Vietnam Visa Business

  • February 22,2023

Vietnam Visa Business is among the biggest concerns for foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam with a short-term visa. This visa is the best choice for people working with/for a company or performing other activities in Vietnam without a valid working visa or temporary residence card.

What is Vietnam Visa Business and how long is it good for?

Vietnam Visa Business, which is a short-term visa to Vietnam, is issued to foreigners who are going to work with/ for a company located in Vietnam, take part in a meeting/negotiation, or sign contracts without a valid working visa or temporary residence card.

Vietnam business visa is classified into two categories called DN1 and DN2 visa (formally DN):

  • DN1 visa: This kind of visa is granted to foreigners who work with other businesses or organizations with legal status under the Law of Vietnam.

  • DN2 visa: Foreigners who arrive in Vietnam to provide services, set up (hoặc open) businesses, or conduct other projects in accordance with international agreements to which Vietnam is a party may be given this type of visa.

Multiple-entry Vietnam Business Visa

This is a Multiple-entry Vietnam Business Visa.

Foreigners with business visas have permission to take a leisure trip during their business time in Vietnam, which is not offered to those with Vietnam tourist visas.

Before the Covid 19, a Vietnamese business visa used to be available for:

  • Single/multiple entry of 1 month

  • Single/multiple entry of 3 months

  • Multiple entry of 1 year (only for US Passport holders)

Yet, a business visa for Vietnam is now good for at most 3 months.

Requirements for applying for a Vietnam Visa Business

If you are not a citizen from one of Vietnam's visa-free countries, you must apply for a business visa before doing business in Vietnam.

Below are the requirements you need to meet to get a business visa for Vietnam:

  • You are not forbidden to enter Vietnam.

  • You need a Vietnamese company to sponsor your application for a business visa; this company will be the p you will be employed once you have entered Vietnam. This company is also willing to sponsor your travel and visa. It must be a real company, not a service/ghost company; if not, you may encounter certain hardships.

  • From your entry into Vietnam, your passport must be valid for at least six months and still have at least 2 bank pages left.

  • Portrait photos of yourself (photo requirements: 4*6 cm or 2*2 inch with white background in a paper or .jpg file, which depends on whether you apply for your Vietnam business visa online or not).

How to apply for a Vietnam Visa Business?

There are some ways for you to apply for a Business Visa for Vietnam:

  • Go to a Vietnam Embassy or Consulate available in your country.

  • Arrive at one of 8 Vietnam international airports if you can get Vietnam visa on arrival.

  • For online applications, navigate the Vietnam e-visa portal.

Which way is your best choice? Please take a look at the comparison table below:

Visa Category Embassy Visa Visa on Arrival eVisa
Way to get Vietnam embassy/consulate Vietnam arrival airports Vietnam e-visa online portal
Port of entry Any Any of 8 Vietnam international airports Any of 33 accepted entry checkpoints
Validity Single/multiple entry of up to 3 months Single/multiple entry of up to 3 months Single entry of 30 days
Extension Can be extended in Vietnam Can be extended in Vietnam Cannot be extended in Vietnam

Let's go into details of each way!

Get a Vietnam Visa Business at your country's Vietnam embassy/consulate

In this way, the most important action for you is visiting your nearest Vietnam embassy/consulate. For more information, please pay attention to the process below:

Step 1: Get the Vietnam business visa sponsorship letter

Your sponsor company in Vietnam is the one who will apply for your Vietnam business visa sponsorship letter. This is also known as the Vietnam business visa invitation letter, business visa approval letter, or Vietnam entry permit) with the Vietnam Immigration Department. The documents needed are:

  • A photo of foreigner's passport 

  • A certified copy of the sponsor company's business registration

  • Form NA2 (click on this link and complete)

  • Form NA16 and other documents

This process will take you around 5-7 working days from the day the Immigration receives the full required documents.

If your application is successfully approved, the Immigration Department will:

  • Issue the sponsorship letter to your sponsor company

  • Fax a letter for your business visa stamping to the registered office of your country's Vietnam embassy/consulate.

