Vietnam Visa Requirements For Singapore Citizens in 2023

  • June 09,2023

Vietnam is famous for many beautiful sights that attract many travelers to visit. Singaporean tourists desire to experience Vietnam's beauty has led to an increase in tourists in recent years. Find out some Vietnam visa requirements for Singapore citizens with us now!


Singapore passport holders must obtain a visa if the 30-day maximum execution period has expired. According to Vietnam Visa Policy, this will be compulsory if Singapore citizens stay longer than the permitted number of days. Foreigners must still get a visa extension, even if they already have a tourist or business visa, according to the Vietnam visa requirements.

The condition of entering Vietnam is to meet several standards related to some documents. In addition, the validity of passports doesn't reach six months from the date of entry. Having at least two blank pages in passports is also required.


Vietnam visa requirements for Singapore citizens must be fulfilled. So how do Singaporeans apply for a Vietnam Visa? There are two approaches for visitors to widen their length of stay.  

Vietnam visa requirements for Singapore citizens

Vietnam visa requirements for Singapore citizens to enter this country

Travel to Local Vietnam Embassy to get a visa

If you reside in Singapore, you can utilize a hotline to call the local Vietnam embassy/consulate. A visa stamp needs to be issued before you are going to visit Vietnam. When visiting the embassy for the first time, the travelers must submit the required documents as guided. The second time is to pick up the visa and passport after the offer to apply for a Vietnam visa is accepted.

Apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival quickly

Getting a Vietnam visa on arrival is another approach to fulfill the Vietnam visa requirements for travelers. Instead of going to the embassy of Vietnam, VOA is well evaluated by many visitors. If a foreigner would like to obtain a visa on arrival in Vietnam, please follow the step-by-step procedure below: 

  • Step 1: Take an online Vietnam visa form for Singaporeans on a secure website and pay a related fee. 

  • Step 2: Check the email to receive the letter within 2 working days if the purpose is to have a vacation. It is the visa approval letter attached to the entry and exit form. In case the citizens go to Vietnam for work, the processing will last approximately 7 working days.

  • Step 3: When landing at the Vietnam port of entry, the visitors can have a visa stamped to travel comfortably in this country.


Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Singaporeans indicate that there are several documents visitors need to prepare. It is also in Vietnam business visa requirements for Singaporeans. Lists of these are shared with you to enhance your knowledge. 

  • Passports must have at least two blank pages and are not expired (6 months) from the first day of entry. Temporary passports are not valuable, so visitors need to note this issue. 

  • Visa approval letters do not call for Vietnam visa requirements for Singaporeans on arrival. If you get a business visa, you should regularly check email to get this type of letter.

  • The requirements for the photo are the latest, no glasses, and two pictures with a size of 4×6 cm.

  • Visa application forms are on the official embassy website for visitors to download. It is crucial to be permitted to enter Vietnam for a short time.

  • Make a payment to meet the Vietnam visa requirements for Singapore citizens.

The information above details the Vietnam visa requirements for Singapore citizens. Moreover, two ways for Singaporeans to get visas are also discussed in this article. We hope to share more and more data to make the requirements for getting a Vietnam visa apparent. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email if you need support. 

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