Visa Guide: How To Get Vietnam Visa In USA In A Easy Manner

  • August 31,2023

Vietnam, well-known for its spectacularly gorgeous terrain, diverse array of foods, and warm-hearted hospitality, is quickly becoming a popular destination for US tourists. If you are a US citizen and eager to visit Vietnam, you must know how to get Vietnam visa in USA. The amazing news is that the Vietnamese government has worked hard to provide several options for US citizens to easily and conveniently obtain a visa to Vietnam. In this essay, we will go over each visa method in depth and walk US citizens through the full procedure.


Vietnam US visa types are numerous for holders of US citizens to choose from.

How-to-get-Vietnam-visa-in-USA - visa types

Vietnam visa types for US passport holders in brief

Based on travel purposes

Tourist visas (DL)

A tourist visa allows a US citizen to enter Vietnam for the purpose of touring or visiting friends and relatives. A tourist visa provides for a one- or three-month stay with a single or multiple entry option for a maximum of 12 months. A tourist visa permits US dwellers to stay for a maximum of 90 days, according to the current visa law.

Business visas (DN) 

When a US person wishes to enter Vietnam for business or commerce, the Vietnamese government issues a business visa. US passport holders are eligible for a single-entry business visa for one or three months and up to a year for a multiple-entry business visa. A business visa allows US nationals to reside 90 days at maximum.

Work visa (LĐ)

Work visas are issued when a US citizen wishes to visit Vietnam to work for a Vietnamese-registered company. A working visa is granted to US citizens for no more than 24 months, complying with immigration regulations.

TT and VR visas

TT and VR visas are provided to US passport holders to visit their spouses, children, or parents who are Vietnamese or foreigners having work visas, residence card holders, or LV1, LV2, DT, NN1, NN2, DH, or PV1 visas. In terms of TT visas, an eligible US citizen can stay for a maximum of three months, but six months if using the VR visa.

Investor visas (ĐT)

Investor visas are provided to US citizens who enter Vietnam to invest in Vietnamese businesses or to lawyers who want to practice their profession in Vietnam. An investment visa is initially provided for a period of 12 months; however, it can be converted into a temporary residency permit valid for 60 months.

Visa waiver for five years

This is a certificate that also serves as a long-term visa. The Vietnamese government issues the certificate to US citizens who are the wives or children of Vietnamese people (whether living in Vietnam or abroad). Once obtained, the certificate entitles the holder to visit Vietnam whenever they want within the next five years, but only for a maximum of 180 consecutive days in one trip.

Based on duration of stay

Short-term visas for US residents

The Vietnamese government issues a short-term visa to US citizens who want to stay in Vietnam for one or three months for vacation or business purposes. Aside from the usual method of applying at the Embassy, US residents can obtain a short-term visa as an "E-Visa (allowing a single entrance stay of 30 days) or a visa on arrival (allowing 30 or 90 days of stay with single and multiple entry options).

Long-term visas for Americans 

If a US citizen desires to stay for longer than three months, US passport holders must apply for a long-term visa. Long-term visas allow US citizens numerous entries for 6 or 12 months for tourism and business. 

The only other visa option for Americans is to get a 6- or 12-month visa instead of applying for one at the Vietnamese Embassy. It should be remembered that holders of US passports are only allowed to enter Vietnam with a tourist visa once for a maximum of 90 days, as usual.

The Vietnamese government also provides a five-year visa exemption certificate to US residents who are the wives or children of Vietnamese people as a long-term stay alternative.

Based on the entry times

Single-entry visas

A single-entry visa allows a US person to enter Vietnam only once while the visa is valid.

Multiple-entry visas

A multiple-entry visa allows a US citizen to visit Vietnam several times throughout the validity period of the visa.


A visa is required for US passport holders to travel to Vietnam, as it is required for citizens of all other countries to enter the country. A Vietnamese visa can be obtained in one of three ways.

