Learn About Vietnam Visa Requirements For Turkish Citizens

  • August 31,2023

Many individuals are searching for the Vietnam visa requirements for Turkish citizens. In reality, Vietnam is located in a strategic position with a variety of fantastic sights. Therefore, it is an appealing destination that visitors should experience once in their lives.


Vietnam released a list of exempt nations for whom visas are not required to enter the country. Nations outside the list must obtain visas at a Vietnamese Embassy, Consulate, or through the E-Visa system. Regardless of whether travelers are coming for business, to meet their family, or for any other reason, holders of Turkish passports must obtain a Vietnam visa. Here is the list of Vietnam's visa-free countries:


Duration of visa-free 

Brunei, Myanmar

No more than 14 days


No more than 21 days

Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Cambodia, and Kyrgyzstan

No more than 21 days

Japan, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Finland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Belarus, and South Korea.

No more than 15 days

Citizens with APEC business cards from member economies of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)

No more than 60 days

Vietnam does not require a visa for visitors from overseas or Vietnamese nationals who are residents abroad who enter the country through an international border on Phu Quoc Island. The officials of the Vietnamese government discussed and enacted the Vietnam visa waiver program, which allows visitors to stay in Vietnam for less than 15 days.

Vietnam visa requirements for Turkish citizens - Vietnam visa waiver program

Turkish citizens are allowed to enter Phu Quoc Island without a visa

The important requirement for Turkish citizens to enter Phu Quoc Island is that their passports must be valid for at least 45 days. When Turkish visitors arrive in Phu Quoc, the Immigration Service on the island will issue them a Vietnam visa if they wish to visit other places or stay for more than 15 days.


Please take note that residents of the following countries may enter Vietnam without a visa for a maximum of 15 days at single entry: Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Finland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Belarus. 

After 30 days from the latest visit of Turkish citizens in Vietnam, visitors must be eligible to visit Vietnam again. These regulations are mentioned in the Vietnam visa exemption with 15 fee days for Turkish residents.


To legally enter and stay in Vietnam, the majority of foreign residents must get a visa. Due to cooperation between countries, some nations are exempt from applying for a Vietnam visa for a certain number of days. Unfortunately, citizens of Turkey are included on a list of countries that the Vietnam Immigration Department limits or thoroughly scrutinizes the dossier for. It is the reason why Turkish residents find it challenging to get a visa to Vietnam.

Many Turkish citizens indicated that visa procedures are too complicated for them to finalize for the first time. Visitors can obtain a Vietnam visa stamp at the nearest Vietnamese Embassy in Turkey. Another way is to get a visa stamp directly at the Vietnam International Airport (in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Da Nang, or Nha Trang) by obtaining a visa approval letter in advance from a reputable visa agency in Vietnam.


Vietnam visa requirements for Turkish citizens - visa types

The Vietnamese government offers many types of visas for Turkish citizens to obtain

Depending on travel purposes

  • Vietnam tourist visa

A Vietnam tourist visa is a kind of visa issued to those who are interested in traveling. All tourists must apply for this type of visa to be entitled to enter and explore the beautiful sights of Vietnam.

  • Vietnam business visa

The Vietnamese government launched business visas for those who plan to engage in commercial activities in Vietnam. They must join a conference, find a new partner, or open a new branch for their businesses.

  • Vietnam work visa

Citizens of Turkey fond of seeking a career in Vietnam can obtain Vietnam work visas. Turkish citizens must obtain a valid work permit to become workers for Vietnamese businesses. This requirement is stipulated not only in the Vietnam Immigration Law but also in the Vietnam Labor Law.

  • Vietnam TT/VR visa 

TT/VR is a visa type that applies to Vietnamese who have relatives staying or working in Turkey. The Immigration Department of Vietnam creates favorable conditions for overseas Vietnamese to visit their family or relatives in Vietnam.

Depending on the number of entries 

  • Single-entry visas

The single-entry visa defines the visa that allows visitors to enter Vietnam for any purpose once only.

  • Multiple entry visas

The Vietnamese government still grants a visa with multiple entries for Turkish citizens to enter Vietnam. This is the policy to make visitors’ journeys more convenient and meaningful. Since the multiple-entry visas were launched, a lot of positive feedback from Turkish citizens has been sent to the official website or fan page of the Vietnamese government.


The good news is that the Vietnamese government offers two simple and convenient ways for Turkish citizens to obtain a visa for Vietnam. In-depth instructions on how to obtain a Vietnam visa for Turkish citizens are provided in the sharing below:

Two visa application methods

Get a VOA (visa on arrival).

Visit the Vietnamese Embassy and Consulate to get a Vietnam visa in person or by post.

While each of these ways has benefits and drawbacks, it is highly recommended that visitors choose to obtain a visa on arrival as the best option. Regardless of Turkish citizens' travel purposes, the visa on arrival is also the first priority for them to complete the Vietnam visa requirements rapidly.

