Checking Out The Multiple Entry Visa Vietnam 2022

  • November 07,2023

Getting a multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022 in advance of your trip is essential for a smooth travel experience. It is definitely worth the cost because of the easy access to the stunning landscapes and cultural treasures of the nation. Let's define multiple entry visas and discuss how to apply for one in Vietnam. We will give you the most useful details on this Vietnam visa.


The multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022, sometimes referred to as the re-entry Vietnam visa. This visa option allows its bearers to enter and exit Vietnam as many times as possible while it is still valid. 

What is the multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022? 

Travelers with a multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022 is permitted to enter and exit Vietnam for a total of one year throughout the duration of the visa. Multiple entrance visas provide the ease of unrestricted travel in and out of the nation within a certain time, in contrast to single-entry visas that only allow one entry and exit. 

Travelers to Vietnam on business or as tourists will find this visa to be especially helpful. Individuals who travel there frequently for work-related reasons can take this visa into account. The reason is that it allows visitors the freedom and flexibility to enter this nation without having to apply for new visas while their present one is still valid.

Advatages of a multiple-entry visa for Vietnam

The benefits of getting a Vietnam visa for multiple entries are various, as follows:

Multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022 - advantages

Benefits of getting a multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022

  • Convenience: There is no need to reapply for a visa because holders are free to enter and exit Vietnam as often as necessary throughout the validity term.

  • Cost-effectiveness: If a person visits Vietnam frequently, getting a multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022 is less expensive than getting a new one each time.

  • Time-saver: By avoiding the need to apply for a visa for each entrance, tourists to Vietnam who have multiple entry visas save time and effort.

  • Flexibility: The visa's flexibility makes it simple to organize a vacation without worrying about its restrictions.

  • Travelers with a variety of itinerary options and frequent trips can unveil the mysteries of Vietnam with the help of a multiple-entry visa. With this visa, you may explore Vietnam's beauty and wonder at your own speed, whether you're a business traveler, leisure tourist, or culture vulture.


There are several types of Vietnam multiple entry visas for foreigners to choose from. Each option is designed to meet the unique requirements and travel schedules of different people.

Visa for multiple entries valid for one month

  • 30 days (1 month) of validity

  • Relevant reason for the visit: both travelers and business

  • 30-day maximum stay

  • Additional specifications: fulfilling the prerequisites for entry, which include having a passport that is currently valid for at least six months and submitting a completed visa application.

Three-month multiple-entry permit

  • 90-day (three-month) validity

  • Visitor objective that applies: both tourists and companies

  • The maximum stay for vacationers is 30 days, and 90 days for business travelers.

  • Extra specifications: A 3-month multiple entry visa can only be obtained by meeting the standard entrance requirements and supplying the required supporting documentation.

6-month visa for numerous entries

  • 180 days (6 months) of validity

  • Relevant reason for visiting: business tourists

  • Maximum stay of ninety days

  • Additional requirements: Applicants must meet the general requirements for entrance and submit any other documentation that the immigration authorities may require.

1 year visa for multiple entries

  • Validity: 12 months

  • Only holders of American passports may visit for business purposes.

  • Maximum stay of ninety days

  • Additional requirements: quite a bit of paperwork, including official letters of recommendation and thorough travel schedules.

Five-year visa for numerous entries

  • Validity: five years

  • Relevant reason for the visit: Vietnamese nationals residing abroad as well as foreigners who are married to, have children with, or are the parents of Vietnamese nationals living abroad

  • 90 days is the maximum stay duration.

  • Additional specifications: A certificate of exemption from the need for a visa


Several documents need to be ready to finalize the procedure for getting a multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022, specifically:

  • A passport that is up-to-date and has at least six months left on it while entering Vietnam.

  • Two recent six-month-old passport-size pictures.

  • The filled-out multiple-entry visa application form.

  • Visa fee payment

  • Depending on your citizenship and the reason for your visit, you might need to provide other documentation. Some examples of these could include an invitation letter from a Vietnamese sponsor, evidence of hotel reservations, or proof of onward travel. 

Certain situations may apply to the need for a visa to enter Vietnam. Consult the closest Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate ahead of time for specific instructions to guarantee a seamless application procedure.


A multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022 and a single-entry visa for Vietnam differ in how they are used. 

  • Only once the visa is operational can visitors with a single-entry visa enter and depart Vietnam. Even if the visa is issued before its specified expiration date, it expires the moment the bearer departs the nation. A fresh visa application is required in order to return to Vietnam.

  • However, during the duration of its validity, a multiple-entry visa permits repeated visits to Vietnam. Foreigners holding this visa can enter the nation as often as they want without having to register for a new one.


Depending on the kind of visa, the applicant's nationality, and the processing option selected, the price of a Vietnam multiple entry visa can change.

Multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022 - fees

The cost of obtaining a Vietnam visa for multiple entries

Visa types

Multiple entry fees


1-month validity


3-month validity


3-6 month validity


6-12 month validity


12-24 month validity


2-5 year validity


Visas are issued for children less than 14 years old.



The multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022 needs to be followed through an easy-to-follow process.

Embassy visas for multiple entries

The procedure for getting a Vietnam multiple entry visa at the Embassy is simple. However, expats require careful planning and following the instructions provided by the Embassy.

