[Updated] Vietnam Visa Requirements For Taiwanese Citizens

  • August 23,2023

The Vietnamese authorities stipulated the Vietnam visa requirements for Taiwanese citizens in detail for your reference. All individuals entering Vietnam also must get in-depth insight into the visa aspects to get one. Check out all the information in this article below to know how to meet all visa criteria.


Vietnam enacted a variety of immigration policies in order to boost the development of tourism. After the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam struggled with numerous challenges that impacted its economic recovery. 

As a solution to changing the situation, the Vietnamese government gives visitors a chance to have a trip in Vietnam with the Phu Quoc visa exemption. It means that individuals who travel to Phu Quoc Island are exempt from visas with a maximum validity of 30 days.


A brief summary of the Vietnam visa for Taiwan passport holders:

  • Taiwanese passport holders who desire to visit Vietnam must have a valid visa to enter Vietnam legally. Currently, Taiwanese foreigners can obtain a Vietnam E-Visa, which is valid for up to 90 days with either single or multiple entries.

  • The Vietnam visa fee and processing time for Taiwanese passport holders differ depending on visa types and method of application (self-service or through a service provider).

  • To ensure a smooth processing of your Vietnam visa, please ensure that foreigners have all visa procedures properly arranged.

  • Visitors can quickly get a Vietnam visa online with assistance from a travel agency. Also, they can apply on their own after reviewing the most frequently asked questions concerning Vietnam visas for Taiwanese citizens.


Either visiting Vietnam for tourist or business objectives, Taiwanese citizens are acquired as an essential visa step.

Visa types

The necessity of a visa

Tourist visas


Business visas



Taiwanese residents can obtain many types of Vietnam visas based on the method of application, the purpose of the visit, and the length of stay in Vietnam. At the moment, the following are the most popular forms of Vietnam visas for Taiwanese citizens:

Vietnam visa requirements for Taiwanese citizens - visa types

Vietnam visa types for Taiwanese citizens are provided for numerous travel objectives

In terms of implementation

  • E-Visas

  • Visas on arrival

  • Embassy visas

Regarding the travel objectives

  • Tourist visas

  • Business visas

  • Transit visas

  • Work visas

In terms of the length of stay in Vietnam

  • 30 days with a single entry

  • 30 days with multiple entries

  • 90 days with a single entry

  • 90 days with multiple entries


Taiwanese passport holders must obtain a visa to enter Vietnam for a limited period of time, for whatever reason. In addition to applying at the Embassy, Taiwanese residents can apply online for travel authorization (known as "visa approval" in Vietnam) through travel companies to qualify for a visa on arrival at the airport. 

Vietnam visa regulations for Taiwanese citizens differ between traditional visas and on-arrival visas, so carefully read the instructions below before beginning your application.

The visa application process at the Embassy

The procedure for obtaining a standard visa from the Vietnamese Embassy is simple. Foreigners submit the necessary documents, pay the processing cost, and return to obtain their passport (with a visa attached).


  • Original passport: it must be valid for at least 6 months.

  • Application form: it must be filled out completely and correctly. The form is available at the Embassy's office.

In some situations, supporting documentation such as visa approval, aircraft tickets, and hotel reservations may be required.

Visa fees

Vietnam visa fees for Taiwan passport holders vary depending on the type of visa, duration of stay, and number of visits. A single-entry tourist visa for one month costs at least $67. Please check with the consular division for the right fee.

Handling time

The visa is usually issued within 3-5 business days (excluding weekends and national holidays) of receiving the entire visa document. After expats receive their visas, double-check them to find out if there are any issues to deal with as soon as possible. Any mistakes must be reported to the Vietnamese Embassy and fixed (if any).

Visa on arrival procedures for Taiwanese residents

The visa-on-arrival program is exclusively available for air travel. Taiwanese citizens entering Vietnam overland must have a visa when they arrive at the border.

Complete the visa application online 

Step 1: Finalize an online visa application form with the traveler's personal and travel details (full name, date of birth, passport number, anticipated travel date, visa type, etc.).

Step 2: Pay the processing fees with a credit or debit card according to the Vietnam visa requirements. After finalizing all visa payments, expats will receive a confirmation email informing them of the visa results.

If foreigners utilize basic service, they will receive approval within two working days, around 6:00 p.m. (Vietnam time). The processing period for fast-track service may be 1 hour or 24 hours.

