[Update] A Visa Vietnam Extension For A Complete Trip

  • October 24,2023

If you need to extend your stay in Vietnam while planning your trip, you might think about filing for a visa Vietnam extension. How do you renew a visa in Vietnam? Continue to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to guarantee a simple and hassle-free encounter.


As long as you get a Vietnam visa extension before your existing visa expires, it is possible to prolong your stay in Vietnam without having to exit and then return. The following kinds of Vietnam visas are eligible for extensions:

Visa types


Extension duration

Visit objectives

Business visas


1 month

Issued to foreign nationals coming to Vietnam to work for a Vietnamese enterprise

Work visas

LD1, LD2

1 year

Issued to foreigners coming to Vietnam to work for a Vietnamese company

Investor visas

DT1, DT2, DT3, DT4

1 year

Distributed to owners of the company, shareholders, and international investors.

Family visit visas


1 year

Issued to expats entering Vietnam to visit family members and relatives.

Tourist visas


1 month

Issued to tourists from outside Vietnam.

Student visas


1 year

Issued to students or interns overseas.

Generally, depending on their intended itinerary, foreign visitors to Vietnam are issued a visa good for a set period of time. You can apply for a visa extension if your stay in Vietnam is going to expire and you would like to prolong it. You must prepare the following paperwork in order to accomplish this:

  • A letter or request for an extension of temporary residency that includes information about the applicant (name, nationality, date of birth, gender, passport number, and expiration date), the reason for the visit, and the intended duration of the extension.

  • A passport that is still valid more than thirty days after the date of the application for the extension of temporary residency.

  • An application for a Vietnam visa extension (Form NA5) that has been approved by the organization sponsoring your entry.

  • A copy of the member's ID card is necessary for visitors to foreign representative offices in Vietnam.

  • A copy of the employee's work contract is needed for people employed by international representation agencies in Vietnam. 


If you're not sure how to extend a business or tourist visa for Vietnam, follow these instructions to get the paperwork ready to apply for an extension:

Visa Vietnam extension -  visa procedures

Follow this procedure to make sure all the stages can be finalized successfully

Documents needed for an extension of a tourist visa to Vietnam: 

  • A current visa and passport for Vietnam.

  • An application for a visa extension for foreign nationals (Form NA5).

  • A document of temporary residency.

Legal records from the organization or firm supporting the business visa extension to Vietnam are required, as follows:

  • A current passport and Vietnam visa.

  • A form (Form NA5) for foreign nationals applying for a visa extension.

  • A document outlining the rationale for the visa extension.

  • A document for temporary housing.

  • A letter of referral from the organization or corporation providing sponsorship.

How may a visa be extended in Vietnam? For a seamless visa application process, adhere to these steps:

Step 1: Gather all of the above-mentioned necessary paperwork.

Step 2: Deliver all the paperwork to any Vietnam Immigration Department office.

  • In Hanoi, submit an application for a Vietnam visa extension at 44–46 Tran Phu Street, Ba Dinh District.

  • In Ho Chi Minh City, submit an application for a Vietnam visa renewal at 335–337 Nguyen Trai Street, District 1.

  • Please take note that, excluding public holidays, these offices are open from Monday through Saturday morning.

Step 3: Five working days after the date of submission is the estimated processing time.

You will receive a receipt and an appointment to view the results if the documents satisfy the requirements.

If not, you will receive instructions on how to add or edit your documents. 

Step 4: Visit the office to find out whether your visa extension is approved. Pay the visa fee, present the receipt to the immigration officer, and sign the document to attest to it.


Your original visa type and the length of the intended extension will determine how much a Vietnam visa extension will cost you. These are the reference costs for a visa Vietnam extension.

Visa Vietnam extension -  visa costs

Paying all costs to ensure a smooth visa application

Visa categories


Single-entry visas

25 USD

Multiple-entry visas

3 month validity: 50 USD

3-6 month validity: 95 USD

6-12 month validity: 135 USD

1-2 year validity: 145 USD

2-5 year validity: 155 USD

Visas were applied to those no less than 14 years old

25 USD


Foreign nationals' visa application and extension processes are subject to frequent modifications, in addition to immigration priority and visa exemption policies. Travelers encounter numerous challenges when interacting with the Immigration Agency. The following errors would result in the denial of your application for a visa Vietnam extension.

  • A foreigner's request for an extension is far too late. Visa extensions must be requested by foreign nationals at least three days before their expiration. 

  • The justification for admission is not the same as the one provided in the first visa application.

  • The provided data is untrue or erroneous: incorrect schedules for work, travel, or study. Example: You want to study abroad and request a visa extension, but the school hasn't accepted your application yet.

  • The data in the documents does not correspond: Perhaps the information in the foreign applicant's documents differs from the information in their application from their partner, place of employment, school, or company. Applying for a visa extension by using false documentation, such as transcripts, employment records, or financial justifications.

  • Failing to provide complete documentation or details about the sponsoring organization, business, or family.

  • Lack of familiarity with Vietnamese legislation and inadequate comprehension of the immigration agencies frequently modify policies and procedures for the extension of foreigners' visas.


Below are some ideas to help you create a strong visa extension application to stay in Vietnam for a long time, as follows:

  • Vietnam is a stunning nation that travelers to Asia should definitely see. Check out the ideal time to visit Vietnam before you travel here to avoid missing out on popular tourist spots.

  • The process of applying for a visa Vietnam extension might take a while, so it's important to start early and budget appropriately. Know the length of time it takes to process your particular kind of visa as well as the paperwork needed. By doing this, you'll be able to prevent anxiety at the last minute and application delays.

  • Based on your main reasons and other variables, the Vietnamese government will provide different visa extension validity for you.

  • Regulations and procedures for visas might change often, so it's important to check innovation for the most recent modifications. Make sure you have correct and current information by visiting official government websites, subscribing to newsletters, and speaking with international specialists.

  • Complete and precise documents are necessary for a visa application to be approved. To guarantee a seamless application process, arrange these documents in a methodical manner.

  • When it comes to your visa application, accuracy is essential. Verify that the data you enter on your application form corresponds with the accompanying documentation by checking it twice. Incomplete or inaccurate information may result in delays, more examinations, or possibly application rejection.

  • Applications for visas frequently contain requirements, including those related to photo size, document type, and other information. Make sure your application complies with these requirements by focusing on them. This meticulousness might have a big impact on your visa extension request approval.


Visa Vietnam extension creates numerous issues that visitors need to clarify for a smooth trip. 

Is it possible to apply online for a Vietnam visa extension?

Vietnam does not currently permit foreigners to extend their visas online or with an electronic visa. The procedure to extend a visa must be completed in person.

When is the best time to apply for a Vietnam visa extension?

The duration of the visa extension is not specified by Vietnamese legislation. However, it is recommended that you submit your application as soon as possible to guarantee that the immigration authorities can process the extension before your existing visa expires. For what duration is a visa extension to Vietnam valid?

Depending on the original visa's validity, a visa Vietnam extension can be issued for a period of 15 days, 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. As an illustration, visitor visas valid for one, three, and six months may be renewed for an additional month. Remember that these visa extension times could vary at any time, so before requesting an extension, it's recommended to speak with a Vietnam visa extension service provider.

Foreigners can extend their stay in this stunning nation by obtaining a visa Vietnam extension. Understanding the procedure and getting the required paperwork ready will enable you to easily extend your stay in Vietnam. Make plans in advance and relish a longer stay in this magical country. Don't hesitate to contact us at +84 28 7303 6167 or email [email protected] to get additional related details.

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