Vietnam Visa For Macau Citizens: Latest Updated!

  • July 31,2023

To be able to legally stay in Vietnam in compliance with immigration rules, foreign visitors, including those of Macau nationality, must apply for a Vietnam visa for Macau citizens. This article will provide information on the processes for getting a Vietnam visa for Macau. 


The most recent update this year indicates that entering Vietnam requires a visa for residents of Macau. Therefore, those with Macau passports traveling to Vietnam for tourism or business must apply for a visa in advance. There is one exception, though, and that is for Macau citizens who are going to Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam for no longer than 30 days.

Vietnam visa for Macau citizens - the importance of Macau residents applying for a visa

It is critical to get a Vietnam visa for Macau citizens in advance


All foreigners visiting Phu Quoc Island are exempt from a visa under the visa waiver program issued by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in 2015 for a maximum of 30 days. So, Macao residents are entitled to visit Phu Quoc Island without getting a Vietnam visa in advance. For residents of Macau, it is required to care about the following notices regarding visa exemption on Phu Quoc Island:

  • Only those traveling to and staying on the island of Phu Quoc are subject to the visa waiver program. Residents must obtain a visa if they intend to go to any other region of Vietnam other than Phu Quoc Island.

  • Only citizens visiting Phu Quoc for tourism purposes are exempt from the 30-day visa requirement. This exemption policy doesn't apply to those who enter Vietnam for business activities over a long period of time.


After getting all the details about the Vietnam visa exemption, visitors can have a better understanding of the Vietnam visa for Macau citizens in the rest of this post. Amounts of the helpful information below are summarized for Macau residents who need a visa to visit Vietnam or seek a visa type that is appropriate for their travel itinerary next time.

The Vietnam visa validity for Macau citizens

There are several options for Macau citizens to apply for a Vietnam visa with different lengths of stay. If visitors would like to have a short-term vacation, they can offer a Vietnam visa with short validity. It is highly recommended that Macau citizens have a long-term visa for tourist or business activities.

Visa category


1-month visa

For those who stay in Vietnam for a short period of time.

3-month visa

For those who intend to experience Vietnam for a long time.

Long-term visa (6 months, 1 year, or longer)

For those who would like to enter Vietnam for a long time.

Condition: Visitors must provide their travel purposes and necessary documents.

Should Macau citizens apply for multiple-entry visas? 

For each visa request, visitors can get Vietnam visas for either numerous entries or a single entry. The procedure for obtaining multiple entry visas is simple to complete by just filling out and submitting the form. In case visitors need time to enjoy Vietnam perfectly, multiple entry visas are the best option to consider. 

A single-entry visa is preferable if Macau citizens wish to visit Vietnam just once within a short period of time because it will cost less. However, if visitors must stay an extra day in Vietnam for any reason, they need to finalize the Vietnam visa extension process with additional fees.

Which documents must Macau citizens prepare to get a Vietnam visa?

It is not too complex for Macau citizens to obtain a Vietnam visa for their trip. Some materials that the Vietnam Immigration Department requires for a visa request consist of a 6-month validity visa along with other needed paperwork. The purpose of the trip plays an important role in deciding whether visitors' requests are approved or not.

Vietnam visa for Macau citizens - visa procedures

Submitting all vital documents to Vietnam Immigration for receiving a valid visa

In the event that the visitors complete the visa procedure online, it is not mandatory for them to provide personal materials. All visitors need to do is search for the application form, fill it out, and send it back to the Vietnam Immigration Department via email.

The processing time for Macau citizens to apply for visas

Many visitors were concerned about "How long does it take to get a Vietnam visa from Macau?". In reality, the Vietnamese Immigration Department will review and grant the visa within two working days after receiving all documents. Longer reviews will be given to some particular circumstances (long-term visas, visas for certain purposes, etc.).

Up to 7 working days is the maximum processing time for Vietnam's governments to process visa requests. To prevent unanticipated situations, it is highly advisable to get a Vietnamese visa for citizens of Macau at least 10 days before visitors' departure.

In which cases do Macau citizens need urgent visas?

If visitors have an unplanned trip to Vietnam and cannot apply for visas for normal procedures, urgent visas are the best option to choose. The Vietnam Immigration Service offers the visa grant service for those who need to get an approval letter in a few hours. Of course, visitors need to pay more for this service to fly to Vietnam in the expected timeframe.

The visa fee is higher depending on how quickly visitors require a visa. It is a wise choice to get a Vietnam visa as soon as possible to avoid being in a scenario where visitors must use the emergency services.

Cases that are urgent will receive priority approval from the Vietnamese government. Macau citizens may receive a Vietnam visa in the same day, one and a half days, or even a few working hours, depending on the visit reason. It is possible to request expedited processing while applying for a visa to speed up the visa processing time.

Vietnam visa prices for a resident of Macau

Vietnam visa fees are divided flexibly to accommodate the different types of visas that visitors need to obtain for their trips. Depending on the length of stay, trip purposes, single entry or multiple entry, the costs that the visitors need to pay will vary. According to several reliable reports, Vietnam visa fees for residents of Macau will range from $6 to $20 in 2023, depending on visa types.


Visitors can not only apply for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate, but they are also able to utilize the government's visa website online to do this. The new method of obtaining a Vietnam visa for Macau citizens, known as the E-Visa, has been evaluated as more convenient than other traditional approaches. How to get a visa for Macau citizens is an important subject for visitors to find out about, specifically:

Obtain Vietnam visas at the Vietnamese embassy in Macau 

This is the best choice if Macau citizens come to the Vietnamese Embassy to finalize the Vietnam visa application offline. Visitors need to prepare both their passports, personal photos fulfilling the standard requirements, and the visa application form according to the Vietnam visa policy. Other necessary materials like a round-trip ticket, hotel addresses, and an invitation letter (if any). 

It is vital to include details about the desired visa category along with the trip's objective in the visa application. This form is available on the official Vietnamese embassy or consulate website. To finalize the completion of the preparation, visitors must submit full documents and follow the status of visa processing to get a result. A Vietnam visa will be issued within 5-7 business days from the first day of submitting the visa form.

Get an approval letter for visa permission online

If there isn't a Vietnamese embassy or consulate in the visitor's country, they can apply for Vietnam E-Visa online by filling out the form on the website of the Immigration Department of Vietnam. The best benefit of the newest visa approach is that it saves time and effort when completing the visa procedure offline. Moreover, it takes too much time to obtain a Vietnam visa through the online process, using devices to access the website and complete the form.

The Immigration Department normally needs 2–3 business days to assess it and issue the Vietnam visa. Visitors find it easier to apply for a Vietnam visa online instead of offline at the government's office. There are no documents needed when completing the visa formalities on the website, which is convenient and affordable for citizens of Macau.

The post covered an overview of details pertaining to a Vietnam visa for Macau citizens; ideally, it provides visitors with a quick look at the visa for their upcoming visit to Vietnam. Residents of Macau can contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] if they have any queries about visa matters. We support visitors in dealing with all the visa concerns and other issues related to transportation, cuisine, potential destinations, and entertainment places.

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