How To Fulfill Vietnam Visa Requirements For Benin Citizens

  • August 14,2023

Visitors need to read all the details of the Vietnam visa requirements for Benin citizens. This is basic knowledge for them to make the visa procedure run smoothly. Follow this article to get a deeper insight into the visa aspects of entering Vietnam.


Vietnam's tourism industry saw 2.69 million tourists in the first quarter of 2023. It accounts for 34% of the country's goal of 8 million international arrivals by year's end. This has generated around $6.85 billion in income from hotel and food services.

Although these figures are still lower than before the COVID-1 epidemic period, the country has a favorable resume. Despite starting from a low point, the tourism sector appears to be responding effectively to global economic concerns.

Moving forward, it is critical for the industry to maintain its sustainable and robust recovery. This would not only assist the economy but also ensure that international visitors may enjoy Vietnam's tourist attractions for many years to come.


Vietnam has consistently placed among the top foreign tourism destinations. There are several reasons for Benin citizens to visit this nation, such as tourism, commercial or education. As a result, Vietnam visas have become a hot keyword that is more intriguing than ever. Is a visa required for Benin citizens to enter Vietnam? How can visitors apply for a visa to Vietnam?

Some countries worldwide do not need a visa to enter Vietnam, according to current Vietnamese law. This is a list of countries whose citizens may enter Vietnam without a visa for a limited time.


Length of stay

Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Kyrgyzstani 

up to 30 days

Brunei, Myanmar, Korea, Japan, Belarus, Denmark, Norway, Russia, France, Finland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany.

a maximum period of 15 days


up to 21 days


up to 90 days

According to the most recent update this year, visitors are not excluded from the Vietnam visa requirements for Benin citizens when visiting Vietnam. As a result, Benin passport holders visiting Vietnam for tourism or business had to get visas in advance. However, Beninians can visit Vietnam without a visa under the following circumstances: Traveling to Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam for no more than 30 days.


All foreigners worldwide can have a meaningful vacation on Phu Quoc Island because they are immune from visa requirements under Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung's visa exemption policy. This regulation was enacted in 2015 with the aim of boosting tourism development in the region of Vietnam. As a result, Benin passport holders can visit Phu Quoc Island without worrying about the complex visa procedures. The following information regarding visa exemption on Phu Quoc Island is presented in detail:

Vietnam visa requirements for Benin citizens - the Phu Quoc Island exemption

Foreigners are exempt from a Vietnam visa if entering Phu Quoc Island

  • Only travelers who remain on Phu Quoc Island are exempt from the Vietnam visa requirements for Benin citizens. Visitors who intend to go outside of Phu Quoc Island must obtain a visa as a mandatory procedure.

  • The Phu Quoc visa exemption policy only applies to direct flights to the island or transit flights in countries other than Vietnam. Expats must consider getting a visa if they have the intention to visit on a local airline (since they must transfer to a domestic airport to fly to Phu Quoc). The best suggestion for visitors to consider is to obtain a transit visa or a visa on arrival at a domestic airport in Vietnam.

  • Only travelers visiting Phu Quoc Island are eligible for the 30-day visa exemption. Visitors who intend to work in Vietnam must apply for a visa in advance.


Because Benin is not on the exemption list, citizens of this nation must obtain a visa to enter Vietnam as Benin passport holders. 

Embassy visas for Benin citizens

This is the normal approach used by most foreigners to apply for a visa to Vietnam. How do foreigners apply for a Vietnam visa in Benin?

Visa procedures

Simply follow these procedures to apply for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnam Embassy in Benin:

  • Contact the Embassy to make an appointment to submit all the visa documents that are included in the Vietnam visa requirements for Benin citizens. If your country does not have a Vietnam Representative Office, please look for the nearest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate to contact for a Vietnam Visa.

  • Visit the Embassy's website to download and print the application form and fill out all personal information.

  • Bring all the required documents to the Vietnamese Embassy to implement visa processing.

  • Return to the Vietnam Embassy to pick up your visa after 5 working days.

Handling time

It is totally up to you and how soon you need your visa. In many different scenarios, time will not be the same. For a full response, contact your agency or the Vietnam Embassy ahead of time.

Requirements materials

The paperwork required to get a visa at a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate varies by location. However, it frequently includes:

  • Applications are available for download on the Vietnam government website or to pick up directly at the office during visa procedures.

  • A passport with at least two blank pages and valid for at least six months from the date of entrance into Vietnam.

  • Recent passport-sized color photos with several requirements.

