Vietnam Visa Update 2023: Main Changes You Should Know!

  • June 14,2023

In the past, visitors were always aware that Vietnam visas were a common and simple-to-process sort of visa, and they were available to foreigners from different nations. However, Vietnam Immigration adjusts Vietnam visa update policies after the Covid period. In this article, we'll let visitors know how Vietnam's visa system changed before and after the COVID-19 pandemic and provide step-by-step instructions to obtain Vietnam a visa in 2023.


According to the government, international visitors have not increased since Vietnam reopened its borders after the Covid-19 pandemic last year. This issue makes leading insiders in the tourism sector worried. They are calling for visa relaxations to recover tourism. The first Vietnam visa update is mentioned in several plenary sessions to find out the best approach for the development of tourism.

To recover the tourism industry, the Vietnamese government has recommended increasing the time restrictions for the Vietnam E-Visa issued to citizens entering Vietnam from a validity of 30 days to a maximum of three months.

As of 2023, visitors from 80 countries may be eligible for a one-month Vietnam E-Visa with a single entry. In the proposal, the ministry also suggested changing the 15-day visa exemption period to 30 days for visitors from those nations. Moreover, Citizens from various European countries, Japan, and South Korea can reside for a maximum of 15 days without applying for Vietnam tourist visas.


Vietnam was one of the first nations in Southeast Asia to reopen to foreign travelers after the Covid outbreak.  However, just 3.6 million foreign travelers visited Vietnam last year, or around 20% less than before the pandemic, so the government will stabilize tourism development by extending the Vietnam visa update in the newest exemption policy in 2023.

Vietnam visa update policies 2023

The Vietnam government added more countries to the list of visa exemptions

The Party and the State are paying close attention to the tourism industry. Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh urged ministries, industries, and municipalities to strengthen immigration policies for foreign visitors at the National Tourism Conference in March 2023.

One of the most vital missions is increasing the number of nations whose citizens do not require visas, extending the length of stay at affordable costs. Moreover, domestic and foreign airlines must support the opening of new routes and provide direct links between Vietnam and potential tourist markets.

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To strengthen immigration policies for foreign visitors at the National Regarding the policy on unilateral visa waivers for golf tourists and aircraft, the government suggested a five-year free visa to citizens of countries that enjoy this kind of exemption and considered making an extension of at least six months.

Golf tourists have more opportunities to explore Vietnam thanks to Vietnam visa update policies

Following a suggestion by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (MCST) on particular types of tourism, such as golf tourism and travel in exceptional events, the regulation of a unilateral visa waiver for 30 days will be valid. Analysts also remark that there are more independent individual tourists currently, so the requirement that visitors have an official letter for visa application at international border gates inconveniences travelers.

The introduction of a new form of visa to be given to foreigners who purchase houses in Vietnam (visa validity of 5 years) and the expansion of the visa period for high-tech professionals engaged in long-term tourist work (from two years to three years) are two new points raised in Vietnam visa update policies in 2023. The second new type of visa is available to foreigners operating remotely in Vietnam with a two-year validity.


According to Pham Trung Luong, the former director of the Institute for Tourism Development Research, lowering visa restrictions should be done first to boost tourism. The 30-day stay limit has been criticized by many visitors because this regulation is overly restrictive and prevents them from seeing Vietnam's fantastic sights. German travel blogger Leoni Becker visited Vietnam last year but was only allowed a 30-day stay, preventing her from seeing as much of the country as she had wanted.

American Justin Douglas hopes that the Vietnam government will widen its previous three-month visa requirement to give visitors more time to experience the country's beauty. He regretted that he could not tour Sapa and Ha Giang by bicycle. A trip like that, which calls for sufficient time to prepare in Hanoi ahead and time to unwind afterward, would be challenging to complete in 30 days.

Based on this evidence, it is necessary to adjust not only the Vietnam visa but also the Vietnam visa on arrival. The alteration develops tourism and catches opportunities to enhance the visa procedure thanks to the Vietnam visa update.

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The tourist industry in Vietnam was revived by conducting Vietnam visa update policies. Vietnam's tourism sector should diversify to draw tourists from non-traditional markets besides lowering visa requirements for foreign tourists. 

Thanks to the effective Vietnam visa update, Vietnam's tourism industry has reached a target of 110 million visitor arrivals in 2023, of whom 8 million are to be foreign visitors, and the estimated revenue from tourism is 650 trillion VND. Despite the global economy displaying signs of recession, Vietnam's tourism will confront numerous positive points this year. We can conclude that Vietnam visa update regulations will influence tourism significantly.

Above are some modifications of the Vietnam visa procedure this year. These Vietnam visa update policies create many positive results and support recovery tourism. If you have any queries about these changes, don't hesitate to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email Our employees in the customer visa service can give you some valuable advice.

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