How To Meet Vietnam Visa Requirements For Korean Citizens

  • July 12,2023

Each year, thousands of tourists obtain a visa to travel to Vietnam because of the country's fantastic sightseeing, and delicious cuisine. As in other nations, the Immigration Department of Vietnam takes into account the granting of visas to other countries in the world. Read this article to get more information about the Vietnam visa requirements for Korean citizens.


Vietnamese and Korean nationals can easily travel between the two nations due to their shared Asiatic location. So are Korean citizens required to have a visa to enter Vietnam? In reality, Vietnam has issued several regulations relating to permitting visitors from certain nations to enter the country without a visa. So Korea is a nation that is exempt from the Vietnam visa requirement?

Visitors do not need a visa for Vietnam if they have Korean passports. However, they are only allowed to reside in Vietnam for a maximum of 15 days, according to Vietnam's visa policy. In the event that Korean passport holders wish to extend their stay, a Vietnam visa must still be obtained.

Special notice:

For no more than 30 days, foreign passport holders do not need to obtain a visa to visit the island of Phu Quoc. They are still qualified for the exemption even if they pass through additional international airports in Vietnam on route to Phu Quoc. Vietnam visa requirements are waived for stays up to 60 days for holders of the APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) with valid passports.


As a matter of fact, the Immigration Department of Vietnam has enacted various visa categories, but business visas and tourist visas are the two main types of visas that residents of Korea can obtain to visit Vietnam.

Vietnam visa requirements for Korean citizens to enter Vietnam

The Vietnam visa requirements for Korean citizens are described in detail

How can Koreans get tourist visas? 

Many visa policies are restricted as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nobody can deny that Vietnam’s tourism is influenced by this fatal disease in many aspects. Before the epidemic broke out and became widespread in the world, Vietnam accepted two approaches for Korean citizens to enter Vietnam. 

Specifically, visitors can get a Vietnam tourist visa at the office of Vietnam Immigration directly. Obtaining a tourist visa at the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate is a traditional process that many visitors trust. The second approach is to make use of the convenience of the electronic system to complete visa procedures online. More and more foreigners feel satisfied after experiencing the convenience of the E-Visa system. 

As a result of the epidemic, Korean passport holders only apply for visas in the form of loose-leaf visas. It means that a Korean just stays in Vietnam for a maximum of 30 days with a single entry. Visas must be issued before Korean citizens enter Vietnam because the visas on arrival for inhabitants of this nation have not been restarted yet after COVID-19. 

Applying for the tourist visa instructions

Visitors can finalize all the stages of visa procedures themselves with the convenience of a digital system. Follow some steps to get a Vietnam tourist visa in an uncomplicated way. 

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the Immigration Department of Vietnam to seek the security form. Fill out the application with full personal information according to the Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Korean residents.

  • Step 2: Use one of the most common means of payment to pay all the visa service fees that are included in the Vietnam visa requirements.  

  • Step 3: Send the completed visa form to the email address of the Vietnam Immigration Department. Visitors need to check their email for the status of the visa processing to receive the approval letter.

  • Step 4: If the visa is issued, Korean visitors should print the letter and prepare other required documents to ensure the visa procedures.

On the first day of entry, visitors must present all the necessary material to be approved to enter Vietnam. Conventionally, processing time is within 2-5 days for normal service visas for foreigners. However, Korean citizens can apply for urgent visas if they need to fly to Vietnam for special reasons. 

We are providing Korean visitors with visa services that guarantee the approval letter is released as soon as possible. Our service was established to serve those who must fly into Vietnam in several hours. If visitors don’t want to suffer the fear of providing imprecise information, we welcome them to use our visa package.

Moreover, it is a waste of time to complete many applications for group visitors. It is the appropriate time to get more information about us to help you finalize the forms precisely and rapidly.

How can Korean passport holders get business visas?

Vietnam business visa requirements for Korean passport holders are obviously mentioned in this sharing. The condition precedent for Korean citizens to enter Vietnam for business purposes is that a sponsor company in Vietnam represents them and sends the necessary documents. Normally, visitors and their enterprises must guarantee the two-step procedure is conducted professionally.

Vietnam visa requirements for Korean citizens visiting Vietnam for work

Vietnam business visa requirements for Korean citizens to enter Vietnam to join business activities 

Step 1 

Application forms NA2 and NA16 are required to be filled out with no empty blanks left. Moreover, business registration certification is needed to prove the existence and legal activities of this company. After preparing all the materials, the company will submit them to the Immigration Department of Vietnam for processing.

Conventionally, the application takes 5 – 7 working days to get all valid documents. After the Vietnamese government approves the visa application, a letter of approval will be sent to the sponsoring company of the visitors. It means that Korean citizens can travel to Vietnam without any restrictions. 

Step 2 

Getting a business visa stamp on passports has important rules for allowing visitors to come to Vietnam freely. A letter of approval needs to be issued before foreigners fly to Vietnam for business activities. If you and your enterprise need support, we are ready to provide the best quality service to make visa processing beneficial. We guarantee to fulfill all the Vietnam visa requirements for Korean citizens to help you get the approval letter as quickly as possible.

Our service covers all stages of the visa procedure, so visitors just need to provide us with accurate information. Contact us at [email protected] or call our hotline at +1 315 715 8498 if you are seeking a reliable agency to assist you in finalizing the visa formalities.


The first option to apply for a Vietnam visa for Korean passport holders is for visitors to complete visa procedures themselves. In this situation, the Vietnam visa fees for Korean residents will be presented in this table.

Business visa

Tourist E-Visa

Service fee

Stamping fee



  • $25 (single entry)
  • $50 (multiple entries)

Korean passport holders feeling anxious to fulfill all the visa requirements can utilize our services. They will have a chance to benefit from more vouchers to reduce the total visa costs. Have a glance at these figures to decide whether to contact us or not.

Fees for Korean citizens getting a Vietnam tourist visa 

If visitors register for a group of people, the prices will be flexible to be most suitable for visitors. 

Fee (USD/person)

Business days

1 – 2 people

3 – 4 people

From 5 people

4 – 5 processing days




3 processing days




2 processing days





☎ +1 315 715 8498

Fees for Korean citizens getting a Vietnam business visa

Working days

Fee (USD/person)

5 – 7 days


3 days

☎ +1 315 715 8498

We hope all the information above can deal with your query, "How can Korean citizens offer a Vietnam visa?". If visitors have any questions about the Vietnam visa requirements for Korean citizens, let us know by contacting us at [email protected] or calling our hotline at +1 315 715 8498. We will assess the issues and give foreigners valuable advice.

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