  • Must be taken for at least 6 months.

  • A white background.

  • The image must show the full face without headgear.

  • Documents pertaining to specific Embassy or Consulate requests.

Vietnam visas on arrival for Benin dwellers

General details

Instead of going directly to the Vietnam Embassy to apply for a visa, there is a faster option known as Vietnam visa on arrival. What is a Vietnam visa on arrival? Applicants will obtain acceptance letters from the Immigration Department of Vietnam within a few working days after completing an online application form and paying the service fee. The applicant will be able to get a visa stamped at any of Vietnam's international airports using this letter.

If there is no Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in visitors' countries, they should register for a visa online. This is the most effective visa method for Benin citizens to save time, money, and effort. Applying for a Vietnam visa online is now quite simple; foreigners simply sit at home and fill out the online visa application. After submitting visitors' applications, the Immigration Department will evaluate them and grant their visas within two working days. 

When applying for a visa online, the documentation requirements are substantially reduced. When obtaining an online visa, foreigners do not need to provide any documents, which eliminates the time-consuming procedure of preparing documentation. Vietnam online visas are designed to be quick, economical, and simple for travelers worldwide.

Vietnam visa approval letter for Benin citizens

Tourists from Benin who use a visa on arrival in Vietnam do not have to wait as long for the approval letter. This is an official document that is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department, providing permission to receive a visa on arrival.

To obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival, visitors from Benin must pay two fees: the service fee and the stamping fee.

  • The service fee covers the cost of processing the visa approval letter.

  • To receive the visa stamp, the stamping cost is paid in cash to the Vietnam Immigration Officer at the arrival airport.

Vietnam visa on arrival procedures

A Vietnam visa on arrival can be successful if visitors follow the visa steps below:

Vietnam visa requirements for Benin citizens - visa procedures

Visa on arrival procedures are essential for expats to find out carefully before applying

  • Step 1: Fill out the online application form for a Vietnam visa on arrival with foreigners' personal information and the type of visa they are eager to apply for.

  • Step 2: Use PayPal to pay online using a credit card. Following the completion of visitors' payments,they will receive an email with detailed information about their order. Expats' task is simply to wait for the results of the basic services in two working days, or fewer if they select urgent services.

  • Step 3: Get expats' acceptance letters, which they will need to show at the "Landing Visa" or "Visa Upon Arrival" office to get their visa.

  • Step 4: When visitors arrive at their destination airport, show their visa approval letters, passports, and Vietnam visa application forms, and then wait to be summoned to pay the visa stamping price.

Get Vietnam tourist visas for Benin citizens

Prior to COVID, residents in Benin had two alternatives for getting a tourist visa to Vietnam: an Embassy visa or a visa on arrival.

However, things have changed drastically since COVID, and Benin passengers must now be sponsored by a tour organization. This firm is registered in Vietnam in order to receive a tourist visa for Vietnam. This company will prepare the paperwork and interact with the Vietnam Immigration Department to receive your Vietnam visa acceptance letter. Simultaneously, this firm will help visitors obtain their visa stamped upon arrival at the Vietnam airport and begin their journey.

If visitors are unable to discover such a tour company or prefer a more straightforward option, we offer a Vietnam tourist visa package for them. We will represent foreigners to complete visa procedures, complying with the Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Benin citizens.

Depending on your schedule, you will receive a Vietnam visa acceptance letter for a tourist visa on arrival (also known as a landing visa) valid for up to 20 days in Vietnam. Please determine how long you intend to be in Vietnam in advance. Visa stamping and Immigration fast-track allow you to complete the visa and immigration processes at the Vietnam airport quickly.

Our visa services, for your reference:

Handling time

Visa fees (USD per person)

7-10 business days



☎+1 315 715 8498

This does not include the US $25 stamping fee, which must be paid in cash at the Vietnam airport in order for your visa to be stamped.

Get Vietnam business visas for Benin citizens

To obtain business visas in Vietnam, foreigners must have a sponsoring company. Moreover, they must adhere to the Vietnam business visa requirements for Benin citizens.

Foreigners and their employers must finalize the following two stages in order to get a business visa for Vietnam:

Step 1: Receive a visa acceptance letter via email

Foreigners’ sponsoring firms will need to prepare the following materials during this step:

  • Forms NA2 and NA16 must be completed online by accessing the Vietnam Immigration Department’s website and downloading them to your devices.

  • Business Registration Certification to prove the legitimacy of business operations.

