Instruct On The Procedure To Check Application Status E Visa

  • October 17,2023

Applying for an E-Visa is the ideal option if you're searching for a speedy and hassle-free method to start your Vietnam travel journey. You are permitted to come to Vietnam for 30 days. This guide contains more information about how to check application status e visa for Vietnam.


It's critical to comprehend the many visa options if you're organizing a journey to Vietnam. For individuals merely intending a brief visit to Vietnam, the e-visa is a popular option. 

The E-Visa availability to citizens of 80 different nations is one of its outstanding features. As a result, if your country is on the list of eligible nations for the Vietnam visa waiver program, you won't need to go through the effort of obtaining a conventional Vietnam visa. Alternatively, you can just apply for a Vietnam tourist visa.


Application: You can get an E-Visa on your own or through a visa agency.

Cost: There is a non-refundable fee for getting an E-Visa to Vietnam. Visitors will use the authorized electronic payment mechanism provided by the Immigration Department for making payments.

Entry and exit points: There are 33 ports in Vietnam, including 8 airports, 16 landports, and 9 seaports. However, you must enter the nation through the port indicated on your E-Visa.

You must present the following paperwork to get a Vietnam e-visa:

  • A passport that is at least six (6) months from the day you intend to enter Vietnam

  • A crisp, high-quality.jpg file of your entire passport data page

  • A jpg-format passport photo with a white background and no glasses

  • An accepted international credit or debit card for application payments

  • An email address where you can send support requests

  • A transitory address in Vietnam.

  • Entry and departure times, along with entry and exit dates


The complete guide will lay the foundation for foreigners to get a Vietnam E-Visa. 

Check application status e visa - visa procedures

How to get an E-Visa for a trip in Vietnam

Step 1: Submit the application

Access the website at the Vietnam Immigration Department. Select "Electronic Visa" from the menu, and three choices will be provided to you: international airlines, foreigners, and Vietnamese guaranteeing organizations. 

You'll be taken to a screen with general instructions for the application process. Before moving forward, it is crucial to carefully read these instructions. After reading the guidelines, check the box and select "Next" to get to the application form.

Step 2: Submit the necessary data

Three components make up the Vietnam E-Visa application form: personal information, trip details, and visa request.

Individual Details 

You must upload two photos to the personal information section: the passport data page and your Vietnam E-Visa photo. These photographs must be under 2MB in size and in jpg, jpeg, or gif format. Your portrait photo must meet the specifications for the Vietnam e-visa photo. The passport data page must have all the necessary information.

It's crucial to remember that your complete name must be supplied exactly as it appears on your passport when providing your personal details. Many candidates make the error of swapping the order of their first and last names.  You must choose male or female and input your birthdate in the format DD/MM/YYYY or select it from the calendar.

Additionally, you will be required to choose your current nationality from a selection menu. This needs to match the nationality listed on the page where you apply for the e-visa. You can enter it as an optional field if your nationality at birth was different. Additionally, if you don't practice any religion, you must put "none," "no," or "N/A" in place of your actual religion. You cannot omit this field from your submission.

A working email address is required because it will be used to check application status e visa. Enter your passport number, choose the type (diplomatic, official, or ordinary), and specify the expiration date as it appears on your passport before submitting the form.

Information on travel

This part is quite simple to understand. Indicate your anticipated date of entry, expected stay length, and intended purpose of admission. You must also include your anticipated temporary residential address, which can be the address of the hotel you have reserved, a relative's or friend's house, or any other accommodations that have been sponsored.

Give the name and official Vietnam address of any agency or business that is guaranteeing your trip. Additionally, if your kids are traveling with you to Vietnam, make sure to include their entire name, birthdate, and passport photo.

Request for a visa

Starting on the day of your intended entry, your e-visa will be valid. You can manually insert a different date using the format DD/MM/YYYY if necessary.

Select your entry and exit points from the list of 33 available ports. It is noted that you won't be able to change them once your e-visa has been granted.

Make sure all of the information you've supplied is accurate before completing your application. Your Vietnam e-visa registration could be refused if there is a mistake. 

Step 3: Pay the E-Visa cost

Paying the 25 USD E-Visa cost to receive the visa result after several processing days.

