Visa Guide: Vietnam Visa For Taiwan Citizens In Detail

  • July 26,2023

The Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizens is becoming a “go-hunting” topic for visitors to learn about. Vietnam is considered a safe location for travelers after the COVID-19 pandemic, so many visitors are relentless in applying for a Vietnam visa. Let’s check the visa aspects in this article to lay a basic foundation before conducting the visa procedures.


Taiwan citizens are under an obligation to obtain a Vietnam visa if they would like to stay for a period of less than 30 days. Residents from Taiwan are entitled to get a visa on arrival picked up at the airport when they land in Vietnam.

Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizens - visa criteria

Several requirements need to be fulfilled when getting the Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizens 

To be active in completing visa procedures, visitors need to prepare several documents in advance.

  • Maintaining the passport's validity for at least six months from the date of arrival in Vietnam

  • The arrival date and airport information

  • A current passport-sized photo

  • For a one-month tourist visa, the stamping charge is $25 USD for a one-time entry or $50 USD for one-month tourist visas with multiple entries.

Visas on arrival in general

When Taiwan tourists choose a visa on arrival, they frequently choose the additional fast track service to save waiting time to finalize the visa formalities at the airport. When visitors choose this service, they will meet a professional representative at the Vietnamese international airports. This consultant is supposed to handle foreigners' visa procedures on their behalf. 

The possibility of receiving a visa stamp in their passport without having to wait in line is one of the most significant benefits for tourists. If foreigners don't have much time at the airport, they can also select immigration checkpoint assistance and luggage claim service.

Embassy visas in general

Taiwan travelers can also obtain a visa at a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate overseas. In this scenario, they will obtain a letter of approval from the Vietnamese Immigration Department and transmit it to the Vietnamese Embassy abroad. The applicants will be issued a copy of the approval letter.

Taiwan citizens must show their passports, personal photos, and payment for the visa fee to the Vietnamese Embassy in their countries within 1-2 days of obtaining the approval letter. A visa takes roughly 5-7 business days to process, so visitors from Taiwan should get visas as soon as possible to avoid disrupting their vacations.


A Vietnam visa for Taiwan passport holders is divided into many types with different features. To determine which types are suited to their travel objectives, visitors must be aware of all of the visa categories listed below:

Tourist visas

Foreigners who are thirsty for a vacation in beautiful Vietnam need to apply for tourist visas. This visa type is used by individuals wishing to visit their friends or family in Vietnam. The Vietnam visa requirements for Taiwan citizens limit the time Taiwan citizens can stay in Vietnam using this visa type. To suit other travel purposes, visitors can get a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa for their trips.

Business visas

Taiwan visitors interested in conducting business in Vietnam, such as attending meetings, conferences, or investigating commercial prospects, can apply for a business visa. This visa may have additional criteria, such as an invitation letter from a Vietnamese company.

Work visas

Taiwan citizens who want to work in Vietnam must first get a work visa. This visa requires sponsorship from a Vietnamese employer as well as adherence to Vietnamese immigration and labor laws.

Student visas

Taiwan citizens eager to seek employment in Vietnam must get a work visa to be entitled to entry into Vietnam. This visa necessitates the sponsorship of a Vietnamese employer as well as compliance with a Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizens and labor rules.

Diplomatic and official visas

These visas are designed for Taiwan authorities who are visiting Vietnam for official or diplomatic purposes. The application process is handled through the appropriate diplomatic channels.


“How to get a visa for Vietnam from Taiwan?” is the concern of many visitors before they travel to Vietnam. In order to enter Vietnam as a holder of a Taiwan passport, visitors must first obtain a Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizens. There are two primary ways to apply for this vital travel document, which are detailed below:

Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizens - visa procedures

Vietnam visa procedures need to be followed prior to Taiwan citizens' trips occurring

Direct application procedures to get a Vietnam embassy visa in Taiwan

Citizens from Taiwan need to be familiar with several documents relating to the visa procedures offline. Preparing all materials required to fulfill the requirements for getting a Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizens is essential.

  • Visa application forms can be picked up at the Vietnam Embassy.

  • Physical presence of Taiwan citizens at the Vietnam Embassy to apply for visas in person.

  • A valid passport obtained more than six months before the date of visitors' visa applications

  • Two passport images taken within the last six months of the traveler's current date.

