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  • August 30,2023

When planning a trip to Vietnam, knowing the Vietnam visa cost for US citizens can save you time and money. This guide will provide a full explanation of the fees and important considerations for a smooth and cost-effective journey. So, whether you're planning a short vacation or a longer time, you'll have the knowledge you need to explore with confidence and ease.


There are various sorts of visas available for US residents traveling to Vietnam, depending on the purpose of their visit and the duration of their stay. Among the most popular are:

  • Tourist Visas

A visa issued only for the purpose of tourism, valid for a maximum of 30 days and only one entry. It is not necessary to have a company sponsor or tour proof. The initial 30-day period cannot be extended.

  • Business Visas

Intended for business-related activities such as meetings, conferences, and business transactions. Valid for up to 90 days and allows for either single or multiple entries. Sponsorship from a company in Vietnam where the visa holder will work or attend meetings is required. Can be extended once under the same company's sponsorship.

It's worth noting that there are presently no 12-month tourist or business visas available for US citizens visiting Vietnam.


The particular requirements for US citizens seeking Vietnam visas may differ depending on the type of visa requested. However, the following are the most typical conditions for Vietnam visas:

Vietnam visa cost for US citizens - visa criterias

Vietnam visa requirements for US passport holders in brief

  • Passport validity: Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond your intended departure date from Vietnam.

  • Application Form: You must fill out an application form entirely and accurately.

  • Passport images: You must offer passport-sized images that meet the Embassies or Consulates specific standards.

  • Visa approval letter (for some visa categories): You may need to receive a visa approval letter from the Vietnamese Immigration Department for some visa categories, such as tourist visas.

  • Vietnam visa fee for US citizens: Foreigners must pay the applicable visa fee, which varies based on a lot of elements.

  • Supporting documents: Depending on visa types, you may be required to submit additional materials such as flight itineraries, hotel reservations, or letters of invitation.


There are several ways for US citizens to obtain a Vietnam visa:

Vietnam E-Visas for US residents

Currently, one of the various methods for acquiring a valid tourist visa for US citizens traveling to Vietnam is the E-Visa.

US residents can apply for an E-Visa online through the Vietnamese government's official website. The E-Visa permits a 30-day single-entry stay and is appropriate for tourist, business, or medical purposes.

The processing time is usually three working days, and the E-Visa is valid for 30 days from the date of intended entrance.

To apply for a Vietnam E-Visa, follow these steps:

  • Fill out the online application form completely and accurately.

  • Upload the needed documents, such as a passport copy and a passport-size photo.

  • Pay the E-Visa fee with a debit or credit card, according to the Vietnam visa regulations.

  • Following the Vietnam government's website, foreigners will receive a confirmation email with an application code within a few working days.

  • When your E-Visa application is granted, you will receive an approval letter via email. Print this letter for admission into Vietnam.

  • Present your printed approval letter, passport, and two passport-sized pictures to immigration agents at the point of entry. They will check your paperwork and grant you an E-Visa for admission.

Vietnam visa on arrival for American passport holders

The visa on arrival option is offered to US nationals seeking a business visa to Vietnam. It is crucial to note, however, that this form of visa requires a sponsoring company in Vietnam. Please keep in mind that the tourist visa on arrival program has not yet been reinstated.

To obtain a business visa in Vietnam using the visa on arrival process, you and your employer must complete several steps:

Step 1: Register for a visa approval letter

The Vietnamese government stipulated all the visa documents that visitors needed to prepare for the application form. Foreigners need to prepare two separate forms, NA2 and NA16, for their business visas. A tourist visa requires that an American passport be valid for at least six months. The visa stamp procedure will be interrupted if visitors do not ensure space for sticks.

Step 2: Getting the visa stamped at the designated airports

After obtaining an approval letter, visitors from the US need to bring along several relevant documents. The immigration officer will be responsible for checking all visa documents to permit visitors to enter Vietnam. If any materials are found to be lacking, US citizens face entry rejection. So, it is fundamental to double-check in the preparation step to reduce the risk of refusal for entry.


There are different Vietnam visa costs for US citizens to pay based on the visa categories. It is critical for foreigners to refer to the Vietnamese Embassy in their country to check the fees. It is normally not the same amount of money between other offices.

Vietnam visa cost for US citizens - detailed information

All you need to know about the cost of a Vietnam visa for US citizens

Vietnam visa costs for US citizens in the application process

The kind of visa and the length of stay are two elements that have a significant impact on the visa fees for Vietnam from the USA. In general, single-entry visas for one month or less are less expensive, while longer visa terms and numerous entries are more expensive.

Visas for a single admission cost $25 USD.

Multiple-entry visas:

  • Valid for three months: $50 USD

  • Valid for more than three months up to six months: 95 USD

  • Valid for over 6 months and up to 12 months: 135 USD

  • Valid for more than a year and up to two years: 145 USD

  • Valid for more than two years up to five years: 155 USD

  • Visas for individuals under the age of 14 (regardless of duration): $25 USD

Other costs associated with the Vietnam visa application

Visitors sometimes need to cover the extra cost of Vietnam visa for US citizens, as follows:

  • If you choose to utilize a visa agency to help you with your application, they may charge a service fee.

