Innovative Update In The Entry Law: e visa Vietnam 90 Days

  • October 24,2023

Although many individuals are aware of the e visa Vietnam 90 days, many are unaware of its specifics. Actually, a permission document used for foreign nationals to enter and remain in another country is known as an electronic visa, or E-Visa. You can now apply online using an internet connection, as opposed to in person as you used to, and print it off for immigration processing when you go. Follow this post to learn how to get an E-Visa, complying with this policy.


In the past, Vietnam exclusively issued electronic visas (also known as E-Visas) with a 30-day maximum validity length. However, Vietnam formally extends the validity of electronic visas (E-Visas) to foreign nationals for a maximum of three months (90 days) in accordance with new laws that were released on August 15, 2023.

The government will decide which nations and territories' residents are qualified to receive E-Visas. International border crossings allow foreign persons to enter and exit with E-Visas, as stipulated in the immigration law. Foreigners who hold an electronic visa are free to enter and quit Vietnam whenever they want, without having to obtain a new one.

Compared to the present E-Visa, which is only good for one 30-day entry, this is a major difference. Travelers will find it simpler and easier to stay in Vietnam for extended periods of time with the new E-Visa.

If authorized, the validity of a Vietnam E-Visa will be extended from the current 30 days for a single entry only to 90 days for multiple entries.

e visa Vietnam 90 days - basic details

All details about an e visa Vietnam 90 days 

The holders of E-Visas are free to enter and exit Vietnam as much as they like for 90 days after the E-Visa becomes active without having to go through any additional steps.

The National Assembly Standing Committee states that this action is intended to accommodate the needs of foreign visitors, assist individuals wishing to study, conduct market research, and seek out and promote investment opportunities. Particularly, this change is suitable for visitors who visit multiple Southeast Asian nations before returning to Vietnam. This modification will take effect for applicants filing a Vietnam E-Visa on or after August 15, 2023.


In order for you to receive an e visa Vietnam 90 days, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You are a foreign national living abroad.

  • Your passport was issued by an authorized authority and is currently valid.

  • You do not belong to any of the groups of people who are forbidden or restricted from entering Vietnam.

Additional E-Visa-related issues:

The Immigration Management Agency will evaluate and issue a 90-day E-Visa to foreign nationals in compliance with Vietnamese regulations if they are granted one and have a guarantee from a domestic agency, organization, or person.

After entering Vietnam, foreign nationals are required to abide by Vietnamese legal rules.

Online (electronic transaction system) processes can be used to invite or guarantee foreign persons for procedures at the immigration authorities under Article 16, Clause 1 of the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit, and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam. This law requires you to get a visa through the appropriate Ministry of Foreign Affairs authority.

According to Vietnamese legislation, foreign nationals requesting an e visa Vietnam 90 days must have a valid passport and be free from any restrictions.


The latest modifications to the electronic visa regulations provide numerous noteworthy advantages:

  • Extended validity: Up to 90 days can be spent using the new e-Visa for multiple entries, with a maximum stay duration of 30 days per stay. Comparing this to the existing 30-day single-entry e-Visa, there is a noticeable rise.

  • Several entries are possible: You can enter Vietnam more than once with the new E-Visa. For visitors who wish to visit the nation on several occasions or for business, this is an excellent choice.

  • Online application: All applications for the new E-Visa must be submitted online. Travelers now find it simple and convenient to apply for a visa.

  • Reasonably priced visa fee: This is a very reasonable cost for a multiple-entry visa into Vietnam. It was anticipated to increase to a 30-day single-entry E-Visa in the past.

  • Increasing travel and investment in the nation: By extending the E-Visa to three months, travelers are now able to fully appreciate and explore Vietnam's natural beauty, drawing in a sizable influx of visitors from all over the world.

  • Creating a welcoming environment for international visitors to Vietnam: An e visa Vietnam 90 days enables nationals of all nations to travel to Vietnam for business, tourism, labor, or family visits.

  • Easy and convenient procedures: Foreign nationals can apply for visas without the requirement to contact Vietnam's overseas representative offices or go via middlemen. This reduces the time and effort needed to prepare documents and apply for visas.

  • Fulfilling management requirements: Unlike visa-free entry, the electronic visa is granted ahead of time, enabling immigration officials to screen those who don't fulfill entry standards.


On August 14, the Vietnamese government decided to permit foreigners to enter the country at a few airports, land border crossings, and seaports with an e visa Vietnam 90 days, such as:


Located at

Noi Bai

Ha Noi

Tan Son Nhat


Cat Bi

Hai Phong

Van Don

Quang Ninh

Tho Xuan

Thanh Hoa

Cam Ranh

Khanh Hoa

Da Nang

Da Nang

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc

Lien Khuong

Lam Dong

Tra Noc

Can Tho

Dong Hoi

Quang Binh

Phu Cat

Binh Dinh


Located at

Tay Trang

Dien Bien

Mong Cai

Quang Ninh

Huu Nghi

Lang Son

Na Meo

Thanh Hoa

Nam Can

Nghe An

Cau Treo

Ha Tinh

La Lay and La Bao

Quang Tri

Bo Y

Kon Tum

Ha Tien

Kien Giang

Tinh Bien and Vinh Xuong

An Giang

Moc Bai and Xa Mat

Tay Ninh


Situated at

Hai Phong

Hai Phong

Hon Gai and Cam Pha

Quang Ninh

Nghi Son

Thanh Hoa

Vung Anh 

Ha Tinh

Chan May


Dung Quat

Quang Ngai

Quy Nhon

Binh Dinh

Nha Trang

Khanh Hoa

Da Nang

Da Nang

Vung Tau

Ba Ria Vung Tau



Duong Dong

Kien Giang


Your visa can be obtained in a simple and quick manner through the official Vietnam E-Visa website. Whether you need a single entry or several entries throughout your 90-day E-Visa will determine the cost.

90-day Single Entry E-Visa: $25 USD is required for this type of visa. You can enter Vietnam once with this visa and remain for a maximum of 90 days.

e visa Vietnam 90 days - visa costs

New E-Visa costs for foreigners to enter Vietnam with the maximum of 90 days

Multiple Entry e visa Vietnam 90 days: This option is available to those who intend to visit Vietnam more than once during that time. During the 90-day validity period, you are free to enter Vietnam with $50 US.


In normal conditions, the processing time for an E-Visa is three business days. It's crucial to remember that processing your visa application could take longer at busy times of the year or during holidays. Applying for your E-Visa early in advance will help you avoid last-minute delays.


In reality, applying for an e visa Vietnam 90 days through the official government website is a dependable and affordable option. However, numerous for-profit websites have surfaced to streamline the procedure and shorten the application processing period. Even if they charge more, these websites frequently offer an easy-to-use application form and ensure that your E-Visa will be issued on time.

These commercial websites might be a helpful option for tourists who want to avoid potential frustration and enjoy a hassle-free visa application process. They guarantee that your E-Visa application is handled quickly and that it will be delivered on schedule by offering an extra layer of assurance and support.

I strongly advise applying for an e visa Vietnam 90 days if you have travel plans to Vietnam. It is a fantastic method to cut costs and save time, and it will allow you greater freedom in your itinerary planning. We hope that this article's content has made it easier for you to comprehend the most recent changes to the 90-day electronic visa. Contact us at +84 28 7303 6167 or email [email protected] to get additional details regarding this new E-Visa.

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