How to get Vietnam visa in USA - ways to obtain a visa

How to get Vietnam visa in USA

  • The Vietnam Embassy can help foreigners complete the visa procedures and receive a visa in advance.

  • A visa can be obtained at the airport in Vietnam.

  • An E-Visa can be obtained online on the Vietnam government's websites.

Obtaining a visa on arrival is the most popular of these three options. It is both convenient and affordable for US citizens to finish the visa formalities quickly. However, it is noted that expats must begin the process of acquiring a pre-approval letter before departing for Vietnam in order to receive a Vietnam visa from US on arrival. The admission request will be denied if visitors do not have an invitation letter. 


Visa on Arrival refers to making arrangements prior to having your visa accepted and stamped by the Vietnam Immigration Office when you arrive in Vietnam.

VOA is available for single or multiple entrance cases for one or three months for tourism and business purposes. If visitors are traveling for commercial objectives, they can also obtain a six-month multiple-entry visa. US citizens are also eligible for a one-year multiple-entry visa as holders of a US passport.

How to get Vietnam visa in USA

To obtain a VOA, contact a Vietnamese government-approved agency. All foreigners have to do is locate an agency, enter their passport information, and wait for a "pre-approval letter.

Spend 5–10 minutes online, giving the agency the necessary information. Once US citizens submit their information to the agency, they will receive the pre-approval letter within 2-3 days (expats can select a faster response period of 4 hours).

Despite being the most popular choice, VOA has several drawbacks. Only US passport holders traveling to Vietnam via airport checkpoints are eligible for a visa on arrival. If you intend to enter Vietnam through landports or seaports, you cannot get a visa on arrival.

Relevant documents

Prior to knowing how to get Vietnam visa in USA, foreigners need to prepare all relevant documents. 

  • A passport (valid for at least 6 months on the first day of travel and for at least 30 days after your date of departure from Vietnam)

  • Two (4×6 cm) passport photos (no glassware and a light background preferred)

  • Entry/Exit Form in Vietnamese

  • Cash: 25 USD or $50 USD for the stamping fee, depending on the kind of entrance.

Everything appears to be straightforward and obvious to review. However, you should be concerned about incidents where passengers have been duped by unlicensed agencies. All foreigners need to do is select a reliable service to make things simple for them.

That suggestion goes to the Vietnam Immigration Department because they are approved and provide extensive support for obtaining their visas. Expats can also ask for help filling out the application form (also known as the entry or exit form) to reduce their efforts and avoid mistakes while applying.

How much do Vietnam visa on arrival fees for US citizens?

Vietnam's VOA solely includes the visa service charge and stamping fees.

The visa service charge varies from one agency to the next. On the other hand, the stamping fee is fixed and is paid directly to the immigration officer at the airport when landing in Vietnam. When it comes to selecting a visa agency, don't always sacrifice exceptional service for a low price. To apply for a visa on arrival for US citizens, please see the following tables:

Visa category 

Service fees

Stamping fees

1 month, single entry



1 month, multiple entries



3 months, single entry



3 months, multiple entries



6 months, multiple entries



1 year, multiple entries



Visa types

Service fees for US residents

Stamping fees for US residents

1 month, single entry



1 month, multiple entries



3 months, single entry



3 months, multiple entries



6 months, multiple entries



1 year, multiple entries




Foreigners will find it convenient if they live near the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in the United States. This visa method is suitable for those who don't wish to submit their passport in the visa application process. After being successful in their application, foreigners will be given either a sticker or a loose-leaf visa, both of which are equally valid.

How to get Vietnam visa in USA - Embassy visas

Vietnam Embassy visas are suitable for those who live near this office

It is noted that this is a traditional method that necessitates a proactive attitude. American citizens should contact the closest Embassy or consulate for more information because the cost of a visa varies depending on the visa's requirements.

The advantage of this option is that foreigners can get single- or multiple-entry visas. Moreover, foreigners can enter Vietnam at all checkpoints, such as landports, airports, or seaports.