  • You may need to have a medical examination, depending on the kind of visa and the length of your anticipated stay. 

  • Because diplomatic missions in Vietnam are not widely available, applicants should consider travel fees in addition to visa costs when applying for a visa.

  • Visa validity, temporary residency cards, and term of temporary residence from an old passport to a new passport: 5 USD

  • Transfer of visa validity and period of temporary residence from an old visa to a new visa: 5 USD.

  • Visa exemption certificates are issued for a fee of ten dollars.

  • Visas for transit travelers traveling by air or sea for tourism purposes: 5 USD.

  • Visas are issued by immigration authorities based on an approved personnel list for foreigners who seek to visit or transit by sea in Vietnam as part of a program planned by an international travel company. 5 USD.

  • Vietnam E-Visa: $25 USD.

Vietnam visa cost for US citizens on arrival

The visa on arrival charge consists mostly of the visa service charge and the stamping fee.

  • Visa service fees: This charge is paid by the applicant during the application process in order for the immigration office to issue an approval letter. To obtain a visa on arrival, the permission letter must be shown at the airport. 

  • Stamping cost: This cost is paid to the immigration office at the airport to acquire a visa stamp on your passport. The stamping fee varies according to the type of visa used.

The total visa fees for Vietnam from the USA vary depending on the type of visa, the length of stay, and the entry times.

Visa category

Service fees 


Stamping fees


1 month, single entry



1 month, multiple entries



3 months, single entry



3 months, multiple entries



6 months, multiple entries



1 year, multiple entries 



Visa types

Service fees


Stamping fees


1 month, single entry



1 month, multiple entry



3 months, single entry



3 months, multiple entry



6 months, multiple entry



1 year, multiple entry 



In the case of a visa on arrival, applicants must simply pay a stamping fee equal to the cost of a single-entry or multiple-entry visa. The Vietnam visa approval letter charge varies according to the processing time and the travel agency.


Foreigners may consider a five-year visa if they and their families are of Vietnamese heritage or if they are married to Vietnamese dwellers. This requires foreigners to leave Vietnam every six months.

Vietnam visa cost for US citizens - 5-year visas

Vietnam visa cost for US citizens need to be paid for a 5-year visa to enter this nation

Visa fees will be roughly $150–160 ($30 more for expedited processing); however, this may fluctuate, so bring additional cash. If US passports expire, they must be renewed to get a new Vietnam visa.

To apply for a 5-year visa to Vietnam, foreigners must gather the necessary papers and complete the available application form.

Critical materials will be contained in several things below:

  • Application forms with all the detailed information:

  • 2 passport-sized pictures (4*6 cm, straight face, white backdrop, no sunglasses).

  • A valid passport for at least one year, as well as a current visa with at least seven days remaining validity.

  • Original documents proving that foreigners were born in Vietnam or are the child or spouse of a Vietnamese national.

Visit the Embassy or Consulate to get your documents confirmed after submitting the application form with the needed documents. After the Embassy has confirmed your documentation, proceed to the Vietnam Office of External Relations to get your birth certificate authenticated and translated into Vietnamese. The visa application process will take around a week.


Visa fees and other expenditures can be paid in either Vietnamese dong (VND) or US dollars (USD). If the fees are mentioned in USD, applicants can pay in USD or convert it to VND and send it to the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank).

Fee exemption is available in the following cases:

  • Staff of foreign diplomatic missions, Consulates, and international organizations in Vietnam, as well as their spouses and children under the age of 18 who are not Vietnamese citizens and do not reside in Vietnam,

  • Cases exempted under international agreements signed or participated in by Vietnam or on the principles of reciprocity.

  • Foreigners entering Vietnam to provide humanitarian aid or assistance to Vietnamese groups or individuals.

  • If the fee payer does not meet the conditions for the issuing of passports, laissez-passers, or AB stamps, the fee-collecting agency will return the fee after notifying the fee payer of the outcome. If the fee payer declines to receive the outcome, the fee will not be returned.

  • The charge for reissuing missing or damaged visa documents will be the same as for acquiring a new visa.

  • The charge for E-Visa issuance is paid through the Immigration Department's electronic payment channel. Even if the E-Visa application is denied, this cost will not be refunded.


Now that you know how much a Vietnam visa cost for US citizens, it's time to arrange your schedule. Consider renowned tourist sites such as Hoi An, Da Nang, Nha Trang, and Phu Quoc, all of which provide a varied range of experiences. They will undoubtedly make your trip to Vietnam extremely memorable.

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Knowing how much a Vietnam visa cost for US citizens is an important step in organizing an amazing trip. Understanding the numerous visa choices, associated fees, and processing periods allows you to make well-informed selections, saving both time and money throughout the preparation phase. With the information in this guide, you may confidently begin your Vietnam vacation and discover the delights that Vietnam has in store for you!

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