The Vietnam Visa Requirements For Nepalese Citizens Updated

  • June 30,2023

The consulate fosters business, investments, culture, tourism, and other exchanges between Vietnam and Nepal to strengthen ties between the two countries. Find out full details about the Vietnam visa requirements for Nepalese citizens below. Many services, including legalization and entry policies, are offered to facilitate Nepalese entering Vietnam.


The majority of visitors in the world, including the inhabitants of Nepal, need a visa to enter Vietnam. The Vietnam Immigration Department, the second government agency authorized to grant Vietnam visas, accepts visa applications from Nepalese citizens.

The visa issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department is sometimes known as an online visa, an E-Visa, or a visa on arrival. It includes both a business and a tourist visa for entering Vietnam.

Nepalese visitors get tourist visas to have opportunities to explore Vietnam's beauty. Visitors visiting friends and relatives who have applied for tourist visas are also approved.

The business E-Visa is intended for both employment and commercial transactions. It is for individuals who want to travel to Vietnam for business purposes, such as conferences or investments. Both E-visa types can be applied for single or multiple entries for one month, three months, or six months.


You need a Vietnam visa for Nepalese nationals in order to enter Vietnam. However, those applying for visas should be aware of the following restrictions:

  • A passport that was issued more than six months ago and is still valid is required. 

  • Nepalese must have had two passport-sized pictures taken within the last six months.

  • Visitors' approval letter's details must match what is on their passports. Therefore, foreigners must have provided accurate information on the visa application form in order to make the visa procedure uncomplicated.

Follow the step-by-step procedure in 3 approaches to applying for a Vietnam visa. It is one of the most crucial Vietnam visa requirements for Nepalese citizens.

Vietnam visa requirements for Nepalese citizens updated in 2023

The visitors need to comply with the Vietnam visa requirements for Nepalese citizens

Nepalese obtain a Vietnam visa at the Embassy of Vietnam

Unfortunately, Nepal cannot come to the Vietnam Embassy in Nepal to complete the visa procedure. The reason is that there is no Vietnam Consulate in this country. Therefore, Nepal passport holders can finalize visa formalities at the Vietnam Embassy in neighboring nations.

The instructions for Nepalese citizens to get a Vietnam visa are as follows:

  • Visitors need to comply with all the Vietnam visa requirements for Nepalese citizens. The first step is downloading the Vietnam visa application form and filling out all the blanks. Personal information and travel plans must be accurate to avoid unexpected problems. 

  • Following that, all required documents brought with the form are a standard-size photo and an original passport.

  • After submitting materials to the Immigration Department of Vietnam, visitors need to wait 3-5 working days. This duration is an appropriate period for the government to process the visa requests. If the application form is issued, Nepalese passport holders will receive an approval letter in the email provided before. 


In the event that Vietnam Immigration refuses offers to get a Vietnam visa, no fees can be reimbursed to visitors. So, Nepalese must review the information they fill out on forms carefully to guarantee getting a visa on schedule. Assuming that foreigners provide the wrong data when completing the form, they must pay more fees to offer a Vietnam visa again.

Get an approval letter online

Applying for an E-Visa is the newest approach that is accepted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. Nepalese citizens get a lot from this visa since it is in effect. The first advantage is that it prevents the convenience of going far away from Nepal’s countryside to obtain visas at the Embassy. 

Last but not least, the online visa processing just takes a few minutes to finalize, so it is highly evaluated by Nepalese residents. After sending the visa application forms to Vietnam Immigration, the government will spend 3-5 working days releasing an approval letter. 

The mission of Nepalese residents is to print this letter and present it to the immigration officer. This step will be conducted as one of the important stages at the Vietnam port of entry. Find out the online visa procedures for several requirements of the Vietnam visa for Nepalese passport holders below:

  • Go to our website and complete the online visa application.

  • Pay the service costs in accordance with our instructions. The approval letter will be sent to visitors via the email address provided within 48 business hours.

  • Visit a Vietnam embassy with your letter of approval, your passport, and two passport-sized pictures, then pay the visa stamping fees to have your visa issued.

Vietnam visa requirements for Nepalese on arrival

A stamping fee is included in the visa costs that Nepalese citizens have to pay. The best advice is for visitors to bring Vietnamese currency to make a visa payment in cash at the international airport in Vietnam. There are some tips to finalize the visa procedures successfully. 

  • Go to our website and complete the online form to request a visa there. Nepalese must first download it before filling it out and sending it back to us through email.

  • As per our directions, clear the service fees with us.

  • Within 48 working hours, visitors will receive an acceptance letter from us.

  • You must present your letter of approval, two passport-size pictures, and your passport at one of Vietnam's three main international airports (Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, or Da Nang), together with the required payment for the visa stamping fee, before receiving a visa.


According to the Vietnam visa requirements for Nepalese citizens, Vietnam visa fees for Nepalese must be paid in advance. This figure doesn’t cover the stamping time included in the Vietnam visa requirements for Nepalese tourists. Same as the stamping price mentioned in the series of Vietnam business visa requirements for Nepalese. 

Vietnam visa requirements for Nepalese citizens - the visa fee

Making visa payments to guarantee the visa procedure goes smoothly

Visa category

Lengths of stay

Entry times

3 processing days

1 processing day


1 month

Single entry

1340.1 NPR

2680.2 NPR


1 month

Multiple entries

1563.4 NPR

2903.5 NPR


3 months

Single entry

2233.5 NPR

3573.5 NPR


3 months

Multiple entries

2791.8 NPR

4131.9 NPR


1 month

Single entry

10050.6 NPR

12172.4 NPR


1 month

Multiple entries

10609.0 NPR

12730.8 NPR


3 months

Single entry

12284.1 NPR

15522.6 NPR


3 months

Multiple entries

13959.2 NPR

17197.7 NPR


This table covers unlisted visa prices, because how much the Nepalese need to pay depends on the visa categories. For instance, visitors must pay extra fees if they apply for an emergency visa instead of normal visa procedures.

We have already provided visitors with all the details of the Vietnam visa requirements for Nepalese citizens. Our visa services can support those who would like to obtain a Vietnam visa quickly. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to receive more assistance.   

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