Vietnam Visa Requirements For Mongolian Citizens Updated!

  • June 26,2023

Mongolians who would like to travel to Vietnam need to know the Vietnam visa requirements for Mongolian citizens. These materials are necessary for visitors to legally enter Vietnam for certain purposes. Vietnam tourist and business visas for those with a valid Mongolian passport are available below!


It is compulsory for all Mongolian citizens to get a Vietnam visa if they intend to take a trip to Vietnam. The Immigration Department of Vietnam has enacted these regulations to control the entry and exit procedures of foreigners. Visitors must comply with all visa regulations regardless of their nationalities, length of stay, or travel purposes.

Categories of Vietnam visas for Mongolian citizens

There are several types of visas that Mongolian citizens can apply for to enter Vietnam. This is listed for visitors to get more information in the table below. 

Visa category

Purpose of a visit

Visa requirements

Business visa

For Mongolian visitors who enter Vietnam for signing the contract, joining the seminar, or other business-related work.


Tourist visa 

For Mongolian travelers who visit Vietnam to have a vacation 


Work visa

For Mongolians who have the intention to work in Vietnam for a long time.


Student visa

For Mongolian students who would like to learn in Vietnam


The Vietnam visa requirements for Mongolian citizens visiting Vietnam

Fulfilling the Vietnam visa requirements for Mongolian citizens is compulsory for visiting Vietnam. Some entry criteria are included with visa requirements to guarantee security.

  • The validity of Mongolian passports remains at least 6 months from the first date of entry.

  • 2 blank pages are needed in Mongolian passports to get a stamp at the Vietnam international airport.


With the different types of visas, the procedure for obtaining visas for Mongolian passport holders has undergone several adjustments. We have two approaches for Mongolian citizens to enter Vietnam with a valid visa. Find out the detailed instructions for getting a Vietnam visa below. 

Vietnam visa requirements for mongolian citizens updated in 2023

The Vietnam visa requirements for Mongolian citizens to enter Vietnam

How do Mongolians get a Vietnam tourist visa?

We can realize that there are some modifications to visa processing before and after Covid-19. Before this fatal disease breaks down, Mongolians can apply for a Vietnam visa in two simple ways:

  • Visitors come to the Vietnam embassy/consulate to implement the visa offline procedure.

  • Utilizing the electronic system to obtain an E-Visa or Vietnam visa on arrival.

As a consequence of the lockdown policy to control the pandemic, the entry regulations are different from before. Currently, Mongolian visitors only have a 30-day single-entry tourist visa. This is in the form of a loose-leaf visa and must be completed before landing at the Vietnam airport. The government has no idea about the resumption of the other types of tourist visas for Vietnam.

The Mongolian residents use the electronic system to finalize the Vietnam visa online procedure. Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Mongolians are mentioned specifically in the visa procedure. Follow 3 simple steps as follows to understand the E-Visa processing:

  • Step 1: The secure online visa application form must be filled out before submitting it to the Immigration Department of Vietnam. The payment is made to ensure the speed of taking over forms. 

  • Step 2: Vietnam visa forms are issued for Mongolians to finalize prior to receiving the approval letter. Remember to follow up on the status of visa processing to get the latest information.

  • Step 3: Download the letter and bring it along to show it at the airport’s security for entry.

In terms of the time visitors can get the approval letter, we are divided into many situations with different times.

  • Normally, it takes 2-5 working days for Vietnam Immigration to release the visa and email Mongolians the letter. 

  • In special circumstances, the visitors can have an approval letter in a few hours on the same day. The travelers must pay an extra fee to require the government to shorten the time. 

How do Mongolians get a Vietnam business visa?

One of the important things the visitor needs to do is meet the Vietnam business visa requirements for Mongolians. The first requirement for a citizen of Mongolia is to have a sponsoring business in Vietnam. Get more guidance on getting a business visa to Vietnam, as follows:

  • Step 1: Mongolian sponsors of enterprises must prepare Forms NA2 and NA16. A certified business registration is required to be eligible to obtain a visa approval letter. After Mongolian citizens fill in all the blanks in the form, the company will send these materials to Vietnam Immigration. The government will take 5 – 7 working days to email the visitor all the valid documents.

  • If the application is approved, the visa approval letter will be sent to the applicants to bring along when come to Vietnam. This is an important thing that will allow the Mongolians to enter Vietnam.

  • Step 2: To get a business visa stamp, visitors must pay the Vietnam visa fees for Mongolians. It is one of the vital Vietnam visa requirements for Mongolian citizens. The Vietnam visa stamped can be provided at the official Vietnam embassy office or the airport if visitors have the approval letter. 

If Mongolian passport holders and their enterprises in Vietnam need assistance. Our service can give you a hand to complete the procedure from the first stage until they get a visa and land in Vietnam successfully.

Vietnam visa prices for Mongolian visitors

The prices of Vietnam visas for Mongolian citizens are applicable to 30-day single-entry E-Visas. In a normal or urgent situation, the fees applied for Mongolian are as follows:

Vietnam tourist visa costs for Mongolian residents 

Working days

Fee (1 – 2 people)

Fee (3 – 4 people)

Fee (From 5 people)

4 – 5 working days




3 working days




2 working days





☎ +1 315 715 8498


The total cost of a 30-day tourist visa, including all relevant taxes and service fees, is indicated here.

Vietnam business visa costs for Mongolian residents

Business time

Fee (USD/person)

5 – 7 working days


3 working days

☎ +1 315 715 8498


Visitors must pay the stamp charge at the Vietnam embassy or international airport; it is distinct from this table. 

Get all the detailed information you need about the Vietnam visa requirements for Mongolian citizens above. If visitors need support, please email us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected]. You won't need to worry about anything because our staff will help you through every step of the Vietnam visa process.

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