Vietnam Visa Requirements For Bolivian Citizens Updated!

  • July 31,2023

Consulting the Vietnam visa requirements for Bolivian citizens is the initial stage of applying for a visa. For different countries, visa requirements will be flexible to suit their laws. It is advisable to research all the related visa information below!


There are several Vietnam visa requirements for Bolivian citizens issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. Here are some notices that residents of this country need to fulfill:

Vietnam visa requirements for Bolivian citizens are updated in 2023

The Vietnam visa requirements for Bolivian citizens are needed to satisfy

  • A 6-month-valid original passport is needed.

  • A photo with a standard size of 4x6cm and no glasses.

  • Vietnamese visa application forms are available on the electronic system for visitors to download and fill out.

  • It is preferable for citizens to make a cash payment of the stamping fee according to the regulation of Vietnam visa fees for Bolivian citizens.

  • There is no entry permit if Bolivian citizens don't demonstrate their visa approval letter.


As of October 2nd, 1987, the Vietnamese government had established close diplomatic relations with Bolivia. Bolivia supports Vietnam in many aspects, especially Vietnam's admission to the WTO. Although many restrictions exist, Vietnam has more chances to boost the energy and gas industries.


A number of Bolivian citizens have questioned whether they need to apply for a Vietnam visa or not. According to the Vietnam visa requirements for Bolivian citizens, it is an obligatory task for citizens of Bolivia to get a visa before their arrival. For each travel purpose, applicants can ask for Vietnam tourist visas or Vietnam business visas.

Citizens who are interested in exploring a meaningful vacation in Vietnam are eager to apply for tourist visas. In terms of business visas, they are introduced for those who are designed to attend business activities. There are two options for entry numbers for either Vietnam business or tourist visas: Single or Multiple.

Vietnam visa requirements for Bolivian citizens - the necessity of obtaining a visa

Bolivian citizens need to obtain a Vietnam visa prior to their trips to Vietnam


Residents of Bolivia can obtain a visa for some of the following types:

Get a Vietnam tourist visa

The Vietnamese government has enacted a tourist visa for those intending to experience their trips in Vietnam. As we all know, Bolivian residents are big fans of Vietnam's cuisine and beauty. So they care a lot about the Vietnam visa requirements for travel to Vietnam. A specific period is set to allow visitors to reside in Vietnam (normally from 15 to 30 days).

Obtain a Vietnam business visa

Bolivian passport holders get a tourist visa to engage in commercial activities in Vietnam. For example, searching for a new partner, establishing a new branch, accessing new customers, etc. The length of stay for those who travel to Vietnam for business purposes is much longer than a normal visa.

Vietnam work visas

It is needed for Bolivian citizens who have a positive outlook for the Vietnam workplace to obtain a Vietnam work visa. The senior management of Vietnamese enterprises is interested in recruiting more foreigners to contribute to their business' development. The work visa procedures are more complicated for applicants to finalize quickly.

Vietnam student visas

Students are allowed to register to study at the Vietnam International School as Vietnamese. All the related information about the student visa is reviewed and stipulated by Vietnamese educational institutions. For each academic program of foreigners, the Vietnam Immigration Department will set a suitable period of time for citizens outside Vietnam to stay in Vietnam.

Diplomatic visas

Vietnam's governments have a special visa only available for Bolivian government officials, diplomats, or individuals to visit Vietnam for official duties. It called for diplomatic visas that are granted based on the relationship between two governments.


Based on visa types and the application method selected for processing, the length of time it takes for Bolivian citizens to obtain a visa for Vietnam can vary. If applying online through a reliable travel agency or Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate, it typically takes around 5-7 business days for the visa application letter to be issued. The most up-to-date visa procedures and Vietnam visa processing timeframes can be found on the Vietnamese government's website.


Vietnam visa extension is known as a policy to give visitors opportunities for a longer visa stay period. The Vietnam Immigration Department takes responsibility for visa renewal and extension for Bolivian visitors.

Vietnam visa requirements for Bolivian citizens - visa extension policies

Vietnam offers visa extensions to allow visitors to stay for a longer period of time


Visitors will have access to two approaches to getting a Vietnam visa as Bolivian citizens.

  • Complete the visa application at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.

  • Using an electronic system to obtain a Vietnam visa online for Bolivian citizens.

We will give travelers more details on each of these two visa application methods:

Applicable for visas at the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam

It is regrettable to inform Bolivian citizens that there is no Vietnam Embassy in their country. Therefore, if visitors need to register for a visa to fly to Vietnam, they must seek the nearest Vietnam embassies from nearby countries. After that, Bolivians bring all required documents to conduct visa procedures at this place.

In case visitors are too busy to finalize their visa application in person, they can use the postal service. To apply for a Vietnam visa using this approach, Bolivian citizens can send their materials to the Vietnam Embassy to obtain a visa. However, the biggest concern that visitors need to care about is whether the processing time of the visa will last longer.

