Vietnam Visa Photo Size

  • March 06,2023

Vietnam visa photo size is one of the important requirements that you need to follow to complete your visa application. Besides, there are also some other requirements for a Vietnam visa photo, such as the background, facial features, and facial expression, to help you avoid any hassle at Vietnamese airports.

Is a photo necessary for a Vietnam visa application?

Yes. You need to attach your photo to the application form when you are applying for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy.

For some cases that enter Vietnam under visa on arrival, online applicants need to prepare 2 passport-style photos.

Vietnam visa photo size

You must pay attention to Vietnam visa photo size to get your visa application approved.

Vietnam visa photo size and other requirements

The information below is for people who are confused about Vietnam visa application photo size, including Vietnam e visa photo size and Vietnam visa on arrival photo size:

  • The Vietnamese visa photo size should be 4×6 cm, or 2×2 inches.

  • All the photos taken must be identical.

  • The applicant's photos must have been taken within the past six months.

  • The Vietnam visa photos must be taken in color.

  • The photos must be printed on bond paper or professional photo paper.

  • The photos must show the applicant's full face, front view, with a solid, plain, bright background.

  • A hat or headgear in the photo is unacceptable, except for religious purposes.

  • Dark glasses or non-prescription glasses with tinted lenses are unacceptable, except for medical reasons.

  • Applicants must keep a neutral facial expression without smiling.

You must prepare two photos in accordance with the mentioned requirements to avoid any hassle at Vietnamese airports.

Frequently asked questions

Do children have to take photos to apply for a Vietnam visa?

Yes. Similar to adults, children must take their own photos to apply for a Vietnam visa. Perhaps it will be a bit trickier to take a photo of kids, especially newborns, infants, and babies. Therefore, there are some specific requirements and recommendations for you:

  • No one else, such as parents, can be in the pictures. Their appearance can cause rejection for infant photos.

  • Make sure that there are no toys, pacifiers, bottles, or other objects in the background.

  • The Vietnam visa photos must be taken against a white background. If the baby is lying down or sitting on a chair, please place a white sheet behind him or her.

  • Make sure the baby’s face is squared up and his or her eyes are open, then snap a picture.

What if I arrive at the Vietnam airport with a visa approval letter but without any photos?

If you do not bring yourself two photos upon your arrival at the Vietnamese airport, you can directly take them at the photo store at the airport. These Vietnam visa photos cost US$2.

Are Vietnam visa photo size and requirements the same for both tourist and business visas and different citizens?

Yes. These two types of visas require the same Vietnam visa photo size and other conditions. These are applicable to citizens of all countries.

Do I need to print my Vietnam E-visa out?

Yes. You must present the printed version of your Vietnam E-visa and a valid passport at the checkpoint.

Does Vietnam reject visas?

You must provide all the details that are correct and should match the information in the travel document. Sometimes, there will be some false, incorrect, or unverifiable information in your application. In that case, your application may become inadmissible and even be rejected.

The information above covers all you need to know about Vietnam visa photo size. We hope that it will help you complete your application and enter Vietnam successfully. This country has plenty of sun and beautiful beaches thanks to its long coastline, which is waiting for you to come and explore. If there are any further questions, please get in touch with us at +1 315 715 8498 or mail to [email protected].

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