Vietnam visa requirements for Turkish citizens - visa requirements

Visitors need to learn about the Vietnam visa requirements for Turkish citizens and visa procedures

Option 1: Turkish citizens get a Vietnam visa on arrival 

A Vietnam visa on arrival is a practical choice with a number of benefits. Turkish citizens can apply for longer-term and multiple-entry visas using this type of visa without having to visit the Embassy in person or submit a postal application. All visitors have to do is pick up the Vietnam visa at international airports and obtain a pre-visa approval letter.

When getting a Vietnam visa, Turkish citizens must pay the stamping cost at the airport upon arrival:

The validity of a visa

The number of entries into Vietnam

Visa stamping fees

1 month or 3 month visa 

Single entry

USD 25

1 month or 3 month visa 

Multiple entry

USD 50


Cash (USD or VND) is required for the stamping charge, and bank transfers, debit cards, or credit cards are not acceptable. Visa approval letters are approved at several of Vietnam's international airports but do not take effect at the local one. As a result, only passengers flying to Vietnam can choose this visa application method to enter Vietnam with a valid visa.

For an additional fee, a tourist visa approval letter can be processed faster, within 1 day or 4 hours, in around 5 working days. While processing the letter of commercial approval takes seven working days as usual.

The pros of a Vietnam visa on arrival

  • It may be accomplished simply by filling out an online application form. It is useful when applying for any kind of visa, including 1 – 3 month single-entry visas for Vietnam.

  • Two costs visitors must cover are Vietnam visa stamping fees and the service charge for the approval letter. The service provider allows visitors to pay the Vietnam visa service charge online with different amounts of money for separate visa types. 

Relevant documents

The visa-on-arrival application procedures require Turkish citizens to submit relevant materials for Vietnamese immigration. It is no effort that citizens of Turkey need to get a Vietnam approval letter from the government. Several documents visitors must have to support the process of visa application are:

  • The copy page of visitors' original passports (6-month validity) has enough space (two empty blanks) to stick a visa stamp.
  • Flight tickets and hotel reservations are evidence to prove that trips will occur on the accurate dates filled out on the visa application forms.

To pass the Vietnamese customs security at the airport, several additional documents must be added to the visa application, as follows:

  • A visa approval letter, which was emailed to visitors after 3-5 working days.

  • Vietnamese visa application forms that are available on the Vietnamese government's website to download.

  • Two passport-sized photos fulfill all the requirements, such as 4×6 size, full face, white background, and without glasses.

  • Visitors must pay 25 USD or 50 USD for the stamping fee at the airport, depending on the type of entry.

Vietnam visa on arrival prices in detail

In terms of Vietnam visa on arrival fees, two mandatory visa fee types are needed for Turkish citizens to pay: visa service fees and stamping fees. Visitors will not make two payments at once; they pay the service fees first. For the stamping fee, Turkey will pay it for the Vietnamese immigration officer at the international airport in Vietnam.

  • For Vietnam visa service fees: Visitors must pay the service fees online for the Immigration Department of Vietnam to get a visa approval letter. Every visa type will have different fees that visitors need to cover in advance.

  • For Vietnam stamping fees: The immigration officer just approves stamping fee payments paid in cash at the Vietnam airport. The more you enter Vietnam, the more expenses you need to pay. Visitors are advised to bring US Dollars to complete the entry procedure as smoothly as possible.

To use our visa on arrival service, it is highly recommended that visitors check the visa service fee in the tables:

Visa categories

Length of stay

Vietnam service fees


Vietnam stamping fees


Single entry 

20-25 days



Multiple entry 

20-25 days



Notices for Turkish visitors to apply for Vietnam visas on arrival successfully

  • Turkish citizens just use the Vietnam approval letter if they book flight tickets to enter Vietnam. Particularly, only the Vietnamese immigration officer at the Vietnam international airport has the right to accept visitors' entry into Vietnam. In the event that residents of Turkey travel to Vietnam in other ways in addition to by plane, they need a Vietnam visa sticker instead.

  • The Vietnamese government will clearly demonstrate the validity of the Vietnam visa on the visa approval letter. If visitors stay longer than this period of time without offering a Vietnam visa extension, they must pay penalty fees according to Vietnam visa requirements for Turkish citizens.
  • Relating to Vietnam visa processing time, 8–10 business days are enough for the Vietnam Immigration Department to grant a visa to Turkish passport holders. Applicants are wise to complete the visa application forms and get an approval letter before their trips within 3–4 days. If the form has any problems, visitors can handle them to guarantee the plan takes place on schedule.

  • When visitors use any service at the Vietnamese government office, they must pay a service fee. Therefore, charging a fee to process the Vietnam visa approval letter is not exceptional. The Vietnam Immigration Department will not reimburse the visa fees for the rejected visa application.

