Guide To Apply For A 1 Year Business Visa Vietnam 

  • October 06,2023

With its booming economy and countless investment prospects, Vietnam has drawn businesspeople and professionals from all over the world. This post will walk you through the application process and give you the most recent information on a 1 year business visa Vietnam. You may save time, stay out of trouble, and concentrate on getting the most out of your business operations in Vietnam by adhering to these rules.


Foreigners may enter Vietnam for purposes of conducting business with the assistance of a 1 year business visa Vietnam. It is especially made for foreigners who want to conduct business there, go to conferences, make deals, or look for investment prospects. Depending on the type of visa received, the business visa allows travelers to stay in Vietnam for 1 year of maximum validity.

1 year business visa Vietnam - the definition

The definition of 1 year business visa Vietnam

To enter Vietnam for business purposes, a DN, LV, or DT of Vietnam business visa is issued. For businesspeople from countries with visa waivers, it is not included. The majority of foreigners select it in order to start a business or explore new opportunities in Vietnam.

There are two methods to obtain a business visa for Vietnam:

  • Visit the website and submit an application for a visa on arrival.

  • Come to the Embassy of Vietnam to finalize the visa procedure offline.

Although both application methods have their advantages, most foreigners choose the visa procedure online because it is quicker and less expensive. You will need a letter of invitation from a business partner in Vietnam if you apply for a 1 year business visa Vietnam at the Embassy.

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To meet the varying needs of individuals traveling to Vietnam for business, Vietnam offers a variety of business visas. Visa DN1 and Visa DN2 are the two primary categories of business visas.

DN1 visas

The DN1 visa is appropriate for those who intend to collaborate with Vietnamese businesses or organizations. The bearer of this visa is allowed to enter Vietnam for a maximum of 12 months and to carry out a variety of business activities there, such as attending meetings, signing contracts, or doing market research.

DN2 visas

For those who have the intention of building a business presence in Vietnam, a visa called DN2 is available. People who intend to start a business, build a branch, or invest in projects domestically should use this visa. The visa DN2 offers the essential flexibility to run and expand commercial activities while allowing the bearer to stay in Vietnam for up to 12 months.


Under certain conditions, some people may not need to have a business visa for Vietnam. Citizens of nations with which Vietnam has unilaterally or bilaterally exempted visa requirements are eligible for the exemption. For a brief time, these agreements often provide entry without a visa or with a visa upon arrival. It's vital to remember that depending on the citizen's nation of citizenship, the exemption requirements and length may change.


Foreign citizens usually need to present the following documents when obtaining a 1 year business visa Vietnam:

  • Passport that is current and has a minimum of six months left on it after the anticipated stay in Vietnam.

  • A visa application form, which may be finalized at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.

  • Two current photos fulfill all standard requirements.

  • A letter of invitation from a Vietnamese organization.

  • Proof of registration for a conference or pertinent business paperwork.

  • Flight tickets or an itinerary are examples of proof of travel reservations.

  • Total fees for a Vietnam 1-year visa.


Below are the comprehensive guidelines for expats to get a 1 year business visa Vietnam at the Embassy:

1 year business visa Vietnam - Embassy visas

Get a business visa at the Embassy to be entitled to attend any commercial activity in Vietnam

  • Locating your country's Embassy or Consulate you wish to visit to submit the visa application

  • A blank page must be present in the passport, and it must have a minimum validity of six months.

  • Downloading the form from the Embassy's website and completing the application at home. After ensuring the accuracy of the information, you need to bring them into their office with one passport photo that has been signed.

  • Your Vietnamese business partner will assist you in obtaining the letter of entry permission. You have to provide them with the type of visa, passport, and date of entry into Vietnam. Remember to add the name of the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate that you want to get the visa form from into the form.

  • Your desired length of stay and the number of entries will determine the visa charge. By speaking with the Embassy about your case, they can provide more information on the price. For a year-long business visa, express service is offered within five working days.


The long-term online application for a Vietnam business visa resembles one for a travel visa to Vietnam. You can apply online from home by sending our staff copies of your passport. Putting the sort of visa you want to apply for and how many days you need in the email and accepting payments using a bank account or PayPal.

You will receive a letter approving your visa after 48 working hours, once the payment has been verified. When your visa is still valid, you are eligible to enter Vietnam for business purposes. Bring this issued visa to fly to any of the nation's international airports in Vietnam.


There are numerous applicants getting visas at the same time as you, so don't panic due to the longer processing time.

