1 Year Tourist Visa Vietnam – Key To The Best Trip In S-Shaped Nation

  • October 18,2023

Have you ever dreamed about a memorable trip in Vietnam for a long-term duration? Maintaining up-to-date with the most recent information regarding the 1 year tourist visa Vietnam is crucial for a successful and trouble-free journey. Let's consider the information below to make better preparations for your trip in advance! 


Foreigners worldwide are qualified to apply for a 1 year tourist visa Vietnam with a 90-day maximum stay per entry. Since this judgment took effect in August 2016, the inhabitants of a lot of nations have greatly benefited. Individuals who frequently visit Vietnam for vacation within a year are strongly encouraged to apply for this type of visa, depending on their needs.

1 year tourist visa Vietnam - basic details

General details about the 1 year tourist visa Vietnam

Brief of a 1 year tourist visa

Introduction year

Visa eligibility

Length of stay

How to get 


As of August 2026

Tourists who wish to enter Vietnam for a long period of time

1 year with a maximum of 90 days per entry

1-year visa Embassy

Visas on arrival for 1 year

Expats’ visas need to remain valid for at least 1 year.

Follow strictly the photo requirements to get a 1 year tourist visa Vietnam.

Who is qualified?

All citizens from countries outside Vietnam, with the exception of green card holders or Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs), are eligible to register for a 1 year tourist visa Vietnam.

Critical requirements

The following criteria must be satisfied to obtain a 1 year tourist visa Vietnam:

  • Guaranteeing your passport is valid for at least a year

  • Having a firm, organization, or visa agency in Vietnam to ensure your entry at Vietnam's checkpoints.

  • Having round-trip tickets booked for entering and leaving Vietnam.


Applicants must prepare all of the following documentation in order to submit a visa application:

  • Application for a visa submitted by the specified organizations or agencies (Form NA2).

  • Tour itinerary, airline tickets, and hotel reservations.

  • Entry date and designated checkpoints.

  • Personal photos


For a 1 year tourist visa Vietnam, visitors have a choice between the two methods listed below.

1 year tourist visa Vietnam - general procedures

Procedures for a Vietnam tourist visa for 1 year

  • Embassy or Consulate visas: To learn more about the documentation needs, get in touch with the Vietnam embassy that is most conveniently located in your home country. The process may take 5 working days after you have submitted all necessary documentation. The cost of the visa is paid, you get your original passport returned, and you obtain the visa well in advance of your travel.

  • Visas on arrival: You submit an online application for a visa approval letter at a Vietnamese agency. You receive the letter from the immigration department and the visa application form after a couple of days. Prepare your original passport, two passport-size photos (4x6cm each, taken within the past six months), and the stamping fee to obtain a visa stamp at the airport in Vietnam. Print a hard copy of these documents before boarding the aircraft.


The cost of your 1 year tourist visa Vietnam will depend on the method you choose.

Depending on the Embassy you choose to submit your visa application to, different embassy fees apply for a Vietnam visa. Two types of fees are required for a visa on arrival: a service fee and a stamping cost.

Although the stamping price at the Vietnam airport is set at US $135, the service fee varies depending on the type of visa. 

Processing time: 2 working days, 1 working day, 2-4 hours for a tourist visa, depending on foreigners’ requests. A 1 year tourist visa Vietnam takes about 5 working days to process at the Embassy (excluding holidays). Whereas, a visa on arrival takes 2-4 days for a visa letter (urgent service is available) and 15–30 minutes in line at the airport for a visa stamp.

The total cost of the one-year Vietnam visa for foreigners is shown here.

  • Service fees: from $50 to $90

  • Stamping fees at the airport: $135.


The primary distinction between the 1 year tourist visa and the 1 year business visa is the length of time that foreigners can actually stay in Vietnam.

The longest stay permitted in Vietnam with a one-year tourist visa is 30 days. Foreigners cannot stay in Vietnam for longer than 30 days per entry time. Instead, you must leave the nation and come back for another 30 days, or you can think about extending your visa in Vietnam.

You are only permitted to stay in Vietnam for a total of 1 year tourist visa Vietnam. As a result, if you want to stay in Vietnam for more than 30 days with numerous entry times, a 1-year multiple-entry tourist visa is the best option.


Here are a few of the most typical errors made when requesting a 1 year tourist visa Vietnam.

