Vietnam Visa Multiple Entry 5 Years – Key To A Seamless Trip

  • November 29,2023

Foreigners worldwide come to Vietnam because of its abundance of natural and cultural attractions. The number of foreign visitors coming to S-shaped Vietnam has dramatically increased as the country's economy and tourist sector continue to expand. In response to this need, the government developed the idea of a Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years, which permits holders to enter and depart the nation as often as they like for a predetermined amount of time.


In general, Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years permits holders to enter and exit the country as often as they choose within a set time frame of up to five years. Travelers who frequently visit Vietnam for business, pleasure, or other reasons can find this kind of visa advantageous.

Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years - the definition

The definition of a Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years

Applying for a new visa every time is unnecessary and can save time and money when one has a multiple-entry visa. This option allows foreigners to visit Vietnam as often as needed throughout the validity term.


Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years have been introduced in Vietnam, which has benefited tourists in a number of ways.

  • Endless access and out: Without requiring a new visa, foreigners with a multiple entry visa can visit Vietnam as often as they like until the visa expires. This flexibility comes in very handy for individuals who visit Vietnam regularly for any travel objectives.

  • Time-saving and less expensive: The process of obtaining a new visa for each entry into Vietnam can be expedited and costs less when passengers possess a multiple entry visa. For expats who intend to visit Vietnam several times, this visa is really the best option.

  • Convenience: Travelers can feel more at ease and worry-free when they have a multiple-entry visa. It is not necessary to apply for a new visa while in Vietnam or worry about your current visa expiring. A more seamless and pleasurable journey is made possible by holding a Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years.


In addition to Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years, Vietnam classifies multiple entry visas into the following categories:

  • One-year multiple entry visas (for holders of US passports): These visas are intended only for US passport holders and are typically issued for business travel. It permits travelers to visit and depart Vietnam as often as they like for a year.

  • 5 year multiple entry visas (for spouse visa exemption): It is suitable for those who are married to Vietnamese nationals or who possess a visa exemption certificate. It permits travelers to visit and depart Vietnam as often as they choose for a period of five years.

  • Unlimited entry and exit during the validity period: Travelers can enter and exit Vietnam as often as they like throughout the validity period with this type of multiple entry visa. Depending on the person's nationality and intended destination, the cost and length of this visa may change.


Depending on the specifics of each case, there are various steps involved in getting a Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years:

Local Embassy visas

Using this option necessitates going to the Vietnamese Consulate or Embassy in your home country. The applicant must gather the necessary paperwork, which includes an application for a business visa from a Vietnamese company or agency, pictures, a valid original passport, and an introduction letter. After the necessary paperwork is presented and the money is paid at the Embassy, the original passport and visa are either returned in person or via email.

Visas multiple entry on arrival for 5 years

Foreign nationals arriving in Vietnam by plane at one of the eight approved airports may use the visa-on-arrival procedure. The applicant must apply through a visa agency for a pre-approved letter. Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years can be obtained upon arrival at the Vietnam airport by showing the pre-approved visa letter, a valid passport, a completed visa application form, and two passport-sized pictures. Simultaneously, payment of the stamping fee must be made at the immigration desk or visa on arrival.

Vietnam E-Visas 

The Vietnamese government is thinking about allowing numerous entries rather than just one and extending the E-Visa 30-day validity to 90 days for the convenience of foreign visitors. This scheme, which offers a simple online process for obtaining a Vietnam multiple entry visa, is anticipated to go into effect in August 2023. 

The prerequisites for the e-visa initiative are still being worked out, so it's best to visit the Vietnam Immigration Department's official website to get the most innovative details. E-Visas for 5 years are not available, according to the current regulations of the Vietnamese government.


Depending on the type of visa and the applicant's country of residence, a Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years can cost anywhere from $50 to $135. It is noted that visa costs could fluctuate, so it's best to verify the most innovative details before registering.


When requesting a Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years, keep the following things in mind:

Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years - tips for a smooth application

Critical considerations for first-time visitors to get a Vietnam multiple entry visa for 5 years

  • Exit and re-entry: Anyone with a multiple entry visa is able to leave Vietnam and return at any port. For travelers with varying itineraries or trip plans, this offers flexibility.

  • Length of stay: Regardless of the length of time a visa is valid for, each entry into Vietnam permits a maximum stay of 90 days. To reset the maximum stay duration, citizens must leave Vietnam and return after 90 days.

  • Eligible for a one-year multiple entry Vietnam visa: Currently, only US passport holders are eligible for the one-year multiple entry visa. Only those who enter Vietnam for business travel must register for this visa option.

  • E-Visa under proposal: The proposal for the multiple entry e-visa program is presently in progress, with a May 2023 implementation date anticipated. However, the Vietnamese government has not considered any proposals regarding the E-Visa for five years.

  • Passport validity: The original passport must be valid for a designated time to get a five-year multiple-entry visa in Vietnam. Before obtaining the visa, it is crucial to confirm that your passport satisfies these requirements.

  • Holders of UK passports: Unless they are eligible for the five-year visa exemption certificate, UK citizens are currently not eligible for a one-year multiple entry visa. Before arranging their journey to Vietnam, visitors from the UK are advised to confirm the most recent visa requirements and available options.


Tips for a successful multiple entry visa for 5 years are listed in detail for your reference.

Apply for an expedited visa within arrival (VOA) processing

This is the quickest route to get a Vietnam visa, and for an extra charge, the majority of VOA suppliers offer expedited processing. You can usually obtain your visa approval letter in 24-48 hours if you choose fast processing.

Apply through a reputable visa agency

A trustworthy visa service can assist you in making sure your application is accurate and comprehensive. Also, this agency can offer you support if you run into any issues.

Prepare all necessary documents

Visitors need to prepare a valid passport with at least six months remaining on it, a recent passport-size photo, and a completed visa application form. These are all crucial documents that are usually needed by foreigners in order to obtain a Vietnam visa.

Paying the visa fee in advance

The cost of a Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years is usually more than the cost of a single-entry visa. Check the Vietnam Immigration Department website for accurate visa multiple-entry 5-year fees.

Give processing plenty of time

It may take many days to receive a Vietnam visa, even with expedited processing. Because of this, it's critical to conduct the visa application procedure as soon as possible to avoid unexpected issues.

Additional advice to finalize urgent applications for Vietnam visa

Print off several copies of your visa approval letter if you want to apply for one upon arrival. Once in Vietnam, you will have to provide the immigration official with a copy of the letter approving your visa.

It is crucial to find out how long it takes for a visa agency to process urgent applications if you are applying through one.

It is advisable to apply for your visa well in advance if you are visiting Vietnam during a popular time of year.

You can improve your chances of receiving an urgent multiple entry visa for Vietnam by paying attention to these pointers.

For those who visit Vietnam often for business, pleasure, or other reasons, a Vietnam visa multiple entry 5 years is a practical choice. The simplicity and accessibility of multiple entrance visas in Vietnam will be considerably improved with the introduction of a 3-month multiple entry e-visa starting in August 2023. With a multiple-entry visa, you can visit Vietnam for a short visit or a longer stay and take your time seeing its delights.

It is advised to get in touch with Vietnam E-Visa at +84 28 7303 6167 or email [email protected], which has extensive expertise helping visitors with their visa needs, for further details and help acquiring a multiple entry visa.

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