Embassy visa procedures for US citizens

Expats can visit the nearest Socialist Republic of Vietnam Embassy to submit all the visa documents and get one before their trips. Before foreigners from the US travel and apply there, contact them to ensure their grasp of the visa requirements.

The Vietnamese Embassy in the United States is open in two time frames from Monday to Friday (from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 02:00 p.m. to 04:30 p.m.). The Embassy is closed on weekends and holidays in the United States and Vietnam, so be aware of this before visiting or making arrangements for an application.

Relevant documents

Knowing how to get Vietnam visa in USA is not enough for successful visa procedures. In reality, Vietnam visas for US citizens are also approved only when all relevant materials are fully provided, as follows:

  • Application Form (which should be downloaded from the Vietnam government's website and filled out with the necessary information)

  • A passport (valid for 6 months on the first day of travel and for 30 days after your date of departure from Vietnam). If you request a loose-leaf visa, a copy of your passport will suffice.

  • Two passport-sized (4×6 cm) pictures (no glassware and a light background)

  • Visa fees (in cash if visitors apply for visa to Vietnam from US in person). 

  • If foreigners want their passports returned by mail, they must provide a prepaid, self-addressed envelope.

  • A letter of support from your sponsoring agency or firm in Vietnam is also required for a business visa.


An E-Visa, or electronic visa, is a travel document issued by the Vietnamese government to promote tourism in Vietnam. As US passport holders, foreigners are eligible for an E-Visa to visit Vietnam.

How to get Vietnam visa in USA - E-Visas

An E-Visa is a new way for US passport holders to register for a visa before their trips

Obtaining an E-Visa is simple. Expats will not require a permission letter or a stamp. However, this visa option limits US residents to a single entry mode for a maximum of 30 days. After 30 days, visitors from the US must renew their visas, complying with the Vietnam visa requirements for US passport holders.

How to get Vietnam in USA – E-Visas

Foreigners must visit the official Vietnam E-Visa website and follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Step 1: Upload your passport date page and photo to the official E-visa website, then fill out the form with your personal information.

  • Step 2: Pay the E-Visa fee with a valid credit card and obtain your invoice confirmation.

  • Step 3: After 3-5 working days, return to the "E-Visa Search" tab and enter your verification code, birth date, and email address to get your E-Visa confirmation.

Required documents

Passport photocopy.

Copy of a passport-size photo (no glasses).

Payment should be made with a valid credit or debit card to the Vietnam Immigration Department.

Email address for following up on your visa application and downloading your E-Visa confirmation.

E-Visa costs for US citizens

It takes about 15 minutes to provide information (if you already have requirements) and pay the E-visa price of $25 (payment mode may charge you an additional $1).

Vietnamese officials typically send an E-Visa document (a pdf file that must be printed) within three business days, although this might take up to six days. So, apply for an E-Visa at least two weeks before foreigners intend to travel to Vietnam.

Vital notices

There are a few things to remember while applying for an e-visa. Foreigners must make a safe note (perhaps a screenshot) of the verification code they receive after verifying their information. Once the process is over, keep their registration code safe since they will need to acquire your visa from the same portal where they filed for it.

In some circumstances, expats will not receive an email for confirmation, so do not wait for it. Finally, don't forget to print the E-Visa (a one-page pdf file) from the portal. Keep this with them throughout their stay in Vietnam, if any.


US citizens can take advantage of urgent and emergency services from Vietnam E-Visa if they want to get a visa on arrival in a shorter amount of time. Pre-approval letters are necessary to have a visitor's passport stamped with a visa.

Foreigners from the US normally wait for processing in 1-2 business days for urgent requests. However, they can be obtained immediately in emergency situations. Vietnam E-Visa provides customers with full Vietnam visa services for getting emergency visas in a short period of time.

How to get a Vietnam visa in USA for urgent cases

Many foreigners wonder: “How to apply for visa to Vietnam from US?”. Don’t worry about that! You can apply for Vietnam visa quickly in the four easy steps below.

