Vietnam Visa Requirements For Spanish Citizens Updated!

  • August 31,2023

Nobody can dispute the significance of easing the Vietnam visa requirements for Spanish citizens. It is not overstated to claim that understanding the visa procedure reduces the risk of application rejection. Get full information about the related visa concerns in this article below!


According to the regulations of the Vietnamese government issued on July 1, 2015, all Spanish passport holders traveling to Vietnam for tourism and relaxation can be exempt from Vietnam visa requirements for up to 15 days. Note that this visa exemption policy only applies to a single entry for a Spanish citizen. Vietnam has many airports to serve the immigration process of Spanish residents. Besides, roads and seaports also allow Spanish citizens to proceed with immigration procedures at any time.

New provisions of the Vietnam visa exemption law allow Spanish citizens to visit Vietnam within 15 days without a visa. The first day of the 15-day visa-free period in Vietnam will count as the first day of visitor's entry. Within 15 days after the first day of entrance, exit procedures must be completed if visitors don't want to be subjected to the serious ban mentioned in the Vietnam visa requirements for Spanish citizens.


There are three core ways to apply for a Vietnam visa for Spanish passport holders:

  • More than 80 countries that request a visa from Vietnam are subject to a contemporary visa system. The Vietnamese government's need to grant a visa varies depending on how urgent the application is. Spanish citizens will need three to five working days to get their visa from the Vietnamese government, as usual. If a foreigner pays an extra fee, it will take less time to verify their identity and award them a visa (between 4 and 1 day after submitting their application).
  • An alternative option that many Spanish citizens select when applying for a Vietnam visa is to pick up their visa at the airport (visa on arrival). If foreigners are not allowed to use the online visa policy, they can consider applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival instead. Visitors can get an approval letter in 3 working days or less in an emergency situation. It is advantageous for residents of nations without Vietnamese embassies and for travelers flying into Vietnam easily.
  • It will take 3-5 working days to apply for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in Spain with the designated documents. The third approach is conventionally suitable for those who would like to complete the visa procedure offline to protect their information for confidential purposes.


Visitors must fulfill not only the Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Spanish citizens but also the Vietnam business visa requirements for Spanish citizens. However, there are several general criteria for inhabitants of Spain to comply with when getting a Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa requirements for Spanish citizens that visitors need to satisfy to obtain a Vietnam visa

The Vietnam visa requirements for Spanish citizens are presented in detail for visitors to follow

  • Prior to entering the country, Spanish citizens must make sure their visa is valid for at least six months.

  • The passport must have adequate blank space (at least one page) for the visa stamp to be applied.

  • The Government of Vietnam only accepts visa requests with properly filled-out information on the visa application form. What the visitor provides must match the data printed on the passport, according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Spanish citizens.

  • Only visitors entering Vietnam for tourism are eligible to submit a visa application through the online system.

  • If Spanish passport holders use the 15-day visa waiver policy, they must provide evidence of their trip, such as booked flight tickets or a trip schedule.


Get a Vietnam visa on arrival for Spanish citizens

In order to travel to and explore various regions of Vietnam, Spanish citizens must apply for visas to reside there legally. Residents of Spain must print out the visa acceptance letter after getting it via email to present it to the immigration officer when they land at the airport.

It usually takes the government three working days to check the information before issuing a visa to a Spanish citizen. Visitors must follow the correct visa application process to receive a letter of approval for a Vietnam visa. The letter will be sent in a shorter time after submitting the visa application form if the government receives an urgent application.

The Vietnamese government provides an online visa application service to make it easier for Spanish residents to finalize the immigration process promptly. However, if visitors enter Vietnam at one of the land or sea ports, this visa approach does not take effect. It is absolutely a modern visa solution with advantages that Spanish residents living far from the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Spain can take advantage of.

An online Vietnam visa application from a Spanish national does not take very long. To allow Spanish citizens to acquire a visa on arrival, the Vietnam Immigration Department issues a letter of approval.

A service fee and a stamping fee must be paid to fulfill the visa requirements for residents of Spain. When total costs are completed, visitors must have an approval letter to get a visa stamped at the airport.

  • The service charge is used to cover the cost of the government reviewing and delivering a vital entrance document as well as the visa approval letter.

  • The stamping cost will be paid in cash to a Vietnam immigration officer when they enter Vietnam. When requesting a visa stamp at the airport, only USD or VND are accepted as payment. According to the Vietnam Immigration Law, credit cards are not permitted when finalizing the visa procedures at the airport.

Request an E-Visa for Vietnam

This is a brand-new trial visa program that just went into effect in February 2017. The Spanish visitors will need to provide a file of their passport copy and most current photo (which should show your full face, front view, eyes open without spectacles, and the background should be plain light colored or white) in order to apply for an E-Visa for Vietnam. Spanish applicants for E-Visas only need to pay the service fee and stamping fee once, so there is no need to have cash on hand at the airport of arrival.

