Vietnam Visa Requirements For Laos/Laotian Citizens Updated!

  • June 26,2023

The government is planning to welcome 110 million tourists from all over the world. Many Laotian citizens are interested in traveling to Vietnam, which is famous for beautiful sights. Some Vietnam visa requirements for Laos/Laotian citizens are mentioned below. 


Laotian nationals are not required to have a visa to enter Vietnam for period of up to 30 days. Only those with Laotian passports who intend to stay in Vietnam for longer than 30 days need a visa.

Type of visa

Maximum of 30 days

Over 30 days

Vietnam tourist visa

Not required


Vietnam business visa

Not required


Whether entering Vietnam without a visa or not, Laotian citizens must comply with the entry conditions listed below:

  • Laotian passports are valid for at least six months.

  • The Laotian passport consists of two blank pages.


For Laotian nationals, there are now two ways to obtain a tourist or business visa for Vietnam:

Request a visa from an Vietnamese Embassy

You can apply for a Vietnam tourist or business visa by contacting:

  • If you are Laotian residents, contact the Vietnamese Embassy or consulate there. 

  • If you are a Laotian citizen but live in another country, contact the Vietnam Embassy/consulate here to get a visa. 

With different Embassy and visa types, the necessary paperwork, fees, and processing time may change.

Finalize an online visa application form 

The most effective approach for Laotian nationals flying to Vietnam to obtain a visa is through visa on arrival (VOA). Travelers can apply for an E-Visa on the electronic system without submitting any documents at the Embassy. This way is convenient for Laotian residents who: 

  • Living far from the Vietnamese Embassy or consular office.

  • Citizens who are concerned about the security of their passport after sending it to the Embassy.

  • Visitors have business plans that prevent them from leaving their passport in an office for a certain number of days.

  • Laotian citizens need their visas processed urgently, within a few business hours, or on the weekends.

The Vietnam visa requirements for Laos/Laotian citizens have obviously been released. To obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival, Laotian visitors need to follow the step-by-step procedure below:

  • Step 1: Firstly, visitors complete the secure online application form and pay the service cost.

  • Step 2: Get the email confirming your visa approval. In most cases, the Vietnamese application form (also known as the Entry and Exit Form) is received within two working days (for tourist visas) or seven working days (for business visas).

  • Step 3: Obtain a visa stamp at the airport in Vietnam.


Vietnam visa fees for Laos/Laotian citizens are issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. Laotian nationals must pay US$25 for a Vietnam visa on arrival (online), with an additional (+) service charge for a visa approval letter. The table below shows the total cost of your Vietnam visa on arrival.

Tourist visa fees for Laotian passport holders

Type of visa

1 passenger

2 passenger

3+ passenger

Stamping fee

Visa for 1 month single entry





Visa for 3 months and entry once 





Visa for 1 month of multiple entries





Visa for 3 months of multiple entry





Business visa fees for Laotian passport holders

Type of visa

1 passenger

2 passengers

3+ passengers

Stamping fee

1 month, single entry





3 months for a single entry





1 month, multiple entries





3 months of multiple entries





6 months of multiple entries






The aforementioned costs are applied to the standard processing time of seven working days. For processing that takes three working days or less, you must pay an additional $30 per person or $50 per person.


Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Laos/Laotian citizens show the materials that are necessary to obtain a Vietnam visa. It is similar to what is included in the Vietnam business visa requirements for Laos/Laotian residents. Documents needed for visitors to obtain a Vietnam visa are listed below:

Vietnam visa requirements for Laos/Laotian citizens to enter Vietnam

The Vietnam visa requirements for Laos/Laotian citizens to visit Vietnam for work or travel

1. Visitors' passports must have at least two blank pages and remain valid for at least six months, according to Vietnam visa policy. A temporary Laos or Laotian citizen's passport might not be accepted.

2. Visa Approval Letter: This is necessary if residents wish to obtain a Vietnam visa at the international airports of Vietnam.

3. Photo: two passport-sized (4 x 6 cm) pictures with no glasses. Learn more about the specific Vietnam visa photo criteria.

4. Vietnam visa application form, or Immigration Entry and Exit Application Form

5. For Vietnam visas on arrival, the stamping fee must be paid in cash when visitors land at the international airport in Vietnam.


  • Passengers arriving directly at Phu Quoc Island from a nation outside Vietnam, whether by boat or airplane, and entering Vietnam for less than 30 days are not required to obtain a Vietnam visa. Visitors arriving in transit through a Vietnam airport should check with the airlines for Vietnam visa requirements.

  • If Laotian citizens enter Vietnam without a Vietnam visa, all they need to do is provide valid passports for at least 6 months, according to Vietnam visa requirements.

  • Only the airport will accept the approval letter for a visa. Therefore, Laotian citizens need to apply for a Vietnam visa through the regional Embassy if they visit Vietnam by land or sea.

All the information above shares the Vietnam visa requirements for Laos/Laotian citizens. We hope that you can easily obtain a Vietnam visa through a smooth and convenient procedure. For more information and convenience, please contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected]

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