Vietnam Visa Requirements For Bangladeshi Citizens In 2023

  • July 04,2023

Many individuals are learning about the Vietnam visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens. It is because they are big fans of Vietnamese beauty, which is either modern or ancient. We are here to give you some handy guides for getting a visa to come to Vietnam.


To travel to Vietnam, Bangladeshi residents can register for a Vietnam tourist or business visa application form.

Vietnam visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens - visa categories

Vietnam visa types vary for Bangladeshi citizens to apply for to enter Vietnam

About the Vietnam tourist visa 

The Vietnam Immigration Department enacted the visa law for foreign citizens who enter Vietnam for experience. Visitors who want to have a meaningful journey, a real adventure, or engage in some local festivals will find tourist visas the best choice. 

The period of time is obviously presented on the Vietnam visa approval letter or their passports. Normally, the length of stay will not exceed 20 – 25 days, according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens on arrival.

About the Vietnam business visa 

Foreigners normally apply for these visa types to be eligible to join several commercial activities in Vietnam. As we all know, Vietnam has many foreign invested enterprises that cooperate with local businesses. So, it is vital for Vietnam’s government to hold a trade fair, set up a seminar, or organize some training courses. 

The Vietnamese government is encouraging foreign companies to develop in Vietnam. However, it is complicated for Bangladeshi citizens to get a business visa to Vietnam. Another requirement for citizens of this country to travel to Vietnam for business purposes is a sponsoring enterprise.

In addition to tourist visas and business visas, Vietnam offers other visa categories for Bangladeshi citizens. Apart from travel goals, Vietnam visas are categorized into several types with different entry times.

Vietnam visas with a single entry

In a simplified way, Vietnam single-entry visas are visas allowing Bangladeshi residents to enter Vietnam once during the validity of their visas. 

Visas with multiple entries

In contrast, multiple entry visas let visitors travel to Vietnam without any limited entry time. However, the validity of the visa must remain according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens. 


Bangladeshi passport holders must obtain a Vietnam visa to have enough rights to visit Vietnam. There are two options available for citizens to choose from when getting a Vietnam visa:

  • Enroll in the Vietnam visa on arrival.

  • Go to the Vietnam Embassy in Bangladesh to obtain a Vietnam visa beforehand.


Guide for obtaining visas on arrival

One of the most critical requirements that Bangladeshi citizens must fulfill is to obtain a visa approval letter. This step must be completed before they start the first day of entry to Vietnam. The purpose of bringing the letter along with visitors is to provide the immigration officer with all visa-required documents.

Vietnam visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens -  visa procedures

The Vietnam visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens need to be strictly complied with

After reviewing all materials, customs will stick the stamp on the empty page on foreigners’ passports. Instead of completing the visa procedure themselves, many Bangladeshi citizens utilize the visa (travel) agency service to get visas quickly.

The visa on arrival is only suitable for those who travel to Vietnam by air, not by road or sea. In the event that visitors would like to enter Vietnam by other means of transportation, get in touch with the Vietnamese Embassy to get a full visa stamped in advance.

Necessary documents

We list a variety of Vietnam visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens on arrival. Read this information to make the visa processing go smoothly below:

Before arrival

It is preferable for Bangladeshi citizens to have a visa approval letter with the following documents:

• Passports must fulfill several criteria, such as two empty blanks and more than 6 months of validity from the first day of entry. This document is to stick a stamp on, which is evidence for residents to travel to Vietnam.

• Booked hotel addresses and flight tickets.

• Other materials are needed to get a Vietnam visa for Bangladeshi passport holders.

Upon arrival

To be eligible to get a Vietnam visa at the airport, visitors must bring a visa approval letter and some relevant ones below:

  • Bangladeshi citizens’ original passports

  • Visa approval letter copy page

  • A filled-out visa form

  • Two taken digital photos (4×6 cm)

  • Vietnam visa stamping fees are paid in cash, with $25 for a single entry and double for multiple entry times.

Fees for Bangladesh to get a Vietnam visa on arrival

Bangladeshi applicants must pay two types of visa fees, including service fees and stamping fees.

• If visitors rent a travel agency to represent them and finalize all the visa processing for their trips, a service fee is mandatory. For each type of visa, visa fees can be adjusted to suit the circumstances. Some means of payment for Bangladeshi citizens to pay visa fees are bank transfers, credit or debit cards, etc.

• The Vietnam Immigration Counter will take over collecting the visa stamping fee paid in cash. The more entries that Bangladeshi citizens conduct, the more money they need to pay. The fee will fluctuate from $25 to $50 to travel to Vietnam.