For visitors who enter Vietnam for fewer than 30 days for touristic purposes, an E-Visa is a viable option. Travelers do not need to bring cash for the stamping cost at immigration counters because the visa application fee is paid once. It is the reason why the visa process at the airport of arrival is quicker than normal.

Which requirements do Spanish citizens need to fulfill?

Note the following while requesting an electronic visa for Vietnam:

  • E-Visas are single-entry and only valid for 30 days.

  • E-Visa application fees are non-refundable, so foreigners should double-check the information cautiously before submitting it to the Vietnam Immigration Department. This step must be implemented to ensure the data matches what is on visitors' passports.
  • When requesting an E-Visa, applicants must choose the airports or border crossing points for their arrival. After submitting an E-Visa, they cannot modify their arrival ports.

How can Spanish citizens get a Vietnam E-Visa?

  • Step 1: Complete the application form's requirements by filling in all the blanks according to the visa regulations. 

  • Step 2: Pay the visa cost and receive their visas in no more than 3 to 5 business days.

  • Step 3: After a successful application, get an email with an E-Visa. To board the airline, please print off the electronic visa and bring it with you.

  • Step 4: To enter Vietnam, present a copy of the visitor's E-Visa at the immigration desk. Foreigners' visa requests won't be approved if any information is incomplete, wrong, or unidentifiable.

Finalize the visa procedures directly at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate

To obtain a visa in advance or to travel to Vietnam by land or sea, Spanish citizens should go to the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate that is closest to them. 


Spanish residents must apply for a visa if they want to have more time to experience Vietnam after 15 free days. The first day visitors enter will be counted as the first day of 15 days to enjoy Vietnam's visa exemption policy. After 30 days, visitors are allowed to come back to Vietnam with the 15-day Vietnam visa exemption again. They must submit an application for a visa to Vietnam if there are less than 30 days between two entries.

The Vietnam visa requirements for Spanish citizens - a Vietnam urgent visa

Spanish residents can apply for an urgent visa to travel to Vietnam as soon as possible

In reality, a lot of Spanish passengers are unaware of this and are horrified when they are told they cannot board the flight since they visited Vietnam two weeks earlier without a visa. Their need for our urgent visa assistance has arisen in this circumstance.

In addition to the confusion with the visa waiver program, some Spanish visitors may require rush visa services, such as:

  • The Spanish resident participates in urgent business in Vietnam, which was unexpected.

  • Those who experience an issue with E-Visa delivery would like to approach an expedited visa service.

  • Passport holders from Spain who travel to Vietnam in an emergency cannot apply for an E-Visa or a visa at the Vietnam Embassy. They must use an urgent service in this situation to obtain a Vietnam visa in the expected time. Visitors can be gotten in one working hour (Monday through Friday) and six hours (weekend).

The easy steps listed below will help Spanish citizens obtain a Vietnam emergency visa.

  • Step 1: Fill out the online application and submit all the documents to the Vietnam Immigration Department.

  • Step 2: Review the data that was entered in the application form and pay the processing cost.

  • Step 3: Obtain a visa approval letter through email as a registered service, complying with the Vietnam visa requirements for spanish citizens.

  • Step 4: Print the letter of approval so foreigners can board the airline and pick up a visa at the airport of arrival.


Numerous Spanish residents enter Vietnam without a visa and discover that the country offers a lot of opportunities to establish their businesses there. They choose to apply for either a two-year temporary residence card or a one-year business visa to experience the country and do market research.

Spanish residents must merely submit a copy of their passport when applying for a one-year business visa. Holders of Spanish passports may enter Vietnam for one year on a business visa and remain there for the entire twelve months without having to leave or extend their stay. For individuals who travel to Vietnam for extended periods for work, it's particularly suitable.


Vietnam visa fees for Spanish passport holders vary depending on the different visa categories. 

Vietnam tourist visa prices for citizens of Spain

For different processing times (normal or urgent), the cost of a 30-day single-entry tourist visa to Vietnam for Spanish citizens varies as follows: 

Time processing

Visa fees for 1 – 2 passengers

Visa fees for 3 – 4 passengers

Visa fees for more than 5 passengers

4 – 5 days




3 days




2 days




Urgent cases

☎ +1 315 715 8498


This is the total cost for a 30-day tourist visa, which includes both the government fee and the service fee.

Vietnam business visa prices for citizens of Spain

Business days

Fee (USD per visitor)

5 – 7 days


3 days

☎ +1 315 715 8498


The stamping fee that must be paid at the Vietnam Embassy or international airport to get a visa stamped is not included in this table.

We have already shared with visitors the Vietnam visa requirements for Spanish citizens. This is the basic foundation for residents to complete the visa procedure smoothly. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] if visitors have any concerns about the Vietnam visa.

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