Vietnam Visa Requirements For Colombian Citizens Updated!

  • August 31,2023

One of the most crucial things visitors need to care about is a visa if they're Colombian citizens considering a trip to Vietnam. This post will tell you about the Vietnam visa requirements for Colombian citizens in 2023. Additionally, we'll go over other crucial details like what a Vietnam visa is, how to apply for one, alternatives that are available, and more.


Foreigners who wish to visit, leave, transit through, or temporarily occupy Vietnam must first get a visa from the Vietnam Immigration Department. The Vietnamese government grants a Vietnam visa to Colombian citizens who fulfill certain criteria and have the right to stay in Vietnam for a specific period of time. Depending on the reason for foreigners' journey to Vietnam, there are different kinds of Vietnam visas available.

Vietnam visa categories for Cambodian citizens

Tourist visa

Business visa

Work visa

Transit visa

Student visa

Colombians who wish to enjoy their vacation in Vietnam

Colombian citizens who intend to engage in any commercial activities in Vietnam

For those who find it favorable to establish their business in this potential market

Some visitors see Vietnam as a temporary stopover before they fly to other nations and need to apply for this visa type

For Colombian citizens who enter Vietnam for education.

Each of these visas has specific prerequisites and restrictions, so visitors need to be aware of these requirements to obtain a visa smoothly. Specifically, visitors should get a tourist visa if they intend to travel to Vietnam and a business visa for joining business activities.

Vietnam visa requirements for Colombian citizens - visa categories

The Vietnam government divided visas into several types to satisfy visitors demands

Distinguish the common visa types for residents of Colombia

Colombians need to care about the difference in visa types to choose the most appropriate options for their trips in Vietnam. This table covers all the information about a comparison of the different visa options:

Visa category

Visa validity

Working days

Entry times

Tourist visas

1 month

5 days

Single or multiple

Business visas

1 year

5 days



30 days

3 days


Visa on arrival

1 month

When visitors land airplane at the Vietnam airport.

Single or Multiple

Do Colombians need a Vietnam visa?

Vietnam launched the official list of countries that are eligible for Vietnam visa exemption. Unfortunately, Colombian citizens don’t belong to the Vietnam free-country list, so it is critical for them to apply for a Vietnam visa before their department. The Vietnamese government made some modifications to immigration regulations to boost tourism's development.

Colombian citizens can benefit from the convenience of a visa checker tool to check their visa documents. This utility tool will let visitors know whether they need to add more visa materials or not. Please be informed that Colombian passport holders are required to have Vietnam visas to enter Vietnam. Colombian passport holders must be informed of the results of visitors visa requests within the standard processing time.

When do Colombian citizens apply for a Vietnam visa?

It is advised that Colombian residents obtain a Vietnam visa at least one month before the first date of their anticipated trip. However, foreigners can apply for a Vietnam visa 6 months in advance to arrange their intended trip to Vietnam. The processing time for visitors to get a Vietnam visa depends on the type of visa Colombians are looking for and their visa application methods.

Advantages and disadvantages of getting a Vietnam Visa


  • It is beneficial for Colombians to obtain a visa to enter Vietnam legally.

  • Once visitors' visa requests are approved by Vietnam Immigration, they can actively plan their trip with the specific travel itinerary.

  • Illegal immigration puts visitors under pressure that they will be arrested and imposes a ban on them according to Vietnam visa requirements.


  • Conventionally, it takes 3-5 working days for Colombians to complete the visa application process, complying with the Vietnam visa requirements for Colombian citizens.

  • Many visitors criticize the fact that they must pay a lot of money to obtain a visa and enter Vietnam on their expected day. For separate visa types, foreigners must pay a different amount of money to get permission to travel to Vietnam on certain days.

  • Comlobians must face the fact that their visa request can be rejected due to the inaccurate information that is filled in the visa forms.

Methods to get a Vietnam visa 

The Vietnamese government provides Colombians with several approaches to obtaining a Vietnam visa, according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Colombian citizens

Applying for an E-Visa at the electronic system

Travelers can easily and quickly obtain a Vietnam visa via an electronic visa, often known as an E-Visa, which is a mechanism for online visa applications. More than 80 countries, including Colombia, offer E-Visas to travelers intending to visit Vietnam. Although E-Visa is restricted by some serious regulations, it is the best approach for citizens to get a Vietnam visa with a maximum of 30 days and entry once.

Getting a visa on arrival at the airport

Another possibility for Colombians to take into account when offering a Vietnam visa is a visa on arrival. With this visa type, visitors can get their visa online and pick it up at the Vietnam airport to complete the visa process. However, Colombian citizens must pay additional costs to get an approval letter that will be required to pass the security examination of the Vietnamese immigration officer.

