Vietnam Visa Requirements For Switzerland (Swiss) Citizens

  • July 12,2023

The Vietnam visa requirements for Switzerland (Swiss) citizens need to be known by visitors. As you know, Vietnam has become a fascinating country with many attractive destinations to explore. Therefore, obtaining more information about the visa application process is necessary prior to traveling to Vietnam.


Typically, Swiss nationals entering Vietnam need a valid visa in order to complete the entry formalities. The following conditions must be met to be allowed to land in Vietnam:

Vietnam visa requirements for Switzerland (Swiss) citizens - What you need to know first!

Some information that visitors need to understand before starting the visa procedure

  • There are two visa categories for Switzerland citizens to apply for: a tourist visa and a business visa. The valid days of stay are different for the visa visitors would like to get. 

Tourist visa

Business visa

30 days maximum

30 days maximum

  • Swiss residents meet the Vietnam visa requirements for Switzerland (Swiss) citizens. Moreover, if their stay in Vietnam is under 15 days, they may be excluded from needing a visa.

  • Visitors can choose to apply for a Vietnam visa at the Embassy of Vietnam in Switzerland. Another approach is to use the electronic system to complete the visa process online.

  • Some necessary documents are included in the procedure for the Vietnam visa for passport holders. Conventionally, the main material is a valid passport with a validity of at least 6 months. Residents need to prepare a visa application form with complete information, a passport-size 4x6cm photo, and a debit or credit card for payment.

  • The validity period of the visa varies if visitors apply for different kinds of visas. When applying, be cautious to verify the precise duration.

  • In the event that visitors would like to prolong their stay past the visa's expiration date. They must get in touch with the Vietnamese immigration officials to learn more about the extension procedure.

  • Double-check the most recent Vietnam visa application information with the Vietnamese Embassy to ensure visa requirements have not been adjusted over time before making travel arrangements.


General information

Depending on travel objectives, decide if visitors should require a tourist visa or a business visa.

Gathering the required documents is an important stage that ensures the visa requests are going through accurate procedures. Several materials must be ready to submit, such as a valid passport (with a validity of 6 months), a filled-out visa application form, photos, and supporting documents (if any).

Vietnam visa requirements for Switzerland (Swiss) citizens - how to apply for a visa

Visitors should care about the Vietnam visa requirements for Switzerland (Swiss) citizens 

Visitors can choose two application methods when applying for a Vietnam visa:

  • Swiss citizens visit the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate to submit a form in person. It is included in the Vietnam business visa requirements for Switzerland (Swiss) residents. In addition, it is easy to find out these rules in the Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Switzerland (Swiss) passport holders.

  • E-Visas bring a lot of benefits for those who have limited time and are far away from the Vietnam Embassy. The government established an E-Visa website for Swiss residents to get a visa online, which saves time and is highly evaluated.

How to finalize the application procedure

If visitors get a Vietnam visa at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate, Swiss residents must bring along the required materials according to Vietnam visa requirements. After submitting an application directly, foreigners will pay all the visa fees according to the Vietnam visa fees for Switzerland citizens.

In terms of E-Visa, Swiss citizens must download the online application form to their devices and fill it out. Additionally, after all the manipulation to complete the visa process, visitors will receive the E-visa approval letter via email after the form has been authorized.

Processing day: Depending on the method selected, the processing time varies. Applying for a Vietnam visa at an Embassy or Consulate usually takes five working days, compared to three business days for E-Visa processing.

Pick up your visa: If you submitted your application through an Embassy or Consulate, collect your passport in person or by mail to find the visa stamp. When traveling to Vietnam with an E-Visa, print out the authorized letter and keep it with you to enter Vietnam easier.

The government always adjusts the visa criteria and procedures to suit each circumstance. Therefore, travelers should confirm the Vietnam visa requirements for Swiss citizens by checking the regulations on the official website of the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.


When traveling to Vietnam, Swiss people can obtain one of two types of visas:
Visa for tourists: This visa is appropriate for Swiss citizens traveling to Vietnam for tourism purposes, such as sightseeing, visiting friends or family, or engaging in non-business activities. The tourist visa is available for single or multiple entries, with validity lengths ranging from 30 to 90 days.

Swiss nationals wishing to conduct business in Vietnam, such as attending meetings, conferences, or researching commercial prospects, should apply for a business visa. Vietnam visas can be given for single or many entries, depending on the demand of the visitor, with visa validity ranging from 30 days to six months.

Vietnam visa requirements for Switzerland citizens - types of visas

There are two main types of Vietnam visas that are common today


It's important to remember that exact visa requirements and application processes may differ, so it's best to get the most recent update information from the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate before applying.


