc, the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang, and skyscrapers such as Bitexco and Landmark 81 in Ho Chi Minh City usually leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Why you should visit Vietnam once in your lifetime - wonderful architectures

Vietnam’s architecture is a hybrid of Asian and European styles

If foreigners pay a quick visit to these incredible places, they will be amazed at the skill of humans every now and again.


Do visitors enjoy adrenaline-pumping excursions that provide a sense of interest? Vietnam is the best recommendation for you to consider.

Until 2013, the entire world was taken aback when news of the world's largest cave was disclosed in Quang Binh, Vietnam: the Son Doong Cave. This underground cave contains its own rivers, streams, and even an ecology. 

Why you should visit Vietnam once in your lifetime -an amazing tourist attraction

Vietnam's amazing topography lends itself to an extraordinary array of sports and adventure vacations

Then, more recently, people have proceeded to unearth another Hung Thoong cave system in this territory, with exciting new findings. This is a wonderfully exciting land for travelers!


Vietnam is well known for having fought one of the most terrible wars of the twentieth century. Furthermore, the Vietnamese people have been subjected to warfare, supremacy, and colonization by other wealthier countries over the duration of this country's 4,000-year history.

It pains my heart at times that this country is connected with the word "war." Actually, the Vietnam War ended in 1975, but its repercussions in Vietnam, especially the embargo, lasted until 1990. To put it another way, this country has around 30 years to develop freely and independently.

Why you should visit Vietnam once in your lifetime - the quickest developing country

Vietnam is a developing country that has had to rebuild after the serious devastation of war in the past

So, if visitors visit Vietnam now, they will be completely astounded by the rate of progress. However, rather than pursuing development at any cost, Vietnamese people continue to live cheerfully, optimistically, and with regard for the cultural values passed down from previous generations. Isn't it a bizarre country?

If visitors are eager to experience some of the best regions in Vietnam, let's pack our bags and come here right now. More importantly, get deeper insight into the top 13 reasons to have more motivation to go sight-seeing in this country. Are you ready to see spectacular landscapes as well as experience different cultures and traditions in Vietnam?