A passport with at least six months of remaining validity, an entry-exit form with one passport photo, visa approval, and stamping costs ($50 for multiple visas and $25 for a single visa) must all be submitted. You will receive the passport stamp after ten to fifteen minutes.

Few and infrequent travel agencies offer long-term Vietnam business visas. However, one of the greatest companies that offers long-term, numerous business visas is Vietnam E-Visa. Egypt, the Middle East, Haiti, Africa, and Turkey are among the nations that are not eligible for a 1 year business visa Vietnam


If you need to stay in Vietnam for a longer amount of time than was initially permitted, a Vietnam business visa extension is typically an option. However, the extension procedure might be difficult and have requirements that must be satisfied. You will normally need to submit a visa application, your original passport, and other materials to the immigration office in Vietnam. Here are all the required documents that visitors need to extend their business visa.

To prevent any overstay penalties, you must begin the extension process before your existing visa expires. You must get in touch with the Vietnam Immigration Bureau or a trustworthy travel company there. They will walk you through each process and give you the relevant paperwork.

It's crucial to be aware that not all visas can be renewed and that the extension duration is frequently constrained. It is advised to speak with the appropriate authorities for thorough advice and assistance with visa extensions.

In order to be granted a business visa for Vietnam in 2023, you must fulfill certain criteria, provide the required paperwork, and follow the application procedure. You may improve your chances of receiving a positive response to your visa application by ensuring you have all the essential data. Completing all information accurately on the visa application also influences the visa extension results.


Several variables might affect the price of a 1 year business visa Vietnam, such as nationality, visa types, and the application method. The visa fees can often fluctuate from $80 to $250 or more.

1 year business visa Vietnam - visa costs

Check the visa cost with the Vietnam authorities to adjust your budget for the best Vietnam trip

This visa opens the door for foreigners who desire to conduct business in Vietnam. It is noted that some Consulates or Embassies may charge a fee for issuing a visa. Along with the stamping fee, there may be other charges at the Embassy's office.


A Vietnam business visa's processing times can also change. Typically, there are three processing choices:

  • Typical processing: It can take five to seven business days to review and assess all aspects of a visa application. It's the most popular and reasonably priced choice that foreigners choose for their trips.

  • Rush processing: It is an option if you require your visa more quickly, within 1 to 2 business days. This option is usually more expensive than standard processing.

  • Urgent processing: For the fastest processing time, you can choose urgent processing, which can be completed in as little as one business day. It is the most expensive option, so you should consider carefully before deciding to utilize this visa application method.


Here are some additional considerations to make while requesting a 1-year business visa in Vietnam:

  • During the busiest travel times, the processing time for a business visa could increase.

  • If you are requesting a multiple-entry or one-year visa, you might also need to submit extra paperwork. It includes a letter of business invitation or evidence of employment.

  • It is essential to confirm the most recent rates with the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate, as the visa fee is subject to change at any time.


Business visas offer a chance for expats to do business in the potential market of Vietnam. Here is the summary of a 1-year business visa for your reference:

How simple is it to obtain a business visa for Vietnam?

If you meet the requirements and have the required papers, getting a business visa for Vietnam may not be too difficult.

How can foreigners obtain a one-year business visa to Vietnam?

You must normally submit an application through the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. You will require a sponsor in Vietnam, such as a business or nonprofit, to issue you an invitation letter.

What does a sponsorship letter mean?

A letter of sponsorship is a letter from a Vietnamese firm or group inviting you to travel there on business. It plays a crucial role in your visa application.

If I can give you the sponsorship letter, what is the visa application process?

You must submit your application to the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. Foreigners should prepare the letter of sponsorship and other necessary papers in order to obtain a visa. You will receive approval for your visa after processing it for several days. The Embassy or Consulate will then let you pick up your visa.

How can a visa for Vietnam be obtained in the simplest way?

The simplest method is to submit your application through a reputable visa service. Our services will help you get the required paperwork and direct you through the application procedure.

Should expats visit the immigration office in person to get a visa extension?

It’s generally recommended to obtain a visa extension in person at the Vietnam immigration department before your current visa expires. This guarantees adherence to immigration laws and helps avoid potential fines for overstaying.

In conclusion, obtaining a 1 year business visa Vietnam is required if you intend to visit the country for professional reasons. Gather all necessary paperwork and check the requirements to select the application process that best suits your needs. You can improve your chances of submitting a successful visa application by paying attention to these instructions and advice. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to refer to our expedited visa services.

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