[NEWS] Vietnam Visa Requirements For Czech Republic Citizens

  • July 14,2023

Vietnam is a worthy destination for visitors to have an awesome vacation with their families. So there is no doubt that Vietnam visa requirements for Czech Republic citizens are the “go hunting” topic. It is highly recommended for visitors to straighten out Vietnam visas for foreigners. To get specific guidance about the related visa aspects, take a look at the article below!


After the fatal epidemic’s period, Vietnam reopened the international entry ports to welcome visitors to visit again. As we all know, Vietnam is a country with many beautiful beaches and endless white-land shores. Foreigners are impressed by this country’s stunning natural scenery, so they would like to enjoy their trips here. 

There is so much to admire about Vietnam, including the awesome food and fantastic beauty, but the hospitality is the one that attracts visitors from Czech Republic citizens. That is the reason why residents of this country book flight tickets to visit Vietnam more and more often. 


Before visiting Vietnam, Czech Republic citizens need to be aware of whether they are exempt from Vietnam visas or not. Unfortunately, residents of the Czech Republic are not eligible to benefit from the visa waiver program. Therefore, it is critical for Czech Republic passport holders to get a visa regardless of whether they are visiting for tourist or commercial purposes.

To be eligible to enter Vietnam without a visa, residents of the Czech Republic can visit only Phu Quoc Island. The condition for taking a trip is to stay for a maximum of 30 days.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung offered a 30-day free visa for Czech Republic citizens issued in 2015. This policy is signed to create an advantageous condition for foreigners to visit Vietnam. However, Czech Republic residents need to discern the following information below:

  • Visitors are not able to explore other regions of Vietnam when they utilize the Phu Quoc visa exemption. To visit more areas of this nation, Czech Republic citizens need to apply for Vietnam visas.

  • Only direct flights or flights with a transit stop outside of Vietnam are excluded from the Phu Quoc visa requirement. Czech citizens must obtain a visa if they are flying to Phu Quoc through a transit flight at one of Vietnam's domestic airports. The only entry port that allows visitors from the Czech Republic to enter Vietnam without visas is the domestic airport to fly to Phu Quoc. In this situation, visitors should obtain transit visas or visas upon arrival at a Vietnamese airport.

  • Individuals who travel to Phu Quoc to enjoy their vacation are subject to the 30-day free visa exemption policy. Foreigners must get visas in advance if they intend to stay beyond a maximum of 30 days for other purposes in Vietnam.


The new immigration laws (Law No. 51/2019/QH14), which went into effect on July 1, 2020, categorize Vietnam visas into around 21 primary types based on the purpose of the visit. However, it is crucial for visitors to get information on general visa types, as follows:

Vietnam visa requirements for Czech Republic citizens - visa types

Visitors can apply for several types of Vietnam visas when making plans to enter this country

Tourist visas (named DL) 

One of the most common visa categories for Czech Republic residents to choose to enter Vietnam is a tourist visa. The visa validity varies over numerous lengths of time, from 1 to 3 months. 

Business visas (categorized as DN)

Vietnam business visas (DN) permit Czech Republic passport holders to travel to and reside in Vietnam. The purpose of these trips is to engage in business-related activities like seeking a new partner, contract signings, holding trade fairs, etc.

Work visas (named LD)

When Czech Republic residents travel to Vietnam with the intention of working for a Vietnamese-registered firm, applying for a work visa is compulsory. Vietnam work visas are granted for a maximum of 24 months, according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Czech Republic citizens. 

Investor visas (name DT)

Foreign businessmen and foreign attorneys from the Czech Republic who work in Vietnam are granted DT visas. Depending on the amount of the capital investment, the DT visa's validity ranges from one year to five years.

Visa exemption for five years

The Vietnamese government offers Czech Republic citizens who are the spouses or children of Vietnamese individuals (residing in Vietnam or elsewhere) this form of long-term visa. The maximum stay permitted in Vietnam for those with a 5-year certificate of visa exemption is 180 days.

Vietnam's short-term visas

Holders of Czech passports who intend to visit Vietnam for one or three months for business or pleasure are advised to get a short-term visa.

