Navigating The Multiple Entry Visa Vietnam For Foreigners

  • October 03,2023

A multiple entry visa Vietnam must be obtained when organizing your trip to ensure a smooth voyage. It is excellent for visitors to have enough time to experience Vietnam's beautiful scenery and cultural treasures. But first, let's discuss what a multiple entry visa is and how to obtain one for Vietnam. We'll give you the most relevant details regarding this Vietnam visa.


The multiple entry visa Vietnam allows its holders the freedom to enter and leave Vietnam many times throughout the period of validity.

What is the multiple entry visa for Vietnam?

The multiple entry visa Vietnam is a type of visa that enables tourists to enter and exit Vietnam several times during its validity period. Multiple entrance visas provide the ease of unrestricted movement into and out of the nation within a set time frame. 

This visa offers the flexibility to enter Vietnam without the need for additional visa applications during its validity. It is particularly advantageous for tourists and business travelers who seek to explore different regions of Vietnam. Individuals who often visit the country for work-related objectives also find it easier to enter Vietnam within the expected time frame.

Multiple entry visa Vietnam - the definition

The definition of a multiple entry visa Vietnam

Advantages of a multiple-entry visa for Vietnam

Foreigners worldwide take advantage of the multiple entry visa when taking a trip to Vietnam, as follows:

  • Convenience: During the validity term, holders may enter and leave Vietnam as often as necessary without submitting additional visa applications.

  • Cost-effectiveness: For frequent visitors, obtaining a Vietnam visa with multiple entries is less expensive than doing so each time they enter the country.

  • Time-saving: By skipping the visa application process for each trip, travelers entering Vietnam with multiple entry visas save time and effort.

  • Flexibility: The visa's flexibility makes trip planning simple without having to worry about its restrictions.

Requirements for getting a Vietnam multiple entry visa

The following documents must be submitted when getting a multiple entry visa Vietnam:

  • A passport has a minimum validity of six months, according to the Vietnam Immigration Law.

  • Two recent photographs fulfilled all the photo criteria.

  • A multiple-entry visa application form with all vital information.

  • Visa application fees adhere to the regulations of the Vietnamese authorities.

Moreover, depending on your nationality and travel purposes, additional documents can be required. These can include a letter of invitation from a Vietnamese sponsor, evidence of further travel, or a reservation confirmation from a hotel.

Depending on the situation, entry requirements for Vietnam may change. It is advised to seek specific instructions in advance from the nearest Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate to ensure a smooth application procedure.

Types of Vietnam multiple entry visas

Currently, Vietnam offers a variety of multiple entry visa options broken down by visitational intent and duration of validity, including:

Types of visas for multiple entries

1 month

Multiple entry

Tourism purposes

3 months

Multiple entry

Tourism purposes

1 month

Multiple entry

Business purposes

3 months

Multiple entry

Business purposes

6 months

Multiple entry

Business purposes

1 year

Multiple entry

Business purposes

Additionally, there are unique rules for some Vietnamese citizens living abroad, their spouses, and the kids of Vietnamese nationals. These people are eligible to apply for a 5-year, multiple-entry extended Vietnam visa.

Whether it is a brief excursion or a lengthy work trip, travelers can discover the ideal fit for their plans with this variety of visa alternatives.

Vietnam single-entry versus multiple-entry visa differences

The use of a multiple entry visa Vietnam and a single-entry visa differ from each other. Travelers are only allowed to enter and depart Vietnam once their visa is valid. Even if it is before the specified expiration date, the visa is no longer valid after they depart the country. A new visa application is required if foreigners wish to travel back to Vietnam.

In contrast, a multiple-entry visa permits numerous stays in Vietnam within the length of its validity. In other words, visitors with this visa are free to enter the nation as often as they choose without submitting a new visa application.


There are three common ways to get a multiple entry visa Vietnam, as follows:

Multiple entry visa Vietnam - the detailed procedure

The multiple entry visa procedure in detail

The Embassy's Vietnam multiple entry visa program

The Vietnam Embassy is one of the most popular ways to get a Vietnam multiple entry visa. If you are applying for a multiple-entry business visa in Vietnam, you must gather all the required paperwork. It includes the visa application form, passport, pictures, and an introduction letter from a Vietnamese sponsor. You can receive your visa and passport in person or by mail after submitting the necessary documentation and payment at the Embassy.

Multiple entry visas on arrival for Vietnam

With the opportunity to obtain a visa upon arrival at Vietnam airports, getting a multiple entry visa Vietnam has never been easier. Foreigners can fly into Vietnam through one of the eight recognized airports with a multiple-entry visa.

Start by obtaining a visa acceptance letter from a reliable visa company. With a processing time of 2–5 working days (or 2-4 hours in urgent instances with a higher price), the procedure entails filling out an application form and paying the required service fee.

Present your passport, visa application form, visa approval letter, and pictures at the visa on arrival counter after landing in a Vietnam airport. Your Vietnam multiple entry visa will be given to you once you have paid the visa stamping cost.

Multiple-entry E-Visa for Vietnam

The rules governing the E-Visa for Vietnam have undergone a significant revision by the Vietnamese government. Specifically, E-Visa validity increased from 30 days to 90 days (3 months) and permitted both single and multiple entries. Foreigners can now easily apply online for a multiple-entry visa to Vietnam. 

The procedure includes uploading the necessary files and images to the Immigration Department's website. After being accepted, passengers will be given a Vietnam E-Visa with multiple entries that is valid for three months.


Depending on the kind of visa, the applicant's nationality, and the processing method selected, the cost of a multiple entry visa Vietnam can change. 



1-month validity


3-month validity


3-6 month validity


6-12 month validity


12-24 month validity


2-5 year validity


Visas suit children under 14 years old


The Vietnam multiple entry visa gives you the freedom to travel freely and take your friends and family to visit the stunning natural scenery of the S-shaped nation. Securing your vacation has never been easier thanks to choices like the online multiple-entry Vietnam visa or the multiple-entry Vietnam tourist visa.

Researching the ideal time to visit Vietnam for a smooth voyage may help you better prepare for your next trip there. Once there, you may discover the stunning landscapes of the nation by visiting Hanoi, Ha Giang, Da Nang, and Phu Quoc. Get ready for an extraordinary trip to Vietnam and start the adventure now!

For visitors with varied itineraries and frequent trips, the multiple entry visa Vietnam offers a route to discover the attractions of this enchanting country. This visa gives you the freedom to discover the scenery of Vietnam. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to get more details about this visa type.

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