All About The Vietnam Visa Requirements For US Citizens

  • September 15,2023

Obtaining a Vietnam visa for US citizens is a critical step in planning an unforgettable trip to Vietnam. Check that you meet all the Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens, submit the relevant paperwork, and get set to discover the mesmerizing beauty of Vietnam. Don't allow the visa process to prevent you from taking your dream vacation!


Get deeper knowledge about the Vietnam visa to lay the foundation for the best vacation in this nation. Focus on these visa details for visitors to make visa processing more simplified.


A Vietnam visa is a legal document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. Using this paper, foreigners can enter this beautiful nation with full permission from the Vietnamese government. Under any circumstance, trying to enter Vietnam without a valid visa is considered illegal entry.

Who is eligible?

Vietnam visas can be obtained by any citizen worldwide as long as they wish to make a trip to this nation. For US citizens, there are many visa application methods to choose from. To make the visa procedures run smoothly, it is advised to check the innovative update on the Vietnam Immigration Department website in advance. This page contains all related and official information regarding the Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens to refer to.


For US passport holders, visas can be required for those who have this nationality. Here is further information regarding entry procedures and Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens.

  • Requirements for entry: US citizens must enter Vietnam with a valid passport and a visa (or pre-approval for a visa on arrival). Expats must ensure that their passports are valid for at least six months beyond their expected stay. Also, it contains an empty visa page to reduce the risk of visa rejections. The US Mission in Vietnam cannot assist citizens who do not have the necessary visas. For travel regulations, dual nationals should visit the Department of State's information page and the Embassy of Vietnam.  
  • Visas: When applying for a visa to Vietnam for US residents, it is necessary to select the visa type that corresponds to their travel purposes. If foreigners wish to have a career in Vietnamese enterprises, they must obtain a work permit in advance. If you modify your visit's purpose after receiving your visa, you must obtain a new visa, complying with the Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens.


More visa options are open for all foreigners to check and choose for their trips.

Vietnam visa types for US citizens

It is important to note that numerous types of Vietnam visas are available to US citizens. It is critical to select the appropriate type of visa for your travel requirements.

Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens

Making the Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens more simplified is an essential step. Foreigners pay attention to the ways to get a visa in the most convenient manner.

Vietnam visa Embassy

Are you looking for information on how to apply for a Vietnam visa for US citizens? The traditional visa method is to apply in person at the nearest Vietnamese Embassy for Americans.

Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens - visas at Embassy

Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens in official Vietnamese government

The in-person application method ensures a smooth and fast visa application process by providing reassurance, rapid help, and feedback for any missing or inaccurate paperwork. If you prefer to apply in person or by mail, the following are the Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens:

  • Fill out the online application form by choosing "VIETNAM EMBASSY IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" as the submission location.

  • The application form must be printed and signed before being submitted to the Vietnamese authorities. For those who are unable to fill the form online, foreigners may download and fill out their personal information directly on this form.

  • Provide your passport (an original for a sticker visa or a copy of the ID page for a loose-leaf visa) with a validity date of at least 6 months prior to your desired arrival date in Vietnam.

  • Please submit the Vietnam Immigration Department's Visa Approval Letter.

  • If a copy of the passport is provided, submit one identical 2×2-inch photo for a sticker visa or two images for a loose-leaf visa.

  • The cost of a Vietnam visa for US citizens is determined by the type of visa requested.

  • Other supporting documents (if any): a copy of the visa acceptance letter, a letter of invitation from a sponsor or host, and so on.

  • Once all relevant documents are presented, the processing time for a Vietnam visa application in person or by mail is 3 business days. For urgent instances, an expedited service with a 24-hour processing period is offered for an extra charge.

Getting in touch with the Vietnam Embassy to obtain a visa for US citizens prior to packing their bags to travel. Refer to the Vietnamese government’s website for all of the required information and help regarding visa application procedures, requirements, and fees.