Obtain a visa upon arrival

Foreigners can pick up their visas at any of Vietnam's airports (Hanoi, Danang, or Ho Chi Minh City). The following are the actions visitors must take to obtain the visa:

  • Step 1: Visit the landing visa counter and hand over their original passports, letter of visa approval, entry-exit form, and one passport-size photo.

  • Step 2: Wait for the immigration officer to complete the visa processing. When the processing is finalized, the immigration officer will call the foreigners' names.

  • Step 3: Pay the stamping fee, which is $45 for a single visa valid for one month or three months, $65 for a one-month multiple visa, and $95 for a three-month multiple visa. To avoid payment issues, prepare the fee in USD currency.

  • Step 4: Collect the visa and a payment receipt. Before leaving the window, double-check the visa for accuracy.

Comparison of visas on arrival and Embassy visas 

A Vietnam visa on arrival differs from a standard visa in some ways. However, once issued, they have the same validity and terms of use:


Visas on arrival

Embassy visas



  • The Vietnamese government isn't allowed to submit their visa to conduct the application procedures.

  • Foreigners can finalize every stage of their visa in a simple and fast manner. All visitors need to know is to prepare a smartphone with a stable internet connection.

  • The visa fees for approval are affordable (no more than 15 USD).

  • It is advantageous for individuals who live far from the
    Vietnamese Embassy and Consulate. 

  • An email will be sent to foreigners within 1 or 2 hours later (for using urgent visa services).

  • Get a visa prior to boarding the plane to travel to Vietnam.




  • Spending time getting a visa stamped at the airport in Vietnam.

  • It is essential to rent an authorized visa agency in Vietnam to represent them when they apply for a visa.

  • Only visitors entering Vietnam by air have the right to get these types of visas.

  • Complete the visa at the Embassy office in person.

  • Foreigners must submit all documents, including their passports, at this office.

  • If expats need to take a quick flight, an Embassy visa is not the best option for foreigners to choose from.

  • The Embassy officers are too busy to support visitors at all visa stages. 

Vietnam E-Visas for Taiwanese passport holders in detail

They can get a Vietnam E-Visa on their own at the Vietnam Authority's official website, or they can consider conducting a Vietnam E-Visa online with us using their secure form.

Prerequisites for obtaining a Vietnam E-Visa for Taiwanese citizens

Taiwan citizens must provide the following guarantees in order to obtain an E-Visa for Vietnam:

  • A Taiwanese passport must be valid for at least six months and have at least two black pages, complying with the Vietnam visa requirements for Taiwanese citizens.

  • A soft copy of the original passport's entire personal information page (in jpeg format).

  • A soft copy of visitors' portraits (in jpeg format, as required by the Vietnam E-Visa photo).

  • A valid email address is required to receive an OTP from the Vietnam Immigration Department.

  • Prepare a credit card or debit card to make a visa payment.

E-Visa fees and handling time for Taiwanese citizens

Visitors have to pay the higher fees if they wish to finalize all the visa procedures themselves.

  • Visa with single entry: US $25

  • Visa with multiple entries: US $50

Vietnam visa requirements for Taiwanese citizens - E-Visa fees

Vietnam visa fees for visitors to refer to in advance if they are eager to visit this nation

The processing time for Taiwanese citizens will be mentioned in this table below:

Processing time

Applicant percentage

No more than 3 working days


3 working days


From 4 to 5 working days


More than 5 working days


In the event that expats utilize our services, visitors can follow the reference Vietnam visa fees for Taiwanese passport holders below:

Total Vietnam visa fees (government fees plus service fees)

Wait for processing

30-day single entry visa

30-day multiple entry visa

90-day single entry visa

90-day multiple entry visa

4 – 8 business days





3 business days





2 business days





Urgent cases

☎+1 315 715 8498 

E-Visa procedures for holders of Taiwan passports

As previously said, a Vietnam E-Visa online can be implemented through the Vietnam E-Visa official website itself or with our firm as a sponsor. How to obtain a Vietnam visa is determined more by your nationality than your location of residency.

  • If you are a Taiwanese passport holder, please follow the Vietnam visa requirements for Taiwanese citizens to obtain a Vietnam E-Visa.

  • If you are of a different nationality, please review the Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Taiwan and the Vietnam business visa requirements for Taiwan citizens for more guidelines.