Vietnam's long-term visas

A Czech national must choose a long-term visa option if they plan to stay in Vietnam for longer than three months.

Single-entry visas

Passport holders from the Czech Republic may enter Vietnam just once while their visa is valid.

Multiple-entry visas

Holders of Czech passports are permitted to enter Vietnam many times after long-term visas are issued.


In addition to having a good understanding of Vietnam's visa exemption policy and visa types, it is essential for the Czech Republic to update the recent details about Vietnam visas for citizens of the Czech Republic. Below, Czech Republic citizens will discover helpful information to prepare well before planning their trips to Vietnam.

Vietnam visa requirements for Czech Republic citizens - visa criteria

Vietnam visa requirements for Czech Republic citizens need to be fulfilled by visitors

Vietnam visa validity for Czech Republic citizens

The type of visa that Czech Republic residents apply for will determine the validity of Vietnamese visas. The Vietnamese visas' length of stay ranges from several days to five years at the maximum, and Vietnam visas are broken down into different categories. Those who satisfy the Vietnam visa requirements for Czech Republic citizens can obtain either a long-term visa for employment in Vietnam or a short-term visa to use for a quick vacation in this country.

Common visa types

Applicable object

Maximum stay

1-month validity visa

Individuals who intend to travel to Vietnam for a short time. 

No more than 30 days

3-month validity visa

Individuals who visit Vietnam for a long time. 

Visas will expire after 3 months.

Long-term visa type

Visitors need to prepare more relevant documents before getting this visa option.

The validity of this visa type is 6 months, 1 year, or longer.

Can Czech Republic passport holders obtain a Vietnam multiple-entry visa?

Depending on the applicant's request, Vietnam visas can be used for single or multiple entry times when visitors apply for Vietnam visas for Czech Republic passport holders. Foreigners find it not too tough to register for multiple entry visas to enter Vietnam legally. To obtain a visa online, foreigners need to access the Vietnam government website to finalize visa application forms.

As a result, multiple entry visas are an option if Czech Republic residents intend to travel to and stay in Vietnam frequently. A single-entry visa should be selected because it will be less expensive if visitors plan to visit Vietnam just once within a short period of time. 

Relevant visa materials for Czech Republic citizens to get visas

Applying for Vietnam visas is not too challenging for Czech Republic citizens to do successfully. According to the Vietnam visa requirements for Czech Republic citizens, only a passport with a validity of at least six months is required. To support the indenture processing of the Vietnam government, some supporting documents (such as round-trip tickets, hotel reservations, business invites, etc.) are needed to demonstrate the purpose of the trip. If visitors would like to get a visa online on their own, just complete the form on the website for the intended visa categories. 

Processing time for citizens of the Czech Republic to obtain Vietnam visas?

The Vietnamese Immigration Department will review and grant the visa within 3-5 working days after receiving the foreigner's application. Longer reviews will occur in some special circumstances to fulfill the demands of Czech Republic residents. The longest processing period is up to 8 working days, so it is essential for citizens of the Czech Republic to request a Vietnam visa at least 10 days before departure to prevent unanticipated dangers.

Do citizens of the Czech Republic qualify for an urgent Vietnam visa?

For a foreigner's journey to Vietnam, it is acceptable for the Czech Republic to get an urgent visa to speed up the visa processing time. The Vietnamese Immigration Department will issue visitors’ visas in a short period of time, but the Czech Republic must pay an extra fee for speeding up the visa processing time. The suggestion is to apply for a visa as soon as possible to avoid running into a situation where visitors need one right away. Visitors will feel stressed due to the rushed process and the cost they need to pay to obtain an emergency visa.

Urgent cases will be given priority to get an approval letter to meet the demands of citizens in a particular situation. Depending on visitors' circumstances, it may take visitors one business day, a half-working day, or even a few hours to receive a Vietnam visa. A request for accelerated processing can be made while applying for a visa.

What is the price for citizens of the Czech Republic to obtain Vietnam visas?

A Vietnam visa is not expensive to obtain if the Czech Republic would like to get one before their departure. The fee will vary according to the visa types, travel objectives, length of stay in Vietnam, and entry times.