E-Visas for US citizens

Vietnam has an easy E-Visa for Vietnam application process for nationals of 80 countries, including the United States. All payment and delivery procedures are completed online and take three business days.


US residents can apply online for a single-entry E-Visa on the official Vietnam Immigration Department website. The E-Visa allows for a maximum stay of 30 days and does not allow for renewal or extension from within Vietnam. For US citizens, the following requirements must be met in order to apply for a Vietnam E-Visa:

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Vietnam

  • A crisp and readable photograph of your whole passport data page in.jpg format

  • A passport-sized photo in jpg format, 4×6 cm in size, with a white background and no glasses

  • A valid international credit card to make the needed payment for the E-Visa application.

  • A valid email address to get alerts about your E-Visa application

  • A temporary address in Vietnam where you will stay during your visit

  • Your intended arrival and departure dates, as well as the entry and exit points or airports in Vietnam


Here are the processes for obtaining a Vietnam visa online for US citizens:

  • Navigate to the official E-Visa website.

  • Select "E-Visa Issuance" from the website of the Vietnam Immigration Department.

  • Click the "personally apply for an E-Visa" button.

  • Fill out the online application form with accurate personal information and trip details, and upload the relevant documents.

  • Check all of the information and make any required changes.

  • Pay for the E-Visa application (25 USD) using one of the accepted payment methods listed.

  • Submit your application form and wait for your E-Visa within the standard processing time. If your application is granted, you will receive the E-Visa through email.

  • Print a copy of your approved E-Visa to save and submit it at the checkpoint upon arrival in Vietnam.


In terms of visa fees, the cost of a Vietnam visa for US citizens varies based on the kind of visa and the duration of stay. A single-entry tourist visa will cost $25 in 2023, while a multiple-entry business visa will cost $135.

Finally, US nationals must obtain a valid Vietnam visa before coming to Vietnam. Obtaining a visa can be implemented through the Vietnamese Embassy or through a reliable visa agency in Vietnam.

To prevent delays, choose the appropriate form of visa for your travel needs and apply well in advance of your departure date. We hope you found this blog's information regarding Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens beneficial.


The dong is the Vietnamese currency, and while coins are available, the larger notes are more commonly used. 1 US dollar equals 23,659.33 Vietnamese dongs. When visiting Vietnam, you can exchange dongs in banks, currency exchange offices, jewelry stores, and gold stores. Remember, to exit or enter Vietnam, you must declare if you have Vietnamese Dong in excess of VND 150,000,000 or foreign currency in excess of 5,000 dollars or equivalent.


Vietnam is generally safe for foreigners to have the best travel moments. However, you should use caution when using public transportation or walking in crowded locations. Pickpocketing and street robberies are uncommon, yet they do occur. Carry your luggage with a padlock and keep your eyes on it at all times to avoid missing their personal belongings.

You should also make your purchases in a secure location because fake fashion items are quite lifelike and are offered as if they were authentic. Finally, while taking a taxi, ensure that the car has a meter and that the driver is going in the correct direction using mobile GPS.


It is also critical to select the optimum time to visit Vietnam for a comfortable trip. The weather will vary depending on the different regions of the beautiful S-shaped country – Vietnam. Remember to book flights and lodgings ahead of time, as popular places might become congested during high seasons.

Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens - travel tips

Vietnam travel tips for US passport holders 

Vietnam has a diverse history, culture, and natural beauty. There are numerous destinations worth visiting in this diverse country, including Phu Quoc, Ha Long, Nha Trang, Da Nang, and Hoi An. Each location has its own distinct set of activities and attractions. Vietnam has a diverse assortment of hotel alternatives to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. 

In summary, obtaining a Vietnam visa for US nationals is a simple procedure. Fulfilling all the Vietnam visa requirements for US citizens ensures hassle-free access and adventures in the S-shaped nation, whether traveling there on holiday or for work. Hopefully, these instructions will enable you to be granted a visa for Vietnam. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email for additional details regarding Vietnam visas for US passport holders.

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