It's vital for Bolivian citizens to check with the Vietnamese Embassy to guarantee that one of the services above is available. This step will prevent the visitors from spending time waiting to get a visa or making an effort to finalize the visa application process at the Embassy.

Using the electronic system to acquire visas online

To be eligible to enter Vietnam at the Vietnam airport, citizens of Bolivia must present an approval letter. This document is important because it allows visitors to come to Vietnam legally. It is issued by a specialized bureau that belongs to the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security, especially the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

To conduct the visa procedure online, visitors need to follow these steps:

  • Access to the Vietnam government website to fill out the visa application form with all necessary information.

  • Make a visa service fee payment online.

  • An email sent by the Immigration Department of Vietnam within 2–3 working days.

When visitors land at the international airport in Vietnam, please show the letter to customs. After immigration officers check the related documents, the visa applications are stamped. 

It is noted that visitors must bring along their two passport-size digital photos and their valid passport. Finally, pay the stamping fee to complete the Vietnam entry procedures at one of the three international airports.


  • Visa requirements: at least six months of validity; two empty pages
  • Photo requirements: currently taken within 6 months, no glasses, full face, size 4×6 cm.


If Bolivian citizens need to apply for a Vietnam visa in person, they must know how to contact these authorities. To discuss visa concerns directly, please consider the Vietnam Immigration Department's processing time. 

Normally, it takes three working days for the Vietnamese government to process visitors' visa requests. The period of time that Bolivian citizens need to wait for their visas is different.

It is not convenient for Bolivian citizens to find a Vietnamese representative office in Bolivia. Vietnam has not established an Embassy in Bolivia yet. So visitors are advised to search for the closest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in other nations.


The Vietnamese Immigration Department stipulated two visa fees for Bolivian citizens to pay.

  • Service fee: pay to the Vietnamese government in advance to get a Vietnam visa approval letter.

  • Stamping fee: Bolivian citizens will pay this amount of money in cash at the international airport.


We cover all the Vietnam visa fees for Bolivian citizens in this table:

In terms of Vietnam tourist visa fees for Bolivian citizens, contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to get more accurate prices.

Vietnam business visa costs for Bolivian visitors

Business days

Visa cost (USD/passenger)

3-5 working days


2 working days or even a few hours later.

☎ +1 315 715 8498


The initial stage of getting a visa

Prepare all the vital visa material in advance before applying for a Vietnam visa. The following documents must be ready to guarantee the visa procedures go smoothly:

  • Passport: validity of 6 months

  • Visa application form: available on the Vietnam government's website, or pick one up at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate.

  • Two personal photos satisfy all the requirements.

  • Evidence for travel such as flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

  • Budget to pay for all the related visa fees and expenses during the stay.

Select the appropriate visa category: Every Bolivian citizen needs to be aware of their travel purposes. This is the foundation for visitors to determine which types of visas they need to apply for. The Vietnam Immigration Department provided many visa choices for Bolivian citizens to obtain, such as business visas, work visas, tourist visas, etc.

Submitting the application form one week in advance is needed to prevent any last-minute issues. To make the visa procedures quicker, Bolivian travelers should use the electronic system.
Providing the Vietnamese government with reliable personal information is a vital step for visitors to complete. Comprehensive information on the visa application form will reduce the time that the Vietnamese government needs to process their requests. Any inconsistencies or misleading information could lead to unexpected delays or even the visa application being rejected.

Payment preparation: Be ready to pay the necessary visa costs for the types of visas that visitors need. For each preferred processing time, the visa fee that Bolivian citizens must pay may change. It is advisable for Bolivian visitors to look up the most recent fee schedule on the Vietnamese government's official website.

Application submission: Visitors from Bolivia can apply for a Vietnam visa not only at the Embassy but also at the electronic system for online procedures. Complying with the visa rules as stipulated by the appropriate authority in Vietnam.

The final stage of obtaining a visa

Keeping track of the application status after submitting it is a necessary step. If visitors would like to guarantee the visa procedures, they can access them on the Vietnam Embassy website or contact the hotline of the Vietnamese Embassy to get more updates.

Collecting the visa from the Embassy or Consulate after it has been approved to prepare for their trips. It is mandatory to print the letter and show it at the airports when they arrive in Vietnam.

Verifying entry criteria before boarding a flight to travel to Vietnam on schedule. Visitors should assess and comply with any additional entry procedures imposed by Vietnamese authorities before their trip. Regulations concerning COVID-19, health warnings, or quarantine procedures may fall under this category.

Enjoying the journey after obtaining the Vietnam visa for Bolivian tourists successfully. This is the perfect time for residents and visitors to explore Vietnam's beauty and delicious cuisine.

Meeting the Vietnam visa requirements for Bolivian citizens is very critical. This is the criteria for visitors to prepare the documents themselves and release the visa pressure.  We hope to support visitors in their visa application and answer any visa concerns, so feel free to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected].

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