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  • October 04,2023

The British should be aware of the regulations regarding visa Vietnam from UK if they want to enjoy a nice vacation in Vietnam. This post will provide comprehensive information to secure your hassle-free admission into the country. No problems with your Vietnam visa could potentially delay your trip.


For visits of up to 15 days for business, transit, or tourism, UK citizens do not need a visa to enter Vietnam. However, this visa-free duration will be increased to 45 days beginning on August 15, 2023. UK citizens must use their UK passport to complete the Vietnam visa formalities in the first stage.

If you're a citizen of the UK, you might be curious about visa exceptions to visit Vietnam. Fortunately, there is a Vietnam visa exemption for UK citizens. If their intended stay is 15 days or less in Vietnam, UK residents are excluded from the requirement for a visa. Additionally, you must guarantee that:

  • Your passport is at least six months older than the day you intend to enter the country.

  • There are at least two blank pages in your original UK passport.


The Vietnam waiver program is available to British citizens who meet one of the following criteria to visit Vietnam:

Foreigners who are spouses or children of overseas Vietnamese applicants must meet certain criteria. Moreover, they must provide certain materials in order to be eligible for the Vietnam visa exemption. For the UK to be free from Vietnam visa requirements, the following documents are necessary:

  • Application form that has been completed and has a recent photo attached (online application form with a barcode)

  • A current passport photo (4×6, no sunglasses or headgear, straight stare, white background)

  • A copy of the passport page with the applicant's personal information and their current foreign passports


There are two major ways to obtain a visa Vietnam from UK. It contains a visa on arrival at Vietnam International Airport and a visa at the Vietnamese Embassy:

Visa Vietnam from UK - visa formalities

A visa Vietnam from UK is an essential document that allows visitors to travel inside this country legally

Visas on arrival for UK residents 

For British nationals applying for visas abroad, a visa on arrival offers many advantages.

How to obtain

Here are the comprehensive procedures for UK citizens to follow to get a Vietnam visa on arrival:

  • Provided all pertinent information on the visa for Vietnam application form. It includes the complete name, passport number, expiration date, birthdate, and dates of intended entry and exit.

  • Make the mandatory service charge payment.

  • Bring your approval letter and passport with you on your journey. After that, show all visa documents to an immigration officer at any of Vietnam's international airports. They will review all requirements, grant the stamp to UK citizens, and finalize their entry into Vietnam.

Required paperwork

A passport from the United Kingdom that is still valid for at least six months.

Handling time and visa fees

Visa category

Service fees

Government fees

Handling time

Visas on arrival



4-6 business days



2 business days



1 business day

Getting an Embassy visa 

Embassy visas are a traditional application method for UK passport holders to get a visa.

How to obtain

You can get in touch with the Vietnamese Embassy in the UK (if you live there) or the Embassy in the nation you are currently residing in to seek a visa Vietnam from UK directly.

You must return to the Embassy after completing your application to pick up your visa. This legal paper will be stamped on your passport in a few days.

Vital documents

  • Original passport with a minimum six-month remaining validity.

  • An application form that has been properly completed and two passport-sized pictures

Processing time and visa costs

The Vietnamese Embassy requires 5-7 business days to process a request. In order to speed up the processing time, travelers can choose to select the service, which carries a separate processing charge.


There are two ways to obtain a visa Vietnam from UK for those who intend to visit the country for a duration longer than 15 days (45 days starting on August 15):

Pre-Approval Letter through a visa travel agency

In Vietnam, you can arrange a tour with a travel agent and ask them to file for a visa pre-approval letter on your behalf.

The request for a pre-approval letter will be delivered by the travel agent to the Vietnamese Embassy.

After the pre-approval letter has been obtained, your representative will inform you on how to pick up your visa at the Vietnamese Embassy.

E-Visa application through an electronic system

UK citizens may also use the approved internet gateway to submit an E-Visa application.

  • E-Visas are only valid for a single entrance and are good for stays up to 30 days.

  • As of August 15, the E-Visa's validity period will be extended to 90 days with multiple entries.

  • You must choose precise entry and exit points from the offered alternatives when submitting an application for an E-Visa.

  • Once you've submitted your E-Visa application, changes cannot be made.


It is crucial to be informed of the particular requirements for a UK visa to enter Vietnam for business purposes. If your business trip lasts longer than 15 days or you are an expert or highly trained worker, you must apply for a work visa or permission.

Contacting your business partner, employer, or sponsor in Vietnam is the initial step to start the process. For the purpose of setting up the issuing of your business visa, they will have to work with the pertinent Vietnamese authorities. The validity and requirements of the visa must be carefully examined throughout this process to guarantee compliance with the rules.


To stay for a longer duration in Vietnam, UK citizens must conduct the visa extension process.

Visa Vietnam from UK - the visa extension

Extend your visa to be permitted to stay for a longer time in Vietnam

Tourist visa for Vietnam

UK residents must compile all required documentation and give it to the travel agency of their choice.

On behalf of the passenger, the chosen travel agency will next provide the full set of paperwork to the Vietnam Immigration Department's office.

Depending on the type of visa requested and the travel agency's service charge, the visa extension price must be paid.

The traveler's passport will be given back after being approved and will have the extended visa stamped on it.

Document criteria

Collect all documents prior to submitting the visa application for a visa to enter Vietnam:

  • An official duplicate of the travel agency's license

  • Confirmation that the international visitors are momentarily residing at tourist lodging facilities.

  • A passport in good standing with at least two blank pages for visa stamps.

  • A filled-out Form NA5 (Visa Application for Issuance and Extension of Stay).

  • A temporary resident card or an online temporary residence registration that has been authorized by the police (if any).

Processing time and visa prices

The extension process for the UK tourist visa for Vietnam typically takes 5 to 8 working days. Depending on the type of visa requested and the service fee levied by the travel agency, the actual cost of the extension varies.

Business visas for Vietnam

Business visas for UK passport holders are only issued for those who wish to attend commercial activities.

How to register

To know how to obtain a business visa for UK citizens, focus on the information below:

  • Prepare all of the necessary documentation.

  • Send your paperwork to the province where you now reside or one of the Vietnam Immigration offices.

  • Pay the cost of the extension of your visa and wait for the outcome.

  • You can go back to the Immigration Office to pick up the extended visa after your visa application has been accepted.

Demands for documents

Document requirements need to be fulfilled to reduce the risk of visa rejections:

  • A certified copy of any legal records from the enterprise providing the guarantee. For example, the business license and seal certificate.

  • A filled-out Form NA5 (Visa Application for Issuance and Extension of Stay).

  • Your original passport, which must have at least two blank visa stamping pages. 

  • A temporary residence confirmation, which is available through online registration or temporary resident registration validated by the police.

Processing time and visa costs

Subject to examination by the Immigration Department, the processing time for the extension application is typically between 5 and 7 working days.

If you choose to employ a visa agency, the cost of the business Vietnam visa extension for UK citizens may vary based on the particular services they provide. When requesting the visa extension, there is also a stamping cost of USD 10.

UK citizens should carefully study their visa alternatives and requirements before traveling to Vietnam. Therefore, ensuring a seamless and joyful trip for the British to discover Vietnam's wonders will depend on being well-informed about the procedure for obtaining a visa Vietnam from UK. Feel free to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected].

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