According to the Vietnam government's market research, the price of a Vietnam visa for nationals of the Czech Republic in 2023 will vary depending on different visa categories. The amount of money visitors need to pay can range from 6 USD to 20 USD, and the Vietnam visa fees for Czech Republic citizens are updated time by time. 

Tourist visa fees for Czech Republic citizens

Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Czech Republic residents stipulate visa fees in detail.

Business days

Fees (1 – 2 passengers)

Fees (3 – 4 passengers)

Fees (for more than 5 passengers)

4 – 5 days




3 days




2 days





☎+1 315 715 8498

Business visa fees for Czech Republic citizens

Working days

Fee (USD/passengers)

5 – 7 days


3 days

☎+1 315 715 8498


Citizens of the Czech Republic can currently obtain a Vietnam visa either in person at the Vietnamese Embassy or online.

Vietnam visa requirements for Czech Republic citizens - visa procedures

Visa procedures for Czech Republic citizens are a vital topic for them to get details on

Submit a visa application at the Embassy of Vietnam

This is the best choice if foreigners reside or work close to a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. Visitors can come here and apply for a visa immediately, as this is the representative in charge of issuing Vietnam visas  for visitors. Along with travelers' visa applications and two 3×4-sized personal photos, they must submit their passports and other necessary paperwork (such as a round-trip ticket, lodging reservation, etc.).

Complete visa procedures online

If there isn't a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate near visitors' home addresses, they should apply for a visa online to save time, money, and effort. Currently, it is not tough to obtain a Vietnam visa online because they only complete the available form and send it to the Vietnam Immigration Department. Visitors' visa requests will be processed within two working days after the Vietnam government receives them.

Get Vietnam visas on an electronic system that aims to provide foreigners worldwide with an affordable and uncomplicated visa service. The process is also made simpler when applying for a visa online to help the Czech Republic limit the time-consuming document preparation procedures.


Following are some considerations to make when requesting a visa for Vietnam:

  • Make sure visitors' passports are valid for at least six months and have space for stamps.

  • Check carefully before your departure because the Vietnam visa requirements are frequently modified.

  • After three extensions, visitors from the Czech Republic must obtain a new visa, which is frequently completed in less than a week on their current visa. The cost foreigners need to charge for a Vietnam visa is between 17 and 35 USD.

  • To avoid any issues related to visa procedures, obtaining a visa to Vietnam one or two weeks in advance is needed.

Visitors can use these guidelines to register for a visa to Vietnam online by keeping these notices in mind:

  • Plan ahead because the process of getting a new passport might take a very long time, even a month, to finish. Since many travelers' passports were due to expire, they were forced to cancel their vacations. Vietnam requires foreigners' passports to have at least one month of remaining validity from the date of departure, while the majority of airlines require a six-month validity.

  • Only air travel is eligible for Vietnam visas on arrival; therefore, visitors from the Czech Republic can pick up their visas at any one of the three airports in Vietnam. If foreigners are traveling to a different airport (in addition to Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, and Da Nang airports), they typically do not need to inform their travel agency in advance.

  • Visas must be obtained in advance at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in the event that Czech Republic citizens intend to enter Vietnam by land or seaport.

Before arranging a trip to any region in Vietnam, consider the following:

  • Medication that visitors might require should be stored because the Vietnamese climate is not the same in different seasons.

  • Reading travel guides is an essential step that foreigners must take. 

  • Making a travel itinerary to be aware of exactly what they will do.

It is critical for Czech Republic citizens to follow the travel advice that applies to everyone, whether it is found in Vietnam or somewhere else in the world. Smiling is the finest way to lift someone's spirits, so be confident and keep it up. If visitors ask a local a question while grinning, they'll almost surely get the answer they'd like to hear and a smile back in the majority of circumstances. It is perfect for Czech Republic residents to enjoy their travels to Vietnam, but remaining safe should be taken care of.

The article provides a summary of information on Vietnam visa requirements for Czech Republic citizens to help visitors prepare for their planned trips. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to receive support if you have any concerns about Vietnam visas. We can give you all the advice you need related to visa concerns, including transportation, cuisine, cultures, entertainment, etc.

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