[Updated] Vietnam Visa Requirements For Bermuda Citizens

  • August 15,2023

Tourists who are bitten by the Vietnam scenery should care about the Vietnam visa requirements for Bermuda citizens. It lays the foundation for them to finalize the visa procedures. Learn about how to fulfill all the visa criteria in this article below!


Since March 15th, 2022, tourism activities have been reestablished under new normal conditions; thus far, the tourism industry has generated positive results.

The Vietnamese government issued tourism state management documents in 2022, instructing Ministry heads to perform a variety of collaborative activities, cooperate, and establish regional links in tourism development.

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has marketed Vietnam tourism through digital media and at key international travel fairs to highlight that Vietnam is a safe, enticing country that is fully prepared to welcome travelers back after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Furthermore, the most recent immigration policy makes numerous positive adjustments as an excellent tourist plan to aid in tourist recovery.

As a result, Vietnam anticipates receiving 3 million foreign tourists in 2022. Domestic visitors totaled 101.3 million, far exceeding the 85 million recorded in 2019. Tourist receipts are expected to be 495 trillion VND, a 66% increase over 2019.


Bermuda citizens are not on the visa exemption list; hence, all Bermudians must apply for a visa to Vietnam for either tourism or business purposes.

  • A tourist visa is necessary for Vietnam.

  • A business visa from Vietnam is necessary.

Foreigners must meet the following Vietnam visa requirements for Bermuda citizens in order to pass through Vietnam immigration upon arrival:

  • They must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after their departure date in Vietnam.

  • Their passport must have two blank pages for entry and exit stamps issued at the entry port.

  • When entering Vietnam on a visa exemption, visitors must present their onward ticket.

  • Children under the age of 14 who have their own passport can be excused from paying the same fees as adults to acquire a Vietnam visa.

  • Visitors traveling directly from a nation outside Vietnam can stay on Phu Quoc Island for up to 30 days without a visa, according to the visa exemption for foreigners.

  • Visa on arrival is only accepted at international airports in Vietnam. Visitors arriving in Vietnam by land or sea must obtain a visa stamp in advance.


There are several types of Vietnamese visas available. Check the many varieties to ensure that you have the correct form of visa.

Vietnam visa requirements for Bermuda citizens - visa types

Vietnam visa requirements for Bermuda citizens in other visa types are different

  • A single-entry tourist visa (usable for up to 15–20 days)

  • Multiple or single business visas (valid for up to three months)


In each circumstance, every visitor will have a different perspective on getting a visa. However, foreigners can consider two ways to enter Vietnam without restrictions. 

Get a visa online for Bermuda citizens

Obtaining a Vietnam visa for Bermuda passport holders by using the visa procedures online is a suggestion for visitors prior to traveling to Vietnam. Here are all the Vietnam visa requirements for Bermuda citizens to register a visa on arrival online.

General details

To acquire a visa approval letter, foreigners can get a Vietnam visa on arrival online from anywhere. And the Vietnam visa will be obtained upon arrival at Vietnam airports by displaying the printed Approval Letter.

Using our service, the visa approval letter will be given to the applicant via email within 1 or 2 working days (regular case), 4 working hours (urgent case), or even 30 minutes (emergency case). Depending on which option the applicant selects on our website after submitting an online application form, the handling time can be changed.

This strategy was devised to make the Bermuda trip to Vietnam easier and less expensive. It is only applicable to individuals flying to Vietnam by booking the air ticket. A Vietnam visa on arrival is extremely useful for individuals who live far away from the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Bermuda.

By adopting this method of obtaining a Vietnam visa on arrival, the Bermuda dwellers do not have to wait too long for processing to obtain a pre-approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department, which serves as official permission to obtain the visa upon arrival. We can assist foreigners in getting a Vietnam visa approval letter.

Visas on arrival procedures 

Whether visitors are applying for a tourist VOA or a business VOA, they must complete the following steps:

Vietnam visa requirements for Bermuda citizens - visa procedures

Vietnam visa on arrival procedures must be followed to get Vietnam visa quickly

Step 1: Complete the Vietnam visa application form online

Fill out the secure application form with the required information, such as their full name, expected arrival date, and port of entry.

Step 2: Pay the visa service cost

Foreigners will thoroughly evaluate their requests after receiving them and confirm the service charge and processing time with them via email or WhatsApp. If visitors accept, they will pay using a PayPal, credit, or debit card through OnePay, PayPal, or Western Union.

Step 3: Receive the permission letter through email

Once expats have paid, we will begin processing their visa applications with the Vietnam Immigration Department. Foreigners will receive their visa acceptance letter (also known as a pre-approved letter) and the entry-and-exit application form by email within the timeframe given.

Print these, fill out the entry and exit forms, bring two passport-sized photos and an actual passport (valid for at least six months after visitors' dates of entry), and pay for the stamping fee.

