Unlocking the convenience: Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry

  • December 02,2023

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry, where we unravel the key aspects of this travel document. That opens doors to an extended and versatile stay in Vietnam. Navigating the intricacies of visa requirements is crucial for seamless travel as well as can significantly enhance your experience. Figure all you need out now!


In the global landscape, numerous countries, Vietnam included, adhere to similar visa regulations for classifying entry permissions for foreign visitors. These regulations typically categorize visas based on the duration of stay and the frequency of entry and exit, resulting in distinctions between short-term and long-term visas.

The Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry is specifically tailored for foreign visitors, offering a visa category that facilitates multiple entries and exits from Vietnam within the designated validity period. Within the framework of this visa, individuals are empowered to engage in repeated entries and exits throughout Vietnam, each stay is limited to a maximum duration of 3 months.

Importantly, those in possession of this visa enjoy the freedom to leave Vietnam at their discretion for any duration within the validity period. This visa option presents a convenient and versatile choice for individuals seeking an extended and adaptable stay in Vietnam, aligning with diverse travel needs and preferences.


Individuals eligible to apply for a Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry visa include:

  • Tourists: Visitors planning an extended exploration of Vietnam.

  • Business travelers: Professionals engaged in frequent business visits to the country.

  • Extended stay seekers: Individuals desiring a longer duration in Vietnam for various purposes.

  • Those requiring multiple entries: Individuals with specific travel needs necessitating frequent entries and exits.

The 3 months multiple entry visa is designed to cater to the diverse requirements of these individuals, offering flexibility and convenience for their stay in Vietnam.

After the 3-month visa expires, if a foreigner wishes to continue staying in Vietnam, they must follow the prescribed procedures to either extend their existing visa or apply for a new one. These steps are in accordance with the regulations set forth by Vietnamese immigration authorities.

The maximum number of days you can extend is usually 15 days.

Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry - visa

With a Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry, travelers can enter and exit Vietnam multiple times within the 90-day validity period


Exploring the prerequisites for obtaining a Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry, it's imperative to understand the essential conditions that applicants must meet. These requirements play an important role in determining eligibility and ensuring a smooth application process.

  • Foreigners enter the country for the purpose of tourism, business, trade, or businesses with a guaranteed unit in Vietnam.

  • Your passport is still valid and valid for international travel.

  • Foreigners are not on the list of cases banned from entering Vietnam.

  • Foreigners are not subject to exit suspension.

  • Foreigners are not on the list of difficult nationalities.

  • Foreigners and Vietnamese holding foreign passports with valid passports

  • Applicants for visa issuance, supplementation, modification, or extension of temporary residence for foreigners or Vietnamese individuals with foreign passports must have a familial relationship (supported by relevant documents) with the foreigner in question, such as being a parent, spouse, or child.


The application for a Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry for foreigners depends on the purpose of entry to prepare appropriate documents.

3-month visa for tourist entry purposes

For tourist entry purposes, travelers need to prepare all necessary documents below:

  • 3-month visa application for foreigners: A meticulously filled-out visa application form designed for a 3-month stay, inclusive of all pertinent personal information. This application should be accompanied by a recent, passport-sized photograph for official identification purposes.

  • Passport with a validity period of at least 6 months: A valid passport is imperative, and it must have a remaining validity period of at least 6 months, ensuring its eligibility for international travel.

  • Specification of the anticipated time of entry: The applicant is expected to provide a clear and detailed indication of the anticipated time of entry into Vietnam. 

3-month visa based on business and commercial entry

For a Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry based on business and commercial purposes, applicants need to prepare:

  • Business registration license of the guarantee company: A legal document validating the business registration of the guarantee company involved in the sponsorship process.

  • Passport details of foreigners planning to enter Vietnam: Submission of the relevant pages of the passport belonging to the foreign individual and providing essential identification information.

  • Registration form for seal sample and signature of the sponsoring company: A detailed registration form outlining the seal sample and signature of the company responsible for sponsoring the foreign worker.

  • Application form for entry dispatch: The official application form is specifically designed for the dispatch of individuals entering the country for work purposes.

  • Letter of introduction for the representative applying: A formal letter introducing and validating the representative responsible for submitting the visa application on behalf of the sponsoring company.

  • Commitment: A written commitment outlining the responsibilities and obligations of both the guarantee company and the foreign worker during their stay in Vietnam.

  • Air ticket reservation: Confirmation of air ticket reservations, demonstrating the concrete travel plans for the foreign individual.

Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry - bussiness purpose

Whether you apply for a 3-month visa for business purposes or any other reason, you must prepare all the documents

3-month multiple-entry visa is guaranteed by the business

When applying for a Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry, a thorough and comprehensive submission is required, backed by the guarantee of a business entity. The necessary documentation includes:

  • Original passport of foreigners: A valid passport for the foreign applicant with a minimum validity of 6 months is a fundamental prerequisite.

  • Application for visa issuance or extension (Form NA5): Completion of the designated visa application form, specifically Form NA5, providing detailed information required for the visa issuance or extension process.

  • Letter of introduction from a company or organization: If the visa application is guaranteed by a business entity, a formal letter of introduction from the company or organization must accompany the application. This letter serves to validate and support the applicant's request for a visa.

  • Business Registration Certificate/Operation License/Investment License of the Enterprise: Submission of official documents verifying the legal status and operations of the sponsoring enterprise, such as a business registration certificate, operation license, or investment license.

3-month multiple-entry visa under the family visit category

When initiating the application process for a 3-month multiple entry visa for a family visit, a comprehensive submission is required, encompassing various essential documents. The key elements of this application include:

  • Original passport of the foreign spouse: Submission of the foreign spouse's original passport is a fundamental requirement, with a crucial condition being a minimum validity of 6 months.

