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  • October 26,2023
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Most visitors just obtain a regular Vietnam visa, which enables them to enter and exit the country. In contrast to a standard visa, an exit visa Vietnam is specifically provided for the purpose of enabling the bearer to lawfully leave Vietnam. However, who will require this visa, and how can one obtain one? Let's examine each section of this post in detail in order to address those queries as well as other relevant issues!


Vietnam exit visas are official documents provided by Vietnam's Immigration Department that enable visitors to lawfully escape the country in the event that their passport is misplaced, destroyed, or expires. Should you not apply for an exit visa, you will not be permitted to lawfully depart Vietnam.

Exit visa Vietnam - the definition

The definition of the exit visa Vietnam


The Vietnam exit visa is a crucial travel document that enables holders to depart legally from Vietnam. It will be used when your existing visa has expired and cannot be renewed because their passport has been damaged or misplaced or because they have overstayed in the nation. The Vietnam Immigration Department is responsible for issuing the exit visa.

A Vietnam exit visa typically has a 10-day validity period from the date of submission. Your application may be processed in three to five business days, and the price may differ significantly. You will have a maximum of one week to depart Vietnam after obtaining the exit visa.


Foreign passport holders who are issued an exit visa Vietnam include:

Vietnam is the place of birth for babies with foreign passports

It is a given that if you give birth while living in Vietnam, your child's passport will not have a Vietnam visa. In this instance, in order for parents to lawfully leave Vietnam, they must first secure a birth certificate, passport, and exit visa.

Losing their passports while visiting Vietnam

All of your passport's visa pages are no longer usable if they are stolen or lost while you are in Vietnam. To enable a lawful departure from Vietnam in the event of an emergency, you must apply for an exit visa Vietnam following the renewal of your passport.  

Visitors who stay in Vietnam after their visas expire

When you wish to leave Vietnam as soon as possible, overstaying gets you into a lot of difficulty with the Vietnamese immigration authorities. Getting a departure visa is essential if you want to avoid facing serious repercussions based on how long they stay in Vietnam beyond what is allowed.

Foreign employees whose employers retrieve their temporary residency cards upon the expiration of their employment contract

Practically speaking, after working for a Vietnamese company, the foreign employer will receive a residence card from Vietnam Immigration, which will be sponsored by the Vietnamese company. In light of this, the resident card will be reclaimed or revoked at the company's request to Immigration upon the termination of the work contract. Consequently, until he is hired by another employer, the foreign worker no longer has a valid Vietnam Resident Card or Vietnam Visa to remain and work in Vietnam.

In this situation, you will need to ask the sponsored company to apply for an exit Vietnam visa at the Vietnam Immigration Office so that the person can lawfully depart Vietnam.

Foreign nationals who get new passports from Vietnam  

Many times, even though foreign visitors have a valid visa to enter Vietnam, they must renew it while they are there because their current passport has expired and is no longer in their possession. 


Follow this guide to learn how to ensure your exit visa procedures run smoothly.

Exit visa Vietnam - the procedure

Exit visa Vietnam has a simplified procedure that foreigners can follow easier

Infants with foreign passports born in Vietnam

Required documents

• Original passport of the child;

•A hospital birth certificate or notice of birth;

• Original passport of parent(s) bearing a valid Vietnam visa

Every detail listed on the child's birth certificate corresponds exactly to the information on their passport.

How to obtain an exit visa

Foreigners must provide the Vietnam Immigration Department with their exit visa request. On your behalf, Vietnamese visa services can assist with obtaining a Vietnam exit visa if foreigners have a demand to be supported. If you would like to handle this yourself, you should go directly to the Vietnam Immigration Department.

Foreign visitors whose passports are misplaced or destroyed

You only need to carefully read the instructions below as soon as you discover that your passport has been misplaced in Vietnam:

  • Step 1: Report your circumstances to the closest ward police office. You give the officer an explanation of what transpired. Even if the local cops do not speak English well, they will be of great aid in addressing your problem. 