  • Officials of the Embassy guide visitors from Taiwan to pay the set visa application fees. If foreigners are anxious about any visa procedures, they can get assistance directly from the employees of this office.

The candidate should visit the Vietnam Embassy and fill out the visa application form there if all the above requirements are satisfied. Candidates must additionally pay visa service fees while applying for a visa to Vietnam at the Embassy. Contact the Vietnam Embassy in Taiwan via the official online contacts for more information on requirements and procedures.

Online application procedures for Taiwan citizens to get the Vietnam visa

Taiwan citizens can apply Vietnam E-Visa online or a visa on arrival through the Vietnamese government's website. This method necessitates a reliable internet connection and includes the letter of approval, which serves as a temporary identifying card for successful visa applicants. During this process, visa applicants must remember the following notices:

  • Valid visa application paperwork

  • A stable internet or 3G connection

  • The candidate must adhere to the established procedural processes and instructions while applying for a Vietnam visa for Taiwan.

  • Citizens of Taiwan must have a valid passport that has more than six months of validity. However, the passport should be valid for longer than the planned visa. 

  • Candidates must accurately fill out the visa application form with appropriate information that corresponds to the information in their passports. 

  • For air travel, candidates should only use an online application procedure.

To assist Taiwan travelers in completing their visa processing, the easy-to-follow processes are offered below to broaden their understanding.

  • Access the Vietnam government’s website or electronic system and fill out the visa application form. Fill in the blank spaces on the form with accurate information about yourself.

  • Clear the visa service fees with the Vietnamese government online using the guidelines available on the Vietnam Immigration Department's website.

  • Wait for Vietnamese authorities to send you an approval letter or an E-Visa through email within 48 working hours.

  • Download the letter of approval and print it or a valid E-Visa in hard copy to use as your temporary identification document.

How do visitors use the Vietnam approval letter?

To be eligible for entry into Vietnam, visitors must show their approval letter obtained in advance.

  • When boarding a flight to Vietnam, use the printed hardcopy of the letter of approval to identify yourself.

  • When visitors from Taiwan arrive at any of Vietnam's three international airports (Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, or Da Nang), present their letter of approval at the Vietnam Embassy's 'Visa on Arrival' checkpoints.

  • Pay the visa service fees to obtain a stamped visa and bring it along with them during their journeys in Vietnam.

With these three processes completed, visitors now have a valid Vietnam visa that allows them to travel across Vietnam for the duration of its validity.


Follow these procedures to register for a Vietnam tourist visa from Taiwan:

Well-prepared revelatory documents

Visit the official website of the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Taiwan to determine whether a single-entry or multiple-entry visa is required for foreigners' visits. In general, the following documents are required for a tourist visa application to Vietnam:

  • Completed visa application form (available on the website of the Embassy or Consulate).

  • Original passport with at least six months of validity beyond visitors' planned stays.

  • Passport-sized photos that fulfill the specifications stipulated in the Vietnam Immigration Law.

  • Flight tickets or itineraries are examples of proof of travel arrangements.

  • Hotel reservations, for example, are proof of accommodation in Vietnam.

  • Financial evidence, such as bank statements, demonstrating adequate finances for the trip.

  • Visa fees that visitors from Taiwan need to pay to get a Vietnam visa.

Send visa applications to the Vietnam Immigration Department 

During working hours, visit the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Taiwan to submit visitors' applications and any relevant documents. Make sure foreigners have the originals as well as photocopies of the paperwork. 

Pay Vietnam visa fees

Pay the necessary visa processing fee at the Embassy or Consulate using the accepted payment options. Fees may vary depending on the kind of visa and the requirements for getting a Vietnam visa.

Handling time

Because the processing period for a Vietnam tourist visa varies, it is best to apply far ahead of citizens' anticipated travel dates. During this time, visitors need to keep their passport safe so they can submit it along with the other required documents.

Get the visa issued

Return to the Embassy or Consulate to get visitors' passports stamped with the visa stamp once their visa application has been processed and granted.


The following steps are normally involved in the application procedure for a Vietnam business visa for Taiwan nationals:

Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizens - business visas

Business visas are available for Taiwan citizens who intend to join business ventures

Application processing

Fill out the visa application form, which is normally available at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Taiwan or on the Vietnamese government's official website. 