To start, potential applicants should check the precise requirements on the official website of the closest Vietnamese Embassy. Documents normally consist of a current passport, a filled-out visa application form, and pictures. Any extra supporting documentation, such as a travel itinerary or invitation letters, is also required for the visa procedure. 

Candidates can mail or personally deliver their application to the Embassy or Consulate. The needed visa fee may be paid with cash or by using the designated payment option that the Embassy will provide.

Vietnam E-Visas

Using the E-Visa system to obtain a multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022 is a quick and easy online process. To get started, visitors can go to the Vietnam Immigration Department's official website to see if their nation qualifies for the E-Visa program. 

The next step for qualified applicants is to complete the online application for an E-Visa for Vietnam by entering the required information about their passport and uploading a passport-sized photo. Once the application has been finalized, foreigners can pay the processing fee online by following the instructions on the Vietnam government's website.

Please be aware that the electronic visa's validity will be extended from 30 days to 3 months, with the option for either one or more entries.

Visas on arrival for multiple entries

Using the visa on arrival process, travelers arriving in Vietnam by airline may find it easier to secure a multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022. It is important to keep in mind that this strategy is limited to air travelers landing at one of Vietnam's eight authorized airports.

In order to apply for a visa on arrival, candidates must first apply through a reliable visa agency for a visa approval letter. This letter is your permission to board the aircraft and get your visa stamped when you reach Vietnam.

To obtain a multiple-entry visa, passengers must first arrive at one of the specified airports and then show the relevant documents. For example, a pre-approved visa letter, a completed visa application form, a valid passport, two passport-sized pictures, the visa stamping fee, etc.


A Vietnam visa extension is feasible in specific circumstances for those who want to stay in Vietnam longer than the initial validity period. In order to apply for an extension, one must follow the prescribed procedures and submit an application to the Vietnam Immigration Department or through a reliable visa service.


The process of applying for a multiple-entry visa is fairly involved because:

  • You have to be aware of and ready with all the necessary paperwork for the application.

  • You have to travel and stand in line at the immigration office.

  • You have to comprehend the law and the legal procedures involved in the visa application formalities.

  • You have to explain the dossier to state officials.

  • Using a visa agency is the most sensible choice if you are unsure about applying for multiple-entry visas for foreign nationals. In the event that you don't have enough time to compile the necessary paperwork, consider our services.


Applying for a multiple entry visa in Vietnam requires careful consideration of the following points:

Multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022 - crucial considerations


Considerations need to be paid attention to when finalizing the visa procedure

Way out and way back in

People can leave Vietnam and return through any port of entry with a multiple-entry visa. For visitors who could have diverse travel schedules or plans, this offers flexibility.

Length of stay

Regardless of the duration of the visa, each entry into Vietnam permits a maximum stay of ninety days. For the maximum stay duration to be reset, people must leave Vietnam and return after 90 days.

Qualifications for a one-year multiple-entry immigration visa

For business purposes exclusively, US passport holders are currently eligible for the one-year multiple entry visa. For a shorter period of time, people of other nationalities can apply and, if necessary, renew their visas later.

E-Visas under proposal

Expected to go into effect in May 2023, the multiple-entry E-Visa program is presently under proposal.

Passport validity

The original passport must be valid for at least a year in order to be eligible for a one-year multiple entry visa. Before applying for the visa, it is crucial to confirm that your passport satisfies this condition.

Those with UK passports

Unless they are eligible for the five-year visa exemption certificate, holders of UK passports are currently not eligible for a one-year multiple entry visa, with a maximum duration of six months. Before arranging their journey to Vietnam, visitors from the UK are advised to confirm the most recent visa requirements and available options.

Travel itineraries

Travelers looking for unique experiences will find Vietnam to be a perfect destination due to its rich cultural heritage and different landscapes. You shouldn't miss Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Halong when visiting Vietnam.

Additionally, hotels and resorts offer excellent hospitality and luxurious amenities for a really memorable luxury escape. Various luxurious lodgings, restorative spas, and a range of recreational amenities are provided to serve the foreigners. Every element of your stay, from luxurious swimming pools to top-notch dining options, has been thoughtfully planned to ensure a pleasurable and stress-free experience. Therefore, finding an appropriate accommodation is the crucial step that needs to be finalized.


Foreigners can consider several options for a quicker visa multiple entry procedure, as follows:

Apply with expedited processing for a visa on arrival (VOA)

For a price, most VOA providers provide accelerated processing, which is the quickest way to receive a Vietnam visa. Usually, you can have your visa approval letter in 24-48 hours if you choose expedited posting.

Verified visa provider

If you run into any issues with your application, a trustworthy visa service can assist you in making sure it is accurate and comprehensive and can also offer you support.

Prepare all of the necessary paperwork

A recent passport-size photo, a completed visa application form, and a passport valid for at least six months are usually needed in order to obtain a Vietnam visa.

Make multiple-entry visa payments

A multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022 normally costs more to obtain than a single-entry visa.

Give processing plenty of time

The Vietnam visa application process can take many days, even with expedited processing. As a result, it is crucial to begin the application process as soon as possible.

Travelers will find that a multiple entry visa Vietnam 2022 gives them the freedom to stay in the nation. Individuals who have a variety of travel plans to the S-shaped nation can explore this country for a longer period of time. Contact us at +84 28 7303 6167 or email [email protected] to learn how to obtain this visa. 

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