  • Step 2: Apply for a new passport, an emergency passport, or a travel document at your local Vietnamese authorities. 

  • Step 3: Make arrangements with a visa agency to apply for an exit visa Vietnam. You give your visa agency a file including these documents, along with a copy of your old passport and your misplaced Vietnam visa page. In order to obtain a new visa or an exit visa for you, the visa agent will work as your sponsor. The expiration date will be stamped on your new passport. You should note that this date is the time that you must depart Vietnam for your home country or another country.

  • Step 4: Within 5–7 working days, obtain a visa sticker for your passport. With an exit visa sticker on it, your passport is given back to you. You're officially departing Vietnam at this moment.

Note: It is critical to remember not to worry if your passport is misplaced. Stay composed and adhere to the previously outlined measures. A police complaint is necessary before the Embassy can assist you, despite the fact that many visitors approach them first when they misplace their passport. Whatever the situation, report your complaint first to the local police department.

Visitors who remain in Vietnam beyond the expiration of their visas

A visa allows you to enter Vietnam for a specific amount of time, and unless you extend your stay, you have to depart the country by the time it expires. Even now, there are those who purposefully overstay their visas or those who overstay because they are unaware of when their visas expire.

Necessary documents

The valid Vietnam visa and the original passport

A thorough letter outlining your extended stay

The date on which you will leave Vietnam is indicated on your departing flight ticket.

How to obtain an exit visa

Below is the instruction on how to get an exit visa Vietnam through several steps:

  • Step 1: Get in touch with the visa agency right away to deal with your overstaying.

  • Step 2: Send in your original passport.

  • Step 3: Pay the departure visa cost and an overstay fine.

  • Step 4: Prepare to leave Vietnam by having your passport stamped with an exit visa.

It is strongly encouraged that you call the visa agency as soon as possible to handle the situation peacefully. In many cases, you will be placed on a restriction list and prevented from entering Vietnam for an extended period of time.

Foreign employees whose employment contract ends and their temporary residency card is picked up

For those whose temporary home is collected and canceled by your company, adhere to the steps outlined below:

  • Step 1: Send in your original passport along with your temporary residency card.

  • Step 2: Get the paperwork ready with your company's signature and stamp (including the letter explaining the cancellation or withdrawal of your residency card).

  • Step 3: Cover the processing fee for getting an exit visa Vietnam.

  • Step 4: Within five to seven working days, get the visa stamped in your passport.

Expats have their passports renewed in Vietnam 

You must have the following paperwork in order to get an exit visa when you simply renew your passport in Vietnam:

  • The processing charge

  • Your new passport

  • Your old passport

Transferring into the new passport is possible if your visa is still valid in the previous one. The new passport has the same validity as the previous passport, thanks to the updated visa stickers. If you decide to transfer, both your old and new passports must be submitted at the same time.


The cost of an exit visa from Vietnam may vary depending on the specific circumstances and the applicants' nationalities. Exit visas are often purchased for about $100 USD.

An exit visa's length is relatively restricted since, as its name implies, it allows you to plan your departure from Vietnam. It usually lasts 10 to 15 days, which is adequate time for you to arrange your relocation to Vietnam. It takes five to seven working days for the Vietnam Immigration Department to issue a departure visa after the complete dossier has been filed.


The exit visa Vietnam is a critical document for foreigners to obtain for a trip in Vietnam. Here are all the things that expats need to focus on for a hassle-free experience. 

Exit visa Vietnam - tips for traveling

Advice for first-time visitors who intend to visit Vietnam

  • You must apply for a departure visa using the same passport that you used to stamp your admission into Vietnam if you have more than one passport.

  • Overstaying your visa may result in deportation, placement on a restricted list, and the inability to re-enter Vietnam in the future. 

  • A departure visa is only valid for ten to fifteen days, so you'll want to make sure you leave Vietnam before then.

  • You cannot avoid being placed on the "restriction list" even if you obtain an exit visa for Vietnam and pay the associated fees. It might not be possible for you to enter Vietnam within the allotted time.