  • Step 1: Complete the online visa application or email a copy of your passport to

  • Step 2: Pay the online visa service charge.

  • Step 3: Within the specified period, a letter approving your visa will be delivered to your email.

  • Step 4: Submit a printed copy of the permission letter, two passport-sized photos (4X6 cm each), and the required money to get the visa stamped at the airport.


If a citizen of the United States has already arrived in Vietnam and wants to extend their stay, they can apply for a visa extension or renewal. The only aspect of an existing visa that gets extended is its validity; all other characteristics are left unchanged. 

How to get Vietnam visa in USA - visa extensions

Getting a visa extension is not too complicated through the electronic system

When a visa is renewed, holders of US passports receive a new visa sticker for their passports, which may be entirely different from the prior visa. You can lawfully remain in Vietnam if you choose either of these alternatives.

How to utilize

The simplest way to apply for a visa extension or renewal in person is online for US passport holders.

  • Step 1: Send your request for an extension or renewal, along with a copy of your passport and visa, to the Vietnamese authorities for review.

  • Step 2: Await confirmation that the request can be granted, together with information about the applicable service charge and turnaround time.

  • Step 3: Send payment and your passport to the office by mail or in person.

Pick up your passport and an extended or new visa after the anticipated wait time, which is typically 10 working days. 

What are the prices for renewal and extension for US citizens?

The validity of your visa will ultimately determine how much you must pay for the visa extension. For instance, if a US person has a one-month tourist visa and wants to extend it for another one or three months, it will cost between $90-$150 or $180-$300. 

Charge for renewal: Because you must pay in full for the visa stamp that will be affixed to your passport, the renewal charge is a little higher than the extension fee. This approach might be rather rigorous at times. For instance, it would cost $250–$300 to extend a one-month business visa to three months.


The option of performing a "visa run" is available to US residents in the event that an extension or renewal is no longer a viable solution for their intended longer stay. In essence, a visa run entails legally leaving Vietnam for another nation before returning to Vietnam with a new visa. It only takes being proactive to engage in a visa run, which is quite legal.

Dispensable documents

US citizens must take the following precautions to make a visa run smoothly:

  • Four blank pages in a current passport

  • A letter of pre-approval authorizing the stamping of a Vietnamese visa upon re-entry

  • Two personal photos the size of a passport

  • Fees for the necessary Vietnamese visa

Steps for obtaining a visa run at the land border or the airport

All concerns about how to get Vietnam visa in USA are mentioned clearly in the sharing, as follows:

  • Step 1: Before departing Vietnam, arrange for a pre-approval letter from

  • Step 2: Make travel arrangements via a land border or an airport to another nation.

  • Step 3: Complete exit procedures (at a land border or an airport).

  • Step 4: Apply for a Lao, Cambodian, or Thai visa upon arrival.

  • Step 5: Follow the exit procedures in Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand, then proceed to Vietnam immigration.

  • Step 6: Present a letter of pre-approval and photos to obtain a new Vietnamese visa stamp and enter Vietnam.

Cost of visa run

Getting deeper insight into how to get Vietnam visa in USA is only the first step. To have enough time to explore Vietnam’s scenery with a visa and control the travel budget, foreigners need to focus on the fees. 

  • Visa Cost: The total of the Lao, Cambodian, and Thai visa on arrival fees, the Vietnamese agency fees, and the visa stamping fees, which are $25 for a single entry and $50 for repeated entries, is the visa charge.

  • Cost of transportation: variable depending on destination and mode of transportation chosen for visa runs.

Here are all the instructions on how to get Vietnam visa in USA for foreigners to refer to: It is absolutely useful to plan their trip with a comprehensive itinerary. Excellent preparation laid the foundation for the best and most memorable moments of their whole tour in fantastic Vietnam. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email to refer to our visa services in general and Vietnam visa services in particular.

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