Misspelled words or inaccurate information on the application form

When completing the online form, it is crucial that every word be written accurately. The following information must match the passport exactly:

  • Entire name

  • PIN for a passport

  • Birthdate

Even if the visa is authorized, entrance may be denied at the border if the information on the passport and the visa do not match or if any of these details are entered improperly.

Such errors can be avoided by specialized organizations with experience filling out the applications, which lowers the likelihood of being turned away at the border.

The image doesn't adhere to the required standards

An image in the format of a passport must be submitted when applying for a 1 year tourist visa Vietnam. This must adhere to the tight guidelines for the online Vietnam visa's photo requirements; otherwise, the application will be denied.

Prior to the image being approved, each of the following will be evaluated:

  • The picture's size and weight.

  • The photo's detail and quality.

  • The subject's expression on his face.

  • How to wear accessories like scarves and eyewear.

Applications for eVisa frequently get rejected because of problems with the images; in this case, a fresh application must be submitted. The same requirements are present when applying for a Vietnam visa upon arrival. To accompany the previously received Vietnam Approval Letter, applicants must provide two pictures printed on glossy paper.

Causes of entry refusal in Vietnam

Even if your visa application is approved, you may still be denied entry to Vietnam. Foreigners may be turned away at the border if the form is filled out incorrectly.

Travelers frequently encounter problems with the date of arrival at the border. Contrary to popular belief, the visa is only valid as of the date specified when the application was submitted.

Because of this uncertainty, some travelers try to enter Vietnam before their application deadline or after it has already expired. In this situation, admission into Vietnam will not be permitted.

The visitor's passport also becomes a problem. Passports must adhere to the following requirements in order to enter Vietnam: 

  • Be clear, undamaged, and in good condition.

  • Be valid for six more months, minimum.

  • Include a photo that shows the holder clearly.

Applying for a Vietnam visa in advance of getting a visa on arrival is the easiest approach to preventing having your application rejected, as any issues may be found and fixed beforehand.


Let's look at a few travel suggestions for an easier trip to Vietnam:

1 year tourist visa Vietnam - tips for traveling

Advice for a better vacation in Vietnam for a long period of time

Having specific objectives

Before traveling, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of why you are visiting Vietnam. It enables you to enjoy yourself carefree and without any regrets when traveling. As a result, planning your trip in advance can help you have a safe and optimal trip.

Get a visa in advance

To guarantee a hassle-free vacation, you must obtain your visa at least a week before leaving. Therefore, it is crucial to submit your visa application on time in order to receive it before your trip. Foreigners find it easier to organize their itinerary while waiting for their visas to be issued.

Keep a to-do list

This is one of the most crucial items you should have if you want to take a hassle-free vacation. Having a well-thought-out plan for your trip will enable you to visit all you want at the time you want, unwind, and get rid of any tension you may be experiencing. Therefore, prioritizing your location and enjoying a hassle-free vacation can be made easier by having a well-prepared to-do list.

Document pouch

Having a separate pouch for each of your vital documents is crucial when traveling. Keeping all the appropriate documents in one pouch can make it easier for you to present them as needed. It also relieves the pressure of having to dig through your bag if someone asks for them.

Study the area

If you do not thoroughly investigate the area before you come, you can find yourself stuck in your hotel room due to the rain. Therefore, in order to enjoy a hassle-free trip, it is crucial to conduct a thorough study about the culture, locals, transportation, and temperature.

Study several local simple words

Despite the fact that English is widely spoken, it is always advisable to acquire a few Vietnamese words. This is particularly crucial when organizing a trip abroad. While there are many tourist guides available, it is usually preferable to learn a few local phrases so you can welcome people in their own language.

Respect cultural diversity

It is crucial to respect local customs and culture while abroad. Sometimes, you can get into trouble if you don't know how to respect cultural diversity. In order to enjoy your vacation without any issues, gaining knowledge about the culture and traditions of the country you intend to visit is essential.

Be ready

The most essential element you require for a stress-free trip is mental stability. You must step outside of your comfort zone to experience the best travel moments. Being well prepared for this will help you enjoy your holiday without any hassles.

This article provides all the details regarding the 1 year tourist visa Vietnam for visitors to be aware of. Please be informed that when all document criteria are precisely and completely satisfied, there is a higher likelihood that an E-Visa application will be approved. Please feel free to contact us at +84 28 7303 6167 or email [email protected] for foreigners to get this visa.

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