Vietnam visa requirements for Taiwanese citizens - an E-Visa procedure

Vietnam E-Visa procedures will be followed by all Taiwanese citizens prior to entering this nation

Our Vietnam E-Visa application process for Taiwan is simple, consisting of three steps:

  • 1. Fill out and submit our secure online visa application form.

  • 2. Request that the E-Visa letter be supplied to your registered email address within the time frame specified.

  • 3. Print your E-Visa letter and present it to the Vietnam Immigration Officer to complete your entry into the country.

Our processing time is assured in various ways, such as 2–5 business days, same day, and 1–2 hours for emergency cases. It is noted that foreigners must enter the exact entry checkpoints that appear on their issued Vietnam E-Visa application. If visitors fly to the other entry of the port, they can face the entry’s rejections and delay their itinerary.

E-Visa ports for Taiwanese citizens to enter Vietnam

Check out all legitimate checkpoints below to choose an appropriate entry port for your trip.




Noi Bai Airport (in Hanoi)

Tay Trang Border Gate (in Dien Bien)

Hon Gai Seaport (in Quang Ninh)

Tan Son Nhat Airport (in Ho Chi Minh City)

Mong Cai Border Gate (in Quang Ninh)

Cam Pha Seaport (in Quang Ninh)

Cam Ranh Airport (in Khanh Hoa)

Huu Nghi Border Gate (in Lang Son)

Hai Phong Seaport (in Hai Phong)

Da Nang Airport (in Da Nang)

Lao Cai Border Gate (in Lao Cai)

Vung Ang Seaport (in Ha Tinh)

Cat Bi Airport (in Hai Phong)

Na Meo Border Gate (in Thanh Hoa)

Chan May Seaport (in Thua Thien Hue)

Can Tho Airport (in Can Tho)

Nam Can Border Gate (in Nghe An)

Da Nang Seaport (in Da Nang)

Phu Quoc Airport (in Kien Giang)

Cau Treo Border Gate (in Ha Tinh)

Nha Trang Seaport (in Khanh Hoa)

Phu Bai Airport (in Thua Thien Hue)

Cha Lo Border Gate (in Quang Binh)

Quy Nhon Seaport (in Binh Dinh)

Van Don Airport (in Quang Ninh)

La Lay Border Gate (in Quang Tri)

Dung Quat Seaport (in Quang Ngai)

Tho Xuan Airport (in Thanh Hoa)

Lao Bao Border Gate (in Quang Tri)

Vung Tau Seaport (in Ba Ria-Vung Tau)

Dong Hoi Airport (in Quang Binh)

Bo Y Border Gate (in Kon Tum)

Ho Chi Minh City Seaport (in Ho Chi Minh City)

Phu Cat Airport (in Binh Dinh)

Moc Bai Border Gate (in Tay Ninh)

Duong Dong Seaport (in Kien Giang)

Lien Khuong Airport (in Lam Dong)

Xa Mat Border Gate (in Tay Ninh)



Tinh Bien Border Gate (in An Giang)



Vinh Xuong Land and Waterway Border Gate (in An Giang)



Ha Tien Border Gate (in Kien Giang)


Is it possible to stay in Vietnam after their E-Visa expires?

If foreigners want to stay in Vietnam longer, simply leave the country and return with another E-Visa. However, this conduct should not be repeated too frequently, as your admission may be suspected and refused.

Is it necessary to enter Vietnam on the exact day mentioned in the E-Visa?

Yes, foreigners can enter Vietnam on any date between the arrival and departure dates listed on their E-Visa for Vietnam. An earlier entry is not permitted according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Taiwanese citizens.


Several tips here will show visitors how to get a Vietnam visa smoothly:

  • Obtain the visa at least two weeks before the foreigners' planned departure dates.

  • All of the Vietnam visa requirements for Taiwan citizens need to be double-checked and verified for accuracy before submitting your application.

  • Submit the required documents in accordance with the instructions for visitors to get a Vietnam visa for Taiwanese passport holders.

  • The Vietnam immigration department stipulated the visa fee that must be paid in advance to get an E-Visa.

  • Check the visa status to be ready to give extra information if necessary.

This article provided foreigners with all of the relevant information on Vietnam visa requirements for Taiwanese citizens, as well as application guidance. Please contact us if visitors require assistance with their Vietnam visa. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to receive full guidance on getting their visas in Vietnam.

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