Vietnam Visa Requirements For Sri Lankan Citizens Updated

  • July 03,2023

Tourism lays the foundation for economic development in Vietnam with an auspicious annual income. Some surveys indicated that many Sri Lankan citizens are fascinated with traveling to Vietnam for certain purposes. Several Vietnam visa requirements for Sri Lankan citizens are shown below.


Passport holders from Sri Lanka are entitled to a Vietnam visa as soon as they get settled in Vietnam. But it will be more challenging than for other residents. The most important difference is that Sri Lankan nationals must demonstrate their entrance purpose to get a Vietnam visa. Visitors can apply for one of the following types of visas if they intend to travel to Vietnam:

Vietnam visa requirements for Sri Lankan citizens - the importance of applying for a Vietnam visa

Foreigners are required to fulfill the Vietnam visa requirements for Sri Lankan citizens

  • 1 single entry per month: Sri Lankan residents only need to enter Vietnam once to stay for a total of one month or less. 

  • Multiple entries per month: Visitors may enter Vietnam many times in a single month, according to Vietnam's visa policy.

  • After visitors' arrival in Vietnam, their passports cannot expire for at least another six months. Please extend it if it is about to expire before your trip.


The Vietnam visa services fee and the Vietnam stamping fee make up the total cost of the visa. The Vietnam VOA charges various service fees (pay online for us) and stamp fees (pay in cash at the airport), depending on the kind of visa.

Types of visas

Normal service fees (72 hours)

Urgent service fees (4 – 48 hours)

Urgent service fees (1 – 3 hours)

Stamping fees

1 month, single entry


Contact +1 315 715 8498 to learn more!

Contact +1 315 715 8498 to learn more!


1 month, multiple entries


Contact +1 315 715 8498 to learn more!

Contact +1 315 715 8498 to learn more!



The processing hours noted above only apply during business days (Monday through Friday). If Sri Lanka needs to apply for an urgent Vietnam visa, contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to get more details. Our staff is always ready to serve visitors and support them in finding out clearly about the accurate prices.


There are two approaches for Sri Lankan citizens to obtain a Vietnam visa before entering Vietnam. Get full details about the visa procedures to avoid some unexpected issues when getting a Vietnam visa.

Get a Vietnam E-Visa in the electronic system

Sri Lankan nationals must first receive visa-required documents from a licensed Vietnam travel company in order to enter Vietnam. Therefore, making a reservation for a tour package with the visitor's travel agent in advance is required. To make the visa procedures more expeditious, we offer services for all of our clients to obtain a Vietnam visa. The visa procedures will be presented to help visitors get an overview of the visa process.

Step 1: Complete the visa application form

The very first thing Sri Lankan citizens need to do is complete the application form with all the details that appear on their passport. Additionally, the type of visa visitors would like to get needs to be provided to determine the accurate fees.

Step 2: Review personal information and pay the visa service fees

Visitors take responsibility for verifying the details with us and carefully cross-checking them. Please notify us via our hotline right away if there is any error following the payment. Sri Lanka has the option to utilize one of our dependable partners' many online payment methods. We accept all credit and debit cards to make visa payments to guarantee the visa procedure goes smoothly.

Step 3: Obtain a visa approval email and gather the required paperwork

Sri Lankan citizens will receive the letter approving their visa via email in ten working days. Relating to the Vietnam visa requirements for Sri Lankan citizens, visitors must print the letter and show it to the immigration officer. In addition, we prepare the approval letter along with the following documents:

  • Until six months after the immigration date, visitors' passports must be valid.

  • A visa approval letter must be printed and presented to the airport security staff. 

  • A completed entry and departure form. View and download the form.

  • A total of two 4×6-inch passport photographs

  • Visa stamping costs are paid in cash and are $25 for single entries and $50 for multiple entries.

  • Note that Sri Lanka must use cash in US dollars to make a payment for stamped prices.

Visitors can complete customs clearance and receive their visa stamp by showing the immigration officer the aforementioned documents and the letter approving their visa. At various access gates, extra information about the immigration procedure is available. We advise using our quick track and VIP fast track services to expedite the process. Our representative will assist them with these services.

Obtain a Vietnam visa offline at the Embassy of Vietnam

More and more visitors don’t find it safe for them to apply for an E-Visa on the electronic system. In reality, E-Visa is the newest approach when applying for Vietnam visas. Therefore, a few Sri Lankan visitors choose the offline visa process to protect their personal information.
The online visa procedures will include more Vietnam visa requirements for Sri Lankan citizens. Residents must visit the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in their nation to finalize the visa formalities. Follow these steps below if you would like to travel to Vietnam next time.

Sri Lanka must visit the official Vietnam visa website to download the application forms. This is the mandatory step for visitors to complete the first stage of the visa process. 

Next, they use the PDF file of the form to print and fill out all the required information exactly. Remember to bring along a photo with a standard size of 4×6 cm. Moreover, a valid passport is needed for the staff of the Immigration Department to double-check the equivalence of the information provided on their forms.

The government will process the visa requests and grant the approval letter after 3-5 business days. After that, Sri Lankan residents will monitor the status of their visa by checking their email to get an approval letter. If visitors' application forms are refused, the service prices will not be refundable in any situation. Therefore, Sri Lankan residents need to review their data carefully before submitting the forms to the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

Exceptional situations and other important notes

In several cases, Sri Lankan citizens can be allowed to enter Vietnam without visas. Moreover, residents of this country need to understand the Vietnam visa requirements and Vietnam visa fees for Sri Lankan passport holders. 

Vietnam visa requirements for Sri Lanka citizens - some notices visitors need to know!

There is no refund for denied visa application forms when Sri Lankans apply for a Vietnam visa

Special notice

Residents can enter Vietnam solely by air with a visa approval letter. Contact the Vietnamese embassy in their country to arrange for a visa to be stamped before they depart. If visitors would like to enter Vietnam by seaport or land border crossing. 

In reality, there isn't an embassy or consulate for Vietnam in Sri Lanka at the moment. See our list for information on additional Vietnam embassies and consulates in the nearest neighboring countries.

Exception circumstances

The only place in Vietnam where all nations are exempt from a visa for up to 30 days is Phu Quoc Island, which is designated as a Special Economic Zone. A round-trip ticket out of Phu Quoc, not to Vietnam, in order to qualify for the Phu Quoc visa exemption as a Vietnam visa for Sri Lankan passport holders. If they do not qualify for another exemption, visitors who wish to go to other regions of Vietnam must obtain a visa. 

We hope that Sri Lankan visitors can find our post valuable in finding an uncomplicated approach for getting a Vietnam visa for their trip. All Vietnam visa requirements for Sri Lankan citizens are available above. If visitors have any queries, feel free to share them with us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to get beneficial advice for a meaningful journey in Vietnam.

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