Tips for obtaining a Vietnam visa for Colombians

  • It is highly recommended that visitors apply for a Vietnam visa prior to their planned travel dates.

  • Inspecting the accuracy of information is one of the most important steps to avoid a visa application rejection.
  • Prepare all the required documents before conducting visa procedures.

  • Using a visa agency is a viable option for Colombian citizens to reduce the risk of application rejection.

  • Check a visitor's visa status to avoid any unexpected situations that impact their travel schedule.

The most effective way to get a Vietnam visa for Colombians

Depending on the foreigner's itinerary and intended stay, getting a Vietnam visa from Colombia varies. A tourist visa or an electronic visa may be the easiest and least expensive options if visitors are traveling for leisure. A one-year business visa can be the ideal choice for residents who frequently travel for work.


To enter Vietnam, Colombian nationals must get a Vietnam visa, with two options below:

  • Directly at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Colombia.

  • Online through an electronic system for receiving the letter of approval.

All Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Colombian citizens and Vietnam business visa requirements for Colombian residents are synthesized, specifically as follows:

  • Visitors' passports must have a validity period of at least six months after the first day of entry.

  • Cambodians need to provide two passport-size images that have been taken no more than six months apart.

  • The information in the visa application form has to match the one printed in their passport.

Vietnam visa requirements for Comlobian citizens - visa requirements

The Vietnam visa requirements for Colombian citizens need to be fulfilled to obtain a visa successfully

Conventionally, there are three ways that visitors can apply for a Vietnam visa:

Submit the visa application at a Vietnam Embassy or consulate in Colombia

As there is currently no Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in Colombia, Colombian residents who wish to apply for a visa should find an alternative in the country's closest neighbor.

The most convenient and recommended option for them is to send their visa applications by mail. An individual does not have to show up in person at the Embassy to use the visa by post option. In order to find out if the option is available, visitors should first check with the Vietnam embassy because different Embassies have different visa application processes.

Learn how to submit a request for a letter of approval online

The process for obtaining a Vietnam visa for a Colombian is to submit an application on the official website for the acceptance letter that enables the foreigner to pick up their visa from the Vietnam embassy or at the international airport. To receive the letter of approval from the Vietnamese government, visitors will:

Collect visas at one of the Vietnam international airports

The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  • Complete the online visa application form available on the Vietnam government's website.

  • Pay the service fees to the Vietnam Immigration Department in accordance with standard instructions.

  • Await acceptance letters, which should arrive in their mailbox within 48 business hours.

  • At one of Vietnam's three international airports (Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, or Da Nang), visitors need to present the approval letter, passports, and two passport photos. In addition, foreigners must pay the visa stamping cost and pick up their visas right away.

Collect visas at the Vietnamese Embassy

In the application form, choose the Vietnam Embassy where visitors want to pick up their visa. The following steps are included in this procedure:

  • Visit the Vietnam government website online to access the visa application form, complete it, and submit it to the system.

  • Follow the visa guidelines and pay the service fees to the Vietnam Immigration Department.

  • Foreigners will get an email from the government with an acceptance letter within standard processing times. Visitors can  pick up their visa there by paying the visa stamping fee and demonstrating the necessary documents.


Here are some crucial suggestions to bear in mind, whether this is the visitor's first visit to Vietnam or not:

  • To converse with locals, learn some basic Vietnamese words and phrases.

  • Respect the local traditions and culture.

  • Take the required safety steps and pay attention to visitors' surroundings to keep themselves safe.

  • To protect themselves from unplanned events, purchase comprehensive travel insurance.


Vietnam visa requirements for Comlobian citizens - visa procedures

Vietnam visa costs for Colombian citizens when intending to enter Vietnam 

Tourist visa fees

Number of entries

Visa validity

1 person

2 people

3+ people

Stamping fee


1 month 






3 months 






1 month 






3 months 





Business visa prices

Entry times

Validity of a business visa

1 person

2 people

3+ people

Stamping fee


1 month 






3 months






1 month 






3 months 






6 months 





The aforementioned costs are for a standard two-working-day processing time. In addition, Colombian citizens must pay:

  • $10 per visitor for processing in one working day.

  • $25 per visitor for processing in 4 working hours.

  • $50 per visitor for processing in 2 working hours.

The Vietnam visa requirements for Colombian citizens necessitate considerable planning and preparation. Everything visitors need to know about getting a visa to Vietnam, including the many types of visas available, requirements, alternatives, and processing periods, has been addressed on this page. To get more assistance about the visa concerns, feel free to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected].

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