Visa stamping fee for VOA (visa on arrival)

If visitors learn about the visa on arrival to enter Vietnam, they must be aware of the stamping fee. This amount of money will be collected by the Immigration officer at the airport to grant Turkish citizens a visa stamp. The customs officer will stick the stamp on the visitor's passport on the blank page. The standard stamping fee is on the list with full details, as follows:

Visa validity

Entry times

Stamping fees (USD/person)

1 month


USD 25 

1 month



3 months


USD 25 

3 months


USD 50

6 months


USD 95 

1 year


USD 135

Option 2: Turkish citizens obtain a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy

Turkish citizens evaluated the visa procedure offline at the offices of Vietnamese governments as the safest way to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. Visa stamps will be stuck on visitors' passports before they come to Vietnam. Therefore, it is not time-consuming for citizens of Turkey to complete the visa at the airport. 

Main features of obtaining visas at the Embassy

  • It is known as one of the traditional approaches to getting a visa when the internet is not common all over the world.

  • Turkish citizens can complete the visa process in person at the Vietnamese Embassy in Turkey. Another way is to make use of the convenience of the post to conduct the visa procedures.
  • For separate travel purposes and visa types, visitors can apply this visa approach to obtain a visa.

  • The Vietnam visa fees for Turkish passport holders will vary from Embassy to Embassy, and all expenses will be completed at the office.

  • Turkish residents spend 5 business days to get a Vietnam visa approval letter and 1-2 working days for any urgent situations.

Important documents 

  • Original passport (no less than 6 months validity).

  • The Vietnam visa application form can be downloaded online on the official website.

  • Two 4*6cm digital photos with a passport-sized, full face without wearing glasses

  • Fight tickets or hotel addresses where visitors reserve the accommodations.

  • Vietnam visa fees are according to the Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Turkish citizens or the Vietnam business visa requirements for Turkish citizens.

  • Other extra documents are needed if the Vietnamese Embassy requires visitors to add them to the application form.

Instructions to get a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy

Visitors take responsibility for preparing all the needed materials to apply for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy. Every stage of visa procedures will be covered by an official of the Vietnamese government to guarantee that all visa application steps are accurate. In case you have other nationalities, please visit the Vietnamese Embassy in your country to conduct the visa processing.

Vietnam Embassy's visa prices

There are no fixed visa fees for all the Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates all over the world. Therefore, visitors don’t feel too surprised when they pay more for a visa when applying to a different Embassy. 

Visitors must bring enough money to pay for the visa fees in order not to influence the visa processing time. For each period of time, the visa fees will be modified, so Turkish citizens should contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate to update their information about the visa prices at that time.


As we mentioned above, visitors from Turkey not only get a Vietnam visa at the Embassy but also get a visa stamped at Vietnam's international airport. To be allowed to enter Vietnam, Turkish citizens need to submit all the required documents for visa identification and revision. All steps that Turkish citizens need to follow are presented specifically below:

Vietnam visa requirements for Turkish citizens - visa procedures

Citizens of Turkey must finalize all visa steps to get a Vietnam visa successfully

Step 1: Get a letter of approval

A visa approval letter is a vital document that allows visitors to get their visa stamped at the airport. This material will be issued to Turkish citizens when they intend to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival, or E-Visa. The Vietnam visa requirements for Turkish citizens stipulated a normal processing time of 5 to 7 working days.

Filling out all personal information on the application form and preparing additional documents is the initial step. The Vietnamese government will respond to the visa requests by email to inform them of the result. If Turkish citizens aren't satisfied with the government’s decision, they can send their queries or concerns to the Immigration Department to request a review.

Step 2: Get a visa stamped when landing at the airport 

Turkish visitors can visit the Vietnamese Embassy to get the visa results by themselves. If they apply for Vietnam visas online on the website, they just bring an approval letter and relevant documents to get a visa stamped at the airport.

After receiving an approval letter, it is necessary to check the information on it to avoid impacting the visa entry procedures. If everything is correct, please print it out to show at the airport to get a stamp and enter Vietnam. Feedback to the Vietnam Immigration Department if any concerns occur, such as wrong information printed in a letter of approval.

The following documents are required to be available for the immigration officer to check:

  • An original passport with six months of validity and at least two empty pages left.

  • 2 photographs (4×6 cm) with certain requirements

  • Vietnam visa approval letter copy page

  • Filled out the entry and exit application forms.

  • Visa stamping fees for Turkish citizens

The Vietnam visa requirements for Turkish citizens are the biggest concern for individuals who wish to visit Vietnam. We are delighted to inform you that Turkish citizens can extend or renew their visas for a longer stay. If visitors have any queries, feel free to contact us at support@e-visa-gov.com for specific consulting.

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