  • The costs vary depending on the applicant's nationality and prior visa. Be mindful of Vietnam's weekends and public holidays while applying for a departure visa. Vietnam Immigration and other state offices do not have the ability to help you.

  • If you want to stay in Vietnam longer, your new passport will include a new visa stamp that specifies the length of stay. 

  • Note that you can only seek a new one after paying any applicable penalties or fines, and that not everyone is able to do so. The Immigration Department will make the final decision because there is no defined procedure for this.

  • The exit visa Vietnam is normally valid for seven days after the date of issuance. You have one week from the date of this validity to depart the country. You can apply for a fresh visa acceptance letter for your upcoming trip if you intend to visit Vietnam once more in the future.


Follow these FAQs for a better trip in Vietnam, as follows:

Exit visa Vietnam - FAQs

FAQs about the exit visa Vietnam

What is the appearance of an exit visa Vietnam?

An exit visa is typically merely a stamp with the date of your last permitted stay in Vietnam. When you extend your visa, everything stays exactly the same. You could occasionally receive a sticker from the immigration officer to put on your passport. 

How much does it cost to stay longer in Vietnam?

There is no set amount because it all depends on your nationality and how long you stay in Vietnam beyond your time limit.

  • The 150/2005/NÄ‘-CP Decree stipulates that an overstaying party in Vietnam would be fined VND 500,000 (about $25 USD) at the minimum.

  • Up to five days of overstaying are fined 1,250,000 VND (55 USD).

  • Up to one month of overstaying: 4,000,000 VND (175 USD)

  • Extending the stay beyond the first three months: 10,000,000 VND (440 USD)

  • More than VND 16,000,000 (US$ 700) constitutes an overstay of one year, which is punishable by deportation and a temporary ban from reentering the nation.

Can I reenter Vietnam after my visa has expired?

As long as you have a new, valid Vietnam visa, you may be sure that you will be granted permission to rejoin the country after the problem is resolved. You can ask our representative to obtain a Vietnam visa letter if you have a scheduled return to Vietnam.

Can I just pay the Vietnam Airport overstay charge when I depart?

It is true that many foreign nationals overstay their visas by a few days; they are able to pay the fine (about USD 100) at the airport upon their departure, but the overstay is legal and cannot always be resolved. We advise you to exercise caution while using this option since you run the danger of being turned down and you already spend too much on airfare. 

What are the repercussions of staying too long in Vietnam?

Even for a single day, it is not worth staying too long in Vietnam. It causes you to deal with high fines, being placed on a blacklist, or facing deportation, in addition to anxiety and stress.

What happens if you overstay your Vietnam business visa?

It is less common to overstay a business visa. In any case, if a business traveler overstays his time in Vietnam, the sponsoring employer will also need to be involved when he applies for a departure visa. 

Is there a farewell payment required while departing Vietnam?

No, it isn't. Unless you pay the Vietnam Airport overstay fee, it is not a wise choice.

For people whose temporary home is collected and terminated by your company, adhere to the process outlined below:

  • Present your original passport along with your temporary resident card.

  • Prepare the necessary paperwork, including the letter outlining the cancellation or withdrawal of your residence card, and have it signed and stamped by your employer.

  • Pay the departure visa cost.

  • Get the visa stamped in your passport within five to seven business days.


We comprehend that locating a trustworthy visa agency that can handle your visa application in a timely and effective manner at short notice might be extremely difficult.

Our process is uncomplicated, so foreigners can refer to our services if they wish to take a trip to Vietnam. Our unique points surpass those of other agencies:

  • Always be reachable by phone, email, or other means.

  • Carefully and clearly explain all the procedures involved in obtaining your exit visa.

  • Guaranteed prompt delivery of your visa

  • Closely monitor and assist you until you leave and enter Vietnam without incident.

Here are the complete procedures for obtaining an exit visa Vietnam for citizens who intend to visit Vietnam. Please contact us at +84 28 7303 6167 or email [email protected] if you need any help in this area. Our employees will respond as soon as possible to support visitors in resolving their visa requests. 

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