Step 2: Prepare required documents for Vietnam business visa stamping

You will receive the invitation letter obtained in step 1 from your sponsor company. Your task now is printing it out and putting it with other relevant documents, including but not limited to:

  • A completed form of Vietnam visa application

  • Your original passport

  • Your photos

  • Visa fee (depending on the embassy or consulate)

Step 3: Get Vietnam business visa stamping

In accordance with your registered Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam regulations, submit your prepared documents either by mail or in person.

Once approved, your business visa will be affixed to your passport, and it will be ready to help you enter the country at that time.

Get a Vietnam visa business on arrival

The process is almost the same as the first way. The difference is that instead of getting the visa stamped from the Vietnam embassy or consulate, you will get it at any Vietnam international airport upon your arrival.

The following is how this process works:

Step 1: Get the Vietnam business visa sponsorship letter

The Vietnam Immigration Department will send your sponsor the business visa sponsorship letter. After that, this letter will be sent to you.

Step 2: Prepare required documents for Vietnamese business visa stamping

Required documents include but not limited to:

  • A print of your visa business sponsorship letter

  • A completed form of Vietnam visa application

  • Your original passport

  • Your photos

  • Pay Vietnam business visa fee, for a:

    • Single entry visa, US $25

    • Multiple entry visa, US $50

Step 3: Get Vietnam business visa stamped

Upon arrival at any Vietnam international airport, you need to show these mentioned documents to the Vietnam Immigration Officer. After that, you can get a visa stamped onto your passport and complete the entry procedure to work in Vietnam. 

Get a Vietnam business eVisa

Vietnam business eVisa is offered for citizens of 80 countries. However, as mentioned above, a Vietnam business e-visa is only good for 30 days in a single entry and can only be extended with leaving Vietnam. 

In case you wish to stay in Vietnam longer than 30 days, it is highly recommended to get the business visa via one of the two other ways.

You can apply for a Business e Visa for Vietnam personally or your inviting organization/company can apply on your behalf.

Apply for a Vietnam Business evisa personally

You must complete the online application form via the Vietnam Immigration portal by simply selecting the "Business Activities" option in the dropdown menu for the purpose of arrival.

Vietnam Business eVisa

This is a sample of Vietnam Business eVisa.

You need to:

  • Upload your picture

  • Upload a scanned picture of your passport

  • Pay the visa fee

  • Wait for the visa process.

Once approved, your Vietnam Business e-Visa can be downloaded. You can present it at the entry checkpoint of Vietnam.

The inviting organization/company applies for your Vietnamese Business e-Visa

The company you will join has to register on the Vietnam Immigration Portal if they want to apply for your business visa. Through that portal, they will receive an account and an electronic signature.

Your sponsor needs to:

  • Upload your picture

  • Upload a scanned picture of your passport

  • Pay the visa fee

Once approved, they have to send the registration code to you for your evisa printing out before using it to enter Vietnam.

It often takes you or your sponsor 3 working days to complete this evisa process. Sometimes, it even takes longer, depending on the volume of visa applications pending processing.

Can I extend the Vietnam Visa Business?

You can only extend the embassy visa and Vietnam Visa on arrival, but not for the e-visa.

How much does the Vietnam business visa cost?

A Vietnam business visa cost depends on your application method:

  • For Vietnam Business Visa On Arrival application:

  • Single-entry, 1 month: US $25

  • Multiple-entry, 1 month: US $50

  • Single-entry, 3 months: US $25

  • Multiple-entry, 3 months: US $50

  • For a Vietnam Business eVisa application: US $25

  • For a Vietnam Business Visa in-person application at an Embassy/Consulate: The fee depends on the specific Embassy or Consulate.

Note: For the embassy visa/VOA cases, a sponsorship letter costs you or your sponsor certain charges.

The information above details the definition, requirements, fees and comprehensive instructions for you to apply for a Vietnam Visa Business at the Embassy/Consulate, on arrival at Vietnam international airports or online via the Vietnam Immigration Portal. Hope that the information provided can help you figure out your best application method and successfully enter Vietnam for business. If there are further questions, don't hesitate to contact us via +1 315 715 8498 or email: [email protected].

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