Step 4: Check application status e visa

Entering your registration code, registration email, and date of birth in the E-Visa search option will allow you to see the status of your application. Your E-Visa can be printed out and used to enter and leave Vietnam as a legal visa document.


You can check application status e visa by checking the updates delivered to the email address you supplied on the web form. You will receive frequent updates on the status of your application if you submit your Vietnam E-Visa application using this website.

Check application status e visa - instructions

Instructions on how to check the application status of a visa

The status of a visa can be checked in a variety of ways. We will describe the three most common approaches in this article.

Check the status of your visa online

If your visa application is received in good faith by the competent authority, you will be given a receipt. This receipt will have a file or receipt number. By dialing these numbers, customers can easily check the status of their visa results on the Vietnam E-Visa website.

You can then sign up for the service to automatically receive an email or text alert when the status of your profile review is updated. Along with the application's status, the applicant may also check the length of time it will take to process the visa application and the time it will take to receive it.

Call to check the status of your visa

The second method to check application status e visa is to give the visa agency a call. When you contact a member of the support team, they will help you by answering and providing the information you require. Applicants for visas can today readily access information, use services relating to visas, and check the progress of their visa applications.

Please bear in mind that you must be prepared with the case number or ID number before calling. Also, take note of the following during the call:

  • Date and hour of the call

  • The caller's name and caller ID number of the recipient

  • The call center staff will inform you if your visa application is still pending.

  • Indicate the reference number.

Verify your visa's status by email

In addition to the previously mentioned two methods, applicants may also email the Vietnam Visa Agencies support center by email to inquire about the status of their visa.

When you contact someone to ask how your case is doing, emails are frequently sent. As a result, the email must contain the applicant's saved information from the guided call.

  • Your call's time and date

  • For inbound calls, the recipient details are as follows: Contact information for the caller

  • A reference number is given by the expert if the application is denied.


Below is a list of the various processing statuses to check application status e visa:

Vietnam E-Visa status "Pending"

The Vietnam E-Visa processing status will initially be listed as "pending" after paying the processing fee and submitting the online form. This information will remain that way until the application is either granted or denied.

As applications might take up to 3 days to process, it is advisable that you wait at least 3 days before checking to see if the visa status has changed from "pending."

After three days from the completion of the application, you may file a contact form asking why the delay occurred. You should do this if the visa status has not changed from "pending" to another status. However, it's crucial to keep in mind that if there are numerous applications, it could take up to 10 days for an E-Visa to be processed.

Rejected E-visa application for Vietnam

The Vietnam E-Visa application was denied if the application status changed from "pending" to "denied". In which case, you will need to fill out a new online visa application.

A Vietnam E-Visa application may be rejected due to errors or missing information on the form. Sending a photo that does not adhere to the Vietnam E-Visa photograph specifications also increases the visa rejection. Avoiding these mistakes is crucial because the precise reason an E-Visa for Vietnam has been denied isn't usually stated.

Vietnam's electronic visas can be obtained quickly and easily using the government's online system. Another viewpoint is that because it is done online, candidates are more likely to make errors, which regrettably cannot be corrected after submission. Here, we outline several frequent E-Visa Vietnam errors so that you won't make the same ones.

Ineligible Vietnam E-Visa photo 

You must upload a photo on your mobile device in order to apply online. In some cases, applicants utilize a cropped version of an original image to fit the required dimensions. As a result, the image becomes so hazy that the official cannot see it clearly. It can be one of the reasons they don't like them. To prepare more effectively, you might review the Vietnam e-visa photo requirements.

Uploading the incorrect image of your passport is another error with photographs. Your portrait and the data page from your passport must both be uploaded in the very first phase of the procedure.

Incorrect passport information

Foreigners commonly make this E-Visa Vietnam mistake when they check application status e visa. People continue to type conflicting information with that in their official passport, despite the fact that the passport page has just been displayed above. 

Check application status e visa - common mistakes

Check the information again to avoid unexpected situations when conducting the visa procedure

Missing full names, misspelled names, names spelled backwards, dates of birth that don't match, mismatched passport numbers, and other errors can all be considered inaccurate details. 

Your E-Visa will be issued with incorrect information, which could result in your boarding request being denied at the departure ports. Therefore, before submitting the form, double-check that all of your entries are accurate.

