[Updated] Vietnam Visa Requirements For Saudi Arabia Citizens 

  • July 15,2023

Vietnam is one of the multicultural countries with a cuisine that attracts tourists. That is also the reason why many tourists are learning about the Vietnam visa requirements for Saudi Arabia citizens. To create beneficial conditions for citizens of Saudi Arabia to get visas, we have shared some useful information in this article.


Vietnam visa types

Visa necessity

Visa details

Business visa


Saudi Arabia citizens who need to get a visa to engage in conferences, launch a new branch, or find other potential economic markets. 

Tourist visa


For Saudi Arabia passport holders who want to take a trip to Vietnam

Work visa


For those who would like to have a career in Vietnamese firms. 

Student visa


For individuals who have plans to join educational courses in Vietnam schools. 


Vietnam visa requirements for Saudi Arabia citizens are a hot topic for visitors to learn about

The Vietnam visa requirements for Saudi Arabia citizens need to be strictly complied with by visitors

Nobody can deny that obtaining a visa at the Vietnamese Embassy will take a lot of time. So, this visa application method will not be the first choice of citizens living far from the Embassy because of its inconvenience. Many foreigners feel tired of traveling a long distance to visit the Vietnamese Embassy, where they can conduct the visa procedure offline.

That is why the visa-on-arrival and online visa systems were established to provide Saudi Arabia citizens with a fast, convenient way to get Vietnam visas for their vacation. Instead of having to spend time going to a Vietnamese government representative office to register for a visa, Saudi citizens can do it online at home.

Saudi Arabia citizens are offered three ways to get Vietnam visas. There are visas at the embassy, electronic visas, and visas on arrival. Learn about these three types carefully before choosing the best one that is suitable for their demands.


Vietnam visas on arrival enable visitors from Saudi Arabia to pick up their visas at the airport when they arrive. This implies that they do not have to travel anywhere in order to submit an application prior to arriving in Vietnam. They only need to gather the required documents before flying to Vietnam and obtaining a visa at the airport.

Vietnam visa requirements for Saudi Arabia citizens - visas on arrival

Vietnam visas on arrival can be obtained by Saudi Arabia passport holders

Are Saudi Arabia citizens eligible for visas on arrival?

Of course, Saudi Arabia citizens can obtain Vietnam visas on arrival because this visa type is open to all nations. Nevertheless, if they get the visa approval letter (invitation) beforehand, they may obtain a visa at the Vietnamese airport. Citizens will not be granted a visa in the absence of this approval letter. Before traveling to Vietnam, visitors must thoroughly prepare it because this is the most important document.

To have the right to get official permission to get a visa upon arrival, visitors must complete the entry processing only at several designated international airports in Vietnam: Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Hai Phong, Da Lat, and Phu Tho. This is not an option if foreigners intend to enter Vietnam through land borders or maritime ports. 

Vietnam visa on arrival instructions for Saudi Arabia citizens

Saudi Arabia residents must get these documents ready in advance in order to obtain a visa upon arrival at Vietnamese airports:

An authorization letter

  • Granted directly by the Vietnam Government.

  • Allow visitors the right to obtain a visa at the airport.

  • Make sure to apply quickly because it takes several business days to receive the outcome through email.

  • Apply online by visiting the official Vietnam government website.

Saudi Arabia passports

  • 6-month validity remaining.

  • Have at least an empty page.

Personal digital photos

  • Passport – size 3×4 cm

  • White color in the background.

Vietnamese immigration form

Access to the Vietnam Immigration Department to search and fill out the visa application form.

When Saudi Arabia residents arrive in Vietnam, they must visit the "visa on arrival" office and present all the required materials. The visa stamp price is $25 for a single admission and $50 for multiple entries, and the immigration officials will inspect visitors' documents before allowing them to enter Vietnam. After a short while, the immigration officer will stamp a visa on visitors' passports, and they will now have official permission to travel to Vietnam legally.

When visitors obtain their visas from the immigration officer, remember to check the information again. Please inform customs if you find any errors right away to conduct modifications (if any).

In conclusion, Saudi Arabia passport holders can easily obtain a visa approval letter and receive their visas at the airport in Vietnam. The ability to quickly and easily obtain a visa is definitely a terrific alternative.

How can Saudi Arabia citizens apply for visas on arrival?

For applicants who intend to fly from Saudi Arabia to Vietnam, a visa on arrival is an alternative method of obtaining a visa. The procedure consists of four easy-to-follow steps:

  • To request an approval letter, fill out an online form on the Vietnam Immigration website.

  • In two working days, citizens of Saudi Arabia will get the approval letter by email.

  • Prepare the approval letter, the entry/exit form, the stamping fee, and the photos to show to customs at the immigration checkpoints.

  • Upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam, provide all of the required documents to obtain the visa stamp.

Visa on arrival fees for Saudi Arabia residents 

Vietnam visa category

Length of stay

No. entry

3 business days

1 business days

Tourist visas

1 month 

Single Entry

45 SAR

90 SAR

Tourist visas

1 month 

Multiple Entries

53 SAR

96 SAR

Tourist visas

3 month 

Single Entry

75 SAR

120 SAR

Tourist visas

3 month

Multiple Entries

94 SAR

139 SAR

Business visas

1 month 

Single Entry

338 SAR

409 SAR

Business visas

1 month 

Multiple Entries

356 SAR

429 SAR

Business visas

3 month

Single Entry

413 SAR

522 SAR

Business visas

3 month

Multiple Entries

469 SAR

578 SAR

The Vietnam airport's $25 single entrance (1 month/3 months) and $50 multiple entry (1 month/3 months) stamping fees are NOT included in the above price. Don't hesitate to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to update your information about the Vietnam visa requirements for Saudi Arabia citizens on arrival.


