How To Get A 5 Years Visa Vietnam In A Simplified Manner

  • October 05,2023

For anyone arranging an exciting trip to this alluring Southeast Asian country, our thorough reference to the 5 years visa Vietnam is an indispensable tool. It is easier to navigate the complex visa requirements for traveling to Vietnam. Let's explore the world of Vietnam visas as we reveal the essential procedures for a smooth application process.


The basic details of the 5 years visa Vietnam are mentioned to give visitors a basic overview. 

5 years visa Vietnam - basic details

A basic overview of a 5 years visa Vietnam for foreign nationals

What is the 5-year visa for Vietnam?

A lengthy authorization that enables visitors to enter and remain in Vietnam for up to five years is the 5 year visa Vietnam. This longer alternative enables visitors to conveniently explore the nation's varied landscapes. They have opportunities to immerse themselves in its rich cultural tapestry and develop deeper ties without time restrictions.

Who qualifies for a 5-year visa to Vietnam?

The following two main groups make up the eligibility requirements for the 5-year Vietnam visa:

  • First, Vietnamese who are abroad and possess a foreign passport or a document equivalent with a minimum one-year validity are eligible. Those who hold a green card or some other document issued by a foreign nation that permits permanent residency may nonetheless be eligible. This document must remain valid for at least one year from the extended entry date to fly to Vietnam.

  • The second benefit of the visa is that it applies to the foreign wives and kids of Vietnamese nationals and expatriate Vietnamese.

With this open-minded strategy, both Vietnamese people and visitors from other countries will have the exceptional chance to experience Vietnam's compelling sides over an extended period of time.


Visa validity

  • 5 years of maximum

Length of stay

  • 6 months

Applicable objects

  • Vietnamese who live abroad

  • Vietnamese living abroad who have spouses and children who are foreigners

  • Vietnamese citizens who are married to or have children with foreigners

Essential documents

  • A current passport or other recognized foreign travel document

  • A form (Form NA9) for applying for a visa

  • A pair of passport-size pictures (02).

  • Additional evidence that applicants are qualified for visa exemption

Where to apply

  • The Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate

  • The Vietnam Immigration Department

Handling time

  • 4-6 business days


  • 10-20 dollars paid to the Vietnam Immigration Department


Two different forms of the 5 years visa Vietnam are available:

  • For Vietnamese who are living abroad and visitors from other countries, a visa sticker is used to stamp the visa onto the passport. With the necessity of conventional visa applications removed, this offers a streamlined entry procedure.

  • The visa book is intended for foreign individuals using passports from nations or territories without diplomatic relations with Vietnam.  Vietnamese who are abroad and only have a permanent residence card issued by a foreign government can also consider this option.


Check all the document requirements to make sure all the stages of visa procedures are finalized.

5 years visa Vietnam - required documents

Foreigners need to check all the document requirements before applying

Vietnamese immigrants abroad

With different applicable objects, the required documents can be changed so far as they are suitable.

  • Application forms for a 5 years visa Vietnam

  • Two 4×6 cm images with a white backdrop, one of which should be attached to the application form.

  • Colored passport-size photos

  • Passport or comparable document: Valid for at least one year

For Vietnamese citizens or overseas Vietnamese who have foreign spouses and children

Follow these documents to prepare well in advance to reduce the visa’s rejection, specifically:

  • Form of application

  • Color photographs the size of a passport: Two white-background photographs, each measuring 4 by 6 cm

  • Passport or similar document with a minimum one-year validity

  • Evidence of a relationship


All the information regarding the 5 years visa Vietnam below will clarify several of your concerns.

Where should the 5-year Vietnam visa application be sent?

You can submit an application for the 5 years visa Vietnam at the Vietnam authorities that are nearest to your home address in your nation. In order to ensure a quick and accurate process, these diplomatic embassies act as the official routes for processing visa applications. Check the embassy or consulate you intend to apply to's specific guidelines and application procedure.

How long does it take to process a 5-year visa for Vietnam?

The following procedures must be completed within the 5 years visa Vietnam application period:

  • The relevant overseas Vietnamese embassy or consulate will send the applicant's details to the Vietnam Immigration Department within one working day of receiving a complete application.

  • The relevant overseas Vietnamese embassy or consulate will be reviewed and contacted by the Immigration Department within three working days.

  • The relevant overseas Vietnamese embassy or consulate will issue the 5-year Vietnam visa within 1 working day of receiving the response from the Immigration Department.

Vietnam visa fee for 5 years

Fees for applications for 5-year visa exemptions may vary depending on the issuing entity (Vietnam Embassy/Consulate overseas or Vietnam Immigration Department).

Department of Immigration of Vietnam Fees:

  • Initial issuance: $20 US

  • Starting with the second printing: US$10

Can a 5-year visa for Vietnam be renewed?

In the event of loss, damage, expiration, or the need to modify the information on the visa, a new 5-year Vietnam visa may be granted. The following documents must be submitted with the application for a new visa:

  • Form of visa application

  • Color photographs the size of a passport: Two white-background photographs, each measuring 4 by 6 cm, with one attached to the application form.

  • Passport, an equivalent document, or a permanent residency permit issued abroad, all of which must remain for at least one year.

  • If a visa is lost, visitors need to inform the Vietnamese government about the loss.

  • A certified copy or the original document is required for verification in the event of information modification.

Vietnam – the best option for a travel list

Vietnam is a stunning nation that is worth visiting once in a lifetime. It is an alluring location due to its varied landscapes, cultural legacy, and energetic cities. This fascination is made even more accessible by the 5 years visa Vietnam, which offers a lengthy period of time to thoroughly immerse oneself in the country's amenities.

Think about the ideal season to visit Vietnam to experience its many temperatures and celebrations. From the busy streets of Hanoi to the picturesque lanes of Hoi An, all made your trip in this S-shaped nation more fantastic.

The 5 years visa Vietnam is a key that opens up long journeys and gives you the freedom to travel at your own speed while seeing this magical country. Every region of Vietnam becomes more approachable and attractive with this visa type. This visa's ease of use and flexibility present a special chance to gain lifelong experiences. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to get additional details regarding all concerns about this option.

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