[Official] Vietnam Visa Requirements For Bahrain Citizens

  • July 27,2023

Getting deeper insight into the Vietnam visa requirements for Bahrain citizens is a prominent step before entering Vietnam. As we all know, Vietnam attracts millions of tourists who see going sight-seeing as a great way to relax and reduce stress. To gain in-depth knowledge about Vietnam visa criteria, visitors should take a look at the article below.


Lack of visa knowledge poses a serious threat to the rate of visa application rejections. To get deeper insight into the innovative information about visas for Bahrain citizens, check out this article below!

Vietnam visa requirements for Bahrain citizens - general information

The Vietnam visa requirements for Bahrain citizens need to be fulfilled by visitors

Vietnam visa types for Bahrain dwellers

Vietnam visa types are affected to a greater or lesser degree by the entry purpose of Bahrain citizens. According to statistics, many visitors travel to Vietnam for numerous reasons, such as tourism, business, study, transit, etc. To have enough time to finalize all their travel goals, foreigners need to pay attention to the length of stay for each visa category. 

Foreigners wishing to see spectacular landscapes, wildlife, and plants in all the scenery of Vietnam can stay under 30 days with a tourist visa. In reality, Vietnam business visa types offer a wide range of benefits for visitors to take advantage of. In a little more detail, Bahrain citizens can apply for a business visa within 30 or 90 days. A 6-month Vietnam visa will suit individuals who intend to visit Vietnam for a longer period of time.

Vietnam visa costs for Bahrain residents

To be eligible to experience different cultures and traditions in Vietnam, visitors must pay a fee to get a visa in advance. Visa types play an important role in determining how much visitors need to pay for getting a Vietnam visa. 

Tourist visas for Bahrainis are typically less expensive than business visas. Furthermore, if the Bahrain passport holders rent a sponsor agent to represent them during the visa procedures in Vietnam, the visa cost can be reduced. The sponsor should be an organization or firm located in Vietnam that has a legal entity there.

Important notices

Visa service fees will be paid to the agent, who will:

  • Accept visitors' visa requests together with the necessary application information.

  • Examining to ensure the eligibility and sufficiency of the provided information.

  • On foreigners' behalf, request an E-Visa approval letter.

  • Consult the necessary preparations as well as the notification of the visa approval and stamping on their passports.

  • Scan and deliver the visa acceptance letter to the applications that have been approved.

Specific stamping fees for particular cases

For inhabitants of all nations, the stamping fees are the same, as follows: 

  • A single-entry visa for less than 90 days costs $25.

  • A multiple-entry visa for less than 90 days costs $50.

  • A multiple-entry visa for six months costs $95, and a 12-month visa costs $135.

Vietnam visa consultancy for Bahrain citizens

For Bahrain citizens who already have a sponsor, filling out a form of assurance is the initial step. The remainder of the process is covered by a visitors' representative, who applies for a visa with the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

When foreigners obtain visas directly through our services, we take responsibility for arranging all essential materials for them and work with the Immigration Department of Vietnam for visa approval.

Visitors' application forms need to have all necessary documents, such as a scanned copy of their passports, proof of hotel reservation, an invitation letter, etc. A visa approval letter and visa approval code will be emailed to foreigners as evidence that their visa application has been granted. 

For those who get a visa on arrival, an approval letter can be sent along with all the innovative visa information for visitors to follow. Conversely, foreigners can receive a visa approval code if they conduct visa procedures at the Embassy of Vietnam prior to flying.

In terms of obtaining a visa on arrival, Bahrain citizens should obtain the visa approval letter prior to departure so that they can give it to the airline that they fly with. The immigration officer at Vietnam airports will also demand the presentation of the letter, depending on the uniqueness of which they can track information in their database before issuing and stamping a visa onto your passport.

The security check requires visitors to show their approval letter, which is obtained prior to their departure. It is a mandatory formality for Bahrain citizens who would like to make use of visas on arrival.

Critical tips for Bahrain residents registering for Vietnam visas

To get a visa in the most simplified manner, visitors can take a quick look at several prominent notices below:

  • When applying, the kind of visa (Embassy visa or visa on arrival) must be specified.

