Learn About Vietnam Visa Requirements For Ireland Citizens 

  • June 29,2023

It is not too complicated for citizens of Ireland to obtain a Vietnam visa. In accordance with Vietnam visa policy, visitors need to comply with the Vietnam visa requirements for Ireland citizens. Get all the detailed information you need to make the Vietnam visa procedure go smoothly.  


In reality, 24 nations are covered by Vietnam's visa waiver program, allowing their citizens to go there without obtaining a visa. Ireland is sadly absent from this list. People from Ireland still need visas to enter Vietnam as a result.

In two circumstances, Irish citizens may enter Vietnam without a visa:

  • Irish nationals with an APEC business travel card are exempt from the requirement for a visa to Vietnam for up to 90 days.
  • A Vietnam visa is not required for Irish visitors to Phu Quoc Island who have a round-trip flight ticket and intend to remain for 30 days or less. Visitors must apply for a visa if they intend to visit other fantastic destinations in this country.


The Immigration Department of Vietnam allowed the Irish to obtain electronic visas in a simplified procedure. The Vietnam visa was made available by the Vietnamese government to a variety of qualifying passport holders, including Irish nationals, to enable a 30-day single-entry tourist visit. Utilizing an electronic visa has sped up the procedure for obtaining a Vietnam visa with an Irish passport and reduced lines at the Vietnamese border. 

Irish citizens can apply for a visa to Vietnam online thanks to the country's relaxed visa requirements. It eliminates the inconvenience of making an embassy visit and gathering documents by hand. 

The Irish citizen will receive a PDF version of their approved Vietnam E-Visa through email once it has been granted. Make sure to print a copy of your visa to bring to border control with the appropriate passport.

It is required that the passports used to apply for an E-Visa and for travel to Vietnam match up. Dual-nationals should use their Irish passport to apply for a Vietnam visa for Ireland, and they should make sure to use that passport to enter the country.

A visa for multiple entries with a maximum stay of six months is necessary for Irish tourists who desire to remain longer or who are visiting for reasons beyond tourism. But to apply for this, Irish passport holders must go to an embassy in person.


Before starting the procedure, it is essential that holders of Irish passports meet Vietnam visa requirements for Ireland citizens regarding passport documents.

Vietnam visa requirements for Ireland citizens to enter Vietnam

The Vietnam visa requirements for Ireland citizens are updated in 2023

Entry visa

  • Visas are required for Irish passports.

Required documents 

  • The validity of Irish passports is at least 6 months beyond the exit date.

  • Ireland's passports have two blank pages.

Embassy location

  • Currently, there is no Vietnamese embassy in Ireland.

Special travel agenda

  • Period of stay

  • Hotel name and its address

  • Targeted destinations in Vietnam

Photo requirements

  • Size 4x6cm

  • Look into the camera when taking personal photos

  • Don’t glasses

Visa approaches

  • E-visa

  • Visa on arrival

  • Visa offline process at the Vietnam embassy in London


To make the visa procedure easier to finalize, visitors to Ireland need to follow the steps below. 

  • Step 1: A visa application form is issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. Visitors must fill out all the personal information on this form to continue the process of getting a visa. Basic personal information and passport details are provided accurately by Irish residents.

  • Step 2: Review the application form carefully to guarantee the speed of visa processing. After submitting this document to Vietnam Immigration, applicants pay the service fees to complete the request.

  • Step 3: In 1 to 5 business days, the majority of Irish applicants will get an email confirming their Vietnamese visa approval.

There are several differences in the procedures for getting tourist visas and business visas. If Irish visitors would like to obtain a business visa, they have a sponsoring company to represent them. On behalf of Irish residents, the enterprise will submit all documents to the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

Important note:

The Vietnam E-Visa application form for Irish nationals is simple to fill out. It can be completed quickly in a few minutes from any electronic device with stable internet access. By the time visitors start applying for a Vietnam visa, they should have all the required materials prepared.

The processing time for an Irish citizen's Vietnam visa is typically 3 business days; however, it can occasionally be longer. Irish nationals are encouraged to apply at least 7 days before their trip to allow for processing and to prevent any problems.

Please be aware that all Irish people, including kids, must have a visa that has been individually approved in order to travel to Vietnam. On behalf of their child, parents and guardians might submit a separate application.


Conventionally, Irish residents must pay two types of fees relating to the Vietnam visa requirements. It is known as the visa service prices and visa stamping ones according to Vietnam visa policy. The stamping costs will be collected by the immigration officer at the airport before visitors enter Vietnam. 

Working days

Fees (USD/person)

4-6 working days


2 working days


1 working day



This table included visa fees that Irish passport holders needed to pay in advance. In urgent situations, the foreigner absolutely applies for an emergency type of visa to speed up the visa processing. Instead of receiving the visa approval letter on normal working days, Irish citizens can get it a few hours later. 

All the details above describe the Vietnam visa requirements for Ireland citizens to apply for a Vietnam visa. To make the conditions for obtaining a Vietnam visa obvious, we intend to publish more and more information about the visa procedure on our website. If visitors require assistance, call us at +1 315 715 8498 or send an email to support@e-visa-gov.com.

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