  • Visa application form (Form NA5) with Ward/Commune Police confirmation: Completion of Form NA5. Additionally, confirmation from the ward or commune police, where the sponsor holds permanent or temporary residence, adds an official endorsement to the application.

  • Documents proving family relationships: Inclusion of documents that substantiate the familial relationships between the foreign spouse and the sponsor. This could involve birth certificates, marriage certificates, or other relevant documentation establishing the familial bond.

  • Certified copy of ID Card/ID Card of the guarantor: Submission of a certified copy of the guarantor's ID card or the actual ID card itself. This serves to authenticate the identity of the person sponsoring the family visit and vouches for their commitment to the applicant.

Application Vietnam Visa Online


Embarking on the journey to secure a Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry unveils a range of application avenues. Let's explore the various pathways through which one can apply for this sought-after visa, each offering its unique advantages and considerations.

Applying at Vietnamese consulates abroad

Participating in the application process for a 3-month Vietnam tourist visa involves foreign citizens compiling the necessary documents. Subsequently, they are required to present these documents to the Vietnamese Consulate in their host country or a third country with a Vietnamese diplomatic representative agency, such as a Vietnam Embassy or Consulate. 

The submission of documents directly to the nearest Vietnam Consulate is contingent on the applicant's current place of residence. This method involves the physical delivery of the requisite paperwork to the designated diplomatic office, ensuring a direct and personal approach to the application process

Apply for entry approval letter and visa stamp at the airport

Those who choose to apply for an approval letter on arrival and have their visa stamped at Vietnam's international airport need to meet the following conditions:

  • Foreigners are citizens of countries that do not have the authority to issue Vietnamese visas.

  • People who have traveled to many countries but cannot apply for a Vietnam visa.

  • People with urgent reasons to enter the country such as: Attending funerals, and handling incidents at the request of Vietnamese authorities.

  • Participate in tours organized by international travel businesses in Vietnam.

  • Foreign seafarers are on ships anchored at Vietnamese seaports and want to exit through another country's border gates.

Most international airports in Vietnam have the authority to approve Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry applications for foreigners with the condition that the foreign citizen has an Approval letter on arrival. Among them, the most popular are Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Noi Bai International Airport, and Da Nang International Airport.

Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry - visa on arrival

Travelers can apply online, obtain a Vietnam visa approval letter, and then present it at airports

Apply for an electronic visa (E-visa)

Currently, Vietnam has issued Vietnam electronic visas (E-visa) to citizens in almost every country in the world. This type of visa allows foreigners to enter Vietnam for up to 30 days.

Applying for a Vietnam visa for 3 months multiple entry for foreigners in the form of an E-visa helps those who wish to come to Vietnam to enter Vietnam more easily and quickly. 

Besides, this is also a policy for the Vietnamese Government to concretize the policy of opening and integrating Vietnam. Also promoting the development of the tourism industry in particular and the Vietnamese economy in general.


Before applying for a Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry, you need to note the following issues. From there, comply with the regulations on 3-month visas for foreigners required by the Vietnamese Government:

  • Visas for foreigners entering Vietnam cannot be changed for use purposes.

  • Vietnam entry and exit visas will be issued differently depending on the specific country.

  • Visas are issued separately for each person. In case children under 14 years old will be issued a passport with their parents/guardians.

  • Vietnam visa has a single entry type and multiple entry type. You should note that a single-entry visa is only valid for entry and exit once. Meanwhile, a visa allowing multiple entries within 3 months will not limit the number of entries and exits (provided the visa is still valid).

  • Be aware of the various submission locations, such as the Vietnamese Consulate or Embassy in your host country, and choose the most convenient and applicable option.

  • Understand the processing time for visa issuance and plan your application well in advance to accommodate any potential delays.

  • For family visit applications, ensure all required documents proving family relationships are included.

  • Familiarize yourself with and adhere to all visa regulations and requirements set forth by Vietnamese immigration authorities.


Exceeding the validity of your Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry constitutes a violation of the country's immigration laws, with potential repercussions and penalties:

  • Overstay fine: Vietnam enforces a daily fine for each day beyond the visa expiration date. The longer the overstay, the higher the accumulated fine.

  • Detention and deportation: In more severe instances of overstaying, authorities may detain you, followed by deportation from Vietnam. Deportation incurs additional fines and may result in a ban on re-entry for a specified period.

  • Blacklisting: Overstaying your visa may lead to inclusion in a blacklist maintained by Vietnamese immigration authorities. This designation could restrict your ability to enter Vietnam in the future and may extend to limitations on traveling to other countries that share information regarding immigration violations with Vietnam.

Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry - visa expires

If your visa expires in Vietnam, it is considered a violation of the country's immigration laws


If your Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry option expires while you are in Vietnam, it is crucial to take prompt action to avoid any legal complications. Generally, if your visa expires, you could face fines or other penalties for overstaying your permitted duration.

To address this situation:

  • Renew or extend your visa: Explore the option of renewing or extending your existing visa. Contact the local immigration authorities or relevant government offices in Vietnam to understand the procedures, requirements, and any associated fees.

  • Apply for a new visa: If visa renewal or extension is not possible, you may need to exit the country and apply for a new visa from a Vietnamese consulate or embassy abroad.

  • Comply with regulations: Adhere to Vietnamese immigration regulations and laws to avoid any legal consequences. Overstaying can result in fines, deportation, or future entry restrictions.

It's essential to be proactive in addressing visa expiration issues, and seeking guidance from the local immigration authorities will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your specific circumstances.

In conclusion, navigating the process of obtaining a Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry options demands careful consideration of requirements, documentation, and application procedures. May your ventures be marked by seamless entry, enriching encounters, and the exploration of all that Vietnam has to offer. Have a safe travel!

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