Vietnam Visa Price 2023 – Let’s Find Out More Below!

  • June 09,2023

The Vietnam visa price 2023 has many changes compared to this policy in previous years. Getting more information about the visa fee in 2023 is excellent preparation before entering Vietnam. In general, there are two categories of visa service fees. Find out more details in this share to have a perfect plan for a better visit to Vietnam.


The Vietnam visa fee is an expense that travelers must pay for the visa service according to Vietnam visa policy. This fee will depend on the categories of visas you apply for. So refer to the Vietnam visa price list to understand how much a foreigner needs to spend for this service.

Vietnam visa price is updated in 2023

The Vietnam visa price policy is applied to all foreigners entering Vietnam


The Vietnamese visa price is in the approved Vietnam visa letter to all foreigners entering Vietnam. It is vital that visitors print this letter as a temporary passport to get to the airport. After that, the Vietnam visa on arrival will be valid for visitors traveling in the city.

In reality, two categories of Vietnam visa prices are compulsory to pay when asking for a visa. It consists of a stamping fee paid to the government and a fee for visa service. Full details of the two types of prices are shared below.

E-Visa service fee in Vietnam

The Vietnam E-Visa service price, which is the name of the "application fee", is compulsory if the visitor offers to get a visa approval letter. Vietnam Immigration issued this free-to-maintain service. Travelers can make a payment online in many forms such as credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers.

Visa stamping price in Vietnam

In addition to the Vietnam E-Visa price, the stamping fee needs to be paid in cash. The Vietnam Immigration Officer will receive this source of money as soon as stamps are on foreigners' passports. USD or VND are the popular currencies recommended for visitors to pass international airports security in Vietnam.

Vietnam visa price - stamping fee

Stamping fee paid in cash at the international airport where visitors will land

Some currencies will pay an extra fee, approximately 5% to 10%. Therefore, all visitors must consider carefully when choosing the types of currencies. One piece of advice for foreigners is to prepare cash to finish the Vietnam visa procedure smoothly.


All foreigners must finish the Vietnam visa payment before filing their application forms. One important note is that there will be no reimbursement if a visa offer is not accepted. To get a visa one more time, visitors must reconduct the process of submitting the documents. A new application form also remits again and pays more money to offer other visa approvals.


Vietnam local time (GMT+7) will decide when visitors’ Vietnam visa applications are accepted. Look at this list below to be aware of the time needed to get a new visa. 

  • From 4 to 6 working days if it follows standard processing.
  • Pay a 75 USD extra fee for urgent processing if the visitor wants to obtain a visa in 2 working days.
  • The approval of the letter from the government will be sent by 6:00 p.m. if the submitted time is before 8:00 a.m. in Vietnam (GMT +7).
  • 08:00 – 12:00 and 13:30 – 17:30 are two suitable time slots for travelers to apply for a Vietnam visa. The official working days of the government are from Mondays to Fridays without including national holidays.


If the visitor gets a single entry, the Vietnam visa price is US$25. Multiple-entry visa costs depended on the real-time travelers' stay in Vietnam. It fluctuates approximately from US$50 (three months) to US$155 (2 to 5 years). In conclusion, the purpose and how long foreigners live in Vietnam are two factors that influence the fee.

Vietnamese visa price (USD/passenger)

Time interval

1- 2 passengers

3- 4 passengers

From 5 passengers

From 4 to 5 working days




3 working days




2 working days




The government charge ($25) and our service fee are included in this cost. The price may change over time. Please contact us at +1 315 715 8498 for more information.


With the aim to make the visa payment process rapid and successful, some inquiries are answered in detail below. Read to solve several frequent questions when offering a Vietnam visa.

How much is it to get a 30-day Vietnam tourist visa?

Visitors must fill out the online application form in the E-Visa system for a 30-day Vietnam tourist visa. US$25 is the amount of money that a foreigner must pay to have the approval of Vietnam Immigration. It commonly takes three working days to receive the result of the visa process.

What budget should a visitor plan for five days in Vietnam?

According to some implemented surveys, a foreigner spends around $70 per day in Vietnam. This data is affordable compared to the middle-income of visitors. A convenient experience package in Vietnam accounts for a little bit of the salary of foreigners on average.

May I travel to Vietnam without getting a visa?

The Vietnam visa exemption policy lists some countries that can enter Vietnam without a visa. These include:

  • ASEAN citizens (from 14 to 30 days)

  • Chile and Panama (3 months)

  • Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Norway, South Korea, Germany, and the UK (15 days)

  • All other situations will require you to apply for a Vietnam visa to stay in the country. In addition, Vietnam visa extension is one of the most important information for visitors to learn about. This regulation allows travelers to stay longer than the maximum of 30 days. 

In short, paying the Vietnam visa price is necessary to complete the visa application. The Vietnam visa fee consists of two main types: a Vietnam service fee and a Vietnam stamping fee. Visitors pay the first visa price by making a payment online on the website of the Vietnam Government. Another one is to pay in cash at the airport when entering Vietnam. If you want to get further information, feel free to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected].

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