Foreigners' passports need to be valid for at least another six months beyond the time they plan to spend in Vietnam. Another requirement is that there be at least two blank pages in their passports for visa stamps.
An application form must be filled out completely and with accurate information. Typically, the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Switzerland can provide them with this material, which is available on their official website.

Two current, color, passport-sized (4 cm x 6 cm) photographs are typically required. The images must adhere to the strict guidelines established by the Vietnamese authorities and have a white backdrop.
The majority of Swiss nationals need a letter of permission for their visa. We acquired this letter from an agency that offers visa services for Swiss citizens.

Depending on the kind and length of the visa visitors are asking for, they'll need to pay the appropriate visa charge. Usually, the cost is paid in cash or in accordance with the Embassy's or Consulate’s instructions.

Foreigners can be asked to provide their flight tickets or other forms of itinerary proof of their travel plans, which should include information on their entry and exit dates from Vietnam.

Extra documents must be submitted to the Vietnamese governments to prove the trip's purposes, like invitation letters, flight tickets, or business-related materials. Each specific type of visa will have different requirements that foreigners need to meet.


Visa applications from Switzerland for Vietnam can take a while to process. A basic tourist or business visa application will typically be processed in 5–7 business days. However, it's wise to apply far in advance of your intended travel dates to account for any unforeseen delays or extra processing needs. 

For the most precise information, it is advised to contact the closest Vietnamese Embassy in Switzerland to understand the length of time it takes to obtain a visa.


Depending on the type of visa requested, different visa fees apply to Swiss citizens traveling to Vietnam. According to Vietnam visa requirements for Switzerland citizens, the following costs will be due by the deadline of September 2021:

  • 30-day visa with only one entry: about $25 to $50 USD.

  • Visa with multiple entries (valid for 30 days): $50 to $95 USD

  • The stamping price ranges from $25 to $50 for single entries and multiple entries.

Please note that these costs are subject to modification, and it is advised to contact the local Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate to get updated details on visa fees.


Swiss citizens are able to obtain a visa for Vietnam using either the visa on arrival option or an Embassy application. 

Holders of Swiss passports may request a visa for Vietnam upon arrival. Before departing for Vietnam, visitors will receive an approval letter from the Immigration Department of Vietnam. They must submit the approval letter, complete an entry form, pay the visa stamping cost, and receive the visa at a designated airport in Vietnam.

Alternatively, Swiss citizens can get a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Switzerland through simplified procedures. In order to do this, foreigners must deliver the necessary documents to the Embassy, including a filled-out visa form, passports, pictures, and visa payments.
Foreigners will have to pick up their visa from the Vietnamese Embassy, with a variety of processing times.

There are advantages that visitors need to keep in mind for each visa choice. The absence of the need for an in-person Embassy visit makes visa on arrival convenient. It is, however, restricted to air travel and necessitates advance coordination with a travel agency. 

Applications submitted through embassies are suitable for a variety of entry points into Vietnam and enable travelers to have their visas in hand before departing. It is essential to confirm the most recent guidelines and rules before applying for a visa to Vietnam because they are subject to change.


Swiss citizens can extend and renew their visas for Vietnam through the Vietnamese immigration department. Swiss citizens can submit an application for a visa extension or renewal at the Vietnam Immigration Department or through recognized organizations. For accurate updates, it is advised to get in touch with the nearest Vietnamese Embassy in Switzerland, as the specific requirements and procedures may differ.

For trips to Vietnam that last up to 15 days, Swiss nationals are exempt from needing a visa. Both commercial and tourist-related uses are exempt from this rule. If the trip lasts longer than 15 days or involves numerous entrances, a visa is necessary. 


For a smooth application procedure for a visa to Vietnam as a citizen of Switzerland, make sure visitors comply with the following rules:

Identify the visa category

Depending on your reason for traveling, determine whether you require a tourist, business, or other sort of visa.

Choose appropriate visa options

Visitors need to choose between applying for an E-Visa, a visa upon arrival, or a visa in person at an Embassy or Consulate. There are three ways for Swiss residents to offer Vietnam visas for their trips.

Verify the passport's validity

Foreigners must guarantee that their passports are valid for at least six months after the day they intend to depart Vietnam.

Fill out the application

Giving all the necessary information on the visa application form and filling it out completely is the most vital stage of the visa process.

Payment of a visa fee

Using the proper payment method recommended by the Vietnamese government, travelers could pay the visa fee easily.

Collect visas

If the application is accepted, pick up visas at the designated location or, if available, have it delivered electronically.

Understand the entrance criteria for visas

Know the entrance criteria to Vietnam, including any quarantine or COVID-19 testing procedures.

Above is all the information about the Vietnam visa requirements for Switzerland (Swiss) citizens. Vietnam is an absolutely fantastic destination with breathtaking mountain views or endless white-sand beaches. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to learn more about the visa requirements for Swiss citizens. 

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