Prepare the required paperwork, which includes a valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining, a recent passport-size photo, and an invitation letter from a Vietnamese sponsoring organization or corporation. 

Pay the visa fee, which isn't the same for other kinds and lengths of visa requested. The fee is usually paid not only in cash but also in the designated manner by each Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Taiwan.

Sending the completed application form to the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Taiwan, along with the relevant papers and visa fee, is a mandatory step. It is advised to refer to the Embassy's website or contact them directly if visitors from Taiwan need to know about any special requirements or extra documents required.

Processing time

The processing period for a Vietnam business visa varies; however, it is typically between 5-7 working days. To allow for adequate processing time, apply well in advance of your chosen travel date.

Visa collection

Once visitors' visas have been issued, they can pick them up at the Embassy or Consulate. Bring their passports as well as any receipt or collection slip supplied during the application submission process.


There is no listed processing time for foreigners from Taiwan to receive their Vietnam visas. Normally, the Vietnamese government needs 3-5 working days to process visitors’ application forms. It might take longer for citizens of Taiwan to obtain their visas because of several variables. The biggest issue that many visitors are facing is a lack of required documents or incorrect information.

To speed up the handling time and guarantee foreigners’ travel itineraries, visitors are advised to utilize the urgent visa. However, additional fees will be imposed on individuals wishing to get their visas for unplanned trips. 


The validity of a Vietnam visa for Taiwan travelers can vary depending on the type of visa that they intend to obtain. There are two main kinds of visas available for citizens of Taiwan to apply for:

  • Tourist visa requirements: Taiwan tourists can utilize this visa to visit Vietnam for tourism. The stay is frequently restricted to 30 days or fewer. Visas are typically accepted for single-entry instances within a specific time frame, such as 3 months or 6 months.

  • Taiwan residents visiting Vietnam for commercial activities, such as engaging in conferences, finding a new investor, etc., can register for business visas. The length of stay is usually limited to 30 days or fewer, and the validity of the visa might fluctuate from a few months to a year. It depends on the applicant's expectations and the requirements of each visa category.

Because laws change over time, Taiwan tourists should verify with the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in their country. Another option is that they use online visa services to acquire accurate and up-to-date information about the particular term and validity of the visa they require.


Taiwan citizens traveling to Vietnam may face different entry and exit criteria, so check the latest regulations before traveling. Taiwan passport holders must currently obtain a visa to enter Vietnam. This can be accomplished by applying ahead of time at a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate or by using the e-visa system. 

Visitors' passports must be valid for at least six months beyond their designated stay, complying with the latest visa law. In addition to a visa, Taiwan tourists may be required to show documentation of a return or onward ticket as well as adequate finances to pay their expenses during the trip. It's best to have a verified hotel reservation.

COVID-19-related restrictions and requirements are subject to change and are dependent on the current scenario. Travelers may be required to show a negative PCR test result taken within a defined period prior to departure and undergo quarantine upon arrival in Vietnam. However, due to changing circumstances, these steps could have been changed since then.

It is vital for Taiwan residents traveling to Vietnam to consult the official websites of relevant agencies or contact the nearest Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate for the newest updates on entry and exit regulations.


The total charge for a Vietnam visa consists of the Vietnam visa services fee and the Vietnam stamping fee. The Vietnam VOA charges a service fee (pay online for the Vietnam Immigration Department) and a stamp fee (pay in cash at the airport), depending on the visa category.

Visa category

Normal service fees (72 hours)

Urgent service fees (4 – 48 hours)

Urgent service fees (1 – 3 hours)

Stamping fees

1 month, single entry


Contact us at +1 315 715 8498

Contact us at +1 315 715 8498


1 month multiple entries


Contact us at +1 315 715 8498

Contact us at +1 315 715 8498



Residents from Taiwan need to pay attention to several notices below:

  • A smartphone can also be used to complete the visa application procedure.

  • After receiving the visa acceptance letter, you are free to purchase a ticket and fly to Vietnam.

  • American notes are very essential since customs at Vietnam airports will only accept US currency. Visitors are not permitted to exchange currency before going through the customs barrier. This means that if Taiwan residents do not have this money on hand, they may be denied entry through customs.

We hope this article clarifies all details relating to the Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizens. If visitors have any questions about visa-related concerns, please contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected].

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