Step 4: Have visitors' visas stamped upon arrival at the Vietnam airport

Show foreigners' visa approval letters, completed entry and exit forms, original passports, photos, and pay the stamping fee upon arrival at any of Vietnam's international airports (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phu Quoc, and Hai Phong).

Difference of tourist visa on arrival and business one

Visa on arrival (VOA) is a convenient way to obtain a valid visa for Vietnam. Meeting all the Vietnam visa requirements for Bermuda citizens on arrival is essential, regardless of visa type. It is now available for both leisure and business travelers, as follows:


Tourist VOA

Business VOA

Eligible objects

Individuals who are not qualified for a Vietnam visa exemption or a Vietnam E-Visa

All citizens from worldwide


It is optional for have a sponsor tour operator in Vietnam (if any)

It is mandatory to obtain a sponsor company in Vietnam


A maximum of 20 – 25 days

Single entry

Cannot be extended

A maximum of 3 months

Single or multiple entry

Can be extended one time

Visa validity start

From the granted arrival date, not from the date of the visa approval letter's issue.

From the granted arrival date, not from the date of the visa approval letter's issue.

Visa on arrival fees

To obtain a Vietnam visa as a Bermuda citizen, a foreigner must pay two types of fees: a service fee and a stamping fee, both of which are under your control and have no hidden expenses. And we provide several options for your selection, with all fees clearly displayed.

  • Service fee: this is the amount paid to the website owner to complete your Vietnam visa approval letters, fast track, and private automobile pick-up. Please visit the Vietnam Immigration Department websites for the application form and more information about visa aspects.

  • The stamping fee is the amount paid in cash (in USD) to the Vietnam Immigration Officer at the Immigration Counter when arriving in Vietnam to get the visa stamped on the passport. This money is earmarked for the Vietnamese government. If foreigners select the complete package option on the visa application form, they can pay directly or we can do it for them.

Crucial notices

Before applying online for a Vietnam Visa on arrival, a Bermudian person should check that their passport is valid for at least six months from the date of travel and renew it before the visa expiration date.

Only Bermuda residents flying to Vietnam can obtain a visa on arrival, and the Vietnamese government doesn't allow visitors to pay the stamping fee by card or internet banking.

Getting Vietnam visas directly at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate

Bermuda residents planning to visit Vietnam by land or sea should consider all related details about Embassy visas at the nearest office.

Because there is currently no Vietnamese government representative office in Bermuda, Bermuda passport holders must contact the Vietnamese Embassy in the nearest neighboring nation to seek a visa. Vietnam has embassies in two neighboring countries: Cuba and Venezuela.


According to the Vietnam Government's immigration regulations, Bermuda nationals or residents who are not on the Vietnam visa exemption list must get a visa to Vietnam. It is a fundamental process, regardless of the visitors’ travel objectives. Two ways are available for Bermuda residents to obtain a visa: on arrival or through a Vietnamese Embassy. The Vietnam visa fees for Bermuda passport holders applied for other visa categories differ and are based on the regulations of each Embassy in other locations.

Visa on arrival fees for Bermuda residents

Applicants who choose this visa category should be prepared to pay two types of fees: an approval fee and a stamping fee. The visa approval fee is the charge for processing the Vietnam visa acceptance letter for citizens from Bermuda, and it must be paid in advance to the visa agent. Foreigners can use a credit card or a debit card as a payment method to finalize this fee procedure. A foreigner's visa application can be sent to the Immigration Department for pre-approved visa issuance once payment is received.

After getting a visa letter, Bermuda nationals will be permitted to fly to Vietnam from any place worldwide. When visitors arrive, they must go to the visa on arrival counter to fulfill the necessary entrance formalities. Immigration agents will require them to pay a stamping fee in order for an official visa to be stamped on their passport. The stamping fee is now collected in US dollars or Vietnamese Dong.

According to Vietnam's current visa policy, the fee for Bermuda citizens getting a visa on arrival depends on the type of visa.

Visa categories

Approval fees (USD/passenger)

Stamping fees (USD/passenger)

One month, single entry 



One month, multiple entries 



Three months, single entry



Three month, multiple entries



Vietnam Embassy visa expenses for Bermuda citizens

Unlike visa on arrival costs, a visa fee at the Embassy of Vietnam is established by the Vietnam Embassy in each country. As a result, the amount may vary and differ from other visa categories. Before visiting the Embassy to obtain a visa, Bermuda citizens should contact the staff in charge to obtain the exact information that they must provide for the visa issue. 

There is presently no Vietnam Embassy in Bermuda, but nationals of these countries can seek a visa at a Vietnam Embassy in another country. This strategy is only recommended for citizens traveling by land or water because it is inconvenient. For those flying, a visa on arrival is the best option.

The information provided is all about the Vietnam visa requirements for Bermuda citizens. We hope that is sufficient for you to deal with your challenges with visa procedures. For additional information on this topic or other visa-related issues, please contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email support@e-visa-gov.com.

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