Vietnam Visa Requirements For Japanese Citizens Updated!

  • July 07,2023

A recent survey of the Vietnamese government indicated that the demand for visiting Vietnam is increasing rapidly. It is proven that Vietnam visa requirements for Japanese citizens are being cared for a lot now. Get all the details of the visa procedures and other relevant aspects in this post.


Vietnam visa exemptions

Under the visa waiver program, more than 20 countries are excluded from requiring a visa for entry into Vietnam. Japanese citizens, who are among the most popular foreign tourists in Vietnam, are on the list of Vietnam visa exemptions. More than 900,000 Japanese visitors spent their vacations in Vietnam in 2019. To entice more Japanese visitors to the nation, the visa waiver policy was implemented as an initiative to boost tourism.

Vietnam visa requirements for Japanese citizens - visa exemptions

Vietnam visa exemptions will be updated in 2023 by the Vietnamese government 

Therefore, obtaining a visa for Vietnam is not a concern if visitors hold Japanese passports. All the Japanese need to do is reserve a flight and bring their passports when they arrive at Passport Control. Customs will conduct a secure examination to make sure visitors have all relevant documents. Vietnam allows Japanese citizens to stay here for no more than a maximum of 15 days under this visa waiver arrangement. 

Vietnam’s immigration policies to control the COVID-19 pandemic

At the beginning of 2022, Vietnam enacted a temporary immigration law to suspend visa-free entry for all citizens. The moratorium on the Vietnam visa waiver program is an effort to curb the rapid spread of the fatal disease, also known as the COVID-19 pandemic. A report released in the newspaper indicated that there are more than 100 virus cases. 

As part of the visa restriction policy in Vietnam, Japanese citizens are not eligible to register for a Vietnam visa during this period of time. The result is that the deadly virus is under control, so visitors from Japan can now visit Vietnam again.

Currently, the nation is welcoming foreign tourists back into the country by reopening its borders. By attracting more and more tourists to Vietnam after the lockdown period, the Vietnamese government is attempting to boost the country's once-vibrant tourist industry. So if visitors are Japanese citizens, book their flight to Vietnam today to benefit from visa-free access!

Required documents for Japanese citizens to get visa-free entry

Although a visa is no longer necessary, Japanese must still submit a few documents in order to enter Vietnam. To travel without a visa, they must present the immigration officer with the following materials:

  • The most crucial travel document visitors need for their trip to Vietnam is a valid passport, whose validity should be at least 6 months. Additional requirements for visa processing include two empty pages to provide space for the visa stamp.

  • A document proving that Japanese citizens will depart the country before the 15-day period is necessary as proof of onward travel. It means that visitors are able to only stay in Vietnam under the visa waiver program for a maximum of 15 days, as previously specified.


Many visitors are wondering whether Japanese passport holders need a visa or not. Foreigners can find the answer specifically in this table below:

Visa categories

Up to 15 days

More than 15 days

Tourist visa



Business visa



Vietnam visa requirements for Japanese citizens - the importance of getting visas

Visitors must satisfy the Vietnam visa requirements for Japanese citizens

In some circumstances, holders of Japanese passports can visit Vietnam without Vietnam visas. Visitors can enter the nation without a visa if their trip lasts 14 days or less. Japanese who want to remain for more than 2 weeks are required to bring along a visa for their entire trip in Vietnam. It is necessary for Japanese tourists to wait 30 days to come back to Vietnam after the final day of their exit.

Vietnam excludes many countries from getting visas for up to 30 days when traveling to Phu Quoc Island, which is stipulated in the Vietnam visa requirements. To have the right to enter Phu Quoc with no visa, visitors must provide the Vietnam Immigration Department with a round-trip ticket to prove the length of stay. For those who would like to explore other regions rather than Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, the visa exemption is not acceptable.


If 15 days are insufficient for Japanese to fully enjoy their vacation in Vietnam, they should get visas that will extend their length of stay. It is not too complicated for Japanese passport holders to obtain a visa to take a trip to Vietnam. The Vietnamese government offers both an E-Visa and a visa on arrival for citizens of Japan traveling there.

The E-Visa, or electronic visa, will let Japanese stay in Vietnam for up to 30 days. Due to visa processing being conducted online, it is the best option for Japanese citizens to choose when they intend to travel to Vietnam. Visitors need to access the Vietnam website to get a form of visa application and fill out all their personal information.