General information 

Vietnam recently implemented an electronic visa (e-visa) system that enables nationals of specific nations to travel to the nation for leisure or business. The 30-free-day rule for staying in Vietnam is imposed on Saudi Arabia citizens with a single entry.

The Vietnam E-Visa is currently available for applicants from 80 different countries worldwide. This list of those who qualify to apply for Vietnam E-Visas also includes citizens of South American, Asian, and European nations. Furthermore, citizens of the US, Canada, and UK can get Vietnam E-Visas via the Vietnam Immigration Department's official website.

It's fairly easy and uncomplicated for Saudi Arabia residents to apply for a Vietnam E-Visa. Applicants must submit two passport-sized photos in 4×6 format and a soft copy of their passport along with the visa application. Moreover, it is critical for visitors to answer a few straightforward questions regarding their trips and personal details in order to complete the online application process. After paying the E-Visa fee online, the visa is issued a few days later.

The fact that Saudi Arabia citizens don't have to visit a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate to obtain visas is one of the main benefits of the Vietnam E-Visa. As a result, visitors from this country can save much time and money on commutes. Moreover, E-Visas can be used at any of Vietnam's international airports, making it simple for Saudi Arabia citizens to enter this country without waiting for a visa on arrival.

Vietnam visa requirements for Saudi Arabia citizens - E-Visas

Vietnam E-Visas are available for Saudi Arabia citizens to apply for when entering Vietnam

List of countries eligible for obtaining E-Visas




Andorra, Azerbaijan, France, Georgia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine.

North America

Canada, Mexico, and the US.

South America

Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, and Venezuela


Kazakhstan, Korea (South), Armenia, China, India, Japan, Myanmar, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, and Qatar.


Micronesia, Nauru, Australia, Fiji, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Palau, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Island, and Timor Leste.

E-Visa procedures for Saudi Arabia residents

Please follow these procedures to get an E-Visa online for Saudi Arabia citizens:

  • Finalize electronic visa application forms online, complying with the Vietnam visa requirements.

  • Upload a 4×6-inch photo and jpg images of the Saudi Arabia passport data page.

  • Make the E-Visa fee payment (47 USD, 176 SAR).

  • Wait 5 to 7 business days to get the issued E-Visa. 

  • E-Visas can be downloaded by checking the status page on the Vietnamese government website or delivered by email.


The following documents are required in order to register for a visa at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Saudi Arabia:

  • Passports must be valid for at least six months before the expected arrival date of visitors. Customs will not approve visitors' entry into Vietnam if they only prepare travel documents or temporary passports.

  • Currently taking passport-sized photographs (4x6cm)

  • Visa application form N2

  • Fees associated with applying for visas, according to the Vietnam visa fees for Saudi Arabia passport holders


As we all know, the procedure for getting a Vietnam tourist visa is pretty simple, as follows:

  • Fill out all the personal information on the visa application form.

  • Online service charge payments must be finalized in advance.

  • Within the stipulated time frame, visitors will receive a letter approving their visa.

Here is the cost of our service for Saudi Arabia citizens to obtain a Vietnam tourist visa:

Working days

Fee (USD/person)

7 – 10 business days



☎+1 315 715 8498

The stamping fee that must be paid at the Vietnam Embassy or at the international airport for the visa stamp is not included in this table. This figure only covers instruction fees for Saudi Arabia citizens to get the visa approval letter.


Foreigners must have a sponsor company in Vietnam in order to apply for a business visa as citizens of Saudi Arabia.
There are two stages that visitors need to follow if they would like to adhere to all Vietnam business visa requirements for Saudi Arabia citizens.

Step 1: Get an approval letter to get a visa stamp at the airport

  • In this step, visitors' sponsoring firms take responsibility for preparing visa documents, including Forms NA2 and NA16. In addition, registered business certification is essential for the Vietnam Immigration Department to add to the visa application.

  • After that, these sponsoring companies will represent Saudi Arabia citizens and deliver these documents to the Vietnam Immigration Department. All materials will undergo inspection and assessment before official business visas are granted for Saudi Arabia citizens to bring along on their journey. 

  • The Vietnamese government spends 7 to 10 working days after receiving all required and legal documents to examine the accuracy of the provided information and issue visas.

Step 2: Obtain a visa stamp at the international airport

Before traveling to Vietnam, Saudi Arabia residents must complete this step by having a business visa stamped on their passport at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.

We are always available to assist visitors if they and their businesses require support in obtaining a business visa acceptance letter for Vietnam. From the moment visitors' applications are submitted until they are granted a visa and arrive in Vietnam, they will all get assistance at every visa stage.

Vietnam business visa fees for Saudi Arabia passport holders

The following details Saudi Arabia passport holders' business visa costs for Vietnam:

Issued after 

Fee (USD/person)

4 – 7 business days


2 working days

☎+1 315 715 8498

If visitors have any queries so far related to the Vietnam visa requirements for Saudi Arabia citizens, do not hesitate to let us know by contacting us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected]. Our employees are willing to lend visitors a hand if they meet any challenges in visa procedures.

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