Visitors’ sponsor businesses will then forward these documents to the Vietnam Immigration Department. It is advised to complete the application within 5–7 working days after receiving all legal paperwork.

Step 2: Obtain a business visa stamp

Before departing for Vietnam, foreigners will have a business visa stamped on their passports at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in their country.

If visitors or their organizations require assistance with a business visa approval letter to Vietnam, we are always available to assist you. From the commencement of expats' applications until they receive their visas and arrive in Vietnam, they will be supported at every step.


The cost of obtaining a Vietnam visa is not high. The fee will vary depending on different visa categories, visitors' journey objectives to Vietnam, the duration of their stay, and the entry times.

Vietnam visa requirements for Benin citizens - visa fees

Vietnam visa costs for Benin passport holders in detail

To view the details of Vietnam visa fees for Benin passport holders updated in 2023, please visit the link below to view detailed information.

Our Vietnam visa fees for Benin passport holders are as follows:

  • Fees for a Vietnam tourist visa for inhabitants of Benin: For more information, contact us at 12345 or h@gmail.

  • Fees for a business visa to Vietnam for inhabitants of Benin:

Handling time

Visa fees/passenger

5-7 business days


3 business days

☎+1 315 715 8498

This cost solely provides visa approval letter help and does not include the stamping charge to be paid at the Vietnam Embassy or airport for visa stamping.


Once you have a firm grasp on your visa exemption policy, please continue reading for information on a Vietnam visa for Benin passport holders. If you require a visa to visit Vietnam or a visa for another reason, you might find useful information below:

How long is the Vietnam visa valid for Benin citizens?

The type of visa applied for determines the visa's validity. Currently, Vietnam visas are separated into many kinds, with durations ranging from a few days to five years. Individuals who fulfill the Vietnam visa requirements for Benin citizens can get a short-term visit visa or a long-term work visa. There are several common visa types for tourist and business visas:

  • Visa with a validity period of one month: Those visiting Vietnam for a short amount of time (less than 30 days) should select this option. A 30-day Vietnam visa is valid for one month.

  • Visa with a validity period of 3 months: This sort of visa is offered to those who intend to stay in Vietnam for an extended amount of time. The visa's validity period will begin on the date visitors propose entering the country (regardless of whether they can arrive a few days later) and will expire three months later.

  • Visa with a long-term validity period: Long-term visas are good for six months, a year, or more, and foreigners must provide particular documents for this visa to be granted.

Can Benin citizens enter Vietnam several times with a Vietnam visa?

Depending on the applicant's desire, Vietnam visas can be used many times or only once. Multiple entry visas are easy to obtain by finalizing the visa application form. As a result, if foreigners plan to enter and exit Vietnam frequently, they can get several entry visas. If travelers are just staying in Vietnam for a short time, a single-entry visa is recommended because it is less expensive.

Required documents to obtain a Vietnam visa for citizens of Benin

Vietnam visas are easy to obtain, with various types available for visitors to Vietnam. Foreigners only need to prepare a passport (valid for at least 6 months) and some supporting documents to establish the purpose of their trip (such as round-trip air tickets, hotel reservations, business invitations, etc.). Those getting a visa should simply fill out the visa application form immediately on the internet and choose the relevant visa category for the trip.

How long does it take for a Benin citizen to get Vietnam visas?

Following receipt of visitors' visa applications, the Vietnam Immigration Department will review and issue the visa within two working days. Some unique instances (long-term visas, visas for special reasons, and so on) will be studied more thoroughly. The longest processing period is seven working days. As a result, it is preferable for travelers to secure a Vietnamese visa at least 10 days before departure to avoid surprises.

Can I obtain an urgent Vietnam visa for a Benin citizen?

If foreigners have unplanned trips to Vietnam, they might get an urgent visa as an alternative solution. The Immigration Department of Vietnam will issue visitors' visas, but they will have to pay an urgent handling fee. The faster foreigners need a visa, the higher the expense. As a result, Benin citizens should obtain a visa as soon as possible to prevent becoming embroiled in a visa emergency, which will cause them anxiety and cost them more money. Emergency cases will be approved first, but visitors need to pay additional fees to speed up the visa application.

The article is a summary of information about the Vietnam visa requirements for Benin citizens, and it is hoped that it will provide foreigners with an overview of the Vietnam visa for their next trip. If you have any inquiries (not only regarding visas but also concerning Vietnam tourism issues such as transportation, meals and drinks, sightseeing, entertainment, and so forth), please contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected].

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