  • A visa application is typically filled out by visitors from Bahrain themselves. However, an agent can represent visitors to guarantee that the visa request is processed as soon as possible.

  • If visitors postpone their trips after receiving their visas, they may still acquire a visa acceptance letter for their revised trip schedule.

  • Furthermore, many sorts of emergency Vietnam visa services are available, allowing Bahrain citizens to obtain a visa in as little as a few hours or one working day.

  •  However, Bahrain citizens' applications may take longer to process in specific situations. To reduce the risk of facing unexpected scenarios, visitors should send their applications to the Immigration Department one week in advance.

  • Stamping fees must be paid in cash in US dollars.


Tourist visas are issued to foreigners who enter Vietnam for the purpose of tourism or vacation. Tourist visas have a maximum validity of three months, according to the Law on Foreigners' Entry, Exit, Transit, and Residence in Vietnam (2014). Foreigners can reside in Vietnam for up to 30 days with a single entry and can extend their stay once, according to Vietnam visa requirements.

Vietnam tourist visa instructions for Bahrain citizens

Follow the information here to get more knowledge about the Vietnam visa procedures in detail:

  • Step 1: Fill out the online Vietnam visa application to provide Vietnam authorities with all visitors’ personal information.

  • Step 2: Acquire confirmation of your submitted application and transmit a scan of their Bahrain passport.

  • Step 3: Pay the visa approval fee stipulated in the Vietnam visa policy.

  • Step 4: Foreigners should receive an email with their visa clearance letter complying with the Vietnam visa requirements for Bahrain citizens on arrival. Bahrain citizens must wait two or three business days for their visa requests to be accepted.

The Vietnam tourist visa fees for Bahrainis

Bahrain citizens must pay two visa fees: the approval cost and the stamping charge (government fee).

  • The approval fee is imposed on visitors who register for a visa to enjoy their vacations in Vietnam. Because the Vietnam visa criteria for Bahrain citizens are more stringent than usual, a sponsoring agent is required when obtaining a visa. To get an update on the visa approval fee, access the official website of the Vietnamese government to get updates on the Vietnam visa fee for Bahrain passport holders.

  • The Immigration officer collects the stamping cost, which is set and charged directly at the Vietnam airport when the visa is stamped in visitors' passports. This fee type applies to all tourists from all countries worldwide; Bahrain citizens are not an exception.

Notice: If Bahrain citizens enter Vietnam via the guarantee of a business partner in Vietnam, they should ask the person in charge of this company to contact the Vietnamese government directly. The aim of this action is for officials to guide them through the guarantee form and the rest of the visa application process.


The Vietnamese authorities are currently encouraging businessmen, investors, specialists, skilled employees, and others to enter the nation in order to help the economy thrive. However, the government also rigorously regulates immigration to ensure political stability. As a result, the visa application rules and immigration procedures would be substantially more complicated than before.

Vietnam visa requirements for Bahrain citizens - business visas

Businessmen are advised to get business visas for their trip to Vietnam

Bahrain citizens must have a sponsor company in Vietnam in order to apply for a visa. This company will support visitors' trips as well as sign commitment documents, and visa application paperwork. These documents will be submitted to the Immigration Department and the People's Committee of the province where the sponsoring company is based in order to apply for a visa on visitors' behalf.

For visa applicants, you only need to present a passport photo and the sponsoring company's business license. The visa agent will prepare the remaining required documents.

The processing period for obtaining an "entry permit" and "visa approval letter" is 30–35 days. Foreigners should organize their trip ahead of time and contact the sponsoring firm as soon as possible to sign the necessary documentation.

All of these are essential Vietnam visa requirements for Bahrain residents entering this country. Foreigners will be denied boarding if they cannot present sufficient documents prepared before their trips. Before traveling to Vietnam, visitors must also complete all Vietnam visa criteria for Bahrain citizens.


Specific details

Bahrain citizens can traditionally visit the Vietnam Embassy to consult on all related Vietnam visa requirements. However, according to current Immigration regulations on the Vietnam visa for Bahrain passport holders, the Embassy of Vietnam requires a guarantee letter. Even with guarantee letters, Bahraini citizens' visa applications are frequently denied.

