Approval Letter Visa Vietnam – Full Details For Visitors

  • October 04,2023

The approval letter visa Vietnam is a crucial document to have if you're thinking about visiting Vietnam. Let's make sure you provide all the information you need to receive your visa approval letter without any difficulty. Explore all the related information about this visa document below!


Many tourists have their hearts set on visiting Vietnam, a nation famed for its beautiful landscapes and extensive cultural history. Understanding the visa procedures for entering Vietnam is essential before you begin packing your bags. Visitors should go into depth about how the Vietnam visa approval letter can be used to enter the country. The definition of this approval letter is the first thing you need to be aware of.

Foreign citizens can choose an Embassy visa with the offline visa procedure. However, it is difficult for foreigners in nations without a Vietnamese diplomatic post to get an embassy visa. With the Vietnam visa clearance letter, the procedure has become more effective, saving money, time, and effort when compared to getting a conventional visa.

Foreigners can enter Vietnam with a Vietnam visa approval letter. However, foreign nationals are required to present their authorization letter and have their visas stamped in their passports by immigration agents at the international border checkpoint before entering. The Vietnam visa approval letter is insufficient to gain entrance into Vietnam without the visa stamp in the passport.

The Vietnam Immigration Department has the official authority to issue an approval letter visa Vietnam. Foreign nationals need a qualified legal sponsor or guarantor who is based in Vietnam in order to get the approval letter.


The following details are normally included in the approval letter for a foreign national to enter Vietnam:

  • All details about the sponsor

  • All details about the sponsored

  • The trip's purposes 

  • The duration of the stay

  • The location where you may pick up your Vietnam visa

A visa is not included in the approval letter for the Vietnam visa. To get their visas stamped, foreigners must present a copy of the visa approval letter to the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate or the international border post.


The following steps must be taken in order to apply for a Vietnam visa approval letter:

Approval letter visa Vietnam - visa procedures

The procedure for getting an approval letter visa Vietnam

Step 1: Collect all the critical paperwork

The required documentation to get a visa acceptance letter may differ depending on the purpose of the entry.

Step 2: Submit the request for a letter of approval for a visa

The Vietnam Immigration Department should receive one set of application materials from the sponsoring entity (the applicant). If all the visa documents are submitted, the immigration officer will provide a receipt and set a date for the results to be collected.

Step 3: Get the outcome

On the designated day, the Immigration Department will let the applicant know the outcome. The entrance date and the place where the foreign national's visa will be stamped will be mentioned in the letter approving the visa.

Step 4: Pay the cost and obtain the letter approving their visa

Once the permission letter for the Vietnam visa has been issued, the applicant must notify the foreign national and transmit the approval letter to them by courier, fax, or email.

The foreign person must fill out Form NA1 and present it along with a 3×4 photo, their passport, and a copy of the Vietnam visa acceptance letter. Moreover, the visa stamping fee at the visa stamping station in order to enter Vietnam also needs to be paid fully.


To get an approval letter visa Vietnam, follow up on these documents to run the visa procedures smoothly:

For international citizens

  • A completed application for a visa approval letter (Form NA2) in accordance with the regulations of the Immigration Department

  • A scan of their passport.

  • Details regarding the admission date and length of stay in Vietnam Details regarding the requested visa stamping place (Tan Son Nhat Airport, Noi Bai Airport, Moc Bai Border Gate, etc.)

For sponsoring organizations

  • Certificate of business registration or investment authorization.

  • Registration document for a tax identification number (TIN).

  • A letter of introduction including the authorized company representative's signature and seal.

  • A letter of authorization for the stamping of visas at a border crossing or international airport.


The cost is determined by how frequently and for how long you enter. The particulars are as follows:

  • $25 USD for one entry

  • Multiple entry times in a 3-month period: $50 USD

  • Multiple entry times between three and six months cost $95 USD.

  • Multiple entries between six months and a year cost $135 USD.

  • Multiple entries between one and two years cost $145 USD.

  • Multiple entries cost $155 USD for 2 to 5 years.

  • $25 USD for non-residents under the age of 14


We give you important details and practical advice to make the process of applying for a visa letter easier:

Approval Letter Visa Vietnam - tips for traveling

Useful advice for the best trip to Vietnam

  • An approval letter visa Vietnam is only valid if you are flying there. You can apply for an E-visa or visa at the Vietnamese Embassy if you want to enter Vietnam by sea ports or border crossings. Therefore, before traveling to the airport in your nation, remember to print it and carry it safely.

  • A confirmation email will arrive shortly after you submit your request for a visa letter. This email includes every detail that you have already provided (personal information, arrival and exit dates, kind of visa letter, and length of stay). Please carefully review everything, and let the Vietnam Immigration Department know right away if you spot any mistakes.

  • It's possible that the information on the visa letter you receive pertains to someone else. Tell the Vietnamese government when you apply if you want a private one that only contains information about you and your family.

  • Vietnam is a stunning nation that is well worth visiting. Vietnam will provide a distinctive and enthralling travel experience on your Asia tour due to its beautiful scenery, rich culture, and lengthy history.

  • Depending on the region, different seasons are optimal for traveling to Vietnam. Anytime you visit Vietnam, there will be something fresh to see. Therefore, be sure to mark your calendar so you won't forget it!

  • Individuals intending to travel to Vietnam are strongly encouraged to visit well-known cities like Ha Giang, Hanoi, or Ho Chi Minh City. Moreover, picturesque coastal areas like Phu Quy, Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Da Nang, and Ha Long are also "hot-hunting" tourist attractions.


Travelers who intend to visit Vietnam by air need to have a Vietnam visa acceptance letter. To help you better comprehend the procedure, follow up on several commonly asked questions below:

How long does it take to receive the visa approval letter?

With the exception of weekends and public holidays, standard visa processing typically takes 3–6 working days. If you need the process to go more quickly, there are also options for urgent circumstances.

What is the price of getting the Vietnam visa acceptance letter?

The service charge varies according to the type of visa you seek, the number of applicants in your group, and how quickly you need your approval letter visa Vietnam to be processed.

When should expats submit their requests for the approval letter?

At least a week or two prior to your anticipated departure for Vietnam, you should submit an application for an approval letter. You'll have plenty of time to address any unforeseen issues if you submit your application early.

After receiving the approval letter, how can expats obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival?

Following receipt of the approval letter visa Vietnam on arrival, you can take the following actions to receive the visa at a specific Vietnamese airport:

You must print the approved letter, which must be readable and clear because you must display it when you arrive.

Along with the printed approval letter, get the following ready:

  • A passport that is current.

  • Two photographs the size of a passport (4 x 6 cm).

  • To cover the cost of the visa stamping at the airport, bring cash (in USD or VND).

When you arrive at one of Vietnam's international airports, go to the desk for visas-on-arrival. Then, you need to hand the immigration officer your passport, the printed approval letter visa Vietnam, two passport-sized pictures, and the visa stamping cost.

Your documentation will be examined by an immigration official. They will stamp your visa for you if everything is in order. Your permitted number of admissions and length of stay will be indicated on the visa stamp.

You should then head to the immigration clearance counter after receiving the visa stamp. You'll be given permission to enter Vietnam after the immigration officer completes the required steps.

Getting the approval letter visa Vietnam is an important step to take before starting your Vietnamese journey. It speeds up the visa application procedure and guarantees a simple entry into this stunning nation. After obtaining your visa approval letter, you can travel to Vietnam with confidence to see its wonders and create priceless memories. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] if you need more details about this subject.

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