After a few working days, visitors will get a response to their email informing them of the status of their E-Visa results. An approval letter is provided in PDF format for visitors to print and show the immigration officer at the airport.

Choose a visa on arrival if the Japanese would like to be able to make multiple entries with a 90-day maximum stay. All foreigners have to do is apply for this visa in advance and wait for an approval letter. The Vietnam Immigration Department will process visa requests after receiving all the relevant documents. A visa stamp will be granted to visitors to allow them to enter Vietnam legally.

In recent years, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has been emphasizing promoting Japanese tourists to visit Vietnam. This endeavor has included making it simpler for tourists to obtain visas.


There are two ways to apply if Japanese citizens need a Vietnam visa:

Online visa application form

Visa On Arrival is the quickest and most recommended method of obtaining a visa when departing from Japan to come to Vietnam. Only individuals traveling into one of Vietnam's international airports can use this strategy because they just complete the online application form on their website to request an entry visa. Foreigners will get an email confirming their visa results in as little as an hour (up to two business days). Visitors need to take a printout of this letter to get their entry visa and stamp from immigration officials once they arrive in Vietnam.

Get Vietnam visas from the Embassy of Vietnam

The second option is to use the Consulate that is closest to visitors to obtain a visa for Vietnam. At the Vietnam Embassy, Japanese citizens must deliver their passports and a visa application. Visitors need to go back in less than two weeks to pick up their stamped visa to bring along with other relevant documents on their journey in order to enter the country.


Individuals from Japan don't need to get visas to enter Vietnam because Japanese passport holders are already issued a temporary visa. However, if a visa is required, please follow the next four-step procedures below. 

Step 1

The first thing that visitors need to do is determine the visa category that they would like to offer. After that, visit the Vietnam government website to get a visa form and submit it after filling out all the vital information.

Step 2

Another step is for visitors to double-check the details carefully to make sure everything is accurate. In case visitors find any errors, please contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to receive support. To make a visa payment, visitors must learn about the Vietnam visa fees for Japanese citizens in advance. 

Step 3

Obtaining an approval letter via letter will take 3-5 working days as usual. It is advisable for citizens of Japan to prepare the necessary documents to present at the landing visa counter and get a visa as soon as possible. Follow some materials that visitors need to have before implementing visa processing. 

  • Until six months after the immigration date, your passport must be valid.

  • Visa approval letter on paper

  • A standard immigration form

  • A total of two 4×6-inch passport photographs

  • Visa stamping costs are paid in cash and are $25 for single entries and $50 for multiple entries.

  • Visitors need to prepare a certain amount of money in US dollars to pay in cash for visa stamping fees to complete their entry into Vietnam.

Step 4

Foreigners can complete the customs examination process and obtain their visa stamp by showing the immigration officer the aforementioned documents and the letter approving their visa. It is essential for Japanese citizens to learn more about the immigration procedure. To speed up the visa processing, we suggest that visitors use our visa service with full assistance at all stages of offering visas.

Note: In addition to the Vietnam visa on arrival procedures, visitors need to understand the Vietnam visa requirements for Japanese citizens on arrival.


Visa fees stipulated in the Vietnam visa tourist requirements for Japanese citizens and the Vietnam visa business requirements for Japanese citizens are different. However, visitors from Japan must get two different types of Vietnam visas, including tourist and business ones:

Vietnam visa requirements for Japanese citizens - visa fees

Vietnam visa fees for Japanese passport holders in 2023

Vietnam tourist visa prices 

Visa categories

Service fees

(USD/ person)

Stamping fees

(USD/ person)

1 month for a single entry



1 month for multiple entries



3 months for a single entry



3 months for multiple entries



Vietnam business visa prices 

Visa types

Service fees


Stamping fees


1 month for a single entry



1 month for multiple entries



3 months with a single entries



3 months with multiple entries



The aforementioned service charges are applied to the typical processing time of two business days. Japanese must pay an additional fee if they need to use the urgent visa service.

  • 10 USD per person to obtain visa approval letters in the same days (maybe a few hours later).

  • 20 USD per person for a 4-hour response on a visa approval letter via email

  • 45 USD per person for a letter of approval for a visa within two business hours

Here are all the Vietnam visa requirements for Japanese citizens that visitors need to fulfill when getting a visa. Contact our support staff by email at [email protected] or by phone at +1 315 715 8498 if visitors have any queries regarding how to obtain their Vietnam visa or which documents they need to prepare.

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