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  • August 31,2023

Vietnam visa requirements for Nigerian citizens are a hot search on Google, with a lot of traffic every day. Nobody can deny that this subject receives much attention from foreigners, especially Nigerian residents. This topic is mentioned by the professionals and fully outlined in our sharing below.


Vietnamese visas are a category of travel document that the Vietnamese government issues to foreigners to enter and travel through Vietnam. Foreign nationals can obtain electronic visas from the Vietnamese Immigration Department website (often referred to as "E-visas").


Many Nigerians express their dissatisfaction about the Vietnam visa procedure because of some limited regulations. Instead of applying for an E-Visa on the Vietnam government website, a Vietnam visa for Nigerian passport holders is more challenging. Visitors must confirm their entry purposes by visiting a travel agency.

Vietnam visa requirements for Nigerian citizens - types of visas

The Vietnam visa requirements for Nigerian citizens have been updated now

The Vietnamese government depends on two criteria to divide visas into various types. The visit purposes and visa validity are the basic foundations for Vietnam Immigration to indicate the visa types. Some visas that Nigerian citizens can apply for are as follows:

Based on the visa validity

1 month, single entry

1 month, multiple entries

Enter once and stay up to 1 month consecutively.

Enter many times (their visas are valid in the same month).

Based on entry purposes

Business visa

Tourist visa

Student visa

Work visa

The common rule is that foreigners' passports must remain valid for at least six months. In the event that the passport expires, please renew it before your departure to Vietnam.

Understanding the legal situation makes visitors more confident before traveling to Vietnam. Many visa categories are available for Nigerian citizens to apply for, but which one fits your entry purposes needs to be determined seriously. Establishing an itinerary is also a way to avoid any unpredictable issues and save time.

Vietnam visa fees for Nigerians

The Vietnam Visa Services Fee and the Vietnam Stamping Fee make up the total cost of the visa. Nigeria charges various service fees (pay online for the Immigration Department of Vietnam) and stamp fees (pay in cash at the airport), depending on the kind of visa.

If visitors use a visa package to finalize their visa procedures, they need to pay an extra fee. Moreover, the tour guide fees also do not include the standard Vietnam visa prices. For the best tour suggestions and final price, visitors should get in touch with a reliable travel advisor.

Kinds of visas

Normal service fee (72 hours)

Urgent (4 – 48 hours)

Stamping fee

1 month, single entry


Contact +1 315 715 8498 to know more!


1 month, multiple entries


Contact +1 315 715 8498 to know more!



This figure only applies to the applications processed by Vietnam Immigration on business days from Monday to Friday. An extra fee will be added to the total visa costs if visitors would like to complete the visa procedure in a shorter time than normal.


It is vital for visitors to understand not only the Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Nigerian residents but also the Vietnam business visa requirements for Nigerian citizens. Some required documents need to be prepared for the Vietnamese government to use for the identification process. The mandatory nature of this stage is enacted in the Vietnam visa requirements for Nigerian citizens to make sure all exit or entry cases entering Vietnam are controlled.

Vietnam visa requirements for Nigerian citizens - visa procedures

Visitors must follow Vietnam's visa instructions for Nigerian citizens in detail

The Vietnam visa requirements are mentioned in the step-by-step procedures for Nigerian citizens to follow up on. 

Step 1: Determine the Vietnam visa options

Every visitor traveling to Vietnam must indicate the reason why they fly to these countries to apply for the appropriate visa types. For separate visas, the Immigration Department of Vietnam has different regulations about the validity and fees for other kinds of visas. After being aware of which visas you need to get before your departure, search for the application form and fill it out.

The Vietnam government does not reimburse the visa service fees for Nigerians if their application forms are denied in all situations. One of the biggest mistakes that leads to a refused visa request is providing inaccurate information. Therefore, citizens must be cautious when filling in personal information on the application to guarantee that everything is exactly accurate.

Step 2: Review the provided data and pay the charge for the visa services

Verify the details and carefully cross-check them to guarantee all the information matches the original one. Please notify the Vietnam government via hotline if there is any error with their payment. Visitors have many options for using one of the popular online payment methods. The Immigration Department of Vietnam accepts all credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers.

Step 3: Prepare essential paperwork and obtain a visa approval letter via email

The approval letter for the visa will be sent to the visitor's email in 3-5 working days. Please prepare these documents to provide at the landing visa desk to the immigration officer.

  • The six-month passport validity period following the first date of entry.

  • The visa approval letter is printed on pages to show to the immigration officer at the airport.
  • Two 4×6-cm passport-sized photographs with a full face and no glasses.

  • Cash stamping fees for visas are $25 per person for a single entry and $50 per person for multiple entries.

  • Approved entry and exit forms, complying with the Vietnam visa requirements for Nigerian citizens.

  • Please be aware that the visa officer will only accept US dollars in cash, so visitors are advised to transfer their country's currency to an accepted one.

Step 4: Obtain a visa stamped at the international airports

Visitors can clear customs and have their visa stamped by giving the immigration officer the aforementioned papers and the letter of visa approval. View more information about the immigration procedure at various access gates. We encourage foreigners to use expedited services to hasten the visa process.


Especial cases

The unique destination in Vietnam where all nations are exempt from a Vietnam visa for up to 30 days is Phu Quoc Island. Nigerian citizens need a passport with at least six months of maximum left and a round-trip ticket out of Phu Quoc. Remember that visitors just experience the beauty of Phu Quoc; not all Vietnam areas have Phu Quoc visa exemptions. If they intend to visit other regions of Vietnam, they must obtain a visa according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Nigerian citizens.

Important notice

Nigerians can only enter Vietnam by air if they have a visa approval letter through the electronic visa system. If foreigners would like to enter Vietnam by land border or seaport, Vietnam visa procedures must be conducted at the Vietnamese Embassy before their departure.

Vietnam has a variety of weather patterns and climate zones that make it challenging for Nigerian residents to arrange a trip there. A traveler's experience can be significantly impacted by the country's varied weather because of its extensive coastline, high mountains, and vast rice fields. Understanding Vietnam's weather is essential for trip preparation, from the oppressive heat of the Mekong Delta to the brisk alpine air of Sapa.

When making travel plans to Vietnam, it's crucial to take into consideration the crowds and visitor density in addition to the weather. It is highly recommended to schedule trips for the shoulder season, when the crowds are lower, as popular locations like Ha Long Bay and Hoi An can get very packed during peak travel season.

There is no ideal time to visit Vietnam, so visitors can travel to this country at any time they want. The chilly and dry winter months from December to February are a wonderful alternative for Nigerians trying to escape the heat and avoid the crowds. If visitors are big fans of seeing Vietnam's well-known endless white sand beaches, the ideal months to go are April through August to enjoy the hot, sunny Vietnam weather.

All Vietnam visa requirements for Nigerian citizens are mentioned in this article above. Visitors need to get full instructions to obtain a thorough understanding of visa procedures. Should Nigerian visitors have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to get further assistance.

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