  • The costs for a Vietnam visa are the same for both adults and children.
  • To prevent lengthy waits for change, the visa stamping cost should be paid in USD.
  • There are several things to keep in mind with Bangladeshi entry visas for Vietnam.
  • A visa on arrival is only accessible for air travel to Vietnam, as stated in the aforementioned notice. Bangladeshi nationals will not be allowed admission into Vietnam if they use this type of visa across land or sea borders.
  • Make sure to thoroughly review all of the information in the visa letter to ensure its accuracy. Bangladesh could be prevented from boarding their flight if there is any inaccurate information.
  • The entry and exit dates indicated on the visa approval letter serve as the beginning and end dates for the visa. It is prohibited to enter Vietnam prior to travel.
  • After receiving approval letters, Bangladesh should confirm any flights, lodging, and travel plans they have made. A visitor's visa application may be accompanied, if necessary, by a flight or hotel reservation.
  • When checking in for visitors' flights, it is advisable for them to bring a paper copy of their visa approval letter. Foreigners will not be permitted to board their flight if they have no approval letters. It is stipulated either in the Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens or in the Vietnam business visa requirements for Bangladeshi residents.


Bangladeshi candidates could pick up a visa at the Vietnam Embassy in Bangladesh in addition to the Vietnam VOA. It is a time-honored method that is appropriate for those who want a full visa sticker in their passport before visiting Vietnam.

Required materials

Depending on the Embassy and the type of visa the applicant is interested in applying for, the required documents may change. It is suggested that visitors get in touch with the Vietnam Embassy or general Consulate to learn which documents need to be presented. Citizens should prepare the following documents in advance:

  • An original passport (with no less than six months of validity)

  • Hotel and travel reservations

  • A few visa papers from visitors' original passports

  • Two 4×6-inch passport-sized photos (without glasses; the background should be light).

  • Visa prices

  • Relevant documents

How to obtain a visa through offline processing

After Bangladeshi citizens get in touch with the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate directly, Embassy staff will instruct them through all the specific steps. They must wait five to seven working days after submitting all required documents for the visa's processing before traveling to Vietnam.

Vietnam visa prices

The applicants will be informed by the Vietnam Embassy of the cost of the required visa. It includes processing, stamping, postal, shipping, and handling costs, as well as expedited service (if necessary).


The development of technology and the introduction of the E-Visa significantly altered how we apply for visas. Instead of using the usual method of seeking out the Vietnam Embassy address, all procedures are completed using internet-connected devices. It becomes simpler to obtain a visa letter than to simply relax at home while enjoying a snack.

Vietnam visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens - a Vietnam E-Visa

Obtain an approval letter by electronic system to get a visa stamped at the airport

Vietnam E-Visa requirements and application processes

The Vietnamese Immigration Department makes an effort to simplify visa procedures by launching E-Visa. It is one of the strategies to boost Vietnam's tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing is simpler to obtain than a travel visa because of this. Once Bangladeshi citizens have all the necessary documents ready, they can obtain a valid visa to enter Vietnam legally. Get more details about the visa application process in this sharing:

Relevant documents:

  • A copy of your passport, which must have at least two empty pages and be valid for six months after the date of entrance.

  • Vietnam visa approval letter

  • Vietnam visa application form

  • Round-trip ticket, Vietnam hotel reservation

  • Issued an approval letter to get a visa stamped.

E-Visa procedures

  • Step 1: Speak with Vietnam Booking to receive advice on how to obtain a Vietnam visa quickly.

  • Step 2: Send the aforementioned files to the Vietnam Booking Center through email. Whether it is sufficient or not, we'll check and inform the visitors of the visa evaluation.

  • Step 3: Verify visitors' visa applications again using the email confirmation, and then pay the entire visa processing price.

  • Step 4: Take it easy and wait for 7 to 10 working days for Vietnam Immigration to issue your visa approval letter. To get foreigners' visas stamped at the Vietnam airport, print it out and bring it there with their visa application, original passport, and two passport-sized pictures.


Do citizens of Bangladesh require a visa to enter Vietnam?

Bangladeshi residents must get a visa in order to enter Vietnam, according to Vietnam’s visa policy.

How can citizens of Bangladesh get visas to Vietnam?

Visitors may choose between two popular options: applying in person at the Vietnam Embassy or obtaining a visa on arrival.

Are Bangladeshis qualified for an E-visa for Vietnam?

Currently, citizens from 84 different countries can obtain a Vietnam E-Visa, not including Bangladesh. Bangladeshi citizens are encouraged to obtain a visa upon arrival or prepare documents to send to the Vietnam Embassy if they have Bangladeshi passports.

How can Bangladeshi citizens obtain work visas?

The Vietnamese sponsor firm as well as a work permit are two requirements for submitting a work visa application. A sponsor is the business that issues foreigners a work visa and employs them so they can legally work in Vietnam.
Are visa extensions and renewals accessible to citizens of Bangladesh?

It is possible for Bangladeshi citizens to renew or extend their Vietnam visa. However, it is advisable that they limit doing so because it will be expensive.

Do visa fees have to be refunded or not?

If Vietnam Immigration rejects visa applications, the visa service charge is non-refundable. 

We covered all the details about the Vietnam visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens. Visitors who plan to travel to Vietnam should read this article to take a look at the visa procedures. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email to update more regulations before obtaining a visa.

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