As a result, a Vietnam visa on arrival is the ideal alternative for Bahrainis wishing to visit Vietnam. By applying for a visa on arrival, visitors are seeking our guarantee service for Bahrain passport holders while they are in Vietnam.

You can apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival online if you are a Bahrain citizen. This visa category is extremely useful for clients flying into Vietnam. Instead of traveling to the Vietnam Embassy or shipping your passport elsewhere, you can stay at home and swiftly finish your visa request online. 

The entire procedure of obtaining a visa on arrival for Bahrain residents takes no more than two working days. Bahrain passport holders can request urgent or super-urgent service in order to obtain a visa in time for their journey to Vietnam.

Visa on arrival procedures for Bahrain citizens

Step-by-step guidelines to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival for Bahrain citizens are presented in detail below:

Vietanm visa requirements for Bahrain citizens - visas on arrival

Bahrain citizens need to follow the Vietnam visa on arrival procedures strictly

  • Submit visitors' visa applications online or provide details of their passports and flights with the Vietnam Immigration Department.

  • Pay the visa approval cost (please refer to the Vietnamese website to get the latest update on Vietnam visa fees for Bahrain passport holders).

  • Receive confirmation of the apparent time of receipt of the visa approval letter and present the Bahrain passport at the airport to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival.


As of January 2017, the Vietnamese government has officially introduced the next generation of visas: the E-Visa (electronic visa). The piloting period of E-Visas for international visitors to Vietnam is set to span two years for a limited number of residents from specific countries. Now, Vietnam has released the list of more than 80 nations worldwide that are eligible to get these visa types for their trips in Vietnam.

What does E-Visa mean?

Electronic visas for Vietnam are the most recent form to be given, allowing travelers from Vietnam to apply for a visa online. Then, they can receive their visa approval letter via email and have the visa printed themselves rather than obtaining one from the Embassy of Vietnam or an agent online.

Can Bahrain citizens get an E-Visa for Vietnam?

Bahrain is currently not on the list of E-Visa-eligible citizens, according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Bahrain citizens:

  • There are, however, more simple alternatives for Bahrainis to apply for a visa online and receive an electronic visa (approved letter).

  • Simply follow a few simple steps to obtain a visa online for Bahrain citizens.

  • Fill out the online application form at the official website of the Vietnamese government.

  • Pay the approval fee and receive an electronic visa acceptance notice through email in two business days.

  • Then, at the arrival airport in Vietnam, Bahrain residents can have a visa for Vietnam stamped onto their passports.


Vietnam's embassies and consulates around the world may still give Bahrain citizens visas valid for less than 90 days. However, the precise requirements of different embassies for different specialized purposes may differ. Bahrain residents may be requested to provide the following documents to be eligible for a visa:

  • The filled-out application form (given by the Embassy)

  • The original passport is verified to guarantee that it is valid for at least 6 months from the anticipated date of arrival in Vietnam.

  • Your address is clearly marked on two envelopes.

  • Two 4 x 6 cm photographs

  • Visa fee (including stamping and any other fees)

Vietnam's Embassies may take up to 3-5 business days to approve a visa application for Bahrain citizens. Bahrain nationals may be required to complete documents to support the information verification procedure, if necessary.

The Embassy of Vietnam in Bahrain has yet to be founded. Visitors can get a visa to Vietnam by searching for the nearest one in surrounding nations. Foreigners can also look for a trustworthy visa agent in Vietnam to help them request a visa approval letter for their trips.


If foreigners need a visa to Vietnam quickly, the Vietnamese government now provides a full variety of emergency visa services. It includes the availability of electronic visa acceptance letters within an hour. In addition, urgent services are offered four business hours a day, seven days a week. Bahrain citizens must email Vietnam authorities a scanned copy of their passport or complete visa applications online with the precise information indicated on their passports.


Traveling to Vietnam by land or sea requires visitors to go immediately to a Vietnamese Embassy and obtain a visa stamped before they leave. Bahrain citizens who want to have a visa stamped quickly at the Embassy can request a visa approval code. 

This article will help visitors gain in-depth knowledge about the Vietnam visa requirements for Bahrain citizens. Please contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] for more information and consultation on the specific circumstances of Bahrainis obtaining a visa for Vietnam.

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