Vietnam Visa For Hong Kong Citizens – What You Need To Know!

  • August 31,2023

A Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizens is always the top concern of tourists. Unsurprisingly, Vietnam is considered one of the nations with the highest visitor influx. This article lists a few requirements for Hong Kong residents applying for a Vietnam visa.


A total of 25 nations are excluded from the Vietnam visa requirement, according to Resolution No.32/NQ-CP, which was issued on March 15, 2022. Foreign nationals just require a standard passport with two blank pages for stamping and a minimum validity of six months. Visitors who own a diplomatic passport can also travel to Vietnam without a visa.


Maximum stay

Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, Spain, and the United Kingdom. 

15 days of maximum

Brunei, Myanmar

14 days of maximum


21 days of maximum

Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, and Laos

30 days of maximum

Chile, Panama

90 days of maximum


Residents of Hong Kong are not eligible for the 15-day or 30-day Vietnam visa exemption. Therefore, in order to enter Vietnam legally, travelers from Hong Kong must have a visa.

Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizens - visa exemption list

Visitors must fulfill all requirements when applying for a Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizens

Most residents of Hong Kong are tourists who must obtain a visa to enter Vietnam either through the online e-visa system or at the local Vietnamese consulate in Hong Kong. For Hong Kong passports, the following visa categories are available:

  • Visa for travelers: A 30-day, single-entry visa is required for visitors to enter Vietnam.

  • Holders of business visas may enter and exit Vietnam as many times as necessary throughout their stay of up to 90 days.


It is uncomplicated and quick to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival, also known as an e-visa for Vietnam. People do not have to search for offices to deliver their paperwork to, fret about getting lost in traffic, worry about public holidays or running out of time, or even take a day off work to apply for a visa. With an internet connection and an electronic visa system, visa application procedures can be finalized online in approximately five minutes.

In reality, there are numerous options to apply for a Vietnam visa in Hong Kong:

Get a Vietnam E-visa for Hong Kong citizens

As of 2003, the Vietnam Immigration Department was the second government agency with the authority to grant Vietnam visas. Hong Kong citizens need to meet some requirements to apply for Vietnam E-Visa online.

  • A passport that is still valid for at least one month

  • A blank space in the original passport where the immigration officer can stick a visa stamp.

  • Two passport-size photographs (At the airport where visitors will arrive, it is mandatory to show a personal photo along with an approval letter for entry permission).

  • At the airport, pay the visa stamping fees in US currency according to Vietnam's visa requirements.

Get a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in Hong Kong

It normally takes at least 3 working days to receive visitors Vietnam visas if they apply in person at the nearest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Hong Kong during business hours. Visitors who desire total information security should apply for visas directly at the Vietnamese embassy in Hong Kong. To ensure that the process of completing Vietnam visa procedures for Hong Kong citizens goes successfully, residents of Hong Kong must bring all necessary documents before visiting the Vietnam Embassy.

Obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival for citizens of Hong Kong

Vietnam's Immigration Department has now introduced a Vietnam E-Visa and visa on arrival program. These application methods allow visitors to obtain a visa quickly and easily without having to visit an Embassy in Vietnam. In an effort to draw in more visitors and business, getting the visa stamped at the Vietnamese Embassy before visitors' arrival is no longer required.

Hong Kong residents and other foreigners can now apply online for a Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizens on arrival with the Vietnam Immigration Department in accordance with new immigration laws.

For their customers who need visas on arrival, the majority of Vietnamese travel agencies have their own websites. Request a visa on arrival from a reliable travel agent in Vietnam or fill out an online application with us, and we'll submit your visa request to the Vietnamese Immigration Department on your behalf for consideration.

We will email visitors the visa approval letter, and it is advisable for Hong Kong citizens to print it off and show it at the airport where they are arriving in Vietnam.

In front of the passport control desks at the international airports upon arrival in Vietnam, there is an office for issuing visas on arrival. Visit this office and present your passport (or other travel-related documents) along with your visa approval letter and Vietnamese visa application form. After that, residents of Hong Kong will pay the stamping fee and receive their passport back with their visa inside.


