[Updated] Vietnam Visa Requirements For Barbados Citizens

  • July 31,2023

Vietnam arouses foreigners with all the most genuine emotions when visiting this country. All the information you need to know about the Vietnam visa requirements for Barbados citizens is presented in detail. This is a splendid opportunity for foreign citizens to speed up the visa procedures and have a meaningful vacation in Vietnam.


No matter how long they stay in the country, Barbados citizens are required to obtain a valid visa to enter Vietnam as tourists or businessmen.

Visa category

Visa necessity

Tourist visas


Business visas


In addition to a valid visa for Vietnam, Barbados passport holders must meet the following Vietnam visa requirements:

  • Barbados passports must be valid for at least 6 months after arrival in Vietnam. 

  • Passports contain at least one blank page to stick the visa stamp on.


The process of obtaining a Vietnam visa for a Barbados citizen is dependent on the type of visa desired. This post will guide foreigners through the process of obtaining a tourist visa and a business visa to Vietnam for Barbados residents.

Vietnam visa requirements for Barbados citizens - visa procedures

The Vietnam visa requirements for Barbados citizens need to be followed up by foreigners

Vietnam tourist visas for Barbados citizens

In the stage of breaking the fatal disease COVID-19, the Vietnamese government allows visitors to obtain a Vietnam visa, including:

  • Getting an Embassy visa in an offline manner.

  • Getting a visa on arrival online through the Vietnam Immigration Department’s website.

However, the Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Barbados citizens have changed significantly since COVID. In order to obtain a tourist visa for Vietnam, Barbados visitors must now be sponsored by a tour organization registered in Vietnam. 

Such a firm will prepare documentation and deal with the Vietnam Immigration Department to obtain your Vietnam visa acceptance letters. Then visitors will have their visa stamped upon arrival at the Vietnam airport and join their tours.

Vital notes for visitors to be aware of are available in the sharing below:

  • Each tourist package will have different fees that visitors need to cover (normally US $320).

  • Depending on the foreigner's itinerary in Vietnam, their Vietnam visa approval letter may be valid for a maximum of 25 days. Please clarify how long you intend to be in Vietnam to choose the appropriate visa category.

  • The processing time for the visa approval letter is around 7 working days, as usual.

  • Foreigners are free to explore Vietnam themselves during the visa validity period appearing on their visa documents.

Vietnam business visas for Barbados citizens

Foreigners must have a sponsor company in Vietnam in order to be eligible for a business visa as Barbados residents.

To obtain a business visa in Vietnam, visa applicants must complete the following two steps:

Step 1: Obtain a letter of approval for valid visas

Visitors' sponsor firms will need to prepare several documents during this step on their behalf:

  • Form NA2 will be finalized online on the Vietnamese government's website.

  • Form NA16 is available for Barbados citizens to download and fill out all their information on.

  • A certified business registration form is critical to ensuring the legality of this business that foreigners intend to contribute to.

Expats' sponsor firms will take responsibility for sending these documents to the Vietnam Immigration Department. The Vietnamese authorities can complete the application within 7–10 working days upon receipt of all legal documents.

If visitors' visa requests are approved, their sponsoring enterprises will receive a business visa approval letter, which allows them to get a Vietnam business visa. To be granted a Vietnam visa for Barbados passport holders, citizens of this nation need to satisfy all the Vietnam business visa requirements for Barbados citizens.

Step 2: Have your visa stamped at the Vietnam Embassy

Before traveling to Vietnam, Barbados citizens will have a business visa stamped on their passports at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in their country.

If visitors and their representatives require assistance with a business visa approval letter to Vietnam, they can refer to our service on our official website. Our staff will support you in finalizing all steps that you need to cover when obtaining a visa for Vietnam trips.


Vietnam visa fees for Barbados passport holders are as follows:

  • Please refer to the Vietnamese Embassy's website for further information about Vietnam tourist visa fees for Barbados citizens.
  • Fees for a business visa to Vietnam for Barbados nationals:

Handling time

Visa fees for Barbados citizens

5 – 7 business days


3 business days

☎+1 315 715 8498

Please keep in mind that this charge only includes visa approval letter help and does not include the stamping fee that must be paid at the Vietnam Embassy or airport for visa stamping.

That is all the latest information about the Vietnam visa requirements for Barbados citizens. We hope that this article will lay the foundation for visitors to get a Vietnam visa quickly. If you have any concerns about the visa processing, please contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email support@e-visa-gov.com.

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