Vietnam Visa Australia Cost – What You Might Be Interested In!

  • September 13,2023

Are you considering a vacation to Vietnam and worried about the Vietnam visa Australia cost? Vietnam is a famous tourist attraction with its stunning landscapes and delectable cuisine. In this article, we will walk you through all the related details about getting a Vietnam visa from Australia.


To have a memorable trip in Vietnam, Australian citizens can obtain a visa to enter this nation legally.

Visa types

Visa requirement

Tourist visas


Business visas



There are numerous sorts of visas available for Australian residents who wish to visit Vietnam. The most prevalent kinds are as follows:

  • Tourist visa: This form of visa is appropriate for tourists visiting Vietnam for leisure purposes. It enables a maximum stay of 30 days.

  • Business visa: Foreigners need a business visa to have permission to engage in any commercial activities in Vietnam for a maximum of 90 days.

  • Transit visa: If foreigners consider Vietnam a stopover, they can apply for a transit visa to stay in this nation for a maximum of 5 days.

  • Work visa: Any laborer eager to have the best career in a Vietnamese firm can take advantage of this visa type.

  • Student visa: Those wishing to study in Vietnam must get a student visa. Admission to a Vietnamese educational institution is required for this sort of visa.


If certain conditions are met, Australians can enter Vietnam without a visa for stays of up to 15 days. These are some of the conditions:

  • Having a passport that is valid for at least six months after your arrival date in Vietnam

  • Possessing a return or onward ticket to leave Vietnam within 15 days

  • Foreigners had not spent more than 30 days in Vietnam on their previous visit.

  • If Australian citizens intend to stay for more than 15 days, they must present their visas to the Vietnamese authorities if required.

There are two options for obtaining a Vietnam visa from Australia:

  • Visa at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate: In Australia, you can apply for a visa in person at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. This procedure necessitates the submission of an application form as well as other essential papers such as your passport, pictures, and fee payment.

  • Visa Application Online (E-Visa): The E-Visa is the most commonly used method of applying for a Vietnam visa from Australia. It is also the quickest and most convenient method of getting a visa for Australians to choose from.

Vietnam visa Australia cost - visa procedures

Paying attention to the Vietnam visa Australia cost to make a suitable financial plan

To apply for an E-Visa, Australian citizens must first complete the easy-to-follow steps:

  • Fill out the online application form on the Vietnam Immigration Department's official website.

  • Pay the visa processing charge online with a credit card or PayPal.

  • Within three working days, foreigners from Australia will get an email with their issued E-Visa.

  • Print the approval letter and bring it to Vietnam with you, along with your passport and two passport-sized pictures.


The Vietnam visa Australia cost varies depending on the kind of visa and the manner of application. Here is a breakdown of the various costs involved:

  • Tourist visas range in price from AUD 25 to AUD 70, depending on the length of stay and processing time.

  • A business visa costs between AUD 75 and AUD 180, depending on the length of stay and the processing period.

  • Transit visa: A transit visa costs AUD 10.

  • Work visa: The Vietnam visa Australia cost is determined by the length of stay and the standard processing time. For more details, please refer to the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.

  • Student visa: The cost of a student visa will be verified based on the length of stay and the processing time. Check the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate's website to get more information about the fees for this visa type.

In the event that visitors can get visas themselves, the Vietnam visa Australia cost will be detailed:

  • Single-entry visas: US $25

  • Multiple entry visas: US $50

The processing time for a Vietnam visa for Australians is as follows:

Processing time

Applicant percentage 

Less than 3 working days


3 working days


From 4 to 5 working days


More than 5 working days


To use our services smartly, Australian citizens need to follow the total fees strictly in the table below:

Visa types

Handling time

Visa fees for 1-2 pax

Visa fees for 3-4 pax

Visa fees for from 5 pax

30-day single entry

5-7 working days




4 working days




30-day multiple entry

5-7 working days




4 working days




90-day single entry

5-7 working days




4 working days




90-day multiple entry

5-7 working days




4 working days





Here are some pointers to help you successfully apply for a Vietnam visa from Australia:

  • Make your visa application at least two weeks before your specified travel date.

  • It is vital for Australians to guarantee that their passports are valid for at least six months after their anticipated stay in Vietnam.

  • Before finalizing your application, make sure you prepare all of the essential documents, such as your passport, photos, and travel itinerary (if any).

  • To minimize delays or rejections, fill out the application form completely and precisely.

  • Keep track of the status of your application by following up with the Embassy or Consulate's website.


After you have completed your Vietnam visa application, you should resume arranging your trip! Here are some helpful travel tips:

Vietnam visa Australia cost - tips for traveling

Vietnam visa tips for Australian citizens in detail

  • When packing for your vacation to Vietnam, consider the weather trends for the locations on your itinerary. Throughout the country, there are various microclimates with considerable seasonal changes. Pack weather-appropriate attire for each location you will visit in Vietnam. 

  • Plan a budget for each leg of your vacation to keep prices reasonable. Hotels in Vietnam range in price from $20 to $80 per night. Budget $3 to $5 per meal for short nibbles at food booths and $5 to $10 per meal for lunches in air-conditioned restaurants.

  • Exploring Vietnamese cuisine is a must-do on every visit to Vietnam. Research popular foods from the locations you'll be visiting and make a point of ordering them when you go out to dine.

Getting a Vietnam visa from Australia can be a simple procedure if you know all the related information. With the information about the Vietnam visa Australia cost provided above, you should be able to select the proper type of visa, manage the application procedure, and confidently plan your trip to Vietnam. Remember to carefully follow the rules and prepare all of the relevant paperwork to ensure a smooth and trouble-free transaction. Get in touch with us at +1 315 715 8498 or email to know more about the Vietnam visa fees for Australians.

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