There are 3 methods for applying online to get a visa approval letter to pick up a visa at a Vietnam international airport, depending on the reason for the trip:

Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizens - visa types

Citizens of Hong Kong can obtain many types of visas for entering Vietnam

Types of visas

Validity of visas

Vietnam business visa

1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year depend on the travel purposes of Hong Kong citizens.

Vietnam tourist visa

1 month

Vietnam transit visa

Less than 5 days


  • Travel by tour or group.

  • Have a specific travel plan.

Depending on visitors' travel goals, they have two alternatives for applying for a Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizens and receiving an approval letter to pick it up at a Vietnam embassy:

Visa category

The maximum number of days

Business visas

1 month, 3 months, 6 months

Tourist visas

1 month only


Visitors should be aware that holders of Hong Kong passports cannot apply for a tourist visa to Vietnam if they wish to work there for an extended period of time. Instead, they must obtain a work visa, which also gives them authorization to conduct all business activities related to Vietnam.

The following should be noted regarding Vietnam visa requirements in Hong Kong for work permits:

  • Please notify the visa agent so they can handle a trade visa on the visitor's behalf if they do not have a company in Vietnam that has agreed to guarantee.

  • The set of documents provided to apply for a visa is irrevocable; therefore, visitors must still pay the standard cost at that time.

  • If a visa agency makes a mistake that prevents them from obtaining a visa in the designated time frame, they will redo it for free or reimburse the traveler as necessary.


Trade, tourism, and labor visa extensions are the three types of fundamental Vietnam visa extensions. Procedures and conditions for Vietnam visas in Hong Kong vary.

Hong Kong citizens can only remain in Vietnam for a specific length of time, according to Vietnam's updated visa regulations in 2023. The extension of a Vietnam visa is one of the conditions for obtaining one in Hong Kong. 

If the traveler's visa has expired without being extended, they will be penalized for their lateness. Seriously, visitors may be deported from Vietnam as well as placed on a blacklist for future admission.

Visitors can apply in a simplified manner for a Vietnam visa extension if they enter at the Moc Bai and Tan Son Nhat borders. The amount of money will be reduced for individuals who complete the visa procedures at two airports instead of Noi Bai and Ha Noi.


Vietnam visa fees for residents of Hong Kong vary based on the visa categories they intend to obtain.

Tourist visas online

Government fees ($25/person)

Service fees (If visitors get a visa by using the visa package of an agency).

Business visas

Visa approval letter fees

Business stamping fees

If Hong Kong residents utilize our visa support service, check the table below for the precise cost of the Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizens:

Fees for a Vietnam tourist visa for residents of Hong Kong

Working days

Visa fee for 1 – 2 passengers


Visa fee for 3 – 4 passengers


Visa fee for more than 5 passengers


4 – 5 days




3 days




2 days




Urgent circumstance

☎ +1 315 715 8498

Fees for a Vietnam business visa for residents of Hong Kong

Business days

Fee (USD/passenger)

5 – 7 days


3 days

☎ +1 315 715 8498


When visitors have days off and are planning their trip to Vietnam, choosing an appropriate time may be their first consideration. Vietnam has three main regions, including the North, the Center, and the South, with numerous climates.

However, even though the remaining time is not as ideal as the period we suggest above, residents can still go on their trip. Just pick the most opportune moment to start a visitor's Vietnam trip if they would like to have an unforgettable travel experience.

At the airport or banks, Hong Kong citizens can exchange currency before entering Vietnam. They can't make the payment with them, though, because the bank won't accept it or replace it with lower rates from the shop or the hotel. Visitors should take note of a few crucial points below to prevent that:

Please keep in mind that the note visitors receive after payment must be intact, not ripped, and not too dark.

The last thing visitors need to check with their money is that it doesn't have any text or stains on it.

There are many picturesque and cultural locations to select from in the long and narrow nation of Vietnam. Choose the places and areas visitors would like to visit, then make their itinerary based on those choices.

It's crucial to respect regional traditions and customs because Vietnam has a rich cultural heritage. This entails taking off shoes before entering a person's home, not pointing fingers at strangers, and wearing modest clothing.

All information about the Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizens is in the article above. If visitors have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at  +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected]. Our customer visa service is always ready to support visitors at any time if they need assistance. 

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