Inaccurate date entry

Although the date format is listed as dd/mm/yyyy next to the field names, some visitors write their dates in the order of mm/dd/yyyy out of habit. Date of birth, passport expiration date, and anticipated date of entrance are fields on the application form that are related to this error. It matters, as the airlines will not let you go on board with the wrong date on your visa unless you have a new visa.

Inflexibility of the entry port

It states that the visa is valid at all major international airports upon arrival. Thus, you can choose from 8 different airports in Vietnam for your arrival port. In contrast, an E-Visa only permits entry through the port you choose on the application. 

The improper entry point for a Vietnam E-Visa frequently stems from misunderstanding this requirement. Therefore, defining the arrival port in advance and selecting it appropriately from the list of online forms is required for individuals who wish to obtain an E-Visa.

Expired arrival date

The effective arrival date and validity period of the Vietnam e-visa are two things that people frequently misunderstand. From the day they actually arrive in Vietnam, they expect it will still be valid in 30 days. Because of this, they arrive in Vietnam as the visa's expiration date approaches, which cuts down on their time there and may necessitate a visa extension.

The arrival date that you specified on the application form is actually the start date for the e-visa. Despite the fact that you cannot enter Vietnam before the specified arrival date but only on or after it, you shouldn't keep your entry from happening for too long. Alternatively, the validity period of 30 days expires if nothing shows up. Consequently, it is worthwhile to have a clear strategy and flying schedule before traveling to Vietnam.

Tracking status online

Due to the online nature of the process, applicants could believe that the results would be sent to the specified email automatically. Or perhaps they simply aren't aware of the website's status check feature. To manually verify whether your application has been granted after three working days, you must actively go to the Vietnam Immigration Department's website. The outcome is monitored using the registration code, email address, and birthdate. Due to the high volume of applications received each day, no emails or electronic visas will be delivered to applicants.

No double-checking of the data in the E-Visa

These aforementioned errors can occasionally occur, which results in Vietnam E-Visa incorrect information. However, you still have time to apply for a new one and rearrange flights as soon as possible if you can identify those when downloading an e-visa. It will be less expensive and have fewer bad consequences than getting turned away at the airport on the day of departure.

Although it does not happen frequently, the Vietnam Immigration Department occasionally makes mistakes with E-Visas. When you obtain the visa, double-check all the information, and if you discover any errors, alert the department so they can address them right away.

Approval of the Vietnam E-Visa application

The Vietnam E-Visa status should change to "approved" if the application was granted.

A copy of your online Vietnam visa will be emailed to the email address you provided on the application once it has been accepted. The eVisa must then be printed out and brought to the border when you arrive.


You can contact us by filling out an online form if a Vietnam eVisa application is still delayed after 5 days and you haven't found an update in any of their email folders (including spam).

The following details should be provided along with the statement "I want to check the status of my submitted application" as the reason for your contact.

  • Passport number and name

  • Inbox address

  • Application number (included in the email confirmation)

  • Within 72 hours, a member of our customer care team will answer your question.

Beyond obtaining a legitimate travel authorization, anyone going with an issued E-Visa should be aware of Vietnam entrance limitations. For instance, you must enter the country using the same passport that you used to submit your online application. Dual nationals should be aware of this so there are no issues when crossing the border into Vietnam.


Follow this list of FAQs below to make sure you know all related information about the E-Visa.

Check application status e visa - FAQs

Related matters about the E-Visas that foreigners need to focus on

How long is the validity of a Vietnam E-Visa?

The 30-day validity period of the Vietnam E-Visa allows visitors to stay in Vietnam.

What is the processing time for an E-Visa to Vietnam?

The processing time for an electronic visa for Vietnam is three working days. It may take longer than normal if there are too many applications to process. Making your application one to two weeks prior to travel is therefore recommended.

How much does an E-Visa for Vietnam cost?

Vietnam's E-Visa has a 25 USD cost. When completing your application on the official website for an E-Visa to Vietnam, you only need to make one payment.

Getting an E-Visa will become quicker and easier, so you can save time and effort. Hopefully, this article is helpful for you to get a visa rapidly for a meaningful trip in Vietnam. Contact us at +84 28 7303 6